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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during January 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference. Posts color-coded purple are made while Chris is roleplaying as Magi-Chan.

Good New Year

1 January

Good New Year, Everyone. I shall make my statement for now, and I Want No Backtalk Or Hateful Commentary.

The Dimension Merge of C-197 and our 1218 is still in progress. There is more damn red tape to work through, but our goal is still set; it is only delayed. Everyone of C-197 is still very much Awake; we have secured Arfoire in a magic-proof cell a few days ago. Not even that Witch’s Courier on Facebook can say otherwise, because I Know Better, and her words shall never get to or sway me any other way. I still remain the CPU Blue Heart of the Commodore Consoles, Cwcville and Comma, and Everyone is safe and well. But for now, I shall delay online talk of the Dimension Merge through my Social Media Accounts until further notice. And I still remain very much married to Magi-Chan Sonichu, Cryzel Rosechu, Sylvana Rosechu, and Mewtwo; there is room for at least one from this Dimension, but there is no rush.

For now, Happy New Year, Everyone.



Response to an artist

1 January

In response to @cOWOkie_pone, an artist that Chris likes posting their best drawings of 2018

I remember you telling me it was a good challenge for you to draw the Akan-like dragon in that piece. 😊


Another day to love you

1 January

Ah. Another Day, Another bit of Whey.

GIF with message "YAY!! It is another day to love you. HAVE A GREAT DAY"

Chris upset about a disaster

1 January

In response to an NBC News article about the incident

Oh, My Gosh! 😢 The poor children and people there.

Baby found alive after 35 hours in subzero conditions following Russia blast

Be kind to each other

1 January

The message at the end of the video is very true. Please, be kind to each other.


[MLP Comic Dub] The Final Countdown (New Years Comedy) https://youtu.be/q28E6yVlNVY via @YouTube

On not going to MAGFest

2 January

For those who keep on asking, I am not going to MAGFest this time around. I’ve not heard of any Sonichu-Related Panel to show up to. AND, despite the delay in the Dimension Merge (only saying this once)...

MY Superpowers Have Been Working Hard throughout my body, All Over The Place! I Did Meet God/Emanuel and the other deities; personally and offline. I Knew, within my share of knowledge at the times, What I Have Been Talking About. It is Not My Fault there is more Deity-Level Red Tape, which no earthly Bureaucrat can ever be able to touch. Even my superpowers are still fluctuating right now; I was unable to fall asleep until 4:30 am last night after a fluctuation where my head was Seriously Working and Energy was flowing out of my hands. Things in this bedroom may as well have been levitating all over the place. All of You Haters can Never Know or Empathize with What, or How, I have been going through all of this for Months Now!

Damn Dimension 1218’s “Reality” Limits and Shit!!!

But, I digress.

So, yeah: I won’t be at MAGFest this time around. I Will be at BronyCon, Definitely; I shall save up for that. I May go to TooManyGames again, but that’s To Be Determined.


I forgot to mention, Even Two 5mg Melatonin Pills, one taken Hours apart from the other, was not strong enough to knock me into sleep last night! I was WIRED and HYPED from the Psychic Fluctuations. Well, this is one thing I Knew I was signing up for when I did.

Overwhelmed by trolling

2 January

One more thing for now: I do not mean to bitch, wine or complain a lot. I am literally like Stonewall Jackson or Rock of Gibraltar when it comes to coping with, overlooking and ignoring the hatred and shit I end up getting, even from a friend who turned sour by witch-possession.

But, even I have my limits. I have had Tons of emotional grounding, self-control and calming techniques, not to mention my anxiety meds (tried going without them for One Month; I felt on the verge of a heart attack a few times!). *sigh*

And the few times I ended up retaliating (DO NOT BRING UP the Frigging Pepper Spray Incident!), I was pushed beyond even my meds’ ability to totally cool me off. But I still feel the upset and anger soon enough, I let it pass, and I take deep breaths to regain myself.

Yet, even when I feel tired and paunchy (drunk-like without taking any alcohol or shit), I end up randomly spouting, “I’m gonna kick your ass” to nobody, and I hardly ever actually instilled violence before, but I still can punch and kick hard.

Point is, I’ve taken a LOT of mental and emotional, and some physical, Abuse in my lifetime; I’ve re-routed that energy into positive things most of the time. Yet, apparently, it all still lingers in the back of my mind, set to trigger and really awaken my fullest psychic,electric, Goddess, and what other SuperPowers I have inside me to begin getting shit done in the name of good, against the villains, haters and the worst of bad Bullies. But, I shall always remain kind and lovable that I have proved myself to be for everyone.

Thank you.


Donating to someone's appendix surgery

2 January

Simply Happy to Help when I was able to. High voltage signBlue heartHigh voltage signSmiling face with smiling eyes

Check it out! I donated to 'Appendix payment' - http://gf.me/u/psimph via @gofundme

Accusing fan's OC of attempted assassination

3 January

Exiled Sonichu, aka X.
@TheExiledDraco, your Sonichu OC personally paid me a visit tonight; he attempted assasination of me, with commands from within Your Subconscious. Fortunately, I saw him coming and stopped him. What do you have to say for yourself on behalf of your OC’s behavior?

TheExiledDraco replied:

I must say that it has to be an imposter feeding you lies. X is a troublemaker and loves pulling pranks, but he's no killer. And the last thing I'd want to do is order such violence.

I promise the only thing X would do is tell you about further updates on the comic dub.

However, Chris was insistent:

Good afternoon. Firstly, Magi-Chan was a witness; he was in the bathroom with me, sitting nearby as I showered. X appeared behind me through a device-generates portal. Initially, I partially recognized him, and Magi-Chan was able to fully identify him as your OC, X, without a doubt.

He was attempting to assaniate me, at least with a prank. He had become in talks with a small group of Haters against me. Magi-Chan talked with him and discussed how important I am, for one thing that he would not exist if I wasn’t around.

And then a friend of X’s showed up to retrieve him. He had a knife in his hand, but I felt his portaling-in presence, so I grabbed him by the wrist and lifted him up. A dark blue Sonichu that could be mistaken for a bad recolour OC of myself or Christy. He got a good talking-to as well. No charges or punishment will be ensued against either of them or yourself, I promise, @TheExiledDraco; I only wanted to inform you of the matter and get your thoughts. This event was one that was Fated to happen anyway.

But, aside from that, I’d like to let this be an example for those with such hatred-filled thoughts against us in their heads. We all are together and capable of defending each other. I am able to feel it coming and stop it from happening.

Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️

TheExiledDraco again tried to convince Chris none of that happened:

Thank you for informing, but again @CWCSonichu, I promise you that wasn't the real X. He doesn't use portals, nor is he friends with any other Sonichus. He was banished from Cwcville for his antics and doesn't associate with those working against you! Believe me! X is innocent!

Chris was unconvinced:

Perhaps, you should re-link yourself to X and check on his more current events. You take your time to do that. He could have got the portal device from someone else.

Another fan asked:

You sure it wasn’t just your imagination??

Chris answered:

It is NOT my Imagination. If it was, bad things would not be happening to me. If it was purely imagination, I would not be able to physically interact with it. But, no, I was able to whack the attacker with a half-full conditioner bottle.

The fan pushed back:

That means you are hallucinating these things. That is a bad sign. I know you will deny it but you might be developing a mental illness. Please, for the sake of your followers, go seek help!

PS You noticed me, Senpai!

But Chris again deflected:

I am not hallucinating. If I was mentally ill, then the Captain would be too, because he has personally met Magi-Chan, and a whole lot of other people have seen him with me as well. There is no mental illness amongst us; all this is real. ⚡️💙⚡️

Andross is not a Deity

5 January

Also, just to let Everyone Know: Andross, of Star Fox, is NOT a Deity. Anyone who sees him as such, or compares my face to his, are either misguided and/or blind.

