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The following is a transcript of the known e-mails exchanged by Megan and Chris in 2008. The only things that have been removed are the email ads at the bottom of each page.

Megan's e-mails are in pink, Chris's in light blue.

Chris's friendship with Megan had already shown signs of cracks even before the ShecameforCWC fiasco, but it wouldn't be until after it that their friendship finally shattered into bits. Between Chris's shoddy attempts at "apologizing" for drawing him fingering his only friend – a friend who not only repeatedly told him to stop touching her, but also was asexual and didn't want to engage in a romantic/sexual relationship – and him admitting that he "might have become an abusive maniac" if he didn't draw it, Megan finally had enough of his creepy behavior and utter refusal to listen to her. After telling him she couldn't trust him anymore, she finally broke all contact with him. This marks the last time Chris had any sort of conversation with Megan.


Chris wants Megan to live with him

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 7:06:12 AM Eastern Standard Time
Subject: A thought for you, Megan

Considering my family, and "I'm livin' under their roof", you may want to consider typing up all that you told me last night to back you up in the face of my family. And you may want to set some additional funds aside for rent. Also, offering to help with the chores is good.

I am unanimous with myself in welcoming you to our house as our guest for as long as you need, and I truly meant every word I said. It's my mother's and father's opinion you may have for another obsticle.

I hope my family will be willing to help you, a descendant German Warrior Traveler. :)

Take care; Chris Chan.

Megan doesn't want to be on Chris's websites

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
From: Megan Schroeder <>
Sent: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 7:49 am
Subject: Thanks again

Hey thanks again SO VERY much for your thoughtful and kind and generous trade. Though I feel as though I took all your money since it mostly goes to your parents. :( But Thank You very much. I doubt I will be asking for much in the future, so just as an appreciation bonus I will go ahead and give you the Hamtaro toys along with the rest of the manga and stuff. I'm sorry to hear about the Church thing, I mean God forgives and gives second chances. Some people just aren't meant to work under His name, like all the priests who abuse young boys. Yeah that internet thing is getting very much out of hand and would like to ask if you could please take down or remove anything that has to do with me from any of your websites. I don't want to appear on those sites as well. Thanks again! ~Megan

Chris apologizes for something, what could it be?

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 6:23:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: I am sooooo sorry

I didn't realize how much of an... a-hole I could have been; I was caught up in the rage from that weekend in November when I did that; I couldn't even see straight. But I have done what I should have done long ago; inform AOL, as well as other places on the web who can take down offensive websites and pages.

I've really shot myself in the foot, and I am sorry. Not only am I mad at myself for being such a complete enraged a-hole, but my rage against those jerks who put that page up in the first place arose with greater flame, because my closest friend got hurt emotionally (that's you).

I will see to that website's demise, or my name isn't Christian Weston Chandler.

Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you. Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you. Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you. Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you. Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you. Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you. Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you. Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you. Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you. Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you. Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you. Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you. Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you. Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you.

Megan, I'm sorry for hurting you.

And I am prepared to repeat that hundred times from the bottom of my hurting heart.

Chris emails her some detective work, Megan likely doesn't give a shit

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 1:23:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Follow up

I have been investigating, in addition to out-of-spite "adding fire to the flame", since I've first found it randomly in that fateful day, November 2, 2007. Please allow me to fill you in. My first major clues of a matching duo were the original date of the document creation, Wednesday, Ocotber 31, 2007, and this .jpg,, which was obviously taken on the previous Friday, October 26, 2007. For the week, my family and I were pondering the major suspect; the dude who took that pic, which I distinctly remember seeing the camera flash while I playing a young gentleman in Pokemon TCG. Thus, my family came in and we found that Mimms had the camera in question, but he did not take the picture. Then we've suspected Lucas, but we did not question him at the time. But a more obvious expression reply was found by myself, when Saturday March 8, 2008, at the Gamestop in Forest Lakes, the Midnight release event of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mimms and I were watching a pair of tournament players brawling; one was playing Donkey Kong. So it brought up to mind my first word being "Monkey", so I told Mimms that. And with a turn around towards the accompanying Lucas, I said in his direction, "Well, that's something new you didn't know about "be-4" about this "Chan". I noticed a look on his face like, "Wow, I can totally wail on that tidbit of information." He said nothing. And today, I looked up 4Chan on,, apparently 4Chan is solely a web thing that people can go on and mess around for the attention, with examples of false bombings, hackers on MySpace, and more similar events listed on there. Upon the collected information on this case I've let set on the back-burner for a while, I can only suspect Lucas for being the culpret in putting that page up in the first place, because, seeing how close Mimms and Lucas were, he had as much access to the beforementioned pic from October 26 as Mimms did. Also, I photographically remember the person who took my pic that day being tall and wearing a long coat. I'd like to put Lucas under a spotlight and question him about this whole thing, then put him behind bars for descreation of someone else's character. I'd question him myself, but Mike of the Game Place said after my mother and father questioned Mimms that Friday night, if I were to bring up ANYTHING about that page again, he would kick me out of the Game Place for like a month. If you'd like to talk to Lucas discreetly about the subject, I'd appreciate it for the benefit of my investiga tion.

Megan, I am sorry about this whole mess, and having drawn that drawing, and raging the fire and hurting your feelings and emotions. If I can, not only will I get that drawing off that webpage, but I'll try to take down the whole thing. But I can't do it alone (my mother and father have been letting it set on the back-burner without giving it much thought).

I can only hope you'll forgive me, but no matter what, I still love you as my closest gal-pal.

I hope you feel better soon; Chris Chan.

Megan is scarred by ShecameforCWC.JPG

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
From: Megan Schroeder <>
Sent: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 7:33 am
Subject: well...

I just don't know what to say now....

I am very much scarred by that image and it will never leave me. And I can't decide what's worse, the image in general, or the fact you intentionally drew it AND gave it to the webmaster for that site that you hate so much. Not only have you poured gas on the fire by doing that,(adding obscenity to the already horrific site) but you have also embarrassed and humuliated me, and degraded and demeaned me whether you realize it or not. I mean I'm not that kind of girl, and you know that. So why? And you also lied to me about it.

Between that and my recent heartbreak how am I to trust another man again? Simply put: I can no longer trust anyone now.

You have very much hurt me on an emotional level. And when I get hurt emotionally it'll take a physical toll. As in no appetite, feeling tired and sick, no sleep.

So I am unsure what to do about this. I can't say I really think of you the same anymore, I'm sorry to say. I will continue to give the remaining items for the zune and that will be all the contact you have with me unless I decide otherwise. I hope you understand. So we'll let time decide how I feel about this current situation. Until then please don't come up to me anymore unless it's to give you what I owe which seems kind of awkward now.

I know how it feels to be alone but, I can't keep throwing away my pride little by little just to keep you satisfied, you know what I mean? There has to be an "enough is enough" at some point. And I cannot continue to disgrace myself by forgiving things that I never find forgivable in the first place.

That's all I can think to say right now
I'm sorry, we'll just see

Megan wants Chris to leave her alone

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
From: Megan Schroeder <>
Sent: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 4:06 am
Subject: ok..

Ok well look, I am unsure how I feel and what to do. So here's what I think. I'd like for you to just completely leave me alone for a while, until I can sort things out myself, you understand? It's not like I hate you, but I don't see you in the same light anymore. So just leave me be for a while, let me try to recuperate with my few other friends. And maybe we can just start from scratch sometime. Maybe, I dunno, just depends on how I feel ok? So please let me be, and let me see how it goes ok?

Chris thinks she was scarred because she doesn't know much about sex

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 4:10:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Re: ok..

I understand. You may or may not have had much exposure to sexual images as I've had, so the idea of a "hand job" (which was the act drawn there) as part of outtercourse (versus intercourse) was a surprise to you. I'm sorry. If it helps put things into perspective, I can reccomend finding information on the internet through this educational website I've found through Or I reccomend renting "The 40 Year Old Virgin"; that movie touches on some of the issues around sex, and how it can really frustrate an older virgin who hasn't had the pleasure yet (or I can loan you my copy of "The 40 Year Old Virgin"). The point is allowing yourself more exposure to sex acts to make yourself feel more comfortable with that fact of life.

I worry about you, and I want to help you as much as I humanly can. While I AM on the verge of taking that EncyclopediaDramatica page taken down, I understand that there are a number of other web pages of hate against me, and as much as I would like to be able to track every one down and report them and get on the verge of taking them down as well, someone else may put another hate page up against me. It's a fact of this modern world known as "Cyber Bullying".

And as for the drawings, while I have shoved the text information down their throat in an attempt to drown them in submission; there were too many images of...penises...yech, on there. I drew drawings promoting vaginas to go against those dickheads. I did the drawing of Sonichu fucking Rosechu, I did the drawing of Bubbles getting it from Black Sonichu (I had the idea of paring them up in the comic book anyway), I did the drawings of Angelica and Mary Lee Walsh (that witch hag) mastubating. And I did draw the drawing of me giving you a hand job, from among my adult fantasies, with your eyes censored to conceal your identity. It was a massive step outside of my boundries, and I did it out of anger, and I regret having done it, and I am really, really, sorry. But we all do things in the heat of anger, and/or out of our boundries, that we end up regretting later.

Megan, Sweetheart, I will give you as much space as you need during your time of recovery and learning how to cope with it and put it into your own perspective. But please remember, I will always worry about you, and even though you may not feel the same about me as you did before, I still Care and Love You Very Much. <3<3<3<3<3

Take care; my thoughts and prayers are with you; Chris Chan.

Chris bothers Megan about Encyclopedia Dramatica again

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 12:28:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Hey, Megan.

I hope you're doing well. Anyway, I'll get to the point; there is a way you can work with me on the elimination of the "Chris-chan" page on Encyclopedia Dramatica, basically the pages on whole ED website are wiki (similar to html editing), and setting up an account to edit the page is free; you may want to use a fake e-mail address. Anyway, you can remove the all the junk they put about you on there, as well as the drawing from the page for starters, but be careful not to take out TOO MUCH; they may undo your doing, so you may want to make multiple edits; remove the story on the first time, then add some random thing that comes to your mind onto the bottom of the page. I've managed to have the drawing removed and replaced with a different, yet similar image for a while, but they undid that bit of my handiwork.

I can only do so much at one time, since after I make an edit (behind their backs), they "ban" my IP address from undoing their undoing, and I have to wait a few hours to a day or two before I can anything more against them.

That's the story there.

Also, under a spot of rage against them for the answer some of them gave me when I asked them why they hated me, I've alerted the media about it through e-mail. I've said nothing about you to them, but you may want to try to remove the stuff about you from the page ASAP.

Again, I am really sorry about this whole mess.

I pray for your emotional recovery. Keeping you fondfully in my thoughts; Chris Chan.

Megan is fed up

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
From: Megan Schroeder <>
Sent: Sun, 16 Mar 2008
Subject: Re: Hey, Megan.

Look, my main issue is NOT the website itself. It's just the fact that you drew those weird pictures. instead of removing that one completely, you just enlarge my crotch....thanks a lot....WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST REMOVE IT??!!

Well I'm sorry but that just makes me more angry in a way. It's not that actual sex-act that traumatises me, it's the fact that you fantasize doing such things to me when you know I would never. It's like, how do I know you're not going to abduct me and such? That was a figure of speech. You know what I mean? It creeps me out you have such thoughts about me. It's like you're stalking me so you really need to back off.

I mean thinking like that is one thing (though disturbing as well) But sitting down and actually drawing a detailed image of it is even worse. I don't like being around people like that at all!

I don't like being around people who think only of sex and pleasure. I don't care how lonely you are, I haven't had luck with relationships either, but I don't boast about being a "virgin with rage" When you say things like that, it just makes it sound you're looking for someone to fuck.

I'm sorry to say this but you're partially to blame for some of the content on the site. Because things about me and things they quoted about me came from you obviously. You have those blog things and so you blabbed to the whole cyber world about the angry email I sent you last summer. Ok, just WHOSE business is it anyway? I don't understand why you post things involving me like that. And you also made it sound that I just wrote you an angry email and you had nothing to do with it, when in fact the reason being was because I was sick of telling constantly to stop touching me. That is SEXUAL HARRASSMENT. I wrote the email in response to what YOU did wrong to me.

Although it may not seem like a big deal to you, it was to me. Just because I've allowed other guys to hug me, doesn't mean you automatically have that right. I have the right to decide who can get close to me. If a female doesn't like the way a guy advances or touches her, even if other females are ok with it- if that one female doesn't like it, it IS sexual harrassment. You greatly need to understand that.

That's all I have to say to you
I'm too angry and upset to want to help with the website's demise. So sorry but you're on your own with that one.

PS I think it's rather amusing how you complain of these people defiling you. Yes many posts are ridiculous BUT you have defiled Mary Lee Walsh, and our wonderful security officers who were simply doing their job. Then you defiled me. And lied about it.

You need to stop with this mindset that the whole world's against you, and start taking some responsibility for once. Example, it's wrong to hate these people when YOU broke the rule by soliciting/loitering. Hey at least they're doing their job and I support that.

Chris continues bothering her about ED

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 8:46:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Megan...

Firstly, I suggest that you take another look at the page; in the FIRST Paragraph, they theorize and mock me with, and I copy and past to quote, "and drawing pictures of himself having sex with his imaginary twin sister." And the images were ALIGNED to the RIGHT, so the theory is matched UP to DOWN with respective image comments from, "... Imaginary sister?" to "I don't like where this is going" and finally, "Chris' own artwork portraying his sick fantasies." And to break my camel's back, they state in the second paragraph under "The Comic Itself", I quote, "A later upload by CWC himself verified that he wants to have sex with his imaginary twin sister. So, this Crystal would be both his daughter and sister... In other words, he wants to impregnate his mother, then have sex with the offspring."

Secondly, I have TRIED to delete the nude drawing, even to replace it, but in the discussion page of my account I created to edit the page away from mockery, but every time I delete or replace the image, they would re-upload the original pic. They call what I'm doing AGAINST the "article" vandalism, and they tell me, "vandalism is completely pointless (click here to find out why), and will get you a swift ban, so you might as well stop." And even though after they "ban" me, I wait a few hours to a couple of days and I am unbanned. You can consider me "The Resistance" against the "Alien Dominators" of E.D., because that's the role I am occupying in this tragedy.

Also, I've told them they're not only hurting me emotionally, but they were hurting you, Megan, emotionally and deeply as well, because they were dragging your name through the mud with mine.

As for the drawing itself, I've realized that it was done not only out of inspired fantasy, angst against E.D., and love for you, but also a major release for my crazy, mixed-up hormones. If I didn't have the foresight to put my pent-up frustrations and feelings in the form of something, I might have become an abusive maniac, so thank god for allowing me to release my bottled up frustrations in a more positive, yet not so "Politically Correct", and not physically hurting others, method.

Be the release as it may, I am hurting SOOOOO MUCH MORE than you can be, because I have been taking the abuse from those jerks on E.D. If you want to get it all off the "article", be my guest; make your account, send your message of the "Resistance" and delete the Major Chunk off the page in edit; they will only undo your missile barrage of damage in one felt swoop.

I am depressed and emotionally exausted from ALL THIS STRESS. The only thing I can do that won't get undone is be as apologetic as I can ever be from the bottom of my sad, depressed heart.

I'm Sorry, Megan, for the massive warfare I have wrought against you and me in a damn fucktarded release of my damn hormones.

I'm sorry. Christian Weston Chandler.

Chris does not regret the Meganporn and claims drawing it helped prevent him from doing "something really dumb and stupid"

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 9:03:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Hey, Megan

You know about as much as I know that I have taken responsibility for my error, and it has also been bringing me the darkest pain this month.

I want to patch up our friendship, because I do not want any further discomfort between you and me. Although the acursed page is there now, if we just ignore it, it may fade away in a month or so. Also, if we let every little dirty detail bother us, we're just as bad off as any pop or rock star. They get abused a lot by the paparazi and the media for the details of their deeds that they could not have known about themselves at the time. From the maximum amount of stress from all that; they sometimes get totally out of whack and possibly hurt themselves. But you and I are only civilians without so much fame and fortune; you and I, we do not have to suffer such Star Stress; if we only put it behind us, we don't have to build such a stressful level within ourselves.

I myself had left it a good distance behind me for a few months, but then you were bothered by it. And I couldn't help but dig up the remains left behind, only to build up a very stressfully torturing month for me.

Megan, I am sorry for uploading the drawing, and I really wish I could go back in time and stop myself from making the mistake. Yet I do not regret drawing the drawing, because if I hadn't released my frustrations in the creative sense, I might actually have done something really dumb and stupid. It was really stupid of me to let my impulsive anger get the best of me and make me upload it in an attempt to shove so much information down their throats and drown them into taking the page down.

But I've learned from my mistakes, and I regret letting my frustrations and anger get the best of me. All I can do is put the whole thing behind me, try not to think about again, never look at the damn page, and move on with my life.

For the sake of our friendship, Megan, PLEASE just forget about the dang webpage, put it behind you, and let's resume our good friendship like the whole mess never happened.

I still love you, Megan, and I honestly care and worry about you from my heart.

Peace; Chris Chan.

Chris still wants Megan

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 3:28:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Re: Hey, Megan

I've DELETED ALL of the ORIGINAL BLOGS months ago, just to let you know. I can understand how you're feeling against me now, but it really hurts me and makes me sad that you don't want me close to you.

I'm just a lonly old-feeling fool who needs closure once in a while, and my mother and father won't be around forever. I can remember the times we were close, we shared our honest feelings openly, my PSOne games on my PSP, and your Strawberry Pink character drawings...I really miss those tender moments. And I got you all that stuff from eBay; the Sailor Moon cards, the DVDs, the figurines, the rest of that stuff, and recently the ZUNE, and you have repaid the pleasure of doing all that for you with greater interest. I love to see you smile, I love to see you happy, and I love seeing the sweet, honest, tender and carefree kinda gal who is Megan Schroeder.

But now that I am barred from you for a big mistake I made that I have taken a great deal of responsibility, through trying to undo it, through taking down the previous pages leading up to it, through a month full of stress, tears, lonliness and too many moments standing by myself...

Remember some time ago, you jested that you wanted me to give up my heart to you? Well, basically, I had already done that just after you and I met; my heart still cries for you; not a moment passes by when I don't have a tender, caring or worried thought about you.

Although I do understand your feelings, and I can only respect your wish of staying away from you...*sob**sob* heart still cries for you, I'll always be worrying about you, and I will always Love You, Megan Schroeder. *sob*

I'll see you Sunday..., and I guess that's ALL I'll get to do with you...seeing you...from a long distance; as long as the most perilous journey, as long as a dream where I'm constantly running towards you; you'd look like you're near, yet you are soo far away from completing me... I Love You, Megan Schroeder.

Peace; Chris Chan.

Megan asks Chris to leave her alone again, attempts to talk sense into him

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
From: Megan Schroeder <>
Sent: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 1:05 am
Subject: Re: Hey, Megan

As I've said, the website means nothing to me. It's the fact that you blab about me on your blogs and therefore it gets put on the website. So in other words, ED didn't drag my name through the mud but you did.

I don't know, I can't keep disgracing myself and forgiving and forgiving. I have some pride you know. I've forgiven you so many times before it's just getting irritating now. Even I have my limits.

