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A TRUE and HONEST CWC-themed Monster Card.
"I am STRAIGHT! STRAIGHT! Get it through your damn, dirty, immature skulls! ...and here's a drawing of me dressed as Dark Magician Girl :3"

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a Japanese manga about a boy named Yugi who, after solving an ancient artifact called the Millennium Puzzle, inherits a spirit named Yami in his body, and goes around playing a trading card game called Duel Monsters. The manga has spun off into an entire multimedia franchise, including several anime series co-produced by NAS and Studio Gallop, and an actual version of the TCG featured in the stories (produced by Konami, who sponsored the anime), which emphasize trusting in "the heart of the cards" as a key skill.

Chris is a fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, and has incorporated the use of its "spell cards" into Sonichu. Much like his custom Pokémon cards, Chris has created dozens of homemade Yu-Gi-Oh! cards about himself and his characters.

Though his interest in the franchise has subsided in recent years, Yu-Gi-Oh! will always be noteworthy in the story of Chris's life due to him meeting Megan Schroeder during a TCG match at The GAMe PLACe in 2005.

In Sonichu

Chris employs Yu-Gi-Oh! references early on in the Sonichu series, usually to portray himself battling Wes Iseli. His Yu-Gi-Oh! influence peaks in Episode 12, where Chris uses his deck of cards to prevent Wes from ruining the wedding of Sarah Hammer and William Spicer. Spicer himself is depicted as Jack's Knight, one of the characters in the cards, either because Chris couldn't draw him or didn't know what he looked like.

A side plot in Sonichu #5 is Chris beaming about his new friendship with Megan Schroeder, whom probably accounts for his unusual fixation on the game. Though the ability to turn trading cards into real effects seemed to be pretty effective at taking down Chris's foes, he evidently lost interest in the franchise not long after, and the cards vanished from that point onward without explanation.

Chris has also drawn himself as Dark Magician Girl, a female Yu-Gi-Oh! character complete with hairy legs and Sonichu medallion. Whether this is an example of random-access humor or further evidence of Chris's sexuality issues remains unknown.

Custom Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Chris created many custom Yu-Gi-Oh! cards from August to September 2004, and a single one in May 2006. Some of his custom cards have effects relying on monsters being male or female, such as "Virgin With Rage", "A Jerk" and "Girlfriend Attraction". This comes despite gender having no effect in official cards, rarely even being specified.

Card Name Level Code Description Attack Defence Date
189-YuSchu.jpg Sonichu 4 [Beast]

A speedy Electric Hedgehog Pokemon. He transformed from a Pikachu after exposure to the seven Chaos Emeralds.

1600 1400
253-YuBchu.jpg Black Sonichu 4 CWC-009 [Beast]

Blachu was cloned from Sonichu's DNA with a dose of Cherry Cola.

1600 1400 August 11, 2004
211-YuMetonic.jpg Metonic 6 CWC-005 [Beast/Warrior]

His armor adds weight, so he can't perform a spin dash. His spikes are diamond-sharp.

2300 2500 August 11, 2004
237-YuRosechu.jpg Rosechu 4 CWC-004 [Beast/Effect]

If Sonichu is face-up on your side of the field, increase attack of Sonichu and Rosechu by 500 points.

1500 1400 August 11, 2004
218-YuUltSchu.jpg Ultra Sonichu 10 CWC-006 [Beast/Effect]

Ultra Sonichu can only be Special Summoned by paying 500 life points when Sonichu is destroyed in battle. Then you can Special Summon this card from your hand or your deck.

3500 3000 August 11, 2004
270-YuAngelica.jpg Angelica Rosechu 3 CWC-016 [Winged-Beast/Effect]

Prevent all effects of any of your opponent's spell cards to any of your face-up monsters.

1400 1000 August 17, 2004
265-YuBubbles.jpg Bubble Rosechu 3 CWC-015 [Aqua]

She was raised by a mother Swampert who taught her how to create tidal waves.

1200 1000 August 17, 2004
126-YuCChan.jpg Chris-chan Sonichu 5 CWC-019 [Beast]

His origin is unknown, but quandry [sic] is brought up over the Sonichu-head mark on his chest.

2300 2000 August 17, 2004
280-YuMagi.jpg Magi-Chan Sonichu 4 CWC-018 [Spellcaster/Effect]

Each time your opponent activates a spell card, you may draw a card.

1400 1300 August 17, 2004
275-YuPunchy.jpg Punchy Sonichu 4 CWC-017 [Beast-Warrior]

He was raised in a dojo in Japan, where he lost his tail in a tough battle.

2000 1000 August 17, 2004
302-YuSahramah.jpg Sarhamah Rosechu 7 CWC-021 [Fairy/Effect]

For each Light monster in the graveyard, increase Sarhamah's attack by 300 points.

2700 2500 August 17, 2004
246-YuVamprosa.jpg Vamprosa 5 CWC-013 [Beast]

Vamprosa's bite can suck the life out of her enemies. Her cape enables her to fly.

2000 1800 August 17, 2004
294-YuWesLi.jpg Wes-Li Sonichu 5 CWC-020 [Fiend/Effect]

If Chris-chan Sonichu is face-up on the field, increase Chris-chan Sonichu's attack by 500 points.

2300 2000 August 17, 2004
260-YuWild.jpg Wild Sonichu 4 CWC-014 [Beast]

With his sharp razor leaf, speed and ninja skills, and he can he can escape into the wild.

1500 1000 August 17, 2004
106-FrustratedVirgin.jpg Virgin With Rage 2 CWC-024 [Warrior/Effect]

For each male monster on the field, increase Virgin With Rage's attack by 500 points. For each female monster on the field, increase Virgin With Rage's defense by 500 points.

500 500 August 18, 2004
140-AJerk.jpg A Jerk 4 CWC-38 [Fiend/Effect]

If your opponent attacks with a female monster, she can only attack this jerk.

2000 1500 August 19, 2004
152-YuCrystal.jpg Crystal The Female Twin 3 CWC-37 [Warrior]

Beautiful and strong with courage and confidence. She will help her male counterpart, Christian Weston Chandler.

1300 1800 August 19, 2004
142-QuizGirlfriend.jpg Girlfriend? 3 CWC-28 [Fiend]

Could she be the love of my life? Probably not...; I'm sure she is already paired up with some jerk.

1000 2000 August 19, 2004
143-MaryLeeWalsh.jpg Hslaw Eel Yram 4 CWC-29 [Spellcaster/Effect]

Flip. Special summon 1 DARK monster from your hand onto your side of the field.

1500 1000 August 19, 2004
141-JerksLoiteringLot.jpg Jerk's Loitering Lot 4 CWC-39 [Fiend/Effect]

Each time you or your opponent normal, set or Special Summons a male monster on the field, place a counter on this card (max 3). You can remove all 3 counters from this card to destroy 1 male monster on the field.

0 2000 August 19, 2004
223-SonichuZord2.jpg Sonichu Zord 8 CWC-25 [Machine]

Created by Dr. Eggman for Giovanni's Rocket Rangers, it serves to stomp the Chaotic Combo.

3500 3000 August 19, 2004
288-YuBionic.jpg Bionic the Hedgehog 4 CWC-46 [Beast]

Bionic is the world's greatest basketball player, and Sonic the Hedgehog's long-lost brother.

1800 1300 September 5, 2004
285-YuFlame.jpg Flame the Sunbird 4 CWC-48 [Winged-Beast/Effect]

Flip. Return a monster to your side of the field to your hand in order to draw 1 card from your deck.

2000 1500 September 5, 2004
146-Jerkop.jpg Jerkop 3 CWC-44 [Fiend]

This "copper" fiend wants to shatter the virgin's heart by destroying his tools for attracting a boyfriend-free woman, just like how Hslaw Eel Yram did.

