January 2023

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January was the first month of 2023. It began with Chris still in jail for alleged incest with his mother. No direct communications or pieces of art have surfaced from this month, although Chris's case did come up for review near the end of the month on the 27th.

Notable events

  • 5 January - Allyson K. Tysinger, the Senior Assistant Attorney General for Virginia, sends a letter to the court regarding Chris's incest case.[1]
  • 14 January - Someone who were selling things were driving to the customer's location that happened to be near 14 Branchland Court. According to the reddit post, a mailman arrives at the house and shortly later Barbara opened the door to retrieve the mail.[2][3]
  • 22 January - Iron_Taipain takes a tour of Ruckersville and provides recent photos of 14 Branchland Court.[4]
  • 27 January
    • A fourth letter is sent from the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services to the court regarding Chris's incest case.[1]
    • "Gateway Homes Information" is submitted to the court.[1]
    • A review was scheduled for Chris's incest case. A continuance is the result.[5]
    • Chris is sent back to custody.[1]