You know what, I HATE ME TOO!!!

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You know what, I HATE ME TOO!!! is the gallery Chris added to his own Encyclopedia Dramatica article in March 2008 [1], in a bizarre attempt to presumably either show humility or appease the trolls, who according to him, would delight in seeing examples of him "suffering".

Instead of showing situations demonstrating his real-life adversities and shortcomings, Chris posts various scenes from his comic book subjecting his Mary-Sue character to various misfortunes. How this amounts to self-deprecation, only Chris knows, since Chris sees mild inconveniences like doing chores or being told not to loiter as great trials of adversity. Scenes in his comic where he's anything less than immaculate, he considers ultimate acts of humility.

What Chris fails to understand is that-

  1. People can tell the difference between fact, fiction, and ex-cathedra proclamations.
  2. Readers actually prefer that fictional characters have some weaknesses- those in the industry call this "depth".
  3. In particular, ones that are generally a bit more believable and less crippling than what's seen here.

It is presented below exactly as it originally appeared on ED- all spelling errors and mistakes here are Chris's own.

You know what, I HATE ME TOO!!!

And it is shown in the following clips: