The Chris-Chan Extortionists

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The Chris-Chan Extortionists is a thread posted to Kiwi Farms on 11 July 2018. In it, the Guard Dogs discuss the Idea Guys saga, how they had put a stop to it, and their attempts to push for an investigation.


  • Between fall 2017 and spring 2018, Chris had been under the influence of the Idea Guys, trolls who had exploited his beliefs over his fantasy world to gain access to him and manipulate him. The Guard Dogs allege that this manipulation includes extortion of Chris, to the tune of $6,000 worth of money and gifts.
  • In April 2018, The Captain got into contact with Chris through a concerned party, and through playing along with his fantasies, learned of the Idea Guys' influence. He, along with Marvin advising him, worked to sever contact between Chris and the Idea Guys, as well as archive their Discord chatlogs.
  • Null was later brought on board and assisted with efforts to seek justice for Chris.

Key postings

By Null

The first post in the thread, written by Null.[1] It is quoted below, with some redactions and modified with wiki formatting.

I had many ideas of how I'd dole this information out but I figure at this point I'll just tell everyone what happened. I am writing this post for a broader audience and will be explaining things so people outside of the CWC community can understand it.

Christian Weston Chandler, legally Christine, has been trolled online for over a decade. He is the author of a comic book series called Sonichu, a character who is based on Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu, a Pokemon. Most of the trolling that has happened to him involves Sonichu in some way.

People frequently believe Chris is falling for the same tricks every time, but that's not the case. He was continually manipulated into doing stuff for women, but the way he was introduced to women changed all the time.

This is also a good time to tell everyone that most of the funny CWC content throughout the years was not his own original ideas. It's all bullshit. People told him what to do and he did it. "The girlfriend needs you to be a man, record yourself yelling", or "you won't impress Kacey if you don't do the singing contest". So if you have some fond memory of Chris from the years gone by that revolve around his antics, I'm sorry to say, there is no Santa. It was trolls all the way down.

What that does say is that Chris is extremely gullible. If someone tells him something, he believes it. Gullibility is a common symptom of autism. I know it's unpopular to excuse certain things that Chris does just on merit of him being autistic, but this is about where you can draw that line. He believes bullshit people tell him because he is gullible.

After Bob (his father) died, the 'old guard' basically all gave up. Marvin is still around, but he's basically just a librarian for something long dead. Chris, in the mean time, had enough exposure to casual bullshit trolls he built up sort of an immune system. He would just ignore everyone. That really boring period of time a few years ago where nothing happened? That was Chris immune to the outside.

But things change and viruses adapt. In particular, Barb's shopping hit a critical mass and she restructured her consumer debt by putting it in a mortgage against their house. So when she dies the estate is insolvent and 14 Branchland Court will be reclaimed by the bank. Chris makes about $1300/mo off his SSD-I, and Barb takes $900 of it immediately. She continually stresses to him the house is at risk of foreclosure and he needs to make more money.

So, he starts getting desperate for money, and one of the people to buy from him is a guy named Joshua Wise. In September of last year, a very, very mentally ill person is in direct contact with a very, very gullible man. The virus, using money, found his way past Chris's immune system.

Joshua Wise uses Chris to insert a couple of his own ideas. Chris draws a bunch of edgy Nazi / School Shooter shit, he draws a pony named "Cunty Nuggets", that sort of nonsense. Eventually the forum chases him out for being an unfunny faggot and that's it, right?

Months later the same sort of odd, unsettling behavior is demonstrated by Chris again. We begin to wonder who this new "Idea Guy" is, and I make the following proclamation.

"If we were to find out someone is blackmailing Chris I will aggressively contact state and federal law enforcement to see to it that someone goes to prison for it. Stop taking my favorite tard who just wants to sit at home and play with legos and turning him into a fucking marionette for your bullshit power fantasies."

Well prescient as ever, it turns out this is exactly what's happening. Joshua Wise and Stephen Boyd, along with a person from Canada I'm not naming and a totally unknown person, isolate Chris into a Discord channel.

[This is the only funny part, so if you're planning on laughing during this post, laugh now.]

