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Never trust crazy people on the Internet.
The moral of this story, ironically said to me by the least trustworthy crazy person I encountered on this journey of mine.

The following is my personal story about how I got involved with the CWC community, became a member of the Watchmen, was exiled from the group, closely observed Chris for about a year (mid-2020 to mid-2021), and ultimately ended my involvement due to events surrounding the Incest reveal. Much of my tale will be framed around the events of 30 July 2021, and I will go into extensive details about my experiences. Not all of it will necessarily directly involve Chris, with focus also being given to Chris's orbiters and members of interest in the community.

This is not meant to be an objective article summarizing events by any means. It is all very subjective, and while I aim to keep as many facts as possible intact, I acknowledge that some of it may be colored by my own personal biases. That is just unavoidable when writing something from this personal of a perspective.

I will be providing as many screenshots as I can, to help contextualize and prove my claims. I will be as truthful as possible regarding myself and my actions, as I don't have anything to hide. However, I will occasionally keep certain names out of these events, as many people who were adjacent to myself at this time have little or nothing to do with the events that transpired around Chris.

Lastly, if you want full context, then please read the whole page. I know it's long, but this isn't something I feel can get an accurate "tl;dr" while still maintaining the full truth. It is far too complicated a subject for that.

Thank you for reading, and for your patience.


30 July 2021. A day that would forever live on in infamy and scar the minds of Christorians the world over. Referred to sometimes as the "9/11 of the Internet," this was the day that a recording was released which revealed Chris's incestuous relationship with his mother. Soon after, Chris was arrested and jailed, his fate left in the hands of the Virginia judicial system. And Kiwi Farms was left to investigate the actors that were involved in the creation and release of this recording, resulting in the discovery of the troll Isabella Loretta Janke, otherwise known as Bella.

Along with her came the revelation of a cabal of sadistic trolls that surrounded her, as well as horrific details about her life and seemingly cruel and sadistic personality. Certain individuals who got involved with her were also placed under scrutiny, including The Suitress and Sean Walker. And because my username was found as part of a group chat in which Bella was interrogated, I suddenly found myself caught in the crossfire of angry Kiwis who were searching for someone to blame.

I have since been subject to many rumors and incomplete or outright false statements, so in an effort to tell my story, and clarify what transpired from my perspective, I have decided to write about it here.

I was the third individual to play the role of “Lainchu the Chronicler.” I was tasked with recording information provided by Chris, and then distributing said information to the CWCki, and by extension, the Kiwi Farms.

Bear in mind, I do not have all of the answers regarding the various mysteries surrounding Bella and her schemes. But there are things that I do know, and a few things that I suspect. And this is what I will share.

I am Anaxis, a.k.a. Lainchu the Chronicler. This is my story, and nothing less.

The Beginning (July 2020 - September 2020)

I have been casually observing Chris since around 2016, about at the point when the Doopie Saga was just beginning. I was fascinated and disgusted by Chris, intrigued and revolted. It was a lot to take in, and I remember there being a point where I would be procrastinating on responsibilities by reading the CWCki. It was a fun time sink for a while, but eventually I read all of the major articles and grew bored. From then on, I would visit the wiki every so often, usually just to check Da Update and see what the latest news was regarding Chris. I never got involved in the community directly, I would always be incredibly passive about my observation. I never aspired to make a CWCki account or visit the Kiwi Farms. I would just check the website's front page, and later stay caught up with Geno Samuel’s series.

That all changed once the CWCki Discord Server came into existence.

On 1 July 2020, the Official CWCki Server was created by Klop, and I joined it the very next day. I found myself in a community unlike any other that I had known. It had many different people of varying backgrounds and a wide span of opinions, but we all had one common attribute: our fascination with observing Chris. For the first time, I was surrounded by people who were willing to engage in discourse about him, and that was something that I found to be often very entertaining, even intellectually stimulating at times. Although I can’t say that I was the biggest fan of the culture that often propagated around the server, I genuinely enjoyed discussing Christory, and so it was worth it to me.

I would like to believe that I had some influence in shaping the server at the time, such as suggesting that we add separate channels for the discussion of Christory-related topics. I also firmly believed in the #1 rule that was established on the server, which followed a similar attitude to the wiki: Do not contact Chris, or attempt to troll him. Sadly, throughout my time on the server, I had come across many people who had broken that rule, and come to the server to brag about their “accomplishment,” only to find that their audience would not be receptive. Many users have been banned from the server for that very reason. One of the server moderators noticed my interest in analysis of Chris and Christory, and offered to make me an editor account, which I accepted.

Arrival of the Watchmen

I had been on the server for about a month when the members of the group that would come to be known as the Watchmen began arriving. First, and most prominently, was Bismuth, going by the name Heart (❣) at the time, and who I will be referring to as Naught for the remainder of this writing. He began releasing a large amount of assorted leaks regarding Chris, which would come to be known as the 2020 Discord leaks. Funny enough, one of my first interactions with Naught was a rather hostile one: he was posting these leaks in a discussion channel, and I would occasionally comment on them. He got fed up with the “interruptions” and stopped posting leaks, resulting in an argument between us, until he was given his own dedicated channel for leaks. Interestingly, this interaction didn’t seem to end up characterizing the relationship we would later have, at least not at the start.

Having been so heavily involved in the server from its inception, coupled with the fact that life had become exceedingly dull due to the then-raging COVID-19 pandemic, I eventually approached the modstaff and asked if I could join them, and they said yes. Curiously, I was added to the modstaff by Klop at the exact same time as Naught, as Klop had ties with the Watchmen at the time and had been adding a few of their members to the modstaff as well, such as MKR. I was glad to be a part of the team, but my first real challenge as a moderator came from an event which had begun on the previous day.

Chris, who was in the midst of roleplaying as Sonichu at the time, arrived in the server on 10 August 2020, after Naught had invited him in.[1] At the time, the server had a contingency plan in place in the event that Chris showed up: he would be isolated into a single channel, only able to type in there, while individuals who were seen as sane and reasonable would be given a role called “True and Honest,” and only they would be allowed to speak to Chris, to ask questions and the like. However, news of Chris’s arrival in the server spread quickly, resulting in an influx of new users desperate to approach him and interact with him in some way, whether that be trolling, asking questions, or just having a chat. Ultimately, Chris only sent two messages during his time in the server, both of which had to do with the Dimensional Merge.

By 14 August, it was decided that the trouble of having Chris on the server was simply not worth it, and ultimately conflicted with the server’s philosophy of not interacting with him. During this time, Klop was the one who played Lainchu, a role that was created for the purpose of documenting Chris and relaying relevant information back to the CWCki, and was a member of the Watchmen. Since Chris’s arrival in the CWCki Server, Klop had been working on creating another server for the purposes of filtered interaction with Chris’s fans (via the Watchmen), in order to separate the CWCki Server from Chris. On the day of Chris’s banning, Klop posted an announcement about it as well as a link to the new server, called cwc frens.

The statement and invite.
In the last few days lots have happend [sic] in this server. Chris has joined this place for starters. This was met with mixed reception. The CWCki's goal is only to document Chris and not provide him a platform to push his agendas. It was never imagined that Chris will use this server to ramble about his fantasies. And due to this it has been decided to give Chris his own server where he may do as he pleases.
Klop's statement on Chris's banning.[2]

However, setup was not finished and the server was quickly infested by weens, forcing the moderators to take control of the situation. Chris himself wasn’t even there yet, although he would arrive eventually. Klop gave ownership to Naught, who would run the cwc frens server until its eventual closure less than a month later. At the same time, he handed ownership of the CWCki Server to another moderator. I don’t know exactly what happened, but he seemed to have had a change of heart in regards to dealing with Chris (although this would be brief). But this was the event that jumpstarted my involvement: Klop decided that he no longer wanted to play the part of Lainchu, and, having confided in me beforehand about playing the role, offered it to me.

I considered the pros and cons: there was an inherent risk when being so close to Chris, of course, and I wasn't interested in drawing attention to myself. On the other hand, this was an interesting opportunity to observe Chris a bit closer, and even relay new information back to the CWCki using my then newly-created editor account. And so, I decided to accept Klop's offer.

If only I knew the consequences of this decision that would arise a little less than a year later.

Joining the Watchmen

The Place.

A member of the Watchmen would reach out to me soon after, giving me an invite to their server, "The Place". Within it were two layers of channels: one which was visible to Chris and everybody else, and a second which was visible to everybody excluding Chris.[footnote 1] It was here that I formally met several members of the Watchmen for the first time, such as MKRNightVee, NovaKyle, and Neko Onyx/The WCT. I was pretty quiet upon arrival, not quite knowing how I fit in, not having been given any instructions for my role. As it turned out, it didn't end up mattering at first: Klop had returned to the Watchmen, and since I had not done anything as Lainchu yet, decided to take the role back temporarily. This was fine by me; I was mostly interested in more distanced documentation anyway.

I got into the habit of screenshotting conversations whenever Chris was involved, and some of these conversations made up the substance of the early Discord Q&A, such as Q&As 2 and 3. I would upload these screenshots as references in the articles, with the names of the Watchmen (besides Lainchu) censored.

The Q&A itself was very impromptu and generally disorganized, and there was a rather large plethora of questions to be picked from. This was not to mention sourcing from cwc frens, which involved Naught acting as a gobetween for Chris, answering questions in his stead, although the volatile nature of the poorly-managed server coupled with Naught's general impatience towards less-informed Chris observers made it difficult to organize that effectively.

By the end of August, Klop decided to give up the role of Lainchu, this time for good, choosing to dissociate himself with the Watchmen and the CWC community entirely. Once again, he asked me if I wanted it, and I accepted. He left for a fair amount of time, but would eventually return to the CWCki Server every so often to check in on things.[3]

Becoming Lainchu

Art of Lainchu by MKR, which I used as a profile pic when talking to Chris.

The migratory nature of the Lainchu role put me in an interesting position: I was more-or-less able to pick up where Klop left off, having already formed a relationship of sorts with Chris. To him, Lainchu the Chronicler was meant to be not only a historian who would document what Chris wanted, but a kind of sage who would give advice on how Chris could get closer to the Dimensional Merge.

I initially carried on like nothing was different, waiting and watching for Chris to say something noteworthy in the Place. So it came to my complete surprise when he messaged me privately one day, early in September, entirely out of the blue.

He came asking me questions about bringing the Dimensional Merge closer to fruition, and initially, I didn't quite know how to respond.[4] Up to that point, I purposefully avoided speaking to Chris, specifically because I didn't want to have to enable him. But here, I was stuck: either I play the game with him and keep him talking, or I refuse and he clams up. At this point, I went to Naught for help deciphering the nonsense that I was being sent as well as advice on how to respond, and he gave me a general idea of how to speak to Chris from then on.[5]

Chris's desperation and desire to bring about the Merge was evident, and the last thing I wanted to do was promise him something that would never come. So I developed a strategy: whenever I would be asked a question about accelerating the event into existence, I would go full Zen Master, preaching about the virtues of patience and allowing fate to take its natural course. I would always be just vague enough that I could be giving wisdom on anything. On occasion, early on, I would go back to Naught for specific advice when Chris was being particularly difficult,[6] but soon I got the hang of things and stopped asking for his advice altogether.

It was around this point that I began rising through the ranks of the modstaff on the CWCki Server, eventually joining the small group of "Manajerks" at the top of the command structure. Having seen the general inefficiency through which questions were delivered to Chris for the Q&A, and having ready access to a fairly sizable group of individuals interested in having their queries answered by Chris, I set to work on creating a new, separate server that would avoid the issues brought about by the mailbags attempted in cwc frens and elsewhere: by taking Chris out of the equation completely.

This new server would be a repository for questions directed towards Chris, moderated by myself and a select few from the CWCki Server, where we would separate the wheat from the chaff and ensure that only non-trolling questions of quality (in our opinions) would reach Chris. Officially, we would "forward them to the Watchmen" after review, which was technically correct, as "Lainchu" would be the one asking these questions to Chris on the users' behalf.

The server was dubbed CWC Questions, and would serve as the primary source of questions for the rest of the Q&A, from Discord Q&A 5 until its conclusion with Discord Q&A 11. The cwc frens server came to an unceremonious end on 6 September, with Naught, fed up with having to wrangle weens, deciding to wipe the slate clean and create a different server from scratch that would serve a similar purpose (although this ultimately never saw the light of day). Two days later, CWC Questions launched, and we began gathering inquiries. I would send them to Chris a few hours later (as he had messaged me asking for more Merge wisdom the day previous), and he answered them, allowing me to post the screenshots directly onto the CWCki, on their own page.[7] Systems for both vetting questions server-side and delivering them to Chris in DMs were established, with me sending relevant questions to Chris in a set of ten at a time, and reminding him once a week about the questions if he neglected to answer them (which was frequent). This system would last until the Q&A's end in December 2020.

On Enabling Chris and My Intentions

I am fully aware of the morally questionable implications of my choice to enable Chris, as well as the negative perception that comes with doing so. Enablers are frowned upon in the CWC community, and with good reason: they perpetuate, and oftentimes, add to Chris's unhealthy delusions, furthering him down a destructive path. I'm not here to tell you that I was some exception to the rule, or that I deserve any less amount of flak for "playing along" with Chris's craziness. I only wish to explain why I did the things that I did, and give some context to my actions.

The sad reality about modern Chris, as any Christorian worth their salt would tell you, is that he will not willingly engage with anyone who does not play along with his delusions, including people who try to help him. Null found this out the hard way, when Chris grew upset with him initially refusing to entertain Chris's Merge nonsense in the aftermath of the Idea Guys. Thus, if you were going to speak to Chris, you either had to acknowledge his delusions quietly or discuss them in great depth. The latter option was not appealing to me, so I chose to do the former.

I dubbed this technique light enabling.

As mentioned earlier, I would usually send him vague wisdoms whenever he would ask about the Merge, having to do with patience and allowing fate to take its natural course. My number one rule when dealing with Chris (which I also enforced when evaluating Q&A questions) was: don't give Chris any new ideas. I would always strive to maintain the status quo of Chris's beliefs for as long as possible since they could not be removed, as opposed to enablers who attempted to insert their own lore into Christory. To me, this was the ideal modus operandi of the Watchmen when regarding Chris (although whether it was followed by the others is an entirely different story).

My first priority when speaking to Chris was the gathering of more information, by way of the Q&A. If light enabling was required on some level to get there, then so be it. All that I wanted was information that I could upload to the CWCki. Nothing more, nothing less. Only once did I break my self-imposed rule of not adding new lore in an act of desperation, which I will cover later.

I've seen a few people here and there theorize that I was a troll or a ween. Unless the mere act of speaking to and enabling Chris qualifies me as such, I disagree with this assessment. I never tried to troll or otherwise antagonize Chris, and I had no desire for glory, clout, or a place in Christory. I never took credit for any of the actions I did as Lainchu, and the only reason I'm doing so now is because the cat is already out of the bag. Unlike some people, I don't view being in Christory as a badge of honor. If anything, it's the opposite. I just wanted to make a few small contributions by way of information releases.

Some might also call me hypocritical for preaching the "observe, but don't interact" philosophy when it comes to Chris while interacting with Chris myself, which I suppose is a fair criticism. I did try to maintain this philosophy for as long as possible, even as a member of the Watchmen, until Chris spoke to me first. In my mind, I justified it as him having reached out to me, rather than the other way around (which was far more typical of those wanting Chris's attention), and thus it was not the same case. I also believed myself to be making contributions to Christory by way, once again, of information releases, making speaking to Chris a necessary evil. While I do feel like the ends justified the means in terms of what I got out of Chris during the time we spoke, I am still uneasy with having spoken directly to him in order to do so. If I've let anyone down, especially from the CWCki Server, I apologize.

I do not expect to be taken solely at my word on this matter, so I encourage you to look at my DMs with Chris, which I have posted in their entirety, and draw your own conclusions about my intentions. I hope that you find them illuminating.

The Days of Prosper (September 2020 - December 2020)

From September to December 2020, things were fairly good over on Discord. During this period, I became the owner of the CWCki Server, and began committing time to improving it in different aspects. Chris would answer the Q&A every so often, each time prompting me to make a new page. Relations with most of the Watchmen were fairly good, at least on the surface. In retrospect, it was the calm before the storm.

This section covers an approximate four-month period on different fronts, so I will be splitting it into sections based off of each subject of interest.

The CWCki Server

I acquired the CWCki Server from the previous owner in October 2020, and I continued the process that I had begun previously of shaping the server to my ideal vision of it while maintaining the spirit of the community. Beforehand, the server was something of a Wild West, playing fast and loose with the rules and what could be gotten away with. Potentially troublesome users ran rampant, and what was and was not enforced varied wildly. After Chris's visit and subsequent banning, the server's population grew dramatically, and with Klop's departure as owner came a bit more of a controlled and somewhat strict method of moderation. No longer could the server risk incurring the wrath of Discord, given its size and the nature of its subject matter. Klop's successor (and my predecessor) began this process, and once the server came under my ownership, I began doubling our efforts.

Slowly, the less controlled aspects of the server were tightened, and a relative order came over it. While there was still a plethora of edgy jokes and writing throughout the server, nothing within it put us at odds with the Discord administration, and anything that could potentially cause that to happen was quickly handled by the team of moderators. It was a fairly well-run operation, all things considered, allowing the server to avoid any community guideline issues for a little over a year.

Of course, it was not all sunshine and blossoming zapbuds: there were the occasional unusual or troublesome people who came and went through the server, such as trolling groups and those who incessantly wished to contact Chris. These cases often provided interesting challenges for myself and the modstaff to handle, trying to ensure that everyone within the server was relatively safe and happy, while also keeping the Discord higher-ups from looking at us too closely. Our numbers steadily grew, and with that, came new ideas.

We would start hosting monthly competitions, such as themed contests that determined the server's icon, usually for the upcoming month or two. During Christmas, leading into the New Year, I hosted a five-day marathon of all of Geno Samuel's Comprehensive History series that was available at the time, drawing in a sizable group of watchers, and beginning the "Watch Parties" that we would host every time a new episode was released.

Things weren't perfect, and we had to deal with some bullshit sometimes, but overall, they were good. The server was prospering.

The Suitress and Associates

The individual who became known on this wiki as the Suitress was once a member of the Official CWCki Server, under the username Snoo. She was perhaps one of the most unique and unusual people there, being almost entirely and singularly defined by her open sexual and romantic attraction to Chris. During her time in the server, she became well-known by its denizens for her behavior, obsessing over Chris in a disturbingly committed way, sometimes openly expressing her own sexual fantasies. Her behavior was so over-the-top and bizarre that she wasn't taken very seriously most of the time, with most users dismissing her as another (self-admitted) autistic oddball, and nothing more. I didn't pay much mind to her in general; to me, she was just another strange user who had decided to make the server their digital roost.

But others did take note of her, and unbeknownst to myself at the time, she began to attract a small following of trolls who wanted to turn her into a lolcow as well. To make matters worse, I was tipped off to the fact that she had been trying to contact Chris, and because I thought she was harmless at the time and didn't want her falling prey to the Watchmen, I gave her a verbal warning, which she seemed to take seriously. This was unfortunately later undermined when one of the Watchmen attempted to face-dox her on the server, which was the first (but not last) time that my role as a moderator came into conflict with my position as a Watchman.

The group attempting to troll her was eventually found out and banned from the server, and Snoo herself was banned soon after for unrelated rule violations. It should be noted that all of these actions took place directly before I took ownership of the CWCki Server.

Snoo would attempt to return again several months later, under a new account and seemingly unaware that she had been banned in the first place (even going so far as to declare that she knew the community had missed her).[8] After a short debate among the modstaff, her second account was banned, and she has not been seen in the server since. However, as we would later find out, this would not be the last time that the Suitress would become involved in affairs regarding Chris.

An individual known as Gunggan was also a part of the server, and had a friendship of sorts with Snoo, although to what extent is still unknown to me. In the early days of the server, he was quite infamous for being an info sniffer, constantly trying to get the inside scoop on affairs surrounding Chris. Once he found out that Klop was involved with the Watchmen, Gunggan would bug Klop incessantly and, later deducing that I had taken over the Lainchu role from Klop, would DM me questions (which I would either ignore or give vague answers to). It would get to a point where Klop started giving Gunggan fake information out of frustration, and even Naught seemed aware of him. Again, the extent of his activities remain mostly unknown to me, even to this day, but I thought it fair to bring him up as he would later wind up involving himself in the aftermath of the incest scandal, and would share information about the Suitress on Kiwi Farms.

A Note on the CWCki Server Modstaff

There are some who believe that the modstaff of the CWCki Server are guilty of some form of wrongdoing because of their association with me, as I was involved with the Watchmen. I want to make this absolutely clear: the only members of the modstaff who were involved with the Watchmen and spoke to Chris were myself and Klop. CWCki Jerkop Hurtful Truth Level and site owner Marvin were also present in the group's two servers during this time, but primarily as observers. I wouldn't share information from The Place to the modstaff aside from a few short anecdotes, and for the most part, I kept them in the dark about my activities outside of the server. I didn't want them to get caught up in any of it.

For those who believe that they shouldn't have complied with my secret-keeping, bear in mind that they were technically my subordinates in the server's command structure. While I never outright expressed what, if any, consequences would fall on them if they leaked information, given that I trusted all of them fairly implicitly, I can imagine that they might have desired to keep quiet out of fear of possible retaliation.

None of them had direct contact with any of the Watchmen aside from a few one-off DMs or interactions on the CWCki Server here and there, and they certainly weren't privy to any information that was not already known to the public.

All of this is to say that the modstaff of the server is not involved in any of this drama. They are good people, and the scrutiny that has fallen on them because of my actions is not their fault, nor should it be their responsibility. It is obviously much harder to prove that something didn't happen as opposed to something that did, but I implore anyone seeking information about the activities surrounding Chris on Discord to continue reading this page, and to leave the modstaff alone. They cannot tell you anything that you would not already know.

The Documentation of Chris

When it came to Chris, I developed a pattern of sorts regarding what I would send him, and when. Per his request, I would send 10 questions at a time to him, sourced from CWC Questions, and once he answered, I would send another 10 for him to tackle next.[7] Aside from considering the aforementioned rule about not allowing new ideas to reach Chris that may affect his delusional state further, I would try to make a point of packing together a healthy variety of questions that covered multiple subjects, given how few I could give Chris at a time and how slowly he tended to answer them. Generally, these questions would cover such things as expanding on or clarifying existing Sonichu or Merge lore, acquiring further details about lesser-known aspects of Chris's life, Chris's (or Sonichu's) opinions and advice on various subjects, and random trivia about Chris's life or tastes. I made a habit of treating every Q&A as potentially being the final one, given Chris's infamous laziness and his propensity to be extremely unreliable. Ultimately, this proved to be a very good mindset in the long run, since the Q&As only lasted until December 2020.

I would like to think that I managed to get a good handful of answers to certain burning questions the community had for Chris during this time, such as uncovering the origins behind the name of the Sonichu character Merried Seinor Comic and gaining insight on how Chris viewed the few real friends he's ever had, alongside some more trivial answers. Oftentimes, Chris's rapidly loosening grip on reality was put on full display without even directly referencing the Merge, such as when, in response to a question which asked where he saw himself in a decade, he stated that he would be immortal because of his Goddess powers.

My process for evaluating questions grew as the Q&As continued, soon setting up a depository for CWCki editors to ask questions, which is now archived. I had a template for all of the text-based Q&As which I would use to set up the next page of answers. Doing so was always easy, given that Chris answered through text and all I had to do was copy and paste. Aside from taking screenshots of our conversations, with myself wearing the Lainchu nickname and profile picture, I didn't have to do much editing, and the pages were always fairly short.

Discord Q&A 9 is an outlier among the ones I've done, being answered over audio at Naught's insistence. This was because Chris needed to do an audio test for the then-upcoming interview with The Create Unknown, over Audacity and likely on his iPad. I initially relied on Naught to record Chris and deliver the audio file to me, but he somehow failed to record anything when he tried, leaving me with nothing to work with.[9] I had to ask Chris to re-record everything he had answered himself, and I was convinced that Chris would refuse out of frustration. But surprisingly, Chris was a good sport about the whole ordeal, re-recording everything and providing me a copy with fairly clean audio.[10] On a personal note, I find it funny that Chris Chan, whose name is practically synonymous with incompetence, managed to successfully create the audio file himself while Naught utterly failed to do so. I gave the file to The WCT to upload to his YouTube channel for embedding on the wiki,[11] and once I was finished transcribing it (a much longer ordeal than simply copy-pasting text that Chris had written), the page was live.

I began to see the slow but predictable degradation to Chris's "work ethic" when it came to answering the Q&A as the weeks ticked by (despite the simplicity of the task at hand). Q&As 5 - 8 were all answered in September 2020, each a few days apart from one another, with the longest gap being between Q&A 7 and 8 in a span of a little over a week. Contrast this with Q&As 9, 10, and 11, which were each answered in the months of October, November, and December, respectively, leaving two month-long gaps in which no questions were answered at all. I can only assume that Chris had a relative enthusiasm for the first few Q&As, seeing as the format and question content was somewhat new, and this interest began to peter out as he found new things to occupy his time with (such as Praetor, who had recently entered the picture in October).

To be entirely fair to Chris, he was under no obligation to answer my questions, and I was always more than happy to take what I could get. I didn't want to push him and risk him shutting down completely, so I would send him weekly reminders whenever large gaps began appearing between his messages. I would always try to frame things politely, never being demanding, only asking if he could do this task for me if he had the time. He would usually ignore me whenever I did this, but I persisted on the off-chance that he would take notice and change course, and this was something that I continued to do well after Discord Q&A 11 (hoping in vain that the Q&A would resume). Upon further reflection, perhaps my business-like attitude towards getting what I wanted from Chris led to his waning commitment to doing as I asked.

Chris's final answer to my queries came on 4 December 2020, when he asked that I not send him any more questions for at least two more months (this was after he had just taken a month to answer the most recent batch). I complied, not wanting to push too hard, but I think this may have totally broken what little momentum was left in him. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Discord Q&A 11 would unfortunately be the last one.

The Create Unknown

Chris signing off from the Create Unknown interview.

I found out about The Create Unknown interview through the Watchmen, and I volunteered to assist with it as a liaison. After he had prepared by way of the audio test that would become Discord Q&A 9, Chris came onto TCU as a guest on 28 October 2020, with myself and NovaKyle watching it from within the chat room (thanks to the generosity of the hosts). Knowing that this interview would likely be interesting subject matter, I took it upon myself to record it in its entirety (with video), ending up capturing a few interesting tidbits here and there, such as Chris's demonstration of his "telekinesis powers" on a fidget cube, as well as the beginning and end of the show that were each cut out of the main interview.

After editing irrelevant aspects out of the capture, I asked the hosts if the video could be made public after their edited audio-only version went live. I initially asked The WCT if he wanted to host the video, but TCU preferred to do it themselves, which I had no issue with (and was more than justified, given that they own the content). I gave the video to them, and they eventually uploaded it to their channel, unlisted, on 16 December 2020, just in time for me to upload it to the CWCki.

So yes, the "anonymous Discord user" who recorded and created the uncut video was me.

Create Unknown Chris Chan UNCUT
Stardate 16 December 2020
Made By The Create Unknown
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Interactions Within the Place

Chris would come into the "general" chat in the Place every so often, usually to have conversations with the Watchmen about his day, discuss whatever media he was in the midst of consuming, or talk about the Merge. Sometimes he'd write massive textwalls to get across a point, and usually he would @ everyone in order to do so, so I never ended up missing it due to this. Amusingly, he had a tendency to redundantly @ specific people even when he decided to @ everyone in the same message.

When talking about his days, he would usually insert fictional OCs into them (especially during the "spirit possession" phase), such as saying that he (as Sonichu) tried to cuddle with Rosechu through the "Iron Curtain" that divided the dimensions,[12] or that the OCs of Naught and MKR were beside him while watching a show. It was all rather depressing to witness, but nothing out of the ordinary when considering the content of Chris's tweets at the time.

More concerning, however, were the occasions when Chris would report potential health issues and construe them as proof that his goddess powers were activating and that the Merge was getting closer to happening. These weren't frequent, but did cause minor alarm whenever they were brought up. Chris would feel "vibrations" in his body, which he interpreted as his psychic powers activating. The Watchmen involved in the conversations would always try to tell him to go to a doctor to get things checked out, but Chris of course insisted that he was fine, being immortal. Thankfully, no major health crises arose from these reports, but it was still very concerning to see Chris disregard the notion of visiting a doctor even under the insistence of the people expressing concern over his well-being.

It was rare, but there were times when conversations with Chris would border on normal. Usually, this would come about when he spoke about the shows he had been recently watching, and the Watchmen responded to this. I will never forget, the one and only normal conversation I ever had with Chris was at 3 in the morning one day: he was awake and having a chat, and the conversation pivoted to movies, animation, and then the YouTuber Saberspark, and we both commented on our shared enjoyment of his content.[13] It was weird: for the briefest of moments, I had a normal conversation with Chris Chan. But it didn't last long, of course. Soon enough, he was back to talking about the Merge, and things returned to usual again.

Chris and Praetor

It became apparent pretty quickly that Chris had a certain level of business ambition when it came to Sonichu merchandising, albeit not enough that he'd lift a finger on his own behalf to turn those ambitions into reality. On 8 September, during a discussion about putting the Sonichu comics onto Amazon, Chris mentioned, for the first time, his desire to have a "skilled crafter or two" create Sonichu medallions and Amiibo for him. A few ideas were bounced around between him and the other Watchmen, but nothing conclusive came from this other than determining that Amazon would not be the best manufacturer for physical merchandise.[14]

The first time that Praetor was indirectly mentioned in the Place server was on 22 September, when Chris informed us that he would be meeting with his "new associates" regarding the production and distribution of custom medallions and Amiibo figures on his behalf. When I asked who they were, Chris didn't answer, only posting a picture of a gold medallion that he claimed was "Lovingly crafted by the young lady of the group, with paint that had a mixture of 24K gold in it."

The original golden medallion.

It's likely that the "young lady" he was referencing was Annie Renee, one of the core members of the group. He didn't illuminate very much beyond that, only that they were based in Goochland and that Chris could tell that their intentions were "legit, honest and true." The Watchmen were naturally suspicious, but didn't inquire further beyond the initial questions.[15]

Praetor's logo.

On 25 September, after Naught asked about the medallion makers, Chris affirmed them to be "good and genuine" once again, stating that they were setting up an Etsy shop and were making the first batch of medallions. He also gave us their "company name" for the first time: Praetor LLC.[16] Predictably, any results that came up by googling that name only brought up legitimate registered businesses that had nothing to do with the Praetor that the community came to know.

They were mentioned again on 3 October, when Chris spoke about the possibility of writing a lore bible, and affirmed that Praetor was in support of such an idea. Nova, suspicious that Praetor was ordering him to do this, suggested making a Twitter poll to gauge support for the idea,[17] which Chris followed through on.

