July 2018

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I am only going to say this Once for those who may think me as delusional, crazy or shit like that. I am Not delusional, crazy, or anything of the sort.

I have my own magic powers that I am still learning about for myself from my family and allies.

I’ve already talked with psychiatrists and therapists years ago, so any new such meetings would be a very moot point.

Chris, 22 July.
Chris in July, posing with a fan cosplaying as Sonichu at BronyCon.

July was the seventh month of 2018.


  • 1 July - Chris makes two more preview pages for Sonichu 12-9.[1]
  • 2 July - Chris is thankful for a gift he received from ChuuChuuRocket, a plush of Night Star.[2]
  • 3 July - Another continuance is issued to 6 July for the Trespass after Forbidden case.
  • 4 July - Chris wishes a happy Independence Day while wearing the tattered remains of The Classic and his skirt.[3] He tags Ralph Lauren, thanks them for having made The Classic, and asks them to restore the shirt.
  • 6 July - The March 2018 trespass case is finalized, with a Final Disposition of Other and no apparent sentence or fine. Chris earns $300 in sales on his autographs,[4] then buys a new Commodore 64 computer for $170[5] and a Sega Genesis console for $40.[6] Lastly, he goes on a strange rant about being the chronicler of the Sonichu-verse, in which he mentions that Megan Schroeder has the memories of CPU Red Heart.[7]
Chris with his Night Star plush.
  • 10 July - Chris is placed in the Therapeutic Docket for his trespassing offense earlier in the year.
  • 10 July - Chris tweets about being on his period.[8]
  • 11 July - The Chris-Chan Extortionists thread is posted to Kiwi Farms, giving context to the Idea Guys' influence over Chris and his actions between fall 2017 and spring 2018.
  • 13 July - Null leaks Cryzel Torture, a chatlog between Chris and the Idea Guy.
  • 14 July - Barb requests Chris's followers to purchase a blanket from her.[9]
  • 18 July - Chris records My Car is Heating Up Worse; PLEASE BUY from my eBay and HELP.
  • 19 July - Null suggests that Chris tell his Region Ten therapist about the Idea Guys' alleged extortion, but Chris is hesitant.[10] Null also leaks The Bad Beginning, another chatlog between Chris and the Idea Guys.
  • 20 July - Chris completes Sonichu 12-9 after 14 months.
  • 21 July - Chris thinks that he is from Earth 1218, following a Twitter conversation with Marvel writer Seanan McGuire, who he thinks is an expert on multiple dimension theory.[11]
  • 22 July - A defensive Chris insists that he is not delusional, that he has magic powers, and expresses an unwillingness to seek therapy for his issues.[12]
  • 26 July - Chris arrives in Baltimore for BronyCon 2018.
  • 29 July - On the way back from BronyCon, the car Chris is driving breaks down at a Sheetz gas station.[13] As he had only $20 in his account, he begged online for money. After donations from fans, he made it home safely.
  • 30 July - Chris walks 8 miles [12.9 km] in walking to the post office.
  • 31 July - Chris decides to flesh out the backstory of one of Idea Guy's characters - Sterbenchu,[14] indicating that he still believes the troll characters are valid. He also shows the list of 69 Sonichus dictated to him from Idea Guys.