June 2008

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June was the sixth month of 2008. This month saw Chris getting permanently banned from The GAMe PLACe, though that doesn't mean we will see the end of Chris's adventures there. Chris also tries to give Megan a birthday present 6 weeks early, despite their friendship clearly being over by that point.


  • June 6 - Chris is permanently banned from The Game Place.[1]
  • June 11 - Chris asks a friend from The Game Place if he can deliver a birthday present for Megan, since Chris has been banned from the store.
  • June 13 - Chris's Game Place friend replies with the suggestion that he meet Megan at McDonald's to give her the birthday present.
  • June 25 - A white knight named Brittany sends him an email with suggestions on how to improve his life.


  1. Chris's 11 June email to a Game Place friend indicates that he had already been banned by this date. Chris's repeated assertion that the permaban occurred on a Friday in June (as he says in the Jackie emails) makes this the only possible date. Lucas's claim that the permaban occurred on 28 August is contradicted by the series of emails Chris sent to Blanca during this month, which make no mention at all of a ban.