Praetor was formally introduced to the Watchmen on 15 October, when Chris requested that Naught invite their Discord account (which belonged to the leader, Caden Peck) into the Place (they received access to the first layer only). Chris also revealed the first names of fellow members Owen Sundstrom and Annie Renee, who supposedly were encouraging an idea of Chris's that there was a connection between the Mayan calendar and the Dimensional Merge. We all said our hellos, and soon after, the Watchmen began asking numerous questions about Praetor's business plans. Praetor answered some of them, but notably refused to disclose the split in income between themselves and Chris, claiming that Chris had signed a confidentiality agreement. In an effort to solidify their legitimacy as a company, they claimed to have once lent their services to the micronation of Molossia, and spoke about their motivations for working with a client like Chris.

At one point, I asked for a website or social media of theirs. They claimed not to have a website anymore, but did have a Twitter and Instagram.[18] Praetor wasn't exactly very careful about keeping their members private, and as a result, links to the personal social media accounts of Caden, Owen, and Annie were all found with ease, alongside pictures of all of them. The Watchmen swiftly archived all of this information.

Praetor would participate in some irrelevant small talk early the next morning,[19] but from there on out, they were mostly silent in the Place. Though outwardly polite at that point, the Watchmen were incredibly suspicious and distrustful of Praetor behind the scenes, believing that they would proceed to extort or manipulate Chris, considering their support of the lore bible and the theories about the Mayan calendar. I'll refrain from sharing my opinions on them for now, and just say that their actions in the following weeks did little to endear them further.

The now-infamous photo on Praetor's Instagram account, which initially exposed the personal accounts of several of its own members.

Later that day (16 October), Chris provided us a preview of the handwritten script he intended to follow for his then-upcoming sermon video, which I would later upload to this website as part of the same article. Said video would eventually go live on 8 November, featuring seemingly mocking edits of Chris on behalf of the Praetor team. This was Praetor's first public introduction to the CWC Community, and it showcased, above anything else, their seeming lack of care towards hiding their identities even when doing questionable things, as their Instagram account even tagged those who appeared in pictures with Chris (which were later removed, but not before they were recorded). This fact was detrimental towards the Watchmen's primary method of driving away perceived bad actors, as it seemed there was nothing about Praetor's members that could be exposed to the public, which they had not already exposed themselves.

They would later launch their Etsy store[20] and begin selling medallions, with Chris's approval and promotion on 11 December. The group seemed to get a kick out of provoking Christorians, such as when they posted a screenshot of the taser they apparently were intending to buy and later use.

Praetor's legitimacy would continually be challenged by the Watchmen both behind the scenes and out loud, with members often openly deriding Praetor's behaviors and business practices in the general chat of the Place. Naught would also occasionally ping them to try and involve them in a conversation or get an update on their activities. Praetor would generally not respond to these provocations.

The two groups would not come to blows until February 2021, a few months later.

Bella's Introduction

Bella would be first mentioned to us on 28 December, when Chris credited her as the one who either introduced or encouraged the idea of Chris having an "Avatar State." I asked who she was, and Chris responded:

One of our Praetor group friends; she’s the one who made up the lovely animation:
Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 13 November 2020
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music
Goochland Library Sermon
Sonichu reads and critiques a Fanfic by The Crimson Libertarian

Nova, who was part of this conversation, derided the animation as "the gratuitous porny one," to which Chris said:

We are not judging, plus she’s actually cool to talk with.

The conversation then steered towards Chris's "Avatar State" theory, and nothing more was discussed regarding Bella, who she was, or her role within Praetor.[21] Little did we know at the time, the major role that she would play later on.

Relationship With the Watchmen

As a part of the Place server, I obviously interacted with the other members of the Watchmen quite frequently. As far as my memory serves me, there were around a dozen or so members in the server while I was in it, including the currently named members of the Watchmen, "invisible" members who are not documented on the CWCki, and bots. I will be focusing primarily on the interactions I had with the major members of the group, and what I observed about them during the time I was in the server.

The "Toxic Trio"

The main members of the group were the ones that Chris would later come to describe as the "toxic trio," that being Naught, NovaKyle, and MKR. Naught was the de-facto leader, with Nova as a second-in-command of sorts, and MKR provided art used for influencing Chris (she was the one who drew the Lainchu art that I would use as a profile picture when taking screenshots of my conversations with Chris). Conversations with Chris were mostly mundane, but Nova was typically the one who would speak the most to Chris, acting as a sort of mathematician or scientist to help Chris sort out the technical aspects of the Merge. He had an odd way of speaking, a very indirect style that wouldn't really address a lot of the things that the recipient said.

I think I may have started off on the wrong foot with the Watchmen, being so distant upon my arrival. But to be honest, I wasn't really ever interested in their friendship. I knew that we had to get along to a certain degree, but it became clear to me pretty quickly that they were not the type of people I would've liked to be around in any other setting. I found a lot of their discussions to be rather distasteful, making near-constant derogatory remarks towards different kinds of people, and generally just being pretty unpleasant. To a degree, I was used to this kind of discussion in the CWCki Server, but it was always managed and reduced due to the need to adhere to Discord's Community Guidelines, and I could disconnect from these people because they were just random users. But I always felt compelled to check in on the Place whenever I saw activity, on the off-chance that Chris did or said something of note.

Most of the discussion in the second layer was either about Chris, other lolcows (the trio had a particular affinity for discussing the activities of Jacob Sockness and Dana Marie Cain), random hobbies or interests, or politics. Political discussion was particularly aggravating to read when I was just skimming the messages, looking to see if there were any updates on Chris, and eventually I got sick enough of seeing it that I asked for it to be migrated to another channel and leave one solely for discussing Chris (which they obliged). Despite this, I held my tongue and put up with the other Watchmen, and began to view them as the irritating coworkers that I had to deal with in order to continue doing my "job" (documenting Chris, in this case).

Conflict of Interests

Soon enough, conflicts between myself and the other Watchmen began to arise on occasion. As the owner of the CWCki Server, I had a certain amount of discretion when it came to dealing punishment to rule offenders, with some acts meriting harsher punishments than others. However, there were multiple occasions when I gave a greater amount of leeway to members of the Watchmen who violated the rules, often just giving them a slap on the wrist and a warning not to break the rules again. This happened early on, when MKR posted a link to a Google Hangouts call in a public channel of the server, in order to lure potential weens in and then dox them. I obviously didn't want anyone's personal information to get compromised due to MKR's weird game, so I deleted the link and requested she not post one again. She protested slightly, but ultimately didn't post another Hangouts link while I was owner.

Later on came a bigger problem: as is known at this point, the Watchmen's primary method for deterring would-be weens, trolls, and enablers was to dox them. Many people who attempted to contact Chris were neither the sharpest knives in the drawer, nor the most careful, so this was often an easy task for them. The problem arose when it came to delivering the message that they had someone's information to said person. Because the CWCki Server was the largest congregation of people interested in Chris Chan on Discord, it often wasn't out of the ordinary that a person who attempted to contact Chris would end up there. And because the CWCki Server had a strict rule against doxing, this posed a problem for the Watchmen if they attempted to go there and publicly humiliate anybody who did so much as send Chris a "hello" message.

I never fully agreed with the ethics around the Watchmen's overzealous aggression towards anybody who was outside of their little clique, but at the time, I viewed it as a necessary evil to ward off the next potential Idea Guys. Still, that didn't mean that I was going to allow it to happen on the server I was charged with managing.

As I mentioned previously, the Suitress wound up catching the attention of the Watchmen when she first texted Chris, and then left a message on one of his livestreams asking if he saw her text. I didn't wish for harm to befall her, as I mostly regarded her as quirky but harmless, so I extended a verbal warning to her, requesting she not contact Chris again. Once she agreed with my request, I informed Naught, telling him that she would likely no longer be an issue, which he accepted. However, I didn't tell the other Watchmen, which led to one of the members, named Val, posting a link to a video on her YouTube channel which featured her face, onto the CWCki Server. I removed it and spoke to Val, requesting that he simply tell me next time that someone on the server was causing a problem, and I would deal with it. He responded by telling me, in no uncertain terms, to fuck off, so I kicked him from the server[22] (he would later rejoin once he realized that he hadn't been banned).[23]

While this first incident was fairly minor, it was the next one that would kickstart a plethora of further internal conflicts for the rest of the time that I was a member of the Watchmen.

MKR and the Moderators

In an earlier section, I mentioned that when members of the Watchmen arrived in the CWCki Server, Klop granted a few of them moderator roles, including Naught and MKR. Naught was hardly ever active in the server, and often left it due to his distaste towards many of its members, meaning that he ended up losing his moderator status fairly early on and never did anything with it. MKR, however, remained in the server, rarely speaking or doing anything but idling with the role on her account. As the modstaff expanded, eventually a meeting was held, during which it was decided that inactive users with the moderator roles would be removed, and this obviously included MKR, who was an infamous figure and known Watchman who never moderated the server in the first place. It should be noted that this action also occurred prior to me becoming the owner of the server. MKR was quietly removed from the modstaff, with nobody informing her of this fact under the assumption that she would neither notice nor care.

The Watchmen in general had a rather negative opinion of the CWCki Server, viewing the large userbase as being mostly irritating and ill-informed about Christory (which I thought was a rather unfair qualification, given the sheer number of people who were in the server at that point). I don't know whether or not spending so much time around Chris gave them a superiority complex over other Christorians and a desire to gatekeep the community (which would be laughable if true), but either way, they aired their complaints quite openly in the Place, which I always ignored, as I don't tend to go out of my way to incite conflict on Discord. But one thing that MKR would always bring up, without fail, was that mods had paid "tardbucks" for their role. This is in reference to an event in the early days of the server, when Klop promoted a user to moderator shortly after they boosted the server. Klop claimed that his decision was unrelated to the boosting, and the person turned out to be an excellent moderator anyway, so I'm inclined to believe him, and nothing like this happened again, coincidentally or otherwise. However, this was the one thing that MKR latched onto without letting up, and would bring it up constantly.[23]

Eventually, she made it very clear why: she was upset that the moderator position was robbed from her without warning. Bear in mind, this complaint was made an entire three months after the role removal, so it wasn't exactly like she realized immediately. I apologized about this, informing her that it was a decision made under my predecessor, but told her that she couldn't have the role back if she wasn't going to actually moderate the server. She continued protesting, accusing me of lying, and doubting my claim that my predecessor removed the role from her. All of this arguing eventually led me to question why she wanted it despite her very obvious disdain for the server. Her response was "because you took it away," like a petulant child throwing a temper tantrum about her toys getting taken from her. I stood my ground, refusing to return the role to her (even more convinced that she wasn't right for it after that argument).[24]

This was a grudge that MKR never seemed to get over. I would often be at the receiving end of her hostility and bizarre conspiracy theories, suggesting that I was a mole (for some unknown group, apparently) or that I was working for Praetor (who the Watchmen were intensely at war with at the time). The latter occurred because I sometimes advocated for diplomacy with Praetor, seeing as the Watchmen's stubborn hostility was getting them nowhere. At one point, she asked me if we had met before, to which I truthfully told her that we met in the CWCki Server for the first time. I wouldn't find out the reason she asked me this until much later.[25]

All of this is to say that MKR absolutely cannot be trusted when speaking about me. She is motivated by a grudge that she never got over, and this is the reason she has accused me of various things that I never did.

Sean Walker

Sean's profile icon on his Neko Onyx Discord account, drawn by MKR.
And as long as I don't [do] anything stupid in the future, I'll be fine.
Sean Walker, 3 November 2020.

I haven't mentioned TheWCT/Neko Onyx, also known as Sean Walker, very much so far other than in passing, and that's because he's deserving of his own section. During my time with the Watchmen, I didn't interact personally with many of their members in DMs, because I just didn't like very many of them. As I had mentioned earlier, I never enjoyed interacting with the "toxic trio" (as well as some invisible members) due to their topics of discussion being either disinteresting or downright repulsive to me. I didn't tend to participate in their political discussions, as squabbling over politics on Discord is generally unproductive and something I sought to avoid, but I often saw that Sean did argue with them, taking up similar positions to what I would have. He was also generally less volatile than the others, so I ended up feeling like he was something of a kindred spirit, or at the very least, someone I could speak to within the Watchmen who didn't make me want to gouge my eyes out in frustration.

The first time I spoke to him in DMs was 27 October, when I asked him to upload the audio recording that Chris had made for Discord Q&A 9. From then on, we would occasionally have friendly conversations, sometimes discussing Christory, sharing our mutual distaste for the opinions expressed by the other Watchmen, or just having casual chats. While I wouldn't call him a friend (especially now), I suppose that I could say that we were acquaintances of sorts.

The general vibe I got from him was that he was, for the most part, an outwardly polite and fairly kind person who was clearly quite autistic and passionate about his interest in Chris and other lolcows. There were other major aspects of his character that should be appreciated, but I will refrain from talking too much about him right now, as there's plenty of space to go over his actions in great detail throughout this page.

Ultimately, of all the things I had done in the community during this year, being friendly towards Sean has come to be my greatest regret.

Sean and His Ego

One thing that I noticed about Sean straight away, which should have been an immediate red flag, was that he has a massive fucking ego. It seriously rivals that of Chris.

The very first time that we spoke one-on-one, a mere few messages after I had asked him to upload Discord Q&A 9 to his channel so it could be embedded into the CWCki, he asked me this unprompted:

Would you say I've reached "Christorical Figure" status?

I told him I didn't know, and said he should speak to Null if he wanted the role on Kiwi Farms, although he also wanted to know in general. Bear in mind, this was the first time I had spoken to the guy directly, and it wasn't even like he was the leader of the Watchmen (although I'm sure that was his ambition, given what would eventually happen). This would be the first time - but nowhere near the last - that Sean would casually say something aggravatingly self-aggrandizing and I would either placate him or bite my tongue (to avoid an argument).

The way that he phrased certain things had this air of entitlement to them that would have otherwise been normal had he simply not been thinking of himself as a person of importance. Shortly after our initial interaction, we spoke briefly about the possibility of him hosting the uncut Create Unknown interview on his channel. This is how that went:

Since I had a good talk with those folks, I'll give them the benefit of a doubt and release it right after their Edited Interview gets uploaded to YouTube.
Yeah I was gonna say, we shouldn't steal their thunder

Especially since we didn't pay to sit in on the interview

They've gained my respect.

So I'll let them have the clout.

Notice the language that he uses, about how he'd "let" the Create Unknown have the clout because they've gained his respect, as though he had any say in whether or not TCU deserved to benefit from their own interview with Chris (which they paid for, mind you).

Later, when I informed him (as a courtesy) that TCU would be hosting the uncut interview themselves since they own the content, this was his response:

Get back to him letting him know that I agree with his conditions.

I did not, in fact, tell the Create Unknown hosts that Sean "agreed" with their conditions, because they didn't know him and he had nothing to do with the "agreement."

This would only continue as time went on, where he would insist on using particular terminology when describing things. When Naught temporarily kicked him out of the Place (which will be discussed later), he kept referring to it as a "coup," as though he had been the deposed leader.[footnote 2]

There are plenty of other examples, so I'm just going to leave a small collection of quotes from him below that demonstrate Sean's monstrous ego:

Examples of Sean's Ego from Within Our DMs
My Internet life hasn't changed too much since I've became a Christorical Figure, so I don't really see the need for me to be removed from there.
After Sean was kicked out of the place by Naught.[26]
How would you describe your relationship with CWC?

cause you already know mine, it's good.

Sean bragging about how great his relationship is with Chris, as though such a thing is an accomplishment.[27]

payback for me getting removed from the place.