So I think I'd like to stay away from you at least for a while then as time passes I'll better know what to do.

Until then just please leave me alone

Megan still wants to be alone

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
From: Megan Schroeder <>
Sent: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 8:12 am
Subject: Re: Hey, Megan

Please don't be so hard on yourself. Like I said, I just want some time on my own for a while. It's not like I am hating you or anything. I just want to be by myself for a while

And I haven't nor will I EVER forget all the wonderful surprises you have given me and such. Thank you.

This is only a "bye for now" just allow me to be alone and eventually things will cheer up ok?

Thanks and try to keep your chin up. And I'll try to do the same. (I'm never real positive...)
PS I won't be coming this sunday- Easter

Chris talks about his feelings, then some shit no one cares about

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
Sent: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 9:36:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: Hey...

I understand why you didn't want me to talk to you... *sigh* I'd feel better if we can try not to think about that detail and put it behind us.

Megan, I really want to remain your friend, but I feel it growing more difficult with the emotional feeling of long distance between you and me. I feel sad, lonely and rejected when you don't allow me to be socially close to you or even when you won't talk to me. (Besides which, I get lonely everynight in the sanctity of my room, and even when I'm out with my mother, father, or alone, so I feel the extra loneliness and sadness like rubbing salt and vinager on a wound.) Also, I can't help but feel the worry about how you are feeling everyday that I feel. Please, Megan, put what has passed behind you and open yourself emotionally to me and let you and me be good friends like before.

Also, aside from my feelings, I wanted to let you know that I got an 8GB Memory Stick Duo; all my Full Downloaded Games and all my Save Data (for the UMD games as well) and all that from between the two 4GB sticks are now on the same Memory Stick. What's more, I am able to give you one of my two for when you get your PSP, and copy your choice of PSOne classics and the game Beats, as well as a cornucopia of Sailor Moon MP3 tracks to play on Beats. When ready, you may check out to look up the variety of PSOne and PSN-Exclusive PSP titles that can be downloaded to the 4GB Memory Stick.

I think you still owe me a bit for the Zune; $20, Hamtaro toys and a DVD set. If you are able to get all that to me next Friday, I would appreciate it, so you and I can be squared-away on that deal.

BTW, I won't be coming in Sundays for UFS; I've been going to the Wesley Foundation Methodist Church (after being kicked out of the Grace Baptist Church, and upon my father's suggestion) for over a month now. And with that, I've also been attending the Sunday Night service for the young adult church members who are attending UVA. Also, I've started hanging out in the Recreation Room in the upper floor of the next-door Student Centere Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons playing Guitar Hero on their PS2, or my PS3 which I bring there in a Toys 'R' Us Cloth Bag. I've met a few new female acquaintances, but nothing has come up further than that yet.

One more thing, something good for you to look forward to, in addition to the German Dictionary I'm saving for your Birthday, I'm putting a special present together just for you to go with it. It's not glittery or pricy, but it is a Special Surprise Present. :) And I'm not letting you in on what it is until the Friday closest to your Birthday.

Anyhoo, please allow me back into your world as your Good Friend, and I promise never to repeat the mistakes I've made.

I also wish John the best of luck and the Lord's blessing on him finding a new, better job.

Peace be with you; Chris Chan.

Megan can't trust Chris anymore

−−−−−Original Message−−−−−
From: Megan Schroeder <>
Sent: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 11:40 am
Subject: Re: Hey...

Well first of all, I can't put this behind me because I don't feel comfortable around you anymore. Especially since you said you drew that so you wouldn't do anything stupid. What does that mean? Abducting me and raping me? I'm afraid I can't trust you anymore...

I'm sorry but I don't like being around men like that.

As for the zune, you said for me to hold on to the hamtaro and dvd's and I only recall having to pay you the 30$ for your credit card.

So I don't know what to say right now, but maybe you shouldn't give me anything for my birthday. I hate my birthdays and prefer not to be reminded of them


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