Thought of the morning

6 January

Okay, Thought of the Morning:

Most Everyone knows that I am truly a kind individual and simply fun and chill to hang out, talk, and even Associate With. And that is how I naturally continue to be of myself to everyone, and want it clear and understood.

I am Not someone who targets and harasses Anyone; I am not one of those Awful and Bad Trolls.

I spread kindness, love and positive support where and when I am able to. And I feel happy when others are feeling happy. And I will stand in support for and with anyone who gets harassed or bullied. I will not stand for anyone getting hurt or targeted like that.

Call someone Short or Weak? I would tell you to back off, and then I would offer support for the victim, as they are Strong and Tall in my eyes and heart.

Badger Anyone with the NSFW things from a Decade Ago? You Dirty Bastard! YOU Should be thrown in Jail for thrusting offensive shit upon Anyone!

Hate upon the LGBTQ? Not on my watch!

Hate upon the elderly? I Respect and Appreciate the elderly, so You Shut Up!

Point is: I, Mrs. Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, am Kind-Hearted, Supportive and Chill and Cool to Be Associated and Friends With. I want to help others when I can, and I like talking with others too. I also would like to help and collaborate with others that I like. ⚡️💙⚡️

And furthermore, I will probably be amongst the best of Friends anyone can ask for or want. But I can’t be of support or help if I am Blocked, ESPECIALLY when it should be the Harassing Troll who should be Blocked; Not I. Don’t Pull a Cole Smithey on me like that, Please!

Because it also ticks me off when my kindness and support is Blocked, and I can’t help you if I am Blocked.


High-score girl

6 January

Hey, just to talk a bit about the anime “High Score Girl” on Netflix: this is a good show. Akira Ono is curious to me as a silent and distant protagonist. The way she behaves and shows her emotions, it makes me wonder if Akira, here, is autistic, because that would make sense.

Shipping Chris's characters

7 January

In response to @darkrisethepony shipping his pony OC with someone else's

I’m not normally a shipper, but my Lightning Quartz and her Dawn Dazzle... Yep, I’d ship ‘em. 😊

Soo Kawaii!!!

What typing is X?

7 January

By the way, what typing is X?

Electric/Fire or just Electric are my guesses.

C64 37th anniversary

7 January

In response to a post about the C64s 37th anniversary

Classic Awesomeness! High voltage ⚡️💙⚡️

Mixing Fanta

7 January

Hey, y’all! Here’s a tasty question: What do you get after combining Apple and Berry Fanta?

You get this lovely and yummy shade of turquoise that I call Blue Applrry! 😊

Pub prank

7 January

Just thought of a Prank Pub for Moe’s Tavern. “I’m looking for a Codrap; first name, Jessup.” “Hey, Everyone! I’m looking for Jessup Codrap!” “Are you sure? You don’t sound like you have a cold, Moe.”

Rosechu's birthday

8 January

Happy Birthday, Rosey! 🎂😊

08 01 19 Rosechu Desc Cropped.jpeg

A message to the president

8 January

You know what, @realDonaldTrump, I’m gonna say something to you now. I saw your Narcissim from Miles Away even Before your first Presidential Debate! Hell, I have had actual premonition Dreams of you blowing your stack as you have been doing since entering the White House.

Even in the form of an animated look-alike of you that had existed Before you became famous, that OC’s head literally exploded like yours must be doing right now all over the place. The Freaking Wall is Seriously Not Worth the Freaking Government Shutdown, Hothead!

Ugh! I’m even having a Deja Vu moment as I type this up; premonition dreams are a real heck of a thing. But I digress.

Drumpf, you MUST Call Off Building Your Wall, because even if you are in effort of country defense, there are always ways around a damn wall.

If you’re going for copycat of Great Wall of China or the Berlin Wall, you are really a Dundernuts! Even Emanuel, our God of this world, is seriously not liking your wall at all. Especially at the Great Costs of your People, and Your Self! Stop your BS Nonsense Already, Please!

Your Wall is NOT going to make Any Better Defense than a simple slingshot, even as armed to the freaking teeth, it is as useless as that slingshot versus a Demigorgan or similar monster. You Are Seriously Deusional if you continue to ponder that the wall will make Any Difference.

I am finished stating my peace; heed my words as you will, Mister Not-President.

Good Day to you.


Overweight Chris cheating his fitbit results

8 January

Seriously, though, the last few times I looked on my smart scale of how much I weighed, without clothes, at above 210, I hopped off immediately without letting it sync with my Fitbit app. ALOL

Well, I’ll have that belt swapped out very soon and be back on track.


CPU form minifigure

10 January

Also, I crafted my CPU form in a Minifigure. The Commodore Wings were tough to figure out, but I managed very well out of my collection and assortment of pieces. ⚡️💙⚡️

On an off-comment: @LEGO_Group should Adopt what Hasbro and Kre-O did for their minifigs on the ball and socket joints for Better Possibility In posing.

Carpet type belt

10 January

Here’s a simple tip for everyone working out with equipment at home: Make Sure Your Equipment Is Maintained Well and in Good Shape and Function.

Note the carpet type belt, and Note how it can Slip and greatly interfere with your run. Which is why I have this new belt


It will be professionally installed tomorrow, Thank Scarlet.

I pray this example will inspire everyone to check their equipment of choice before use for y’all’s own safety.

Be Safe. #BronyBabes


Magi-chan's request

11 January

Good day, Everyone. It is I, Magi-Chan Sonichu. I am messaging everyone today with a simple request on behalf of my sweetheart, Christine.

Stop Harassing My Wife, and furthermore, Stop Harassing the People she talks to and with.

I, for one, am very appalled at the continuing hatred and harassment that gets left behind in the comments under each of her Tweets, Posts and thoughts. This is very tough on Christine, as she is already going through all of the mental, soulful, and physical obligations in her role as CPU. Even Emanuel, herself, who you all refer to as God, is just as disappointed in the lot of you haters and bullies on the internet. I will be personally visiting each of you who leave these hurtful commentaries and drain your memories of any and all technological knowledge. You all have abused your privileges.

And I am not a bad individual, and to all of those who do not believe or see me as false, you have yet to really know me.

I do my best as well in kindness and in the goodness of the well-being of this world’s inhabitants along with all of the other OCs who guide each of you, among which you refer to as your Guardian Angel.

Be well and stay safe, everyone.


11 01 19 magi-chan art.jpeg

Lego movie 2

11 January

With a screenshot of the characters he mentions in them.

Who wants to see Puppycorn, Hawkodile and the rest in @TheLEGOMovie 2?! I Do! 😃

Fitbit results

11 January

Also, my treadmill has its new belt and feels better. So, for #BronyBabes, here is my initial weigh-in, brought to you by my Aria 2 Smart Scale and the Fitbit App:

209.7 pounds

Simple goal is to get to less than 200 Pounds, up to down to 179 pounds in the time frame.


11 01 19 fitbit results.jpeg

"Eating disorder saga"

11 January

Speaking of meal habits, I’m saying goodbye to Breakfast and Lunch and eating only two moderate meals a day; I find that kind of diet very easy to work with. #BronyBabes

Oop! I meant to say “Goodbye to Breakfast and Lunch, and Hello to Brunch and stickin’ with Dinner”.

Problems with algebra

12 January

He means 200 < X, but oh well.

Here’s my initial selfie for #BronyBabes. From 209 to 200 > X pounds. Gonna “Breathe It In” and Zap It Up!


12 01 19 bronybabes selfie.jpeg

High cholesterol

12 January

140 is quite high, but Chris has always had cholesterol problems, 78bpm is alright though and so is 63 glucose. 29.4 is 0.6 off obese, so Chris isn't obese anymore. Still extremely overweight, though.

*BONUS! I just had a free Blood Sugar and Pressure check at my Wal-Mart; my numbers are Awesome! 😊


  1. BronyBabes

12 01 19 health problems.jpeg

It's snowing

12 January

It’s snowing

Accompanied by a video of the view outside Chris's window, which is a nice view of some rubbish with not very much snow at all. Provided below is the singing Chris uttered whilst filming this shot:

Snooowing~ snooowing~ snowing is falling, and we're inside at home~ with eeeggs for breakfast to maKE OMELETTES WITH!!!