Sean's response to me telling him about how MKR was angry at me over the modstaff situation.[28]
Maybe you could jokingly let her know that if she wants to be a mod again, I have to be allowed back into the place. lol
Same conversation. And no, Sean, I wouldn't do that. Not on your life.[28]
I'm not as Power or Attention hungry as the others when it comes to CWC since I'm on my way to achieve E-Fame through other ways, but I loved to interact with Chris in the Place whenever he'd come online.
It won't be too long before he disproves this notion.[29]
A half of me believes it was an attempted Coup by Kyle/MKR to get me kicked out.
After Sean was let back into the Place. First use of the C word.[30]
and now that you've just mentioned it, this smells and looks like a failed coup.
Second use of the C word.[30]
I have a feeling they'll attempt another coup in the future.
Third use.[30]
So far, no second attempted coup yet. lol

Sean confidently demonstrates that he doesn't know his Christory:

Question: who do you think the Wallflower was?

judging by what we know, I think it's quite obvious. lol

Her real identity is out there already

[REDACTED], I believe her real name is?

We just can't talk about it on the cwcki, or the server

Honestly, I think the Wallflower is none-other than long-legs.

in other words, Emily (or Kim Wilson)

Oh, no

She's someone completely different

Emily/Kim is super super careful about maintaining her secrecy

Whereas Wallflower wasn't careful at all, and therefore got exposed

that's strange, I thought the Wallflower was Emily since they reacted to Chris in a similar way.

The emails that were sent between Chris and the Wallflower remind me a lot of how Emily would brag about Clyde. lol[32]

look at me, I'm a YouTuber/Watchmen/Friend of Chris. Do I beg or want power at all within the CWCki server?
Casual humblebragging, when speaking about MKR and the mod situation again.[33]
imo, he should've handed it to me.
Sean's response to me telling him that Naught transferred ownership of the Place to Nova.[34]

Continuing to talk about the server ownership transfer:

It should've been me (not because I wanted the power, lol) but I feel like I had the same kind of Shadow figurehead role like Naught.
You literally have a YT channel...
ok, maybe you now have a point there.

Handing a server that crucial to Christory right now to some random obscure YouTuber is kinda risky.

but from my defense, I'm not the kind of guy who would abuse his power unless his the majority say action must be taken.

I'd be benevolent.[34]

While talking about how long Naught has (apparently) been involved in Christory, Sean demonstrates his weird boner for Naught and Null:

I discovered Chris Mid-Late High School too btw.

If I continue to play along the way [Naught] and Josh did, I’m probably going to play a larger role in this story a lot more than I do nowadays.

Josh was around 20 years old when he first found Chris.

And 7 years later, look at him now. lol

Yeah...I don't envy him, personally
I don’t know if I’ll be here in the next 5-6 years, but if I some how am, it wouldn’t surprise me at all since I’ve grown closer to Chris.
I don't know if that's a goal to be aspiring towards
I made mistakes in life that some could compare to those that Chris has made himself.

And because of that, I relate well to him.[35]

Double crossing [Naught] is a fatal mistake that nobody (regardless of how powerful they are in their server may be) should make.
Safe to say you got coup'ed.
Speaking about me this time, after I got kicked from the Watchmen. Also: fifth use of the C word.[36]

If you're wondering why I'm putting Sean on blast like this despite him being the only member of the Watchmen I marginally liked at the time, keep reading. The answer will come soon.

Sean and Randy Stair

Randy Stair.


The following is my opinion, a conclusion I have drawn based off of the facts that have been presented to me. I am not saying that this is necessarily the absolute provable truth; only that this is what I believe it to be from my own perspective. If new evidence arises that contradicts the beliefs I express here, I will happily eat my words.

It is widely known at this point by followers of the Incest saga that Sean had a fascination with lolcow and mass shooter Randy Stair. A common narrative I have seen about this is that he introduced Chris to the story of Randy Stair in a concerted effort to feed him violent delusions and transform Chris into a mass shooter himself, and that this desire was what may have inspired Bella's own supposed goal to have Chris commit suicide. I'll discuss Sean's relationship with Bella later, but for now, I will focus solely on the Randy Stair aspect, and why I believe that this narrative regarding Sean's intentions on this matter is wrong.

I first became marginally aware of Sean's interest obsession with Stair on 6 November 2020, when he wrote me the following message:

bruh, I accidentally got CWC into Randy Stair.

I had no idea who Randy Stair was at the time, nor the extent of Sean's obsession, so I thought little of it, merely commenting on whether Chris followed the antics of fellow lolcows. Sean also mentioned that Chris was getting into the story of Thaddeus McMichael, implying that he learned about McMichael through WCT's YouTube videos, similarly to how he seemed to learn about Stair.[37]

The next time Chris and his growing interest in Stair was mentioned by Sean in our messages was 14 December 2020, when Sean linked me a video created by YouTuber Dillin Thomas, commenting on the "crossover," writing:

ຮṎṈḭᏨ ḭṈຮᾀṈḭtẙ Chris Chan and Randy Stair The Greatest Crossover In History
Stardate 10 December 2020
Made By Dillin Thomas
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

oh god...what have I done. lol

This video was made in response to a lengthy Twitter thread that Chris had written recently, talking about Stair and his delusions in relation to the Dimensional Merge. Within this conversation, Sean said many things that, upon retrospect, provide context to some of the events that surrounded Chris and his newfound interest in Stair's story.

The first detail of note is that Sean admitted that Chris discovered Stair on his own by browsing Sean's documentaries on his YouTube channel (Chris had become a fan of Sean's work), and then asked Sean questions about Stair, presumably focusing on his delusional beliefs.

Remember when Chris had that lengthy Twitter thread?

even though he discovered Randy Stair first (via my documentaries), he asked me some things about him.

So in a way, yes. This was my doing.

This contradicts the common belief that Sean intentionally introduced Stair to Chris in a conscious effort to make Chris imitate Stair. While he clearly takes credit for this, and responds to Chris's questions after the fact, the way that he explained what happened leads me to believe that even he is cognizant of the fact that this essentially began as an accident. In this manner, I think he's hardly any more responsible for introducing Chris to Stair than Geno Samuel is for inadvertently introducing the average ween to Chris's story.

Following this, Sean expressed his annoyance at the anger of those who believed that there did not exist any parallels between Chris and Stair, and that the key difference between them was Stair's propensity for violence.

It makes me a little angry that people are getting mad at Chris over having something in Common with Randy, but people shouldn't be surprised at this point.

Randy and Chris actually have stuff in common with each other, it's just that Randy is more excessively violent than Chris.

Chris can be violent in his own way (as Christory has shown), but he will never be as violent as Randy was.

He stated afterward that Chris was overall a happier and more peaceful individual than Stair.[38] These statements, to me, indicate that Sean's intent in teaching Chris about Stair was not to inspire violence, as he admitted that Chris's capabilities for such things are comparatively limited. I think that Sean just wanted to share his obsession over an obscure subject of interest and the lore that surrounded it with Chris, who he considered a friend.

Now, I don't believe that this excuses or justifies Sean's actions after the initial introduction of Stair. Sean could have very easily given short answers to Chris and not encouraged his delusions, but instead he chose to do the exact opposite, eventually playing along once Chris decided to integrate Stair's lore into his own.

Months later, in February 2021, Sean informed me that Naught was unhappy with him for introducing Chris to Stair in the first place, and shared with me his own DMs with Chris, in which Chris first described his thoughts on Sean's docs and made it a part of his delusions, back in November. Naught later criticized Sean in the Place for causing this, and demanded that he tell the truth about the origins of Chris's interest in Stair if the subject were brought up again. Notably, Sean reaffirmed to Naught that the introduction to Stair was accidental.[39] Ultimately, Sean never did get the chance to explain himself.

None of this is meant to defend Sean. His actions following Chris's discovery of Stair were inexcusable, and he should have known better. Even the other Watchmen recognized his failure to take responsibility for influencing Chris (although they notably did very little to stop it). I am simply sharing what I know and believe because I don't think that Sean is the monster that Kiwi Farms investigators make him out to be. Yes, he is selfish and short-sighted, with extremely poor judgment, but I think that it's a stretch to consider him a violent sociopath because of a few bad decisions.

Sean and the Other Watchmen

Chris argues in Sean's favor.

Sean's relationship with the other members of the Watchmen could be described as...tenuous, at best. I would say that if not for the burning hatred that MKR developed towards me, Sean could easily be considered the least popular member of the group. Besides his vocal opposition to many of the political beliefs expressed by the "toxic trio" and his influence over Chris with regards to the Randy Stair lore, he was generally looked down upon by the others, and was constantly the butt of their jokes and insults. Sean generally took these in stride, either firing insults back or letting them roll off his shoulders. Either way, it seemed like Sean was fine with putting up with their disrespect towards him if it meant he could continue being a member of the Watchmen.

However, something eventually happened which led him to be suddenly, temporarily kicked out of the Place on 3 December. When I inquired about this, Sean quoted Naught as having told him that he was too open about his interactions with Chris and that he needed a break.[26] Given the back-and-forth spats that happened and would continue to happen between Sean and Naught, I don't know how much of this claim to believe, as Naught's motives could have been entirely different, and I was suspicious of such, given the absolute contempt the group showed toward Sean. Then again, perhaps Sean was downplaying how much he shared, a fact which would certainly not surprise me now. I don't particularly feel inclined to take either of them entirely at their word, anyway.

Later, on 11 December, Sean would message me again about this matter, claiming that he had a talk with Naught, and that his kick was a result of "politisperging" as well as some gay jokes he made while in there. More tellingly, he said that this was a decision made between Naught, Nova, and MKR, solidifying their positions as "leaders" of the operation. At the time, I was sympathetic towards his position, because I actively disliked the three of them and strongly believed that their reasoning was based on lies, although not to the extent that I would go out of my way to defend Sean to them.[40]

On 20 December, Sean asked me if I thought it was a good idea for him to convince Chris to pressure Naught into allowing Sean back into the Place. I told him that I thought this was a terrible idea, and would only make things worse. So naturally, he decided to do it.[29]

What I didn't expect, however, was that this actually worked. Chris followed through on declaring that Sean had been wrongfully expelled from the group,[41] and with no shortage of arguments and behind-the-scenes grumbling from the trio,[42] Sean was allowed back into the first layer of the Place on 24 December (it was a Christmas miracle, I guess). This was also the first time he began using the word "coup" to describe his short ban.[30]

By the end of the month, Sean was brought back into the second layer of the Place, albeit in a limited capacity,[43] and MKR still openly expressed animosity towards him (just as she did towards me).[44] From what I could tell, his relationship with the others would remain rocky until the Watchmen's breakup later in 2021.

The Approaching Storm (January 2021 - February 2021)

It was 2021, the start of a new year, and I was beginning to see the writing on the wall that things were about to change for me. Chris had stopped regularly answering questions, and so I sought out other ways to document his writings. The Watchmen's war with Praetor was beginning to escalate into a public spectacle, and on the inside, hostility towards me would reach an all-time high. I knew that I was getting into an increasingly unstable situation with the Watchmen, and that I needed to formulate some sort of backup plan in case things went south. This would end up being a critical time for me, right before things collapsed.

The Chroniclings of Chris Chan

With the halting of the Discord Q&As, I suddenly found myself with a drought of semi-consistent content from Chris. In spite of this, I kept collecting and sorting questions from CWC Questions for a while, hoping that Chris would eventually get back to it. Starting from mid-January, I would send him the usual weekly check-ins, asking if he felt ready to answer the questions, which unfortunately went entirely ignored.[45] Seeing as the task merely required sending approximately a single message per week, I kept doing it consistently even when it bore no fruit.

However, something else came about that, while not as interesting as the Q&As in my opinion, was far more dense and filled with informative content. Those wound up being the information releases that I came to call The Chroniclings of Chris Chan.

The Journey to the Merge

On 1 January, a day after Chris declared in the Place that "the Merge is on," he vaguely requested that I "go public with everything that [he has] been sharing with [the Watchmen for] the past few weeks," pertaining to Chris's various musings about the Dimensional Merge. Unsure of what to make of this, I asked him if he meant something specific or if I was just supposed to determine what to release myself. Naturally, Chris wanted me to make all the judgment calls rather than sorting through his own bullshit, so my work was cut out for me as usual. After asking how far exactly Chris wanted me to go back, he left that to my judgment as well.[46]

Since this was now all down to my decision-making, I decided to go as far back as September 2020, when I first joined the Watchmen. While I didn't want to go too far into the past, as the server's logs extended all the way back to September 2019, I wanted to include just enough relevant information that I could release a healthy amount while not spending forever finding, taking screenshots of, and editing messages that I wasn't there for and didn't have the context for. From there, I began collecting what I needed.

It was a lengthy process that took more time than it really should have, although one must bear in mind the inherently mind-numbing effect of combing through months-worth of delusional rambling by Chris to find a few nuggets worth releasing to the public. Eventually, I managed to compile together a large group of conversations from 16 September 2020 to 9 January 2021, and after editing out the usernames of those involved in the conversations (aside from Sean Walker as Neko Onyx, and Peachy, who were both indifferent to their inclusions), I would format and publish this collection to the CWCki as The Journey to the Merge.

Since this had been a rather unconventional information release that was themed around something specific and spanned several months, it didn't feel right to call it something like "January 2021 Discord leaks." That's where I came up with the Chronicling idea, as it would play into the way that Chris saw Lainchu's role, and would be especially useful as a categorizing device if Chris requested more of these types of releases. I started making a habit of creating "forewords" as Lainchu to give context to what was being shared,[47] speaking in character mostly for the fun of it, but also on the off-chance that Chris saw the pages that consisted of Lainchu speaking (which he never did, to my knowledge).

And thus, on 23 January 2021, the very first Chronicling was created.

Lost Content

There's actually a "lost chapter" of this first Chronicling. In the process of putting everything together, I was constantly running all my edits past the other Watchmen, as I wanted their input and involvement. They were mostly indifferent to my work, but one part of my intended release did bother Naught, Nova, and MKR: a pair of screenshots from 22 November 2020, in which Chris spoke about having a vision of the near future, in which one of his "doppelgängers" would be working as faculty at Manchester High School, and would pass away in some fashion in front of a group of students. This event would allow this person's "energy" to be absorbed by Chris, further assisting him with breaking the "Iron Curtain." The other Watchmen in the chat at the time commented on the rather morbid nature of this particular delusion.[48]

When reviewing this, concerns were raised about weens potentially using the knowledge of Chris believing in doppelgängers as a way in. I argued against this point, stating that weens have already done this sort of thing regardless (roleplaying as one of the Sonichu characters, for instance), that this delusion was something Chris could have easily spoken about or would later speak about on Twitter anyway, and that weens were generally not smart enough to look for a clue so specific. In spite of this, the three of them persisted, and I knew the two images were not going to be worth the fight.[25] So I cut them from the collection.

This particular chat was later leaked onto the CWCki, long after the Watchmen's dissolution.

Exchange between Chris-as-Sonichu, Naught, and Nova
Chris (as Sonichu)
I fell under a couple of heavy trances and got a massive amount of visions, but the one for the near future that is of great importance is going to happen at Manchester High School in Midlothian, Virginia.

Mama’s School.

Apparently, one of her doppelgängers is working there as one of the faculty, and in the near future, in witness of the bunch of attending students, he will do something and ultimately pass on. Right after, that doppelgänger’s energy and power will flow into this body, and making come full circle with the eventful amount of overpower this body will need for breaking through the Iron Curtain.

so, good?
That's a bit, macabre?
I mean, it was said there's a few counterparts out there
Chris (as Sonichu)
Mostly good, yeah, but also bad, since a bunch of students will end up being scarred by the moment.

It’s still vague on the greater details of the how he will die. And I face fear in stating it would possibly be a suicide attempt.

And you know, the actual person dying, thought that would take precedence.
ok, yeah a tad morbid
Chris (as Sonichu)
Or it could be a simple straight up heart attack; still beyond me.

Anyway, I’m calling it as I am foreseeing it.

So, yeah, it’s not exactly buttons and bows with me, either.

