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The following covers Chris's Facebook activity in July 2013.


  • 7 July - Chris has now decided that he likes Equestria Girls.
  • 7 July - Chris gives a negative evaluation of Ruckersville.
  • 14 July - Chris is depressed.
  • 18 July - Chris responds to troll criticism.
  • 20 July - Chris relates to the movie "Spring Breakers."
  • 22 July - Chris posts a photo of himself and requests a critique.
  • 22 July - Chris receives apparent confirmation of his belief that he is ugly.
  • 24 July - Anna's mother tries to be nice to Chris.

Chris's Posts

Hey, Vee

2 July 2013

Hey, Vee. Have you checked out Toro's Friend Network on the Vita yet? It is good.

Old Navy commercial

2 July 2013

Kick off summer in style @OldNavy and experience the great looking outdoors. http://t.co/3w0v8zSCP8 #campoldnavy

Chris has changed his mind about Equestria Girls

7 July 2013

I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/e3IAiegija My Little Pony Equestria Girls Full Movie HD

Ruckersville review

7 July 2013

Ruckersville is a Very Boring, One-Horse Town. Hardly any young adults hang around here, and there is not much to do. Having a Wal-Mart does not make it any better either. It's like putting lipstick on a skeleton, it does not make it any better or nicer.

Chris then posted:

In any case, Ruckersville And Charlottesville; Both Cities are Socially Inept, are unfriendly and lack much compassion towards other people.

William Elliott Waterman then replied:

Sounds kind of like midcoast, Maine.

Very Depressed.

14 July 2013

Very Depressed.

Need In-Person,

Real Compassion

From Women.

Hugs and Love.

Please Help. - :( feeling sad.

Don't call me a wet blanket.

18 July 2013

My name is not Waterbed, so don't call me a wet blanket. |:(P

This may have been a response to a CWCki Forums ((now Kiwi Farms post of 15 July, where "Da Pickle Monsta" wrote, "most women don't want boyfriends with the emotional maturity of a wet blanket."[1]

Spring Breakers

Artist's impression
Saturday, 20 July 2013

I've just finished watching "Spring Breakers", rented it for free from RedBox with Monopoly McD win. Eat Healthy with Premium McWraps, Apple Slices and Tea.

Story wise, it was fair. I definitely found the symbolism with the input of MLP:FIM within the movie. Minus a "Rarity" or "Fluttershy", the four women played similarly towards the roles in the rest. I definitely see myself in the Faith character, as she was more of the outsider, introverted person. I believe in God and Jesus too, but God must hate me to put me in the lifestyle I am forced to be cooped up and bored with. Leaving my friends behind after High School really sent me downhill, and then again after being forced away from the PLace. And I have few friends for real to and who would hang out with me. Damn Male Population, Damn Ill-Social People who overlook and ignore me in person around here, and Damn Ms. Schroeder and Mr. Snyder for further destroying me emotionally over the past greater than half-decade.


Britney Spears video

On 22 July 2013, Chris shared a link to a Britney Spears video.

Stupid Question.

22 July 2013

Stupid Question. One to Ten Scale; on my face at least; I'm down to 220; how good looking/attractive am I?


William Elliott Waterman then replied:

You're always as beautiful as you feel.

Mary McLerran posted:

Hey I'm trying something new that might be good for you, too. If you have naturally curly hair, try getting it cut shorter and let the curls frame your face. I think you could rock that look!

Chris then posted:

Short cut; NO.

The results

Chris posted a screenshot from the CWCki Forums.

22 July 2013

Right; I'm ugly as hell. |:(


Anna replied:

Of course this survey is incredibly biased because the majority of people who took it are trolls...

Notes from Chris's Friends

I'm sending you love, too

On 24 July 2013, Mary McLerran again posted:

I love your hand shape on your profile pix: the hand shape means love in sign language. I'm sending you love, too. This is Anna's mom.

Chris then replied:

What hand shape?

Mary then replied:

Just under your name in the yellow shape.
Thumb, index and pinkie fingers. Look up "ILY" on google images.

What she didn't realize is that the "hand shape" on his profile pix (actually the cover) is actually the picture of Sonichu's head which Chris puts on everything.