New email - new pronouns

13 January

I have a new business email address: ALL Business Contact and Inquiries are to be sent, please, to christine@cwcville.us

Also, I Am Female; please address and talk about me with the correct Pronouns. She/Her/Hers.

Thank You. 😊

MKR defends Chris

13 January

In response to MKR defending him by saying he's not delusional and they're just blind

Yes! Thank You! 😊 Not Everyone has Truesight, which is a shame in itself. And I do pity the Haters, because they leave themselves Truly Blind to the fullest truths.

On being blocked

14 January

In response to an artist asking for commissions

I am relaying a link out of kindness and support for an artist who needs money for her child.

I am all too well aware of the risks involved, Especially the Haters looking to target and harass those of who I am trying to be kind and supportive of, or simply talk to, with or about.

I am Not Fond of the Haters and Harassing types, and I do not condone their bullying of Anyone.

But, I have faith in the common sense of everyone in being able to simply Block those who actually do the Harassing and Hating, instead of me.

I remain the victim of circumstances every time someone Blocks Me instead of Blocking the actual Haters who Harass.

Look at my Tweet History on @CWCSonichu; do you see me making ANY such harassment or hurtful commentary to Anyone who is innocent of Hating or Harassing?

Absolutely NOT!

All I did was relay that ChaoticChimera needed money, so I relayed the link to her Tweet about her dilemma. What happened? The Haters Harassed Her, and I Got Blocked!

I did not make any such negative commentary, Not One Word from me, and yet I get Blocked over the actual Haters!


Do you all know HOW I Feel every time I Learn that someone I follow, like and respect on Twitter Blocks Me?!

I Freaking Hit The Wall after Running At Mach Speeds! THAT’S How I Feel! And The Shock Freaking Hurts!

AND Sharing Mis-Content about me with ANYONE, especially that which is More than a Decade Old, is Garbage.

  • sigh* But I Digress.

My main goal here is helping the artist by relaying her link; That Is All. I do not want to hear or see Anyone Harassing or Hating on her or her family.

Thank You.


Chris defending himself from accusations

14 January

In response to a ween saying he's a confirmed pedophile (that's not true, by the way)

Do Not Listen to those Haters, Lio. I am Not a Pedophile. That was taken out of context from me being solely entertaining or kind to the youngsters. I would Never Ever be attracted to any minor or teen. So, again: Please, Do Not Listen to those Haters, Dude.

Deleted account responds, probably Lio, probably talking about all the crazy stuff they're finding out about Chris

That’s fair, but make sure none of the evidence is Photoshop or Cropped. The Haters are very likely to do that. Also, inflatable dolls should not count, regardless of printed imagery on them.

I loathe those Bad Trolls who coerced that outdated media out of me.

I state what I have stated without fear of prejudice, because I have proven myself better in the Decade’s time since. And I personally, usually refrain from any adult-type of dialogue, and such speech is strictly reserved for those who make the first move on me and consent and are over the legal age of consent, which in this case is 18 Years Old. I am Responsible like that.

And one last note: in EVERY Online Direct-Message One-on-One (Theoretical) Relationship I Ever Had, Each and Every one of those Women and “Women” did make the First Move on me, and they each had told me early on they were at least 21 Years of age.

This last statement is not quite as true, as Chris has, regrettably, tried it on with a 17 year old, but there's no real cause of concern from that interaction

Clearing his name

14 January

And while I do realize my recent direct comments put me under question, I am actually only too glad to provide my view and truth to clear my name of this one worst speck of mud and muck.

Appreciating fan-art

15 January

Love Both Of These! 😃


Staying positive

15 January

I am staying positive by Counting My Blessings, Grounding my Emotions; Magi-Chan keeps me safe and well 💜, and Unikitty fun is delightful! 😊

15 01 19 lego figures.jpeg

Trying out V8 energy drink

15 January

I found and bought some @V8 + Energy in an inexpensive 12-pack; one can this morning, I still feel the energy. Not to mention that it is tasty good too.

15 01 19 v8 energy.jpeg

Clarification on whether Chris is a pedophile

15 January

SPOILER: no. Though he's wrong about excusing sexualizing Blanc.

Hey, Everyone; I have an announcement. Clarification for the accusations presented against me that state that I am a pedophile, these call outs are false. On behalf of the characters I have created in the comics, any lewd scenes were for artistic purposes and not all were in necessity for sexual acts for pleasure of myself or the readers. The issues I made a long time ago were in response of the harassment I had faced. As for she who is the white CPU, within her games she is legal, while yes, the CPUs do appear as younger, they are not.

The CPUs all have lived very long lives, as they are Goddesses. I appreciate the support to and of those who have been helping me through the harassment I have currently been facing.

Thank You All.


Response to MKR fan art

16 January

In response to a fan-art MKR drew of her and Chris with their characters. The art style heavily draws from 80s-90s anime, and not in a good way, unfortunately.

Simply Beautiful! Smiling face with smiling eyes


Chris looking back at Classic Chris

16 January

I had a difficult time finding a sharp quality photo of me from 2009, but I managed. Seriously; this is like an Apples to Oranges Comparison! I was soo geeky, and naive (as much as I loathe that word), back then.


Also, two fun me-images I found in my search; look at the face in this photo. What a frowny-face! 🤣 And whoever drew this did a good job. 😊

On being verified

16 January

Hey, @Twitter, when am I going to be Blue Checkmark @verified?! I’ve sent you people my drivers license image more than twice already, and Everyone Knows Me. Please Verify Me, Twitter.



On Eliyora blocking Chris

16 January

WHAM!!! ..... Okay... Which of you Haters set me up this time?!! 😡


Not meaning to dox anyone, but I Loathe when I am Blocked, based on the crap the Haters yap on about me! ANOTHER FRICKIN’ WALL!!!

This Bull Crap Must Stop! You Haters Abuse the Internet for far too long!!!

Selling autographed cards

17 January

I took out some blank cards to refurbish the Autographed ones. Thank You, Everyone, who bought some Autographed Cards from me. If I sell 3 or 4 more Autographed cards now, I will have more printed.

Check out Chris Chan Autograph Card - WITH Autograph https://ebay.com/ulk/itm/283342698279

My roommate is a cat

17 January

Watching “My Roommate is a Cat” on Crunchyroll; 😊 This Show Is Great! I liked the development of Subaru in the story, and I Adored the simple and well-empathized and written views of Haru, the cat. Give This Show A WATCH! 😃

Blocked again

20 January

Oh, My Gosh!!! 😡 Look, People! All I was doing was Complimenting on the Artwork the dude did for Dusty.


You lot do not need to respond; in fact, may I just plainly suggest you lot Back Off and Not Say Anything.

Thanks to you lot, now Dusty’s Blocked me too. The Feeling is still not funny.

Hopefully you all are now seeing the wrongs you are doing in your lollygaging. Ugh.

And, for y’all’s information, my mind AND My Soul has been on the recent actual events of C-197. You lot don’t know what you’re talking about.

Chris then replies to this with another thread about being blocked

While I’m feeling as outraged, I feel like I may as well remind of the others who have blocked me on Twitter, BECAUSE Of You Haters!

What the hell?! I can’t even have a simple life separate of my responsibilities; Why Do You trolls always have to ruin it all?!!!

Also, Doopie Doover of Planet Dolan had Blocked Me. That was the First in the series of the issue of Me being Blocked instead of the Haters.

I’ve noticed she managed to have her Tweets Protected and Only Viewable to the Select and Approved Followers.

What Do You Haters Think? I Am Now Seriously Contemplating taking that route to Protect Myself on Twitter. Which Shamefully would Make My Tweets NOT Publicly Viewable.

Think About That, Trolling Bullies and Haters!