B.hug @Sonichu982
[Bot generates a GIF of an anime character hugging another]
Chris (as Sonichu)
How crazy it is that we just found out and confirmed that one of Mama’s doppelgängers has been working at the same school that she, herself, had attended two decades ago.

There was a lot I could have included in this first Chronicling that I simply didn't, because of a desire to keep things focused, as well as to not provoke any unnecessary drama. Many of Chris's then-recent messages had to do with people who he got into (usually one-sided) conflicts with in some way or another, whether that be Ben Saint, Opuscon, or Cirrusfire (Opuscon actually was briefly mentioned in passing here). However, one of the dramas cut out actually had to do with the Watchmen's internal conflicts as well. In the segment I entitled New Developments, there are two redacted messages: a large paragraph, and a small sentence. Both of these had to with Sean Walker's banning from the Place, with Chris advocating for him to be allowed back in. Since this was in the middle of a Merge-related textwall, I opted to censor the two messages rather than cut them out entirely, since I thought airing the Watchmen's dirty laundry out in the open would probably not be a very good look for the group.

Just like with the previous lost content, this one was eventually leaked onto the CWCki as well.

ThePlace1stLayer 24Dec20 Infighting,anime,lore1.png
Chris (as Sonichu)
Side-note and firstly, Neko, I understand, was kicked out of the group due to some political jokes that didn’t go over well with everyone. It should go without saying that such type of comedy, if it goes over one’s head or is offensive, you can simply not read it, listen to it, or just tolerate it for the support of our friend. Neko is still a very vital and importan [sic] component and individual in our group. Such differences are petty in comparison to the greater good and ultimate outcomes to come.

With that said, I would appreciate having Neko readmitted into the server, and not to be banned from it again, please.

The argument would continue below where I cut the image off, eventually ending in the Watchmen reluctantly readmitting Sean to the server's first layer.[41]

The Vaughn Interlude

The "gifts" sent to Chris from the fictional group LAnon.

The second Chronicling came about as a result of the sudden appearance of the troll Larry Vaughn. On 3 January, Chris came into the Place with an announcement, as he had just received a goodie bag and a letter from a group calling themselves "LAnon," a rather unsubtle parody of a certain popular conspiracy theory. Impressively, Chris went to the effort to transcribe the entire thing into the Place's general chat rather than just send pictures of the letter itself. He also shared with us the texts he received from a supposed representative of the group, going by the pseudonym "Miss L," and a picture of the goodies he received. The Watchmen dismissed this as the obvious bait that it was, but Chris wanted to "confirm their intentions."[49] The next day, he posted another text from Miss L, leading to more derision of the troll's tactics.[50]

Miss L and LAnon were discussed briefly behind the scenes, but Chris didn't say anything more about them for a while, leaving the Watchmen with little to work with. However, on 14 January, Twitter users began publicly posting about the "ciphered messages" that Chris was sending to them, leading the Watchmen to confront him about it two days later. The initial assumption was that Chris's Twitter got hacked, but Chris would reveal that this was actually the result of coercion on the part of Miss L, who now went by the pseudonym Larry Vaughn, after a character in Jaws.[51]

While Chris was too proud to admit his mistake, the Watchmen continued telling Chris to ignore Vaughn, and this was thankfully his only meaningful trolling effort.[52] Chris would later share small details that Vaughn had sent on occasion, including his likely fake name: Daniel Arias.[53]

Larry Vaughn from Jaws.

A lot of people were confused about the events that had recently transpired around what Larry Vaughn had done, so I figured making another information release would help clear the air on what was happening behind the scenes. After getting permission from Naught[54] (I didn't extensively run my work by the other Watchmen this time as I had previously, due to an increase in hostility that I will discuss later), I compiled another collection, albeit much shorter and less extensive than the last, revealing the effects of Vaughn's efforts before they were revealed to the public. I censored quite a bit in this one, including names and Twitter accounts included in the LAnon letter, as I didn't want unrelated people who didn't respond to Chris to be potentially dragged into his nonsense. I also censored Vaughn's supposed real last name, as that was not public information at the time. Of course, much of this effort would end up being moot later on, as nearly all of this information was revealed by Vaughn himself at some point or another.

I entitled this collection The Vaughn Interlude, posting about it on the CWCki on 4 February, and it seemed to be a rather useful resource for the Larry Vaughn page. Unfortunately, this release was undercut by Naught the next day, when he announced (to the Kiwi Farms) Praetor's involvement in Chris using a taser on a crystal as a way to open a portal.[55] This annoyed me at the time, given how much effort I'd put into compiling the Chronicling, while Naught simply quoted Chris (didn't even include a screenshot as proof) and had the whole CWC subforum panicking for a few days. In retrospect, I suppose that Vaughn was old news by the time the Chronicling released anyway. And given the size of what I am currently writing on this page for no tangible personal gain, I guess I should be used to wasting my own time at this point. Oh, well.

Bella's (Public) Introduction

Chris mentions Bella again.

I didn't know of its importance at the time, but The Vaughn Interlude included Chris's very first mention of Bella (that was made public, anyway), in which Chris stated that she was helpful to him for "trolling [Vaughn] for intel." It had been months since anyone named "Bella" was mentioned, so I asked if she was the animator that worked for Praetor, who was talked about previously, and Chris confirmed that this was correct.[56] Because it was part of the conversation on Vaughn, it wound up being a part of the Chronicling. If I could ask it again, I probably would have clarified what exactly she had been responsible for animating, but given how things would go for Bella later on, I guess that difference wouldn't have mattered too much anyway.

This was the first indication of Bella's self-imposed role as Chris's advisor and trusted confidant, something which would eventually lead to both of their downfalls.

Thinking with Portals

The third and final Chronicling that consisted of messages from within the Place came about as a result of Praetor, and their involvement in Chris's plan to use a taser on a crystal as a way to open a portal and begin the Dimensional Merge. After this fact was revealed by Naught on Kiwi Farms, Praetor wound up being heavily scrutinized by both the Watchmen and the greater CWC community as a whole, even moreso than they had been before when they were just selling medallions and making sermon videos. Now, they were considered to be potential risks to Chris's safety, and the Watchmen were spiraling in regards to what should be done about them.

On 8 February, Caden, the apparent owner of the Praetor Discord account, came into the Place's general chat and began discussing the matter. I don't know exactly what prompted this after months of silence - perhaps Chris or one of the Watchmen DMed him about the latter's concerns beforehand, or he simply noticed the Watchmen's openly-aired grievances in the general chat and chose to respond. Regardless, Caden defended himself by stating that this was Chris's idea, that Chris would not come into permanent ownership of the taser, that the voltage on the taser itself was low, and that they would take responsibility should anything go wrong. Predictably, this was not enough assurance for the Watchmen, with Nova choosing to antagonize Caden while the latter remained fairly calm.

Chris entered the discussion and began arguing logistics with Nova, throughout which Caden would occasionally interject to tease the latter. Nova would attack him in return, while Chris would try to break up the fighting by inserting bouts of random-access humor. Predictably, none of this wound up accomplishing very much other than to serve as the setup for the call that would take place later that night. At the end of the text discussion, I asked if I could Chronicle the exchange, as I believed it might be valuable information for the community to know, and Chris requested I do so.[57]

Conveniently, I had a couple of information pieces that Chris requested the release of on the backburner already: one from 31 January, in which Chris discussed his "past" as a goddess,[58] and another from 1 February, in which Chris talked about the wizard Merlin, and how he fit into Chris's lore.[59] I decided to wait on releasing these pieces until something more substantial could be grouped alongside them, and this fight between the Watchmen and Praetor was the perfect opportunity. So, after receiving permission from Naught,[60] I set to work on creating the third Chronicling.

It would release on 13 February, under the name Thinking with Portals, as a loose theme for this release. This was a fairly low-key event, all things considered, but I'm glad that this small amount of light could be shed on the situation.

I wish that I could have made more of these Chroniclings from within the Place, but sadly, such a thing was not meant to be.

Ethics and My Process

I wanted to talk briefly about the way that I released information, both the Chroniclings and the Discord Q&As. Nowadays, most people who have information to share about Chris that do not already exist in a public forum (such as Twitter), or simply wish to get the attention of an interested crowd, will make an account on Kiwi Farms to share their stories or content. However, this was something I very much did not want to do from the beginning. I desired neither attention nor direct engagement from the community over these releases, so instead, I used the other resource that was available to me - my editor account - and created pages directly on the CWCki itself. For a long time, this seemed to be perfectly acceptable, but in the aftermath of incest reveal, questions have begun to be raised about the role of the Watchmen in influencing the CWCki and its content from this period.

In order to discuss this, I'll outline my process: first, I would ask either Chris or Naught if something was okay to be released, and for Journey to the Merge at least, I asked who wanted their usernames or other information censored. I was always very thorough, and I bring this up because members of the Watchmen would later accuse me of leaking things without permission while I was part of the Place, which is simply untrue.

After taking screenshots and suitably censoring them, I would create a page on the CWCki that described the overall content of the release as well as transcripts of the content, and these were usually fairly clinical in their writing. I would include a "foreword" as Lainchu in order to set the tone, but the rest of it was mostly unaltered writing taken verbatim from the messages that were exchanged between the Watchmen and Chris. On occasion, a few things would be censored, such as personal information and the aforementioned paragraph in which Chris defended Sean after the latter was banned from the Place. But none of these fundamentally changed the context or content of the exchanges themselves.

My point here is that none of the releases were created with the intent to trick or misinform anyone. There isn't some grand conspiracy by the Watchmen to downplay their actions on the CWCki by having an editor (me, in this case) make them look better, or not as bad as they actually are. None of the pages I wrote convey that, and some of them even make the Watchmen look bad. This was just the vehicle through which I delivered my information.

Ethically, I suppose I can understand the uneasiness that might come with an editor uploading their own content, even if it is relevant because it includes Chris. That being said, I openly invite anyone to edit the pages I made if they believe that more can be added or improved upon. I may have created the pages, but I'm not the sole editor.

As for worries that the Watchmen were controlling aspects of the narrative through me, I'd like to acknowledge that doing this was never something they asked of me, and was also something I never did either way. I generally avoided editing the Watchmen's CWCki page, and the one time I did it was not only after I was no longer part of the group, but was also in service to documenting MKR making a fool of herself. I had and still have absolutely zero interest in defending the Watchmen on this wiki, especially after my relationship with them deteriorated significantly.

Escalating Hostilities

As I have been alluding to throughout the previous section, these two months wound up being a time of rapidly increasing hostilities between not only the Watchmen and their perceived enemies, but between myself and the other Watchmen as well. This was not something that went unnoticed by Chris, and would serve as the start of an ever-widening rift between himself and his self-imposed group of protectors.

The Watchmen vs. Larry Vaughn

Most of the story regarding Larry Vaughn's major activities was covered in an earlier section, so I won't waste time rehashing those events. The critical points to remember are that Chris showed the Watchmen Vaughn's attempts to get his foot in the door, and despite the Watchmen's warnings, Chris proceeded to walk directly into the trap anyway. After this, Chris pretended he knew what he was doing the whole time, and Vaughn's activities became insignificant despite his intended trolling plans and numerous attempts to provoke Chris further.

After this, on 11 February, Larry Vaughn made a Kiwi Farms account and started posting in the then-recently created thread about the taser debacle with Praetor, in which Naught was busy leaking information, the most recent of which being a snippet of the call that happened between Caden and the Watchmen on the evening of 8 February, as well as Caden's dox.[61] Vaughn apparently had more to say on the matter, so he started posting about how he allegedly was brought into contact with Caden via Chris, and that the former agreed with some of his trolling plans.[62] All of this was unsubstantiated and based off of his word alone, so I am not entirely inclined to treat these claims as fact.

Vaughn then further doxed Caden by posting his phone number,[63] along with text conversations he had with Chris.[64] In response, Naught posted Vaughn's supposed real name (Daniel Arias) as well as his phone number,[65] both of which Vaughn dismissed as fake.[66] Naught pressed him about his motives, and Vaughn claimed he wanted to end Chris's belief in the Dimensional Merge or get help (despite his actions contradicting this stated intention), which then morphed into a desire to paint Praetor as incompetent, since he believed the group to be "fucking nuts."[67]

This was the last of Vaughn's significant actions, and he didn't have much of an impact overall, with his part in Chris's story ending before it ever really started. However, the fact that he was successful in his first trolling attempt confirmed something to me that I had slowly begun to realize throughout my months with the Watchmen: that they were incapable of guarding Chris from outside influences if their usual tactics didn't work. Praetor was the first of these such instances, with them being easily doxed, but not backing away from Chris despite this, perhaps because they didn't care. As for Vaughn, his momentary grip on Chris would not be discovered until it was already too late.

My point is that the Watchmen have always been more reactive than proactive, only responding to perceived threats after they have made their presence obvious. And by then, the damage will already have been done.

The Watchmen vs. Praetor

The Watchmen had truly found an ever-persistent enemy in Praetor, which refused to go down no matter how hard the white knight group tried. The Watchmen had already tried doxing, and that didn't work, so they resorted to a two-pronged approach of simultaneously demonizing the group and trying to pull Chris out of their sphere of influence. Then again, perhaps putting it this way is giving them too much credit; I have never seen the Watchmen lay out a coordinated plan of attack.

Anyway, Praetor had presented themselves as benevolent and beneficial towards Chris, both financially and spiritually. The former was obviously represented in their sales of the custom-made Sonichu medallions, which Chris got a cut of. The latter was represented in numerous different ways, with the members playing into Chris's beliefs, as well as providing him a platform for the sermon video. To this day, I can only guess at their motivation for doing this. Perhaps it was the way they ensured that Chris would remain interested in their operations, or maybe they were just bored and wanted to have some fun while making some money. The members of Praetor were supposedly high school students (or just leaving) at the time, after all.

Naturally, all of this posed a significant threat to the Watchmen's power. Unlike figures such as Jacob Sockness or random weens and a-logs who demonstrably intended some form of harm to befall Chris, Praetor always presented themselves as being in Chris's corner and acting out of his best interests (from his perspective). This coupled with the fact that they clearly didn't care about their doxes being on the Internet (at least not enough to stop their operations), and the Watchmen found that they could neither convince Chris that Praetor was indeed a threat, nor scare the group away themselves.

This was the subject of much discussion behind the scenes, with various ideas being exchanged about how to handle Praetor, some of them rather ludicrous. Sean believed that they would one day just go away on their own, either out of boredom or fear of retaliation,[68] given the way that groups surrounding Chris have gone in the past (although this ignores the unique circumstances that allowed Praetor to remain in power in the first place). Nova and MKR seemed convinced, without evidence to support this theory, that Praetor were responsible for some kind of fraud, such as buying their own medallions from the storefront to artificially inflate their sales numbers (despite what a terrible and nonsensical business tactic that would be for something this niche).[69] They also - rather unreasonably - wanted Chris to get all of the money that was made from the medallions rather than just a percentage.[70][71] They believed that Chris needed to be convinced that Praetor were actually the bad guys.

I had a different approach in mind, but...let's just say that my suggestions did not go over well with the rest of the Watchmen. I'll discuss them at greater length later on.

As can be seen, the Watchmen had very little to work with, and so no conflict arose with Praetor publicly. But then the taser plans were announced, and suddenly, things turned around. The Watchmen now had the perfect ammunition and opportunity to not only further turn public perception against Praetor, but pull Chris away from them as well.

However, I believe that what the Watchmen did next would wind up unintentionally causing them to architect their own demise.

The Taser Incident

The digital cart image that Praetor used to troll the community, with the Vipertek assumed to have been the device they intended to use (although this weapon is a stun gun, not a taser).

