October 2008

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Chris's lawn was trespassed on 31 October 2008. The sign that was left would make a second appearance in September 2009.

October was a calmer, more bittersweet month for Chris. Many more important details of his life were leaked, including his parents, more nudes, and a home DVD he created. Towards the final third of the month, Chris is struck with devastating news: Blanca was leaving him. He was heartbroken, but not for long as he makes regular videos only a few days afterwards. #sonichu also comes out.


  • October 1 - Chris tells Blanca he's looking forward to talking with her on the PSP. He sends her a bunch of selfies.
  • October 1 - Barb turns 67.
  • October 4 - Chris releases his Aeon Flux parody video.
  • October 6 - Chris sends Blanca photos from Anna's 20th birthday party.
  • October 6 - Chris's DVD is ripped and torrented.
  • October 6 - A picture of Christian's dad emerges.
  • October 6 - Video of Chris masturbating emerges.[1]
  • October 7 - Blanca receives the package containing the medallion.
  • October 9 - Trolls receive the Sonichu medallions and the letter written on 29 September. They release video.
  • October 9 - Chris immediately creates a new Sonichu medallion.
  • October 9 - Chris publishes a new video, claiming that Blanca sent the medallion back to him. He also claims the torrented DVD is not complete.
  • October 13 - Columbus Day video published. Chris shows contempt towards Jimmy Hill.
  • October 10 - Chris earns his 1st ever trophy on PlayStation Network. Sigil Of Time from Linger In Shadows.
  • October 13 - Sarah Jackson is allegedly killed in a car crash.
  • October 14 - Sonichu-Fans goes online.
  • October 15 - Sonichu #10 preview is published online. Chris claims his powers lie in his High-School ring, rather than his medallion.
  • October 15 - Chris reports on his blog on the new comic pages, and says that Jimmy Hill is an impostor.
  • October 15 - Chris chats with Andrew Simmons.
  • October (mid) - Chris upgrades his PS3 again, to 320 GB of storage space.
  • October 16 - Chris has his first fan chat in #sonichu
  • October 19 - Chris updates his Sonichu website.
  • October 20 - Sonichu medallion is destroyed on video.
  • October 21 - Blanca ends her relationship with Chris. Chris is devastated.
  • October 24 - Chris has another fan chat in #sonichu, among various topics, he discusses his High School Ring.
  • October 26 - Chris announces the existence of Chloe in a IRC chat in #sonichu.
  • October 27 - Q&A video published.
  • October 27 - Chris publishes Sonichu & Chris Chan in Guitar Hero World Tour, the first of many video-game-oriented videos. Chris will spend the next month playing these games.
  • October 27 - Chris also posts "Sonichu Episode 1 LittleBIGPlanet Level," giving us our first look at his LittleBigPlanet Sonichu level.
  • October 27 - Chris makes another update to his Sonichu site to ask his fans to vote for him in a Guitar Hero contest.
  • October 28 - Chris posts "Sonichu EP1 LBP Level Race."
  • October 29 - Chris posts "A New Sonichu EP1 LBP Level Secret."
  • October 31 - A stranger leaves mysterious signs on Chris's front lawn.