800 1000 September 5, 2004
222-YuMSchu.jpg Metal Sonichu 8 CWC-45 [Machine]

This robot's sole purpose is to become stronger and faster to destroy Sonichu.

2500 3000 September 5, 2004
255-YuSilvBchu.jpg Silver Blachu 10 CWC-49 [Beast/Effect]

Silver Blachu can only be Special Summoned by paying 500 Life Points when Black Sonichu is destroyed in battle. You can then special summon this card from your hand or deck.

3500 3000 September 5, 2004
Card Name Code Description Date
104-GirlfriendAttract.jpg Girlfriend Attraction Special Summon 1 female monster from your hand or deck onto your side of the field. August 8, 2004
212-MetonicsSword.jpg Metonic's Sword CWC-008 Only Metonic can be equiped with this card. The monster equiped with this card increases its attack by 1000 points. August 11, 2004
154-ApologyLetter.jpg Apology Letter CWC-011 If your opponent has less life than you, he/she may draw 2 cards. August 17, 2004
157-CityOfCwcville.jpg City of CWCville CWC-022 Increase the attack of all monsters on the field with Sonichu, or Rosechu, in their names by 500 points. August 17, 2004
105-LonesomeSelf.jpg Lonesome Self CWC-012 If you only have one monster on your side of the field, you can Special Summon 1 monster from your hand. August 17, 2004
226-SchuBall2.jpg S-Chu Ball CWC-023 Select 1 of your opponent's face-up monsters. As long as the card is face-up on the field, the select monster remains in defense position. When the selected monster is destroyed, this card is also destroyed August 18, 2004
153-GirlfriendsGift.jpg Girlfriend's Gift CWC-33 If your opponent has more Lifepoints, or monster on his/her side of the field, select 1 monster from either player's graveyard. Special summon that monster onto your side of the field. August 19, 2004
107-HookedOnSonichu2.jpg Hooked on Sonichu CWC-34 This card is used to Ritual Summon any monster with Sonichu or Rosechu in its name. You must also offer monsters from the field or your hand whose total level stars equal the level stars of the ritual monster you are attempting to Ritual Summon. August 19, 2004
213-MetalBoots.jpg Metal Boots CWC-27 The monster equiped with this card increases its defense by 500 points. The monster remains in defense position, and it can't shift into attack position. August 19, 2004
247-VamprosasCape.jpg Vamprosa's Cape CWC-26 Only Vamprosa can be equipped with this card. The monster equipped with this card increases its defense by 1000 points. August 19, 2004
151-WisdomTeeth.jpg Wisdom Teeth CWC-31 Increase your Life Points by 500 points for each Spell Card in your Graveyard and on your side of the field. August 19, 2004
108-PlanForAttraction.jpg Plan for Attraction CWC-40 Pick up (not draw) cards from the top of your deck until a female monster is picked up. Special Summon that card onto your side of the field. Shuffle all other picked up cards back into your deck. August 20, 2004
296-FireshockPendant.jpg Fireshock Pendant CWC-42 Increase the monster's attack by 500 points. And when this monster attacks during the damage step, decrease the attack of the monster you are attacking by 500 points. September 5, 2004
304-LightningBracelets.jpg Lightning Bracelets CWC-43 This card can only be equipped to Sarhamah Rosechu. Increase the equipped monster's attack and defense by 700 points. September 5, 2004
096-SonichuMedallion.jpg Sonichu Medallion CWC-41 Increase the equipped monster's attack by 500 points. If the monster has Sonichu in its name, increase its attack by another 500 points. September 5, 2004
109-CWCSpellsCard.jpg "C.W.C" Spells Quick Spells! CWC-51 Discard 1 Spell Card from your hand. Add 2 Spell Cards from your Deck to your hand, shuffle your Deck afterwards.

When activating this card, announce that you will "Activate your QuickSpells with your C.W.C. Spells!"