Joshua Wise and Stephen Boyd send Chris photoshopped pictures of a weapon on the moon, and pictures of riots from Ferguson, warning that they could destroy CWCville (the fictional city Sonichu lives in, where Chris is mayor). Chris believes this is a real threat.

[End laugh track.]

So naturally once they have Chris believing that, they have Chris confessing to being a pedophile and raping his mother. Once they have those confessions, they threaten to release it to the public if he doesn't record himself shitting on the floor and punching himself in the face until tears and snot are running down his chin. At one point, they ask Chris to punch his mother, which he does (though he claims lightly).

Once they have exerted complete control over Chris, his beliefs, and actions, they begin to quench their avarice. Threatening again to release the videos, it starts off as small gifts, like Steam gift cards, but it continues. In the first few months of 2018, they manage to obtain more than $6000 in Steam codes, prepaid Visa debit cards, and Gamestop toys and electronics sent directly to their house. Don't believe me?

Stephen Boyd posing as Gwen Mikoto. [REDACTED] in Shepherdsville, KY is their family house. I've been in touch with his mother, who lied to cover him. This is one of many. Both of them received brand new PS Vitas and games and accessories.


Chris was smart enough to keep every receipt for things he bought them. Here are some gift cards he sent Joshua Wise.

And how can I be sure it's him? Well here's a spooky picture of a man in a gas mask that Joshua Wise sent Chris to scare him. Unrelated photo of Joshua Wise next to it (third on right, holding child).

For the record, I tried calling Wise's mother, who is a nurse, but she wouldn't answer.

There's a lot of logs and images and videos we save. Because we did save it. All of it. Chris gave us access to his Discord account and we pulled every fucking thing from their servers. I'll try to get them out to people eventually. I'd probably do it right now but I'm on my laptop and am waiting for my desktop to arrive in the mail, but I did promise I'd post this by the 10th.

The aftermath of this is that now, thanks to things directly told to Chris by Joshua Wise, ...

Chris literally believes in alternate dimensions he can travel to.

Chris believes every cartoon world has its own dimension.

Chris believes Ted Bundy is part Sonichu and framed.

Chris believes he and his father are also part Sonichu.

A bunch of other shit I can't even fucking remember right now.

I also cannot express my unbelievable frustration with people in general. The only reason why we even figured this out is because of Anna McLerran, who put off contacting the police for over a month to give her time for her college finals, then refused to help us at all. Rocky, Chris's church counselor, refused to contact the police and instead wanted Chris put up in a home. Regardless of your opinion on that, contacting the police would be a priority, not the sped home.

I personally contacted Greene County Sheriff Steven S. Smith who refused to do anything, saying that it's Chris's choice to shit on the floor. I contacted the FBI, first through the contact form, then I took the report and put it in the hands of an FBI agent who met me in person [REDACTED], just to try and shake that tree further.

Chris did eventually print my IC3 report and hand it in to the station himself, alone. That's actually how we got into contact. Chris just pulled my phone number off the report.

Since then it has been dead air. No one has contacted Chris, no one has contacted me, no one has done anything. I get that $6000 isn't the white collar crime that brings down the hammer, but we're talking about fucking unhinged lunatics who are coaxing mentally ill people into punching themselves. It's not even a fucking hard case, I have the goddamn names and addresses. Just put one of the tards in a box and he'll start squealing on the other immediately.



1. There is debate over which Boyd it is. [REDACTED]

2. Big thanks to @Marvin, @The Captain, and a third friend.

3. This post is completely free to republish. Attribution is not required. You do not need to ask for my permission to use any or all of this message.

4. More information available upon request to any US LEO. [REDACTED]


By The Captain

The Captain explains his involvement, and how he, with Marvin's help, had pulled Chris away from the influence of the Idea Guys.[2]

Referring to @Null 's previous reply, he @Marvin and myself have the the dox for the involved parties.

Boyd even had a KF account - @NinFreakLan and was stupid enough to put his own birthday in there.

There was also another involved party (the Canadian) but all we have on them was an IP address and the KF account - @de_DEVIL_tails.