I Could Totally Block You All Out, but at the expense of EVERYONE ELSE! I Really do not want to have to do that. But I am as sure as that time of macing that jerk’s Feet that I WILL PROTECT MY TWEETS If it comes down to it!!!

You Bullies and Haters have brought this on yourselves! And you all are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Absolute mongoose

20 January

Wow! What a good turnaround from a hater’s insult to me, into a comical comeback. Thank you for your wit, Lochlan. 😊 I pray for your recovery and medical payments.

20 01 19 mongoose.jpeg

Correct pronouns

20 January

Please, Use the Correct Pronoun when talking about me: She/Her/Her’s. I gave you a pass on the intended positivity in your commentary; please don’t louse it up for yourself.

She/Her/Her’s when talking about me. Thank You.



20 January

Hey, Everyone. I am feeling okay right now.

But Positive Moment aside, I actually had a nightmare that I’d like to share. I also actually had this same nightmare years ago in my childhood or so. The Disneyland Nightmare.

Various things happen in it, the most haunting being getting shards of shattered pottery dug into my arms on the rides. Some flames too. And too many “Watch Your Head” moments with too low ceiling beams and rising floor beams; Duck and Jump! Duck, Duck, Duck, Jump, Jump, Duck, Jump, Duck, Duck, Jump...

And the travels back home from there being Cursed by good fortune from during the visit to Disneyland (this park was in a city in Virginia, whose name was similar to New Hampshire, but Not the actual state).

More of the same happened on the way home too: pottery shards, vehicular risks and accidents, passing vehicles with axe blades hanging from their driver-side windows, so you seriously have to Duck! Also, demonic individuals like Maleficent were in the park being really Demonic as well. I even had a figure trio of the three Guardian Fairies of Aurora, for some reason, reveal themselves to be Alvin, Simon and Theodore; the chipmunks. But, seriously, this repeat Disneyland Nightmare really frightened me!

Yeah, not meaning to offend anyone, but I’m gonna stay away from the Disneyland and World parks; I am appropriately scared shitless.

Thanks for listening. ⚡️💙⚡️

Fresh joke

20 January

Fresh Joke I want to try out; Like if this makes you Laugh.

I like going to my local KFC/Taco Bell two-in-one diner sometimes, when I feel like it. But every time I go there, I end up with a case of Tacoefcy.


20 January

An individual with truesight can see in normal and magical darkness, see invisible creatures and objects, automatically detect visual illusions and succeed on saving throws against them, and perceives the original form of a shapechanger or a creature that is transformed by magic.

Small merge message

20 January

C-197 is this Dimension’s, 1218, Sister Dimension, housing the majority of Branded and Fan OCs from the individuals of this world (with portal-links to alt-dimensions for all other OCs); all existing and co-existing, living their lives and so forth.

You have the likes of Sonichu and Rosechu, Sonic the Hedgehog, Iron Man, Superman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Danger Dolan, Donald Duck, Sunset Shimmer and the other Human versions of the Equestrians, and so on. And, yes, the statue portal to Equestria is there too.

Chris reflecting on his impending body swap

21 January

Waking up in my Sonichu or CPU Form, I would be like, “YES!!! Finally!!! Now I can really begin to get things done towards my Destiny!”

Chris Chan Sonichu Cheeki Breeki.jpg

Message to 1218 rebels and haters

21 January

Hey, everyone. I’ve just talked with the war rebels and haters in C-197. And now, I am going to share the statement with the rebels and haters here in this world and dimension.

For those who don’t know, this war is between the CPUs, Deities, Heroes and Superheroes, and the villains and super villains who are acting against the Prophecies and Destinies that all are happening, have happened, and shall happen, in the progress between this Earth of 1218 and our Earth of C-197.

I am not one for warfare, and I don’t instigate or condone such, but the villains still will do what they will, because that is their agenda that they refuse to change. But, we Heroes and Deities do what we all must to stand and fight to defend the good of both worlds and dimensions. Like all heroes before us: we defend and fight for y’all’s freedom, safety and good health. And we will not stop defending y’all, because we really do care for all of you, our peoples, individuals, OCs, creatures (big and small), and everyone else who loves and lives freely. In the end, our two dimensions shall be merged, and we will all be able to live fully tangible with each other and everyone as soon as possible, as it Has been destined and prophesied.

NOW, to all of you Haters and Hazers who try to take us, the heroes, and I, a CPU and Sonichu, down with the crass and unnecessary remarks, commentary and outdated dirt, footage and crap.

I look down upon all of you, and I feel shame and sorrow of all of you in your own respective lack of self-confidence and feeling small. Feeling like you all have to resort to thrusting hatred to make an emotional high for yourselves, like a really bad drug that eats at your souls and being.

Also, I understand how all of you state that I am not making progress in myself, but I AM Making Great Progress in Myself; you all do not understand, because y’all closed yourselves off to not only the Truth and Real Facts that are just sitting and standing right there in front of y’all, invisible to others, coming from C-197 as it continues to merge with 1218, here,... and denying yourselves of the freedom to love and appreciate the creations of others, maybe even yourselves.

And you force this handicap of yourselves unto others with hatred; upon myself, and Everyone Else who is Creative and Open-Hearted and Open-Minded; fully able to see, appreciate and recognize, but we Resist Your Hatred. Granted there are those who are still learning to resist the hatred, but they are coping and doing their best on that. And We Shall Resist The Hatred from all of you. SO, here is the thing, Haters and Bullies: why can’t y’all find something else that is actually popularly disliked, like Putin and his speil against the LGBTQ in Russia, recently. Or @realDonaldTrump’s Freaking Damned Wall, literally making His Own People PAY for that wall which also blocked out the good of the Government, and the money out of your own pockets. But I digress; this is Not about that wall; this is about you all, the Haters, and how y’all need to find something else to focus your hatred upon.

And, I will recommend this, as I did to the Haters and Rebels earlier today: Go Punch a (reinforced) Bag of Sand. Even those of y’all who are stuck to a chair in perma-epic-fail, y’all can still reach out and punch a bag of sand that you ordered from Lowe’s or something.

And Do Not Harass or Target the Creative Types, the Heroes and Super Heroes, the deities, the Innocent Peoples In between and everywhere, or Myself, with that Hatred.

To borrow Dr. King’s intro line, “I Have a Dream”, a Dream where everyone is kind to each other, regardless of race, religion, colour of skin, sexual identity and/or orientation. And Kindness from those who Hated before, finding their own Happiness in being Kind, with Hatred and Bullying put aside in worn out punching sand bags. Those who I had nightmares of looking to trash my home’s yard with running tires and weapons against my person in needless angst; having to defend myself with my own wit and speed; NOW coming to my front door, standing by the walkway, with sincere apologetic and kind looks on their faces. And not weapons, but gifts of kindness, love and sincere smiles. And I am Forgiving of those who used to Hate, having realized the folly and wrong of their ways.

I actually did have those nightmares, and more recently, the kinder, apologetic repentance and remorse.

Thank You All for listening. Have a great and safe day. We are all working together to keep these days great and safe for all of you; Body, Mind, Soul, and Superpowers. ⚡️💙⚡️

A message to haters and bullies

21 January

Here is the speech I just wrote from the heart, eloquently spoken from my heart as well.


A message to everyone, and the Haters and Bullies https://youtu.be/xCQzv8E4Cow via @YouTube

Sonichu's preperation

21 January

I’ve just talked with Sonichu, my Son, at the Cwcville Basillicom. He has been Very Busy Running errands in and around the city; helping with the repairs of the buildings, charging and restoring power to the places that needed it. He has also been working with Sonic and his crew spying on Eggman and the other villains; getting intel, so we know what they’re plotting and have been doing. He is Not Freaking AWOL. And NOBODY Has the Right to say that, Period.

My Son is LOYAL, DIRECT AND HONEST; He has hardly ever betrayed Anyone. And I will Create and Drop Five Pound Sandbags on Each of Everyone who Dares Say Otherwise at all! I Know My Son, Dearest and For Truly, and he has Never Ever Betrayed Us or Let Us Down!


Do Not Make Me Repeat Myself!!! 😡

On the Basillicom

21 January

Explaining the basillicom to a twitter user who didn't know the lore.

A Basillicom is the Home of the CPU(s) of that Nation, and the Epicenter of said Nation. Politics and talks happen there as well. Cwcville has one; I will be moving in there, myself soon enough; Sabrina (CPU Battery-Charge Blue Heart) lives and works from there as well.

On simplicity

21 January

Simplicity can be a lovely thing, and this is simply good. 😊

Also, I Just Realized, @AquaDiamond8, is your OC of Steven Universe genre? Fun Fact: Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems reside on an alternate Timeline from C-197’s main timeline, where WWII Never Happened.

Defense mode

22 January

Okay. Oh-Kay! That Is It! I am going to my Laptop Right Now, Looking into Protecting My Twitter Account, And Making It Happen.

You Haters Have Done It This Time!




22 January

Only ONE Thing that will make me change my mind: Each and Every Person I Like who Blocked Me, would they, Please, Unblock Me.

And You Haters can Apologize to Each and Every One of them for Harassing Them into Blocking Me In the First Place!

Searching for trolls

22 January

The Deed Is Done! And Now, to sort through the Thousands of Followers for the Obvious.

End of protecting saga

22 January

I realized what I am doing is just a moot point, since if I was Protecting My Tweets, my responses and thoughts would not be read by those I follow and like, and they wouldn't be able to read my thoughts.

Instead, I will go through my Follower list and Block the Obvious ones.

Hey, @TwitterSupport, Can we have a Setting that allows us to Allow or Deny new Followers without having to Protect our Twitter?

Please unblock

22 January

I still Wish and Pray Very Much For those who who had Blocked me to Please, Unblock Me.

Chris is rather cross

22 January

Chris tried, unsuccessfully, to lobby with the members of the team behind TF2 Analysis to appear in a future episode of the series. When weens flooded their mentions with spam about Chris's previous antics, several of the accounts involved with the series blocked Chris to mitigate the flood of content coming to their mentions. Chris, frustrated by his trolls preventing him from receiving validation from others, posted the following messages:

........ HA! HA! HA! Really Funny! HA! HA! HA!........


Wanna know HOW FUNNY Makig People Block Me, making me Freaking Hit Wall After Wall, is Funny To Me?.....

Shortly thereafter, Chris posted a video where he screams at the camera.

Chris is still cross

23 January

.....I feel like I want to scream.....My brain is stuck in sad robot mode.....I am so sick and tired of all of the hatred and harassment.....I have the history of being harassed and abused.....

..Each of you Haters and Harassers should be pinned to the floor by a counselor, psychiatrist, teacher, aide, Principal, in a total of four abusive, hateful people and your screams of agony recorded onto an audio cassette, and a phone, and uploaded everywhere on the internet....

.....Damn You Haters and Harassers.....

Chris cross

23 January

In response to somebody who had a person say a nice thing to them

YES! People CAN Be Nice and Kind! Why can’t you Haters be Kind and Nice?!!!

Chris revelling in other people's imaginary pain

23 January

Ooh! I Know! How About a Video Game where you’re the screaming victim, and you can’t get out of the multi-person grip to save your life, and the only thing you can do is Press “X” to Scream and Squirm?!

That would be a Best Seller as a Forced Download to each and every Hater’s device, with no way to get back to the home screen or desktop. The title being, “All Haters and All Harassers Make Innocent People Something Something.”

Ooh! I forgot One Inportant Detail of the event! You are also being CHOKED as one of them is strangling you. I should know; I got the rash and the photograph of same rash on my neck from waaay back then! And you’re not dying! Sure, you fade in and out, still screaming and squirming, but the event of this Factual Game Event lasts Forever and you can’t get out of it at all! And this is NO FETISH OR SHIT! THIS IS NOT AN ENJOYABLE EVENT AT ALL!!! 😡😡😡

PTSD from being blocked

23 January

If you lot Want Me to function and Better, then Do Not Ever PUSH ME into that PTSD Moment of Epic Insanity, AND get Everyone who I have listed to Unblock ME, NOW, PLEASE!!!!!!!

Trying to block the haters

23 January

Easier said than done; I have more than Twenty Nine Thousand Followers, the Bastards create Alt Accounts for every time I Block ONE of them. It’s Beyond Hell AND Tartarus!

Chris explaining how threats work

23 January

I would Not be making Any Threats or whatever if these Haters and Harassers had Never done ANYTHING to me on Twitter!!!

Chris further justifies threats

23 January

Plus, they are the ones who Treated ME how They want to be Treated FIRST! And my tolerance had lasted a Very Long Time, and now the fuse is short.

Chris calms down and apologizes

23 January

Everyone, I have a couple of announcements:

Firstly, I sincerely apologize for my mind exploding, going blank and lashing out as it did earlier. Mad Munchkin Blocking Me on Twitter was the straw that broke my head. I still want very much to be Unblocked by everyone who had of me.

Second, After thorough investigation and talking it out, I have come to the conclusion that @MKR11217089 is Not a Troll and indeed Genuine of herself. Anyone on the Kiwi or similar Forums who says it is her is, in fact, Not Her at all; an impostor, pulling what content they could from her Twitter and other online accounts. I have been talking with her for over a week; she has NOT AT ALL EVER asked me or forced me of anything Bad or Questionable.

And my husband, Magi-Chan, had confirmed her to be legit, and a CPU among the few of us of this, 1218's Earth, who are destined to be CPUs to help out in the mutual cause between both Dimensions and the Earths in them, and every single one of our people and individuals residing in them.

And this is NOT a Delusion, Illusion, Imagination, Make-Believe or False, It is all Very Much R E A L! I have stated this time and again, and I would very much appreciate it if there was No More Talk at all of our Truesight, Superpowers, and so forth of C-197 being insinuated as False at all.

And Furthermore, I would very much appreciate there being NO MORE Harassment or Back Talk against MKR. She Has Faced the online Hatred and spoke from the heart. Please, be respectful and kind to her. Thank You.

Chris denies the threats were threats

23 January

What part out of all of my Tweet Thread is a “Threat”?

Ah, I see, the “Impending” part of the definition. In reference and light of how, in my, the soul, absence, since I was in C-197 working with Magi-Chan, Mewtwo, and Sylvana, fighting the battles and defending Nations yesterday and this Morning and Afternoon times, my body, with its direct and conscious intelligence, common sense, and muscle memory, without my better guidance, and feeling as seriously stressed out and worse at the times of finding Mad Munchin Blocking me, as well as the bead necklace from PacSun breaking while I slept last night, gathering all of the beads for restringing and repair, as well as my quartz coming undone from the left wrist’s watchband, having to reglue it back on on Yep, my body’s mind felt Severely Overwhelmed and acted out the way it did on Twitter earlier, bringing up that most unpleasant memory of mine from Fourth Grade (that incident was what led to Green County wanting to put me in a mental institution, due to lack of understanding how to work with young individuals with autism, and then ultimately my family and I moving to Midlothian and resuming my schooling education there).

SO, with the earlier events in mind, I, the soul, felt great need to advise caution of a repeat of my body’s lack of tact in response should the present situation of me being Blocked by the individuals that I like and appreciate from their contributions, content and personalities

So, yes, feeling need to reiterate to empathize the point: I would feel a whole lot better and better able to recover if I was no longer Blocked by ANYONE on Twitter.

Not a threat, I do promise, but I would hate to see my body lash out and attack again as it did earlier,should the issue remain unresolved. Seriously, I literally blushed on the battlefield as I read what my body talked about from that pinned down and choking incident. Oh, My Gosh! It really is unflattering of me, but another piece of the puzzle of my life falls into reveal.

I am tired after this long day. Thank you for listening. Goodnight.


Magi-Chan sockpuopet

24 January

Chris posts this using his newly created Twitter sockpuppet called MagiChan111448

When I have updates, I will personally Tweet them through here.