May 21, 2006
Card Name Code Description Date
138-CurseYeHaMeHa.jpg Curse-Ye-Ha-Me-Ha! Choose one of your opponent's male monsters and destroy it. If you select a set monster, flip it over. If it is a female, she is not destroyed. August 9, 2004
139-CWCsDarkGlare.jpg CWC's Evil Glare CWC-007 Select 1 of your opponent's face-up monsters. Decrease that monster's attack and defense by 700 points. When the selected monster is destroyed or removed from the field, this card is also destroyed. August 11, 2004
145-ShatteredHeart.jpg Shattered Heart CWC-010 You can activate this card when your opponent attacks with one of this/her monsters. Take control of that monster, and attack another of his/her monsters, or Life Points, then the controlled monster is destroyed. August 17, 2004
127-LevelBattle.jpg Level Battle CWC-32 You can activate this trap when your opponent attacks with his or her monster against one of your monsters. Compare each monster's number of level stars. The lower level monster is destroyed. If both stars are equal, neither monster is destroyed. August 19, 2004
147-LightKnife.jpg Light Knife CWC-30 Select 1 DARK monster on the field. That monster is destroyed. August 19, 2004
155-MindSwap.jpg Mind Swap CWC-36 Select one of your opponent's monsters, then he/she selects one of your monsters. Until the end of the turn this card was activated, each selected monster is controlled by the respected player. August 19, 2004
149-RandomTrick.jpg Random Trick CWC-35 Roll a die.
  • If you roll a 1 or 2, reduce opponent's attack to 0.
  • If you roll a 3 or 4, switch the position of one of your monsters.
  • If you roll a 5 or 6, destroy one of your opponent's monsters.
August 19, 2004
375-ChaosEmeralds.jpg 7 Chaos Emeralds CWC-50 If you have Sonichu or Black Sonichu on your side of the field or in your hand, you may remove Sonichu from play to Special Summon Ultra Sonichu from your hand or deck onto your side of the field, or remove Black Sonichu from play to Special Summon Silver Blachu from the hand or your deck onto your side of the field. When this card is destroyed, Ultra Sonichu and/or Silver Blachu are destroyed and removed from play. September 5, 2004
148-TrapOfFear.jpg Trap of Fear CWC-46 You can activate this card during your opponent's Standby Phase. Your opponent mush skip to his/her End Phase for the turn this card is activated. September 5, 2004

Let's Play

In March 2016, Arthur Spatchcock challenged Chris to a game of Yu-Gi-Oh! over the PS4. Spatchcock wanted to introduce Chris to the idea of doing Let's Plays to boost his online activity and help him gain some money through YouTube's monetization program.[1][2] The plan fell apart after Let's Plays of Destiny and Uncharted, since by that point, Chris was too lazy to play video games for money, and he simply wanted to beg from his audience instead.

Chris did not comment during the video, because he was "not in the mood", even though his mic was on and his TV audible in the background. Spatchcock tried to converse with him, but Chris ignored him.[3]

Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 12 March 2016
Subject Matter Video gamesVideo games Video Games
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Happy Women's Day
CWC`s Autism Tutorial with Director Commentary

Spatchcock was not impressed with Chris's game strategy.[4]

Chris was using a pre-built deck by the looks of it; it uses some weird ass summoning system where you can pretty much just keep summoning and fusing monsters over and over. Chris was doing it just to do it. No strategy, no planning, just randomly doing shit because the game prompted him to do so. Out of the found rounds we played I trounced him the first two easily...I had to dial back and let him win once I heard the stress sighing. The third round was pretty much given to him but the fourth round he actually seemed to finally have it down on how to use his cards.

This is mentioned in the fourth call but I can share it here without Chris feeling 'betrayed' but I actually bought Chris the game because I set up a wager with him. We're going to play a 2 out of 3 match; if I win Chris is supposed to draw new sonichu pages and if he wins I get him a new PS4 game. He was bragging about how he still has his old cards including Dark Magician Girl. I assume before out big match he's going to build his own deck and I can't wait to see what he comes up with.


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