To be clear, according to both Chris and Caden, the stated intention with the taser was for Chris to zap a crystal of some kind in order to open a portal to another dimension. While I believe this to have been a rather reckless and irresponsible idea, given Chris's past history of misusing self-defense weapons, this didn't necessarily translate to harmful intent on the part of Praetor. Unless it was their plan all along to zap Chris for fun (which I don't believe, as such a move would be horribly detrimental to their business, not to mention the legal issues that would arise), I think this paints Praetor more as careless than it does malicious. Of course, this was not the narrative that the Watchmen would fuel on Kiwi Farms.

After Naught created that Kiwi Farms thread about Praetor's plans and all hell broke loose, Praetor re-emerged to discuss things with the Watchmen, and later that night, Caden came onto a voice chat with them. I believe that the members involved at the time were Naught, Nova, Val, MKR, and Sean (who was recording the whole thing), as well as Chris. I actually did sit in for this discussion, although I didn't turn my mic on and only made the occasional contribution through text. Predictably, it was a rather unproductive back-and-forth spat in which no inroads were made. Although his intentions were undoubtedly suspicious, I don't think that Caden was impolite or uncooperative during the discussion; quite the opposite, actually. He seemed quite affable and willing to work through a discussion with the Watchmen, a path that I thought might have been worth exploring. But I was not the one leading this particular charge, so instead, the Watchmen continued to lambast Caden for various perceived slights. Not helping was the fact that Chris pretty firmly trusted Caden (bolstered by his belief that he, as Sonichu, could withstand electric shocks), and continually expressed an obvious desire for everyone to get along.

Eventually, Caden began making light fun of the Watchmen, answering sarcastically to many of their insults and threats. Near the end of this discussion, Sean demonstrated an inability to contain his growing superiority complex by making vague threats towards Praetor.[72] I advised him to reel things back in DMs[73] and in the Place's second layer, as I believed nothing good could come from this tactic. Naturally, MKR told me off for this simple suggestion, so I shut my mouth and allowed things to wrap up.[74] Caden left the call, followed by Chris, and Sean ended his recording.

After having been thoroughly humiliated by Caden in their own server, each of the Watchmen with a public presence began condemning him in some way. Naught posted Caden's dox onto Kiwi Farms,[61] followed by a one-minute-long clip out of context (which I assume Sean edited) of Val laughing at Chris stating his willingness to be purposefully electrocuted.[75] In the post, Naught had written "Caden and cwc as Sonichu prime discuss the tazer and who will be tazed," leaving out the fact that Val was the one who jokingly floated the idea and had been laughing. This was very obviously a way to spin things in order to make Caden appear more malicious than he actually was, and further turn the tide of public opinion against Praetor. I thought this was a rather disingenuous move on the part of the Watchmen, but at this point, I was used to the underhanded methods they used to achieve their goals, so it didn't really faze me. Meanwhile, MKR posted a portion of a snarky text conversation that Praetor had with the Watchmen during that night, further spinning the narrative.[76]

I think that it's safe to say at this point that this whole ordeal wound up accomplishing nothing in the long run. As time ticked by and no evidence of the taser being used came to light, either from video or testimony from Chris himself, interest in this topic slowly faded away, and Praetor would never again make another splash this large. Months later, the full call audio would be released by Sean.

In my eyes, this was the Watchmen's opportunity to change course with Praetor, for better or for worse, and they squandered it. But in retrospect, I think this was much worse than a simple missed opportunity.

By fighting with Praetor out in the open, the Watchmen had a rare moment of showing their true colors to Chris, unfiltered by feigned politeness or roleplaying. This would be the start of Chris's disillusionment with the group, when they would begin to lose him.

Effect on Chris

History shows that Chris abhors conflict between those that he considers friends. Attempting to speak negatively about those he has decided he already likes will have a good chance of causing him to shut down, as he will have a difficult choice ahead of him. This happened when Anna McLerran tried to convince him that Catherine was a troll, and again years later when the Guard Dogs came into conflict with the Teen Troon Squad. And I was watching it happen once more with the Watchmen and Praetor.

Attempts to ward Chris away from bad actors has worked in the past sometimes, as it did with Jacob Sockness and the Idea Guys, but only when it's already obvious to Chris that such people are active threats to him and his well-being, and he wants an out. If Chris believes the person/group is benevolent and is already attached to them, whoever tries to pull Chris away is more-or-less already fighting a losing battle. If the passive group (Praetor) doesn't manage to win him over completely, then the active group (the Watchmen) will at the very least lose some of its credibility in Chris's eyes.

And this was exactly what happened to the Watchmen. For them, this would be strike one.

The Watchmen vs. The Watchmen

It was during this time that the Watchmen became plagued with infighting, with the "Toxic Trio" leading a charge against myself and Sean Walker. There were other members who they didn't like either, but most of their vitriol that I witnessed was directed at the two of us.

While I am no fan of Sean's, I do admit that I felt a little bad about the way that MKR treated him with absolute contempt and clearly didn't respect him at all. I mean, he didn't do much to stand up for himself; he'd always just take the abuse, but still, I was sympathetic to his position because I often found myself in the same boat.

Usually, this would only go so far as MKR insulting me behind my back to Nova (but in channels where I could clearly read what she wrote). I would never respond to those provocations, as I didn't want to incite open conflict. Unfortunately, one day, open conflict simply fell right into my lap without warning.

Handling Praetor

A favorite tactic of MKR's was to make up a conspiracy theory about me and, I assume, use that as a way to justify her treatment of me (maybe I'm rationalizing it too much; she's never needed much of a reason in the first place). I already touched on her suspecting that we had met before (we hadn't) and that I was a mole for some other group (I wasn't), but now I want to focus mainly on our differing perspectives on Praetor.

You see, the Watchmen only had a single mode of attack, and despite their best efforts, such methods were entirely ineffective against Praetor. So I suggested an alternative solution: try diplomacy with Praetor. Have the Watchmen present themselves not as enemies, but as allies. I didn't suggest this because I thought the Watchmen needed to comply with whatever plans Praetor had, business or otherwise, but because it was clear that we were getting no insight into whatever was going on behind the scenes with them, the most valuable information to have if we couldn't just get rid of them. As it stood, like it or not, Praetor held all the cards: they had Chris's ear, had at least two female members who were holding his attention (Annie Renee and ILJ), they were paying and enabling him, and they didn't care about getting doxed. The Watchmen were outmatched, and the only way to improve the situation was to switch tactics. But this was not something that the others were very interested in doing.

Every time that I merely suggested trying something different, Nova and MKR would shut me down, with MKR openly suspecting that I was secretly a member of Praetor all along (for the record, I joined the Watchmen three months before Praetor even came into the picture). She even suggested that I was cutting some sort of deal with them to financially benefit the CWCki Server[77] (exactly how is anyone's guess; I never made a penny off running the server, it was purely a hobby). These were the moments that really revealed to me her unhinged nature, and propensity to leap onto the first convenient narrative she came upon that confirmed her existing biases.

Eventually, I gave up completely trying to get the Watchmen to patch things up with Praetor, having grown apathetic towards both groups and this ridiculous conflict over control of Chris. It was clear they didn't value my opinion, so why bother expressing it? This coupled with a recent incident caused me stop caring about the Watchmen's objectives altogether, an incident which I believe catalyzed my eventual exile from the group.

The Catalyst

Val and MKR express a desire for me to be kicked out of the Place.

On 23 January, the night that Journey to the Merge was published, Val brought up (in the second layer) how he hated all Christubers and wanted their doxes, specifically for "making money off of reading other peoples' work." I expressed the opinion that doing so is not a crime, hardly worthy of a dox. Very reasonably, he responded by calling me retarded. We had a brief argument in which he said that the Christubers were "stealing" open source work (which is not how open source work operates by nature), and I argued that it was transformative, and therefore fair use. This is when things started going off the rails a bit.

In a tantrum unlike one I have ever seen on Discord, Val started deleting my messages every time I would post something, which was frustrating, to say the least. He also temporarily changed his server nickname to "Lainchu," declaring that he was the new Lainchu. I responded perhaps by being a little too snarky, but in my defense, I was pretty fed up at this point by his immaturity. Eventually, I just said "We can agree to disagree" in order to defuse the conflict, but then MKR inserted herself into the conversation and it took an even sharper nosedive. Val declared that he wanted me out of the server, and MKR agreed, making another reference to the "tardbucks" conspiracy theory she had been peddling since getting kicked off the CWCki modstaff.

The argument continued for a little bit, ending with MKR suddenly switching gears and claiming that she was "testing" me, and that this was just a "discussion."[78] Perhaps Sean was okay with putting up with this kind of behavior, but I didn't share that mindset. While this argument was happening, I was DMing Naught, asking for him to do something, as I believed this kind of internal fighting was detrimental to what I thought was supposed to be a team effort, but he just referred to Val's behavior as "banter" and dismissed what I was asking.[79] I soon dropped the topic with him altogether when I realized that he wasn't going to listen, and based off of Val and MKR's messages immediately following the argument, it seemed that Naught was sharing our messages with them behind my back.[footnote 3] In retrospect, perhaps it's on me to have been expecting any sort of professionalism from any member of this group.

MKR's passive-aggressive attitude towards me had officially graduated into outright hostility, and with Val holding the same attitude, Nova clearly being on their side, and Naught unwilling to do anything about it, I realized that this environment was no longer stable for me to remain in. I knew that my days in the Place - and as a member of the Watchmen - were limited.

From that point on, I would only sparsely post in the server, instead choosing to primarily observe, sometimes speaking whenever Chris would come around.

Interactions With Sean Walker

I wound up speaking much more with Sean than I had before due to this increased hostility. Since he and I shared a mutual dislike of MKR (and Nova, to an extent), and were often treated similarly, we sometimes vented about our frustrations with the group to each other. I'm not going to detail every single conversation we had in which we talked about MKR - you can read our DMs if you want to see those - but I will highlight a few conversations that I find important.

On 17 January, when Sean tried to express his opinion on something in the second layer of the Place, MKR responded by insulting him repeatedly. They got into an argument about why Sean was previously kicked, resulting in MKR writing a textwalled screed against him. I do agree with some of her opinions on Sean now, although I wouldn't have expressed them in such a vitriolic way. To his credit, Sean remained fairly cool and collected while MKR continued hurling insults at him,[80] but I was pretty angry to see this happen. We chatted about it in DMs, about how she was a toxic personality, with me encouraging Sean to stand up for himself. This discussion eventually led to Sean saying that MKR would have a thread on Kiwi Farms one day, to which I pointed out that she already had one, although it hadn't been updated in a while. Sean found it, stated that he might consider updating it himself, and we then pivoted away from talking about the thread.[33]

Put a pin in this conversation: it will be important later.

On 12 February, after Chris had tweeted a happy birthday message to voice actress Tara Strong, along with several pictures of characters she had played in the past, Sean messaged me to say that Naught was upset with him. This was because one of the characters included was Ember McLain from the show Danny Phantom, who had apparently been a significant part of Randy Stair lore. This may have well been a simple coincidence, as Chris is not particularly discriminating when it comes to cartoon consumption (unless it's MLP G5), but Naught seemed to be strongly under the impression that this was due to the lingering influence of Sean's Randy Stair docs.

Again, at the time, I was not well-versed on anything having to do with Stair, so Sean recapped everything that happened with Chris watching the docs, and very handily gave me a few screenshots depicting Chris's reaction to Sean's work in his DMs. Given that Sean's Neko Onyx account would eventually be banned and deleted by Discord and there is no evidence of him having archived his chats with Chris (which he certainly would have released by now), these may well be the few surviving fragments of his direct messages with Chris from this period.

Naught demands that Sean "tell the truth" about the origin of Chris's interest in Randy Stair.

This was the point at which Naught told Sean to "tell the truth" to the public about how Chris discovered Stair and his lore if Chris were to mention it again. Sean defended himself by reiterating the point that Chris discovered Stair on his own while browsing Sean's channel, but Naught still insisted that he fix things, perhaps by speaking to the community directly about why Chris was now so interested in Ember's Ghost Squad. As far as I can tell, this never came to be. Sean asked me if this information was "CWCki worthy" and I just told him that it might be if Chris continued to mention it.[39] Of course, there now exists an article on this wiki dedicated to Randy Stair, so in a roundabout sort of way, I guess Sean got what he wanted.

The next day, on 13 February, Sean brought up to me a message that Chris had sent in the Place, expressing his disdain for the Watchmen's recent behavior towards Caden in the Taser Discussion, as well as thinking that they were no longer on the same page as him and were acting as a detriment to the completion of the Merge. Afterward, he edited his message to add on his disappointment towards members of the group that leaked information without permission, and towards conversations that he found distasteful, or a "distract-a-thon." Insightful and intelligent as ever, Nova and MKR responded by saying perhaps the worst possible things, with Nova insulting Praetor directly, followed by MKR claiming that Caden "bullied" her and that Praetor was insincere. They then compared Praetor to Jacob Sockness or Joshua Wise.[81]

I expressed to Sean my still-unchanged opinion, that the best thing to do in regards to Praetor was to lay off them for a little while so that Chris could come out of whatever funk he was in, as well as my apathy towards trying to improve the situation, given the fact that the Watchmen were obviously not going to listen to me. Sean still was convinced that Praetor was somehow in the losing position, a point which I argued against for all the reasons I've mentioned already.[82] By the end of it, I really didn't care who won or lost this autistic battle. I was just there for the show.

Breaking Point (February 2021)

It was time. All the pieces were in place for the Watchmen to totally break down and do something utterly irrational, impulsive, and stupid. Praetor was maintaining their stranglehold on Chris, and the Watchmen's paranoia and desperation was reaching an all-time high. At first, I believed that I could remain where I was by maintaining my low profile, and not drawing attention to myself. But then there was a turning point, one I knew I would not be able to come back from.

Transfer of Power

In the early hours of 13 February, after Chris had sent his message of disdain for the Watchmen, and in the midst of talks about strategies for how to deal with Praetor,[83] Naught abruptly left the Place and ownership transferred to Nova. This immediately raised alarm bells in my head for multiple reasons, so I messaged Naught, asking what happened. Unsurprisingly, he wasn't super forthcoming about his reasons, and the conversation ended with my questions left unanswered:

I saw you took off from both cwcki and the place. Everything okay?
Yeah, messaged cwc and said let me know if you need anything I'll be around.
But why'd you leave? I saw you gave the place to Nova.
Cleaning out my server list, i like to be active in the servers I'm in,
You were pretty active in there, I thought

Isn't that also a good place to keep an eye on Chris?

This was a noticeable pattern in my conversations with Naught, where he would simply leave questions or comments unaddressed when he didn't want to deal with them.[84]

Nova took to his leadership role quite quickly, reigniting the discussions over how to deal with Praetor. MKR proclaimed herself to be second-in-command, and immediately decided to provoke me by saying that I should leave the server. I made a single response, saying "And how do you figure that?" but my message was never answered. She then asked me for my opinion on how to deal with Praetor (who she and Nova disparagingly referred to as "Paedovan"), and after I responded with snark ("What, now you want my opinion?"), I told them my honest opinions about Praetor and how to deal with them. Unsurprisingly, they dismissed me immediately and began thinking of new plans, reaffirming to me that engaging with them was a total waste of my time.[85] They moved on to scheming about extracting information from Praetor's members who they deemed weaker links, and I disengaged from the conversation.[86]

Chris propositions MKR and the Praetor girls.

I've seen what happens when crazy people wind up in charge of organized groups, and it isn't pretty. I'm not saying that Naught wasn't crazy in his own way, just that things would get worse under Nova. I needed a contingency. And so, on that night, I archived every single important channel in the Place, so I had a record of events in case I was kicked out without warning.