Basically, some people close to Chris contacted me in late April and told me that they thought Chris might be being manipulated and/or extorted, but he was being mum about things and wouldn't give them any information. I then contacted Chris and by playing into his delusion about the CPUs, ponys and other shit convinced him that I was trustworthy. He informed me about the top-secret Discord chat and after a little bit more discussion, gave me his new username and password. They had originally been talking to Chris using his CWCSonichu Discord, but sometime in late 2017/early 2018 convinced him to make a new account and to join a new private server in an attempt to avoid detection.

After Chris gave me access to his Discord, he then gave me access to every other account he owned in an attempt to scan for "viruses" - this would later prove instrumental towards building up the evidence that we have. When I logged onto the Discord I was appalled - the level of absurdity that these guys had gone to in order to take advantage of Chris was beyond belief. I saw the constant requests for money, threats, blackmail, etc. and Chris' responses and was simply floored. They were forcing Chris to post videos, Twitter statuses, etc. all in order to get their kicks in addition to the constant requests for money. They had also forced Chris to record a series of videos to his Google Drive in which he beats himself, called himself names, gives a tour of his house (complete with a sleeping Barb), and "other" videos in order to use them as leverage against him in the future. They even forced him record a two hour video of himself watching rather grotesque pornography as a "reaction" type video.

Essentially what went on for months was a series of "wash, rinse, repeat" in which Joshua Wise and Stephen Boyd threaten some random Sonichu/Pony/CPU character and Chris responds with videos, money, etc. in order to save them. At this point I have Chris messaging me multiple times a day and I'm very aware that I've witnessed a very serious crime and I did what anyone else would do in a situation like this that's over their head - I went to @Marvin with everything. He started coaching me on how to talk to Chris and had me stall (i.e. roleplay as Chris) in the Discord chat. He also recommended that I ask Chris to take a break from the internet for a week while we did this and he did. He started watching and catching up with all of the TV shows he was told he was "banned" from watching by Wise and Boyd.

During this time I continued talking with Wise and Boyd just enough so that they wouldn't get spooked. If they asked me something I didn't know, I would go to Marvin and/or Chris about it and reply accordingly. At one point they wanted Chris to post photographic evidence that he was indeed himself, writing a message on a dry erase board. I had Chris take said picture for me and then forwarded it to them, etc. Eventually, @Marvin built a script to rip the chat logs from Discord, which amounted to hundreds of pages of autistic debauchery in which these speds took advantage of Chris. When the script was finished and we had the chat logs and images we simply went silent on the Discord and a couple days later Wise and Boyd got freaked out and attempted to sanitize it, banning Chris from the channel and deleting every private message they had sent him one by one.

At the half-way point during all of this @Null had been brought into the picture and was being updated on our progress, what was being said, etc. He stuck his own neck out there and filed the reports with the FBI, Greene County Sheriff, called Boyd's mother, etc. Chris had also taken steps at this point towards assisting in any future investigation, including getting a new phone number, forwarding Null, Marvin and I ALL suspicious incoming messages, giving full access to his accounts, etc. He also collected all of the receipts from Food Lion, which he bought Amazon/GameStop gift cards with, and sent us screenshots of his GameStop order history in which he had sent PS Vitas, the Gwen statue, etc. to both Wise and Boyd's personal addresses.

And then everything just sort of settled down for several weeks. At one point Chris received some texts from either Boyd or Wise attempting to roleplay the Dark Tower with him, to which Chris replied, "I'll do it for $6,000!" and naturally, they didn't message again. Chris encountered some really serious monetary issues as a result of this, and at one point was two months behind on his mortgage payments with foreclosure looming. He now regularly speaks and is on friendly terms @Null, @Marvin and I as a result of all of this and we've been actively monitoring his accounts so that something like this doesn't (or is less likely) to happen again, as well as coaching Chris on how to better handle/protect his social media.

It's a shame that law enforcement hasn't done something with this as with everything we have it really is a slam dunk. At our insistence Chris did drop off things to the Greene County sheriff and sent us a copy of the report, but they didn't seem to do anything with it.

So, here we are today.. this should fill in some significant gaps that people have been scratching their head about as of late, i.e. Operation Kingsnake, the weird Twitter posts, videos, etc. earlier this year, the Null pony picture, blah blah blah.


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