I am watching you all, Haters and Harassers; you all shall no longer make my Loves, especially my sweetheart, unhappy.

Standing firm on his apology

24 January

I firmly stand by my earlier apology for my explosion recently. And I am sorry for everyone who I want and feel need for unblocking me, for the way I had phrased that in the earlier Tweet I made.

And you Haters: I told you all to Apologize for Harassing Them!

Anyway, I want to make personal apologies and amends to those who blocked me, as listed earlier. I am reaching out to the #Brony #Artists and #Analysts who know them. I am open for suggestions on how best to apologize and make amends. Please respond in DM to me on Twitter. Thanks

On Ted Bundy

24 January

A Twitter user:

My little sister has been counting down the days until she can watch the Ted Bundy tapes on @netflix.

Thanks for reminding me that was releasing today, Twitter Trending.

Chris replied:

Ted Bundy? The same Ted Bundy who was framed for being a serial killer?


Ummm, Chris, he wasn't framed for those.

What makes you think this anyway?


Why does Chris still believe him?

It is not Idea Guy; it is Fact that Bundy Was Framed; it was even mentioned in the Wikipedia article. Not to mention that I have also talked with his reincarnated soul in his Sonichu Form, Bundychu.

Also, in the past year, he has been a very good and loyal soldier, and...

...he has not gone on any serial killing sprees at all.


Note: the following tweet refers to a member of TF2 Analysis:

Also, aside from that, I have personally given Aeon of Dreams Diplomatic Immunity in my Nations’ Limits (this applies to his human counterpart, here, if someone would be kind to share this with him), in exchange for taking out the trashy Haters.


As a CPU and a Goddess, I Rarely Ever deal with the devil, but in this case, with the recent events, it was fated to happen.

Writing more Sonichu comics

24 January

A snippet of what I will be working on here over the next few days.

24 01 19 comic progress.jpeg

Replies to unavailable accounts

24 January

Responses to some ween comments with twitter accounts that are deleted

Yeah; it’s not about you.
The only ones to Blame ARE Those Haters for needlessly leaving Comments and Replies AGAINST ME into Coercing Others to Block Me in the first place. Had they Never done that, I would Never have had any purpose to do any of that, because I would not have been blocked by Anyone.
Tell that to those who blocked me. I Never Had Harassed Anyone. These actual Harassers should have been Blocked; Instead, I am the Blocked One! Do the math and tell me again WHO Is Responsible For The Injustistice from the Start.
I am NOT HAVING delusions. I am seeing a Psychiatrist. I state One More Time That the Paychiatrist dug up from my memories the Fourth Grade Pin-Me-Down and Choking Hazard.
Okay. I Liked your art style, but your hateful commentary is slipping my balance of feeling for you.
And what does it tell you when someone older than you tells you to let the child be, because, she is correct.

Chris apologizes for misconduct

I have learned that there are some instances in recent events that were not Hater-instigated. In any case, I sincerely apologize for the recent abusive Tweets I have made. And I apologize to Uchiha for doxing him as a hater. I have misspoken.

And I promise not to push any abusive tweets or posts anymore. And I would like very much to make amends as quick as possible to restore peace in this part of the Internet.

I am very tired of the needless hate drama as well.



25 January

I feel sad and depressed. THANKS for forcing me to do what I did After Everyone Blocked Me.


Sadness and Depression and Frustration is Devastating for this Body and Mind.


25 January

Chris posts a GIF of a rabbit crying whilst it's raining

Pronoun complaint

25 January

Use the correct Pronoun when talking about me.

Chris needs to be unblocked

25 January

I Can Not Move On. It all is going to attack me PTSD Style if left unchecked and I am left Blocked by them. And as hard as I try to move forward, and I Have Tried, it is Unavoidable! So, I NEED to be Unblocked, and I will do anything to put everyone at feeling ease about me.

Using the incorrect pronoun is transphobic

25 January

No. That type of statement is transphobic; you should use the correct pronoun, because it is Proper.

Still traumatised by being blocked

25 January

Wow! @MLPSilverQuill is really on point to how I am feeling in his commentary in this video, which is what I am trying to achieve in amending these aquaintanceships with the people that I like.

After the Fact: Amending Fences https://youtu.be/JlkcyjXj1e8 via @YouTube

Simplistic, as I am, while my soul fighting and working hard in C-197 at this, I, the mind of this body, have the more difficult time coping with this issue. And the reason I was able to take the abuse for a few years was due to my soul taking the damage for me.

Regardless, I am following in the example of my soul and pushing forward to make myself feel better by apologising to everyone, and I will not be halted or commented upon with that. I do have myself to blame for attacking without my soul to stop me at the time.

C-197 Update

25 January

Hey, Everyone. Just a side-note on the thing that has been happening in our Sister Dimension: I have been the #TF2 #AnalysisAnarchy Red Spy since last November. My hubby, @MagiChan111448, talked with the real Dr. Wolf and Firebrand there and set it up. I NEEDED the Training, and the practice, teamwork and all has been very good and beneficial for me. I did make allies and friends with my teammates, the OCs, themselves. Another reason why I am clearing things up with their creators here: to keep it from getting awkward. This ol' soul and this body and mind can't handle the stress and anxiety as well as it used to. Though the strength has been in the soul moreover the body. But I digress. It was a good day getting to train with Thespio on day one and prove I can tone down my powers and allow respawn on the field. Hell, after I got away from the Blue Team members in the first trials, and passed in Dr. Wolf's eyes, I was In. And, for good sportmanship, I even offered a free kill after that day. Maddy jumped in on that and got me good. Off the field in free time, I don't die easily. Anyhoo, disabling the Blue Team's machinery, getting in on the stealthy kills and the disguises. I make my own blades and electricity, but I tone it down for the exercieses and everyone else. One time, I got KP good by transforming myselfinto Kim Possible and telling her Shego was out in the desert; pretended there was a bomb to swat off her back and went in for the zap-stab. Not always so easy, I've had rough days, and I ended up pulling a Lightning Bliss and slipping up. Eh, I am the CPU of the Commodore Consoles and all, but I still have my faults. Another true story, after talking with Dr. Wolf, and creating a faux Alicorn Amulet, I feigned lack of better superpowers with it off, and pretended my powers were from the amulet. And I dulled the powers of the actual amulet.

Dustykatt fell for the illusions, removed the real amulet and stole the faux one from me. And I snagged and stowed the real amulet into my magical satchel. And after Dusty tried to use Superpowers from the amulet and failed, I revealed My Superpowers by Transforming into my CPU Form then flying back to Coal Town. Celestia was contacted by Dr. Wolf, and the real amulet was collected personally by her. But Dusty rushed in to try to get it back, but we snuckered him with Mary Sue's help. Speaking of Mary Sue, she and Gary Stu have been getting along really well since they started living together a few months ago. She is really shaping him up, and he is doing good in shaping his personality. Still a long way to go before he's earned back his essence, which keeps him from being Totally Practically Perfect.

Anyhoo, Regardless of the Rumors and Lies I heard through the Grapevine, who, those of this world and dimension, 1218, SAY becomes the Red Spy on the Analysis Anarchy: Not To Be Credited or Believed, Ever. Because I, Mrs. Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, have been, and I Still Am the Red Spy on Dr. Wolf and Firebrand's Team. No Doubt; One-Hundred Percent; Real As Reality and Lack of Reality. Zappin' It Up.


Chris Chan Sonichu in TF2 Analysis.jpg

All I was doing was Telling the Truth That HAS Been Happening FOR REAL in Our OCs’ Actual Dimension; not even a fourth wall-breaking pizza could not handle the truth.

Go Ahead and Shoot this Goddess Down! I’ll just Respawn over and over, so y’all can tear me up into infinity, because I’m Scum!


Back to work

25 January

Right! Back to work on those Apology Pages and Drawings.