The next week was fairly quiet and uneventful, and I don't remember very much about it. Naught eventually returned to the server on 17 February, although he did not attempt to reclaim ownership from Nova.[35] The only thing of note I remember from Chris was a discussion in which he more or less propositioned MKR (as well as the Praetor girls) by stating that he found them to be suitable candidates for a sweetheart, the first indication in a while that he was unhappy with his fictional polyamorous marriage. I found this to be pretty funny overall. It's unfortunate that this message did not wind up being a part of my server backup, but thankfully, MKR would tweet out this message by Chris not too long after anyway. So it's already a matter of public record.[87]

And then, quite suddenly, it happened.

The Exile

I was unceremoniously kicked out of the Place, and out of the Watchmen, on the evening of 19 February. Perhaps my reaction to this was a little over-the-top given all the warning signs, but I was furious at the rug having been pulled out from under me in the way that it was. The first thing I did was send a few messages to different people, maintaining my cool at first. I asked Naught why I was kicked out of the Place, and received no response. So then I turned to Nova, and he gave me the runaround in perhaps the most impressive way I had ever seen. His unique ability to continually avoid directly addressing my concerns was quite unlike anything I had ever dealt with before. Feel free to read it below:

Exchange between Nova and Myself
Hello Nova. I was kicked out of the place with no notice, and I would like to know why. Please let me know, thanks.
Not providing a great deal of input and we've got a lot of things to think through as a group.
Not providing input? I was never told I should.
It's just not really conducive given how everything going on is kind of time sensitive.
And the reason I wasn't providing more was because of Val and MKR's outright hostility to me. What's the point of sharing my opinions if they're just gonna deride them?
Debate, sure.
If you wanted me to provide more input, then someone should have said something, not just kick me out with zero warning.

If MKR convinced you to give me the boot, you can just say so.

It would be better from an editorial perspective.
What do you mean by that?
It doesn't look good if we're not too sure what liaison does what.

What does that have to do with me?

Having more than one person is less desirable.
More than one person for what?
If you want to help, just help on an outside basis, alright?
Just give me a straight answer

I won't get angry, I just want the truth

I don't feel the quality or reliability of your work is up to snuff when you only rarely come by, for reasons I can't be sure of.
Again, if you wanted me to come by more, you should have said something, not just kick without warning.

And what work? You mean the information releases?

Just, keep cool for a while, alright?

At this point, I knew attempting to appeal to Nova's sense of reason was entirely futile. I wasn't even going to bother with MKR; all I'd get from that would be an expletive-laden tirade thrown my way. So I tried the only avenue that I knew was still somewhat sympathetic towards me: Sean.

Sean's Unhelpful Involvement

When I told Sean about what happened, as well as what Nova said to me, he offered to speak to MKR on my behalf to try and figure out what happened. Naturally, the most I got out of that was MKR saying that she and Nova believed that I was untrustworthy, without any further elaboration. Sean then suggested that I try and replicate what he did with Chris to get back into the Place, and at least get back into the first layer. I had no interest in groveling to MKR and Nova, so I dismissed this idea immediately. Then Sean sent me a quote from Nova, and this was where the trouble really started.

Sean started sending me messages quoted from Nova and MKR on the various nonsense reasons they had for kicking me out. Naturally, I was still very angry over what was happening, and was completely unrestrained in expressing that anger to Sean with every new line MKR and Nova attempted to feed me, since it wasn't him that I was angry at. I initially assumed that Sean was asking them questions based on the things I was writing to him, and leaving out my raw reactions. Only when Sean sent me a quote from Nova, reading "Insulting me is real convincing," did I realize that Sean was sending my messages verbatim to Nova and MKR. Now, my fury had turned to Sean for this idiotic bout of decision-making on his part.

He apologized, but still tried to justify his actions, which did not endear him to me at all. I guess he also told MKR that I was angry at him now too, because she attempted to message me, writing "Leave Kat alone" (Kat was another one of Sean's many pseudonyms), but was not delivered for some reason. He tried encouraging me to speak with her, but I refused, not wanting to bring myself into an even more negative headspace.

This was the point at which I also stopped speaking to Sean, now aware of the fact that his stupidity was extending beyond an inconvenience and was becoming an active liability.[36]

The "Evidence" Against Me

Sean's moronic method of gathering information for me worked in a temporary sense, at the cost of regurgitating my unfiltered anger towards MKR and Nova. After I determined he could no longer be trusted, I turned to other members of the Watchmen, sympathetic "invisible" members who knew that the reasons behind my banning were bullshit and were willing to be eyes on the inside for me. From this, I managed to gather a sense of what the accusations against me were.

The Watchmen never allowed me a forum to defend myself, so I figured I would do so here.

First, the accusations that Sean relayed to me.

"Arbitrarily Disagreeable"

I don't like the idea of someone just kind of lurking and only showing up to be arbitrarily disagreeable.

Makes me suspicious.


They seem to believe that choosing not to write many messages - because, again, I didn't like these people and didn't want to talk to them unless necessary, especially after the bout of hostility on 23 January - constitutes suspicious activity. They are assuming that a lack of evidence of "acceptable behavior" is the same thing as there being evidence of "unacceptable behavior" if that makes sense. As for being "arbitrarily disagreeable," I believe that this refers to me having opinions that they did not like or share (such as my thoughts on Praetor or the impetus for the argument with Val). It seems they are rather sensitive about someone else having differing opinions to them, as part of the reason Sean was originally thrown out was supposedly because of his political views, which ran counter to theirs. I suppose that they preferred to maintain a cult-like mentality over the Watchmen, where everyone must be of the same mind without exception, and they viewed me as a threat to that intention.

Contrary to their apparent belief, I wasn't disagreeing with them to be disagreeable. Shocking as it may be for them to come to terms with, I simply didn't think the same way they did. And I guess that was something they couldn't handle.

Alleged Leaking

Anon can verify that at one point early on he was.

Leaking information to someone on the farms

MKR. "Anon" is another pseudonym for Naught.

This is complete and utter nonsense. The only Kiwi Farms users I was in direct contact with at the time were a couple of longtime CWCki site moderators who incidentally held accounts on the Farms. Not once did I leak information without permission from either Naught or Chris, to Kiwi Farms members or anyone else. And naturally, MKR provides no proof for her claim.

Subjective Reasoning

I tried being civil with him early on but ever since the leak I grew more distrustful and his attitude started to piss me off.

Bottom line, he wasn't in it for cwc

And he didn't do anything useful, if anything it was very much the opposite.


I cannot recall a single time when MKR was "civil" towards me. If by my "attitude," she was referring to my opposition to the way she treated those she viewed with contempt, then yeah, I guess I can see how it might have pissed her off, not that such a thing would be worthy of expelling me.

She accuses me of not being in it for Chris. Truth is, I did initially believe in the Watchmen's mission, and I didn't want harm to befall Chris. Maybe my first priority was releasing information, but that still required me to have a vested interest in maintaining Chris's health and safety.

An evaluation of "usefulness" is obviously subjective, but I think it's fair to say that I put in more effort towards the task I was given than MKR, who, as far as I can tell, just roleplayed with Chris every so often and occasionally drew some mediocre art. I am personally under the belief that occasionally releasing information is a form of protection for Chris, as when there's a steady stream of content coming from him, there's less incentive for outsiders to interfere and provoke Chris into making content for them, like the Idea Guys did during a period of quiet for Chris. Whether or not this line of thinking is accurate to reality, I have no idea, but at least I was doing something.


We are capable of releasing it ourselves

He just wanted the fucking fame.

MKR, in reference to when I made the argument that the information releases were a form of protection for Chris.

In case it wasn't obvious by now, I never took credit for any of my work. It was all created by "Lainchu." So the idea that I wanted "fame" is nothing short of ludicrous.

"Set of Failtrolls"

Now, those were just the accusations I learned of from Sean. Most of their claims were ridiculous and had no evidence to back them up, ranging from Nova and MKR's gut feelings about distrust to outright fabrications. However, once the "invisible" Watchmen began reporting what was being said inside the Place, that's when the accusations went from frivolous to completely bonkers.

I was sent this screenshot first:

Watchmensource20February2021 1.png

Transcript between MKR, Nova, and Sean:

He leaked shit about the watchmen and myself early on, to a man on the farms who anon said might be connected to the "mkr's bloody chunks" "delightful children" set of failtrolls
We're all ideas in the grand lore of things.
Why not set up a Lainchu account on discord that we can all share to Interact with Chris and have a CWCki account set up as well?
Anon told him to stop but I suspect he's still in cahoots with them as well as possibly Praetor. He always popped up specifically when we started speaking about them and attempted to downplay their actions, or steer the conversation away from them
That was pretty suspicious.
We can't take any chances

Especially on one we know was a former mole[88]

There's a lot to unpack in here. First of all, as I mentioned earlier, I never leaked anything without explicit permission. However, this does give MKR's earlier accusation a bit more clarity, specifying who and what she was talking about in terms of "leaking." And now that I have this clarity, I can say with even more certainty than before that she has no idea what she's talking about.

I do not know who or what the hell "MKR's bloody chunks" or "delightful children" are. Based on the context given, I assume that it was some group created with the intent of trolling her some time ago, but I really have no clue. Naught never told me to "stop" because this was never something I did in the first place.

She mentions me being in "cahoots" with Praetor and my disagreeing with the Watchmen's viewpoints, both of which I have addressed already. And I still don't know what she means by "former mole."

If I had to venture a guess, I think what was happening inside MKR's head was that she was associating me with some other person or group of people who had done her wrong in the past as a way to justify her belief that I was a traitor or untrustworthy. She had always been one to lean into conspiracy theories, so it surprises me little that she would have these insane beliefs without any evidence. I always knew she was slightly unhinged, but I never truly realized the extent to which she was until seeing this.

Within this conversation, Sean can also be seen plotting about what to do with the Lainchu role, something I will discuss in more depth later.

MKR's Thread

A small, perhaps naïve part of me was still hoping at this point that Naught's silence meant that he might argue in my favor, since he never directly showed me hostility, unlike the others. However, this hope was quickly shattered when I was sent another pair of screenshots.

Watchmensource20February2021 2.png

Message in the 2nd layer, invisible to Chris:

Fuck anaxis, no sense of humour and he told @Kat to add to @MKR thread

Message in CWC layer, in response to Chris asking "What did Lainchu do to be kicked out?"

@Sonichu982 Lainchu tried to get @Kat too [sic] add to @MKR thread during the Vaughn incident,

Naught was claiming that I had told Sean to add to MKR's Kiwi Farms thread.[89]

My initial reaction was to believe that this was completely made up, like the MKR accusations. But then I realized how specific this particular accusation was compared to MKR's broader ones, and I started doing a little digging to find out what the origins of this one were. It didn't take me long to find them, and realize how absurd this was.

Remember when I said to put a pin in a conversation I had with Sean, in which we both discussed MKR and her thread was brought up? Well, here's the payoff.

Transcript between Myself and Sean:

Let's be perfectly honest:

One day, MKR will get a thread on Kiwi Farms.

(that is if the site is still up)

She already has one, but I don't think it's been updated in a while

oh yes you're right.


The thread wasn't updated since August 2020.

And if she does keep up with the behaviors, I might consider updating it.

However, getting Naught's support is critical.

If you leak stuff from the place, you'll be kicked out permanently for sure
indeed, that's the problem.

I know you have my back in a counter-coup, but we need more support.

And this shit is something that will have to remain private...forever.[33]

As can be seen here, plain as day, it was Sean who suggested updating MKR's thread, not me. However, it seems that either Naught or Sean himself was under the impression that, because I pointed out the fact that MKR had a thread that hadn't been updated in a while, somehow this translated into me suggesting - implicitly, I guess - that Sean should update it. I hope I'm not alone in thinking that interpreting my statement in this way is an incredible reach. After that, I had even warned him that updating the thread would get him in trouble!

Even more laughable is the idea that, had Sean gone through with this idea - which, again, he hadn't - I would have somehow been responsible for his actions, as though he was not capable of making his own decisions or judgment calls.

But the biggest revelation that I received from all of this was about Sean, in regards to both his intelligence and his moral character. The only way that Naught would have been able to see my DMs with Sean would obviously have to have been if one of us leaked them to him. So this means that either Sean went fishing for reasons to indict me for something and intentionally twisted the context of our DMs as a way to justify the Watchmen's actions, or he shared these DMs with Naught, who then made the claim that I was trying to convince Sean to do the deed, and he just went along with Naught's narrative, sincerely or not. Either way, given how many times I privately supported Sean in the past, I found it absolutely appalling that he would turn on me on a dime like that. But again, I suppose this shouldn't have been any sort of surprise. To this day, I cannot tell if Sean was manipulated into this line of thought or if this was intentional on his part.

This was when I first realized something very important to understand about Sean: for him, the line between malice and stupidity is extraordinarily thin.

Chris's Reaction

Truth be told, as much as I hated being unceremoniously kicked out of the group, I could really care less about being a member of the Watchmen. The important thing to me was documenting Chris, and maintaining access to him, something which I knew the Watchmen were desperate to deny me. Sure, I might miss out on a few Merge ramblings in the Place, but as long as I could keep asking him questions, I would be happy.

And so, when I was exiled, I immediately made sure to message Chris, letting him know what happened before the narrative could get twisted. And to my surprise, I later learned from an insider that Chris actually defended me in the Place, while Nova continued feeding him nonsense about me.

Exchange between Nova and Chris (as Sonichu)
Chris (as Sonichu)
What did Lainchu do to be kicked out?
I just found them unproductive at times.

If someone can be kept at a distance, as per their function, it would seem more apt to do so.

If you want something out, it'll be out, meantime, I'm personally none too sure.

Chris (as Sonichu)
At this point, especially with Lainchu's role, and compared to how often I type something on this server, being "unproductive at times" is not a valid reason.
Sporadically useful, they're a poor researcher and aren't to [sic] sure on their own ethical obligations considering.
Chris (as Sonichu)
What were you having them research?

And surely they could research other things as well.

General information on keeping abreast of whatever malevolent people were trying.

They were invariably a week behind anything I could prove and about a month behind on what I could hedge against.

Chris (as Sonichu)
They do work very hard on that research, and beyond the abuse upon Chris and I. There is a whole lot of effort that goes into waiting and observing input from others online of them being abused by some Hater or really bad individual.

Cut him a bit of slack, since I have been more focused locally and keeping private lately.

Plus, the freaking pandemic and shit.

All the better, his obligation to editorial standards mean that either reporting directly to him, or clearing information for use allows better security.
Chris (as Sonichu)
At the moment, I continue to work on the recovery of this body and brain from the recent realization of lack of cuddling and such, and even further its healing and re-energizing. And I'm fixing to hit the hay for the night (regardless of witching hours affecting this body, which during the time before falling asleep, I meditate).

Please consider letting Lainchu back into the server, Kyle.


Consider sure, as close as we can find advisable is a restricted role.

So, knowing what I know, say that.

Also: "Hi."

As can be seen, Nova made a few roleplay-related lies about me and my role as Lainchu (I was certainly never told to research anything),[90] and when Chris eventually asked me about it in DMs, I had no choice but to play along with the lie to prevent confusing him.[91]

In a strange sort of way, it was kind of nice having Chris defend me so earnestly, even though I had no idea why he felt an attachment to me, given my mostly impersonal demeanor towards him. Still, after everything that happened with Praetor, it was clear that Chris still desired to have everyone get along, and that my being kicked out of the Watchmen represented a sort of fracturing of his friend group.

Birth of the Impostor Lainchu

I was quickly receiving reports from my sources that the Watchmen were planning to replace me as Lainchu, a logical next-step to kicking me out. Initially, they tried to ask Klop if he wanted the role back, but he turned them down. So then Sean volunteered for the role, and eventually it was decided that he would take it on.[92] I had to work fast.

