Three-Quarter Woman

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Three-Quarter Woman is a homemade CD "made with love and care" by Chris, created specially in September 2014 for Catherine. The CD was somehow obtained by a third party, whose friend published the discovery on Kiwi Farms.[1]

Most of the songs on the album range from pop/country songs, to unreleased songs likely sought from illegal sources, to obvious favorites sung and/or played by Chris in the past.

Note that Chris has included a song by Tara Strong on the album, even though he at one point said that Strong contributed to cyberbullying with her "Twilightlicious" video, and was publicly insulted by her as a result.

In a video uploaded on 4 October 2014, Chris asked the person who obtained the CD to mail it back to him. Whether or not they complied is unknown, but highly unlikely.

The strange title of the album probably refers to Chris himself in the wake of his identification as a male lesbian.