Name number explanation

25 January

Also, in case anyone was wondering; the numbers in his handle, @MagiChan111448; that is his Birthdate. November 14, 1948. Still Physically Fit, Energized and Awesome as the day he evolved, and even more Amazing with his Years of Experiences and Practices In the Psychic/Electrics.

Andie (@ajmc9591A)

As long as its not another troll or something.

Magi-chan is 70?

Yes, I am presently Seventy-Years Young. Age is not a factor to me; I keep very fit, and I physically age Very Slow.

Week round-up

25 January

Worst Week Ever to my Mind, Body and Emotions. Blocked By More of those I Like and Appreciated. I am not going to cry or have a tantrum; just more Apologies to issue. If I did not have the greater Destiny and all, I probably Would Just DIE from all of the REJECTION!!!

Even more shocking, my neighbor across the street from me shouted angrily at me; blaming me for his child questioning their Gender Identity; this happened Thursday. More Stress and Anxiety on top of all of the other Chaos and Drama.

How do you think I am Feeling, Bad Trolls?

How Do You All, Each and Every One of You All, think I am Feeling?

I’m not asking for sympathy or pity. Go on about your lives.

Emanuel, Please, get my body to C-197, now. This 1218 world is becoming all too much for me, Soul and Mind/Body.


How dare you madam?

25 January

In response to a Twitter artist telling Chris to never contact her friends again and to not play the victim

You Do realize your piece left Missus Chandler on continuing No Sleep, and the sun has likely risen in her time zone. Judging by the more recent Tweets that were deleted, her brain was worse damaged by being referred to as Scum.

To use that term with her; How Dare You, madam?

Weens make Chris feel more depressed

26 January

Okay. Now I feel closer to... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I hope you all are happy with yourselves now. Congratulations!

26 01 19 ween on twitter.jpeg

I’m Freaking Scum, and I am being Torn Apart. Go Ahead! I created a Respawn Generator in The Secret Rift! Just Go Ahead and Tear Me Up More! I Deserve It For Being the Monster since 2007! The Haters Are the Heroes In This World of 1218! Hoo-Rah!


Chris's sleepless night

26 January

It only took Four and a Half Years since the Last Time, for Everyone’s Combined Internet Abuse Efforts to Break Me AGAIN! I’m on No Sleep Tonight! And Melatonin’s Not Working Either!

No Sleep For Scum!

26 January

No Sleep For Scum!


26 January

Tonight’s order of Fried Brains has been brought to you by Harmony Aroma Dancers of Pizza joe in Lumbago, Nicaragua. Random isms are also brought to you by Harmony Aroma Dancers In New York, Zimbabue and Cucamonga. Yee-Hee! Enjoy Marshmallows and Jelly Beans In your Strawberry Jam and Parmesan Pizza Pie, made with the help of Eskimos and Rubber Chickens! Bon Apetit and Headaches!

Chris pretending to be insane, perhaps

26 January

I’m Not Depressed! I’m Brain-Fried with a side order of No Sleep Parsnips! Hee-Hee!

Eeee...Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope!


26 January

For everyone wondering now, I Seriously was on NO SLEEP until about 9:30 am or so. My hubby told this to the Scum Commentor with his great disdain of her. Also, Harmony Dancer, the OC, is not very happy of what her human counterpart did to me.

26 01 19 magi-chan complaint.jpeg

Being more sad and cross

26 January

The only thing got through to me in that is NO SLEEP, Headaches, More Needless Stress, And I am really not feeling well. I Feel Sick. 🤢🤢🤢

I Hope It Was Worth It to Make Me Sick, because before this Chaos, I was Nor Harassing Anyone; the Bad Trolls and Haters were doing that!

What Part of Haters and Harassers Targeting You All do you all NOT GET?! Because, I Know For Fact That is what it was in the first place. here’s Hard Evidence of a Hater Harassing One of Your Friends!

Shows picture of ween tagging some of Chris's idols who blocked him in a dumb tweet.

I don’t want that to be the Top Tweet, but if it will Serve and Prove The Facts of Misguides Fears from Those who have actually been spreading it, and Why The Freak They are being Touted as Heroes?! I am not liking this world.


I mean, I am Not At All Harassing Anyone, and I am Nof At All Intentionally or Purposely sending out Haters and Bad Trolls to Target and Harass Anyone Either! Hell No!!! These Bastards have been doing it of their own accord for YEARS Against Me, and they won’t stop!

And they keep on Throwing the “Harassment” Term onto Me. I am Sick And Tired Of It! And Now, they spread Mistaken Fears and Hatred of Me to EVERYONE! I still do what I shall and will to stand up to these Major Bugbears That are the Haters and Harassers!

I do not deserve the Hatred and being Blocked; They Do!



I am being Misblocked for the Wrongest of Reasons!

Sonichu put on hold

26 January

I can only draw and right when my mood and emotions are well and good; I am disabled from drawing or writing in the state I am in.

Chris being exasperated

26 January

They DID Dox And Stalk; they Do It All of the Time! How can you not know that?!

Chris gets some rest

27 January

Hey. I’m feeling fair. I got a bunch of sleep, so I’m at least rested. Headaches.

Chris had a nice dream

27 January

On a more positive note, after waking at the alarm a little while ago, I linked with my soul in Coal Town. The Analysts’ OCs practice and work on weekends from 8:00 am to about 6 or 8 pm; they do their jobs and artwork the rest of the week. Anyway, I just got in a good streak of kills. I saw Sweetie comin’; disguises Myself as KP and told her about how “I did the thing and got everyone distracted up ahead.” She followed me into a dead end part of town. “Oopsie, must have made a wrong turn.” Zap Blade. Then I saw GoldenFox above; thought I’d do something different. I changed into Lightning Bliss. He does always have his eyes on Key. “Hey, Goldie, I lost Key. Can you help me?” While he was distracted pointing out where she was, Zap Blade. “Ha! I’ll get you next time, Christine.” Then I ran down and slipped into disguise. “Key! I got knocked out by the red team’s spy! I had to rush to find you again.” “Wow, Goldiebear, you look really beat up. I’m sorry that happened to you.” I snuck a Zap Blade when she wasn’t looking. Bliss came out with an “Oh-Ho! Spy comin’ in for kills, huh?”

I slipped a Thunder Wave during her speech to disable her Gat. Slipped out of my disguise. Then she tried to shoot, but nothing. “Let me help you refill your ammo and health.” “Ha! You got me good, Christine.” Zap Blade.

I step out of the building, when Maddie comes along, “Wow! You’re really getting in your kills, Chris. Keep up the good work.” My CWC Senses tingled. Spy Check with a Thunder Wave! Revealed Thespio. “Nice try, Thespie.” “It was well worth it.” Zap Blade. Then, seconds later, Hit to my head. I look up and see GoldenFox with that smirk on his face. “You really got me!” I shouted to him before fainting, then respawning. There is a good feel when respawning; it is like a virgin morning breath as it happens. Then I set out again. Then my brain unlinks.

And now I, the body, get to tell everyone a bit of what happened in Equestria’s Coal Town today. I may be slow, but my soul is Lightning Quick in wit and though process.


#TF2 #AnalysisAnarchy

It’s only a combat simulation in good fun. At the end of the day, we enjoy a good laugh and head down to The Secret Rift for a cool down.

Armchair psychologists spotted by Chris

27 January

I do not have Schitzophrenia, nor am I a Sociopath or Psychopath. You’re probably thinking Harley Quinn when you think of me and those terms in your little noggins.


27 January

Another Point that I Feel needs bringing up: there ARE Impostor accounts on Twitter who have been Pretending to be me and Harassing the good people as well. I feel it advised, the remaining Brony Analysts reading this, to check with everyone who supposed got Harassing and Hate messages and commentary from me, when Really it was one of these Bugbear Impostors.

(I’m using “Bugbear” as an umbrella term for the Haters, Harassers and all Bad Trolls; they all are just as Annoying) Anyhow, EVERYONE should check the “Chris Chan” who did Harass unto them, because Highly Likely, it was NOT from me at all. @CWCSonichu is me; I have no intention of changing my own main account at all. Those with similar, such as (REDACTED WEEN), (REDACTED WEEN), (REDACTED WEEN), (REDACTED WEEN), (REDACTED WEEN), and so forth and similar; they are all Not Me.

They may also try to throw it away from themselves by tagging me, or adding @CWCSonichu, into their Tweets, Replies and DMs.Do Not Be Fooled! Check the Twitter Handle BEFORE you read the Username or the message, entirely.

I admit, I have Only Two Alt-Accounts: @NightStar2891 and that other one that I Seriously Can Not recall its name at all (someone might remember it; had the Avatar of Twilight Sparkle in a Disco jacket; maybe sunglasses).

And @MagiChan111448, I did personally help create with and for my hubby. There are Absolutely No Other Twitter Accounts under my own Creation and/or Control.

Point Is: if it is not from @CWCSonichu, then it is NOT ME. If you were recently Victimized by an Impostor, then misguidedly Blocked Me, then you DEFINITELY Blocked Me for the WRONGEST of Reasons and Misintentions. In which event, I would appreciate being Unblocked.

Retweets of this Tweet Set, with No Comment above it, would be well appreciated. Thank you.


Chris on Snyder case

27 January

I did not take pictures of his daughter; my snapshot intention at the time was Just Snyder. Anyhow, that was more than half a decade ago, and those charges were cleared from me of that rat bastard’s trap.

CIA not arresting Chris's trolls

28 January

Well, I apologize for missing the Invasion of Privacy part. But, in all seriousness, even the U.S.’ CIA does NOTHING against ANY of the Haters and Harassers (those Bugbears) who still torment me and everyone else, even After Reporting Them Time After Time After Time After Time Nothing Gets Done Here against the Cyberbullying! That’s the point I was trying to relay. If the CIA did its job, I likely would not have had the problems I had suffered last week.

Another rant

28 January

Y’all’s Abusive, Reckless, Needless and Downright Offensive Imagery and Commentary are One Thing that simply Drives Me Crazy and Crazier. If I never had to deal with all of your blackmail, deceit and BS since 2007, I would not be so Crazy To Target You Bugbears Back!!!

You all think I’m Not Tired of countering all of you for coercing and deceiving others into Misfuided Fear and Hatred of me and aa Very Outdated Reputation you all keep on Bugging and Bopping Me and Everyone Else In Harassment After Harassment?!

I AM TIRED! And as much as I would Admire to Live My Life, I Simply Can Not In Good Conscious and Subconscious of Both This Mind and My Soul Leave With Everyone I Like Hating Me for the Wrongest of Misguided Reasons!!!

Also, THINK! It is One Thing to Follow someone famous you like, BUT AFTER you’ve graced their views with Kindness, Supportive Commentary (NOT Abusing them with Outdated NSFW GIFS or Overzealous FLIRTATIONS AT ALL); maybe even ONE Simple face-to-face meet and greet, THEN ONE Online Hater PRETENDING to be YOU on a FAKE Twitter Account, Behind Your Back and Out Of Your View,... PULLS UP YOUR OUTDATED SHIT From Being Past Deceived, That you would Never Ever Do on a Normal Day At All! Making those individuals you appreciated through their works and efforts you left a Positive First Impression On,... LOATHE YOU Based on MISGUIDED FEARS AND HATRED!!!

That Injustice is WHAT I Seriously Can and Will Never Stand For At All!!! And That is why I am taking my stand against you Bugbears Now! You All ATTACKED Me Beyond Internet Reach into Offline Territories!

Another rant about bullies

28 January

I am still working very hard to redeem myself in the eyes of those who had rejected me over the past week, due to the injustices that had been brought unto them with misguided fears from Years Old and Cleared, yet ashamed, mistakes I had made (most of which were manipulations of those Haters and Harassers of Yesterdecade who all still want to torture me worse, into my own Offline Social Life). I can not and shall not Rest my over weary and broken mind until I see these people liking me once again. Because to them, all I did was offer Supportive and Kind Commentaries, Thoughts and Replies; Time After Time, again and again. And what falls Below Each and Every Positive Note I leave, but a cacophony of misconstrued and twisted takes on my word choices and phrasing’s in my genuine kindness.

I Never Was Hitting On Anyone! I Never Intended Any Harm unto Anyone! And I certainly never meant to offend. And I Never Harassed. No! That Harassment came from those CyberBullies who continue to stalk me day after day, month after month, year after year, since the year Two-Thousand Seven! Going on Twelve Years! When will the lot of you Annoying Bullies who Fetish on Hatred and Harassment Simply Back Off and Let Me Live Offline and Online In Peace of Mind and for me to spread sincere kindness and support, without it getting twisted and misinterpreted as another freaking penis or fart joke? I am Long Sick and Tired of all of this Grave Injustice that continues to linger in my online footsteps. In a better part of this world, action Does take place against continued hatred and mal-speech, yet those Bullies and Bugbears continue to use “Freedom of Speech”; Amendment, First; as their Excuse and “Alibi” for their continued Abuse of the Internet. That, people, is a perfect example of Abuse to that which is amongs the Amendments surrounding the Constitution our forepeople left before us in Millenium, Century and Decade, Past. And I certainly will Not Stand for any of that abuse to everything of the Internet and the United States In the Name of the Worst Mislabeling unto ANYONE: a Hated Social Outcast! Hell, No!

I continue to do my work with as great a stride my limited mind and body are able to handle, and I am reaching out for help in resolving the Injustice of the Misguided Fears and Hatred unto the Innocent Individuals that I Like, who before now had a Positive Impression from me in recent years’ Past. I have been the Bullies’ and Bugbears’ Ongoing Victim of CyberBullying, Deceit and Blackmail since 2007, but I stand Strong against those who had Wronged Me and Wronged Others into erroneously misplacing Wrong unto me. I am a proud Warrior and CPU, and I shall not fall! And with the help of all of my allies, near, far and in our Sister Dimension; We Shall Win over the Hate and Harassment! Who is with me in agreement and strength and ability for the fights for our online and offline socializing Freedoms?

Thank you all for listening, Everyone who actually Listens and does not Criticize and Deman Every Word I Say.


It's just like equestria girls

29 January

I just realized something: these recent events are reminiscent of “Equestria Girls - Forgotten Friendship”: playing me is Sunset Shimmer, and playing the Group of Haters/Harassers is Wallflower Blush, and playing the Liked People who Blocked Me are the Mane Six At CHS, and playing those who are on my side but want to help in this whole mess is The Great and Powerful Trrrrixie! And, obviously, I am trying my best with help from the TrixieGroup to remind the ManeSixGroup that I am Not this Evil Being that the Bugbears of the WallflwerGroup have attempted to mindwash everyone with the notion of, at this point. I’m working hard to get up to the Redeeming Myself to the ManeSixGroup per of this real life story of Haters Vs. Chris Chan (me).

Releasing comic pages

29th January

Chris releases the first 4 pages of a comic, but I can't work out which one, I've checked them all but I am a slow-in-the-mind

7000th Tweets

29th January



More preemptive blocking

30 January

Good day, everyone.

I have just heard through the grapevine that apparently one, who shall be noted as Kibo, has also blocked me. I never knew of this Kibo at all before today. Also, others also blocking me who I had also Never Heard Of Before.

This is only a minor shock to me.

But, this does make me believe that Other Individuals may be blocking me for the sake of riding on the “trend” and “meme” of blocking me, and possibly making up stories of being harassed by the Bugbears who continue to stalk and follow me. Even feigning “White Knights” going on asking these complete strangers to unblock me.

I see through this charade, and I find it Most Distasteful. If Everyone Blocked Everyone Else In the Entire World, Just for the Attention, then each individual of this whole world would really be all alone on Twitter.

Therefore, I feel it very much advised to voice Discouragement Towards This Trend and Meme.


@TwitterSupport, please make note of this Trend and Meme.