I sent Chris a warning, letting him know about the fabricated accusations levied against me by the other Watchmen, and the fact that they would attempt to replace me with another Lainchu account. I also sent him a group of birthday drawings that were made for him, given to me by volunteer artists in CWC Questions. It was a few days early, but I was unsure at that point if the Watchmen would try and convince Chris to block me, and I didn't want the artists' efforts to have gone entirely to waste (although Chris didn't acknowledge the drawings directly, sadly).

After I sent everything, Chris thanked me and stated that he would keep what I said in mind, and left a wink emoji on my message talking about the "impostor Lainchu."[93] It was vague as all hell, as is standard for Chris, but it might've been a good sign. Only time would tell.

Several hours later, a new Lainchu showed up in the CWC layer of the Place.


This was posted after Naught accused me of trying to get Sean to add to MKR's thread in response to Chris's question about why I was kicked out.

He turned out to not be a very nice guy. But we have a new channler [sic] in place to communicate with the true oc lainchu and resume function of the job.

It's regrettable, but we don't want people saying mean things behind our backs on the farms and leaking sensitive information shared in confidence here.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
Hey @Sonichu982 , I just wanted to let you know that I'm okay. If you need anything, I'll be in DMs since I don't got much going on for me. 😇
Welcome lainchu~
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)

So yeah, I figured that it wouldn't be long before Chris fell for their ruse and started ignoring me. That was the flipside to the ease in which I could slip into a migratory role like Lainchu: it would be very easy for the Watchmen to pretend somebody else was me.

I knew I would be fighting a likely losing battle. But I didn't care. If I was about to go down, I would go down swinging, if only to spite the Watchmen.

Further Fracturing

I didn't realize it until months later, but this event, my getting kicked out of the Watchmen and Chris trying but failing to convince them to reconsider, was another blow to the Watchmen's credibility, so soon following up their open spat with Praetor. As the months would go on after this happened, Chris started interacting with the group less and less often, sometimes expressing his distaste with them and their actions.

This was strike two for the Watchmen.

The Turbulent Period (February 2021 - March 2021)

This was where my story should have ended. This was the point at which I was no longer with the Watchmen, and soon enough, would no longer be talking with Chris, either. That was how things were supposed to go. Perhaps had things gone this way, I wouldn't be here right now, writing this story. A part of me wishes that was the case.

But that was not the way that things turned out. And I found myself in an unexpectedly turbulent time as events began to shift around me.

The Impact of Betrayal

The messages Praetor sent me after I friend requested them, operating under the mistaken belief that I was one of the Golden Medallion customers.

As you might have noticed at this point, I was initially livid over what happened with the Watchmen. I had been betrayed, and in the moment, I wanted revenge. I wanted the Watchmen to feel the sting of what they had done to me, and I came up with a few ideas on how to do so.

I first considered fully leaking the chats I had archived from the Place. This would expose the Watchmen's stupidity to everyone and showcase their failure to protect Chris. But after some more thought, and discussion with the insiders, I decided that this would be a foolish course of action. For one thing, there were several Watchmen whose presence was not public and had not done anything wrong, and so by attempting to punish a few guilty people, I would wind up hurting several innocents as well. This would also effectively betray Chris, who still trusted me and was the only one who vouched for me when things went sideways. And finally, this did not guarantee the Watchmen would fall: if anything, this might have incentivized them to migrate to a new server and tighten security, potentially losing me access to the information that my insider sources would gather for me. So that wasn't going to work.

The other thing I considered was contacting Praetor, and seeing if I could help them in exchange for further documentation of Chris. If the Watchmen were so fearful of me being a double agent for Praetor, I figured, why not do exactly what their fear suggested? I would become the monster that they already believed me to be. It wouldn't be like I was betraying the Watchmen's trust; they already didn't trust me and already betrayed me first. Even if Praetor were uninterested in my assistance, I figured I could at least congratulate them on so effectively trolling MKR.

At first, I began to go through with this plan: I sent a friend request to Praetor, and when they announced their Golden Medallions and the accompanying exclusive Discord server, I asked Chris a few times for an invite there (a request that went ignored). Even though I knew Praetor weren't exactly the angels that Chris believed they were, I was determined and angry enough to join them just to spite the Watchmen.

But then, soon after, a set of circumstances occurred that allowed me to maintain contact with Chris, without the need for consent of a protectorate group like the Watchmen. And suddenly, I realized that I didn't need Praetor at all. Chris would still talk to me in DMs, and given the negative spotlight that was already on Praetor, I figured that a partnership was just not worth it. By the time they responded to my friend request, I just didn't feel compelled to message them.

And so, with all routes for revenge closed off to me, it allowed me to cool down and think more rationally. Soon enough, my anger dissipated and was replaced with indifference, and even a bit of relief. It dawned on me that I was now free: I no longer had to read the Watchmen's aggravating opinions or tolerate verbal abuse from them, nor did I have to give their members any leeway on the CWCki Server for misbehavior. And given that Chris still spoke to me, I could continue documenting him just as I had before. Nothing of value was really lost.

Of course, this didn't mean that I was going to still be nice and cheery with them. If they were going to try and lock me out of the loop, then I would gladly return the favor.

Chris and the Watchmen's Gambit

Contrary to my initial assumptions about what the Watchmen would do once I was kicked out of their group, they didn't actually try to pull me away from Chris at first. In fact, according to my sources, Nova seemed almost tolerant of the idea of me speaking to Chris through DMs as long as I didn't negatively influence him, and as long as Chris didn't recognize me as "Lainchu" anymore. Unfortunately, the Watchmen quickly became under the impression that I was doing the former, and as for the latter, well...I'll get to that soon enough.

The first signs of Chris's outright rejection of Sean's version of Lainchu (who I will be referring to as the Impostor Lainchu from now on) came about during the Masturbation discussions, on 27 February. To summarize, most of this conversation was Chris (now no longer roleplaying as Sonichu) complaining about how tiresome and lonely the act of masturbation was, and was an indication of his growing desire to have a physical partner, not just imaginary ones.[95] Most of the discussion, while amusing in its own right, was fairly irrelevant, until the Impostor Lainchu showed up.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
Sex is better when its with somebody you love, not with some stranger you just met like a couple minutes ago.
I agree with you on that comment. But, on the flip side, you're not the original Lainchu.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
I like to describe myself as a direct descendant of the Original Lainchu.
Still, @Nova, it was most unfair of you to simply kick him out the way you did. And such lame excuses.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
personalities will be different, and the individual that is given the chance to possesses my powers must be somebody who won't use them for their selfish desires. Its earned, not a given.
Anyway, I'm still going through my emotions. Sonichu is having a tough him of his own resyncing with his body as well.

Not only did Chris acknowledge that he recognized the attempt at fooling him, but he also actively criticized my banning.[96] This was the first time I realized that perhaps I hadn't given Chris enough credit. With the knowledge that Chris is extremely gullible and falls easily for paper-thin online personas claiming to be things he wants, I was genuinely surprised that he didn't fall for the Watchmen's tricks. He could see that there was a hostile action taking place, and didn't accept it. This isn't a significant achievement on Chris's part or anything, just something that caught me off guard.

According to my sources, the Watchmen had begun spiraling even before this happened. Once Praetor began sales of their Golden Medallions on 23 February (which enabled access to their ever-secretive "Golden Church" server), it seemed as though the Watchmen's morale had taken a sharp nosedive.[97][98]

On 5 March, MKR posted the following to her Twitter account, addressed to Chris:

MKR ragequits.
You know what, I'm done. Fuck you, I'm not going to pretend anymore and I'm not going to sit by while you play with stun guns and these dumb teens. Have fun babysitting yourself. I doubt you'll even care.
MKR's then-final tweet to Chris.[99]

She would temporarily deactivate her Twitter account shortly after posting this.

This hilarious reaction quickly garnered attention from the users within the CWCki Server, many of whom were convinced that this signaled the dissolution of the Watchmen as a group. The tweet itself also became a favorite copypasta in the server for a while.

As amusing as I found this to be, I knew it was just a front, something which was confirmed by my sources the very next day:

Cwc and I did make up to an extent, but I'm still going to keep the public thinking I quit.

This might lul preator [sic] into a false sense of security

MKR, being completely delusional.[100]

I was later given a full conversation that Chris had with the other Watchmen, including the Impostor Lainchu (Sean was apparently alternating accounts when speaking to Chris). Chris did speak a little with the Impostor Lainchu, who informed him about a couple of members leaving the server because he didn't stop by as frequently (which may have been a lie constructed to guilt Chris into coming into the server more often). Chris explained that the break he was taking was due to the Watchmen's recent behavior, specifically citing them banning and attempting to replace me, as well as picking on others.[101]

The Watchmen Attempt to Guilt-Trip and Pressure Chris
Hey, @everyone.

I do sincerely apologize for not checking in with all of you for a while.

The resyncing with my body has been difficult, but progressive.

It might feel more heartfelt without a reason, giving a reason and no explanation just sounds like another way to shut things down.
Well, I have been sensing and feeling massively strong energies and events, and it's been difficult to think clearly at times.

So, to give an explanation is a bit much at the moment.

Especially with the heavy energies I have felt today that left my body quaking quite a bit.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
I'm glad you're still around. We were getting sick and worried about you.

[Replying to "Especially with the heavy energies I have felt today that left my body quaking q..."]

is it painful?

Mildly; more of an annoyance.
I've seen people who kind of act like that, not distinctively narcissistic, but has some

comparable elements.

Narcissism is fine as long as you win.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
[Replying to "Mildly; more of an annoyance."]

it could be worse, but I'm relieved you're doing fine for the most part. (just promise to keep in touch with us, ok?)

Is Bismuth still on? I don't see his name on the online/offline list, or did he change it again?
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
he changes his name in here every once in a while.

and only appears offline.

Val left. Don't know if you'd noticed.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
[Replying to "Val left. Don't know if you'd noticed."]


Nigel's also gone.

That is a shame.
Just look over what led to it. Pity is useless on it's own.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
I see
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
you were gone for so long that they assumed you'd never return.

so they quit.

That is a bad assumption to make.
I'm an asshole, but I'm at least affable enough that nobody cares.
Yep, the paradigm shift did not work favourably here.
Hi Chris! glad to see you back here.
Hey, Neko
You didn't ask, but it's obvious to say I'm cross too.
I get it, I should have checked in sooner. Between the events that have been happening and being sensed and all, and frankly, having to reconsider y'all's recent behaviours and whatnot, and looking further into the future and the present to analyze everyone and everything, I had felt it best to take the break.

It was nothing personal.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
I heard MKR got angry at you for a bit, are you two fine now?

your absence dealt an amount of stress on her.

I mean, Bismuth's leak has been forgiven, but then y'all ditched Anaxis and replaced him, and then there's the bro-ish habit of picking on others in jest that can be misinterpreted; I felt uncertain.

I have talked with Meghan.

And I have apologized to her.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
I am attempting to practice better selection and analysis of individuals as friends, so it can remain that such things as what happened with Vaughn be the very last that happens with me, or Sonichu in that case.
[Replying to "I mean, Bismuth's leak has been forgiven, but then y'all ditched Anaxis and repl..."]

I have no qualms with anybody you're choosing to befriend. You're an adult, and can choose who you want to associate yourself with.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
[Replying to "I am attempting to practice better selection and analysis of individuals as frien..."]

better to be safe than sorry.

Life is loud, the only option there is is asking questions and if people want to offer meaningful advice.
A lot easier to know someone is lying with facts, but you don't need much.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
Welcome back 💜💜
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
look at their body language and listen to the tone of their voice.

that's where liars can be exposed.

[Replying to "look at their body language and listen to the tone of their voice."]

Harder to do that through the Internet. But my abilities to read others' auras and intentions through electronic messages has improved. (edited)

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
how long did it take you to improve?
It's a soulful ability, and I was able to practice it on the one hand while I was in Sonichu's body. And on the other hand, with my body, Sonichu was able to tap into it and learn it's better uses not only for himself, but for the mental record of my body.
Not really a testable concept.

And regardless it's not a standard of evidence acceptable by anyone else.

I think that's part of why there are biblical standards for prophets.

[Replying to "Not really a testable concept."]

Says the cynical brainiac who continues to over think math details based on local physics, when the need for that is null, since it is multi-dimensional.

If it physically exists, physics applies.
I'm an optimist, just that cynicism is how you stay an optimist.
Not really, the way to optimism is to look and count the positive blessings in everything.

Half Full, or Half Empty with you?

[Replying to "Not really, the way to optimism is to look and count the positive blessings in ev..."]

I think that way as well.

anything good that happens, be grateful for it.

[1 👍 reaction, likely from Chris]

Even if you count both by measuring the full, and then measuring the empty space that has the potential to be filled.
[Posts an emote]
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
sup Bis.
Hey, Bismuth.
No, just correct, optimism is useless in an investigation.

The perfect optimist or cynic would probably have died very young.

[Replying to "No, just correct, optimism is useless in an investigation."]

I could argue that in certain situations, the combined viewpoints of optimism and pessimism can still be very useful in an investigation.

Just saying something in the middle isn't really a point of argument.
It's not a riddle without the middle.
There's really no way to overthink, assuming the validity of the rationale.

And it's a poor excuse when things go wrong.

On when things go wrong, or the result is a loop, there is opportunity to learn, revise, and find the conclusion. (edited)
Easy to just say these things. (edited)
Better to say when not offending than to keep quiet and not be heard.


It's been a long day for me, and I'll be breaking for supper shortly. I will check y'all again in the near future.

It was now clear that the cracks in Chris's relationship with the Watchmen were deepening, no doubt increasing the latter's confusion and paranoia. And like a cornered animal, they began lashing out at the nearest target: me.

A Medium's Guidance

The screenshot I posted to this site.

The last chronicling I wound up making - and the only one that did not originate from within the Place - was called A Medium's Guidance. On 9 March, early in the morning, Chris sent me a handful of messages that he requested I chronicle: first, he affirmed that he still considered me to be the "one true channeler" of Lainchu, solidifying his rejection of Sean's iteration. Next, he began telling me about the "guidance" he received from "a very insightful medium," and the various ways that he believed she helped him. He concluded the message by granting me permission to share what he wrote with the other Watchmen.

This told me quite a bit. For one, there was the continued confirmation that Chris was still left unconvinced by the Watchmen's attempts to pull him away from me. This also revealed another force of influence on Chris's life at the time: an unnamed medium, who I would later learn was Molly the Medium, somebody who Chris had recently pledged to on Patreon. And lastly, Chris seemed to believe I was still on friendly terms with the other Watchmen despite what they did, an assumption that I was in no rush to correct, given Chris's distaste for conflict among his friends.[102]

But most importantly, Chris had given me something to publish. With my exile from the Place and Chris no longer answering the Q&A despite my continual reminders, I recognized this to be a potentially rare opportunity to document something new. But doing so proposed an obvious issue: making it known publicly that I still had contact with Chris would draw the ire of the Watchmen. Would it have been better for me to hedge my bets and wait until something more substantive came along before documenting, lest the Watchmen begin redoubling their efforts?

Turns out, I barely had any time to contemplate that question before I found myself basically thrust into action. On 13 March, Chris posted his Affirmations List and Lovers Attributes List in the Place, both of which have since become a matter of public knowledge. He opened the discussion by writing this:

I will be writing out a list of my past and lingering self-criticisms and judgments, as well as a counter-list of affirmations to better motivate and remind my body and brain that it is safe to utilize its powers and abilities.[103]

Immediately following this message, Chris wrote:

Perhaps you all may have heard how I came onto this from an Anaxis bird.[104]

Setting aside Chris's mangling of a common idiom, the way Chris phrased this statement inadvertently had the effect of blaming me for introducing this idea to him, when what he likely meant was that I was to act as a messenger and tell the Watchmen the information he requested I chronicle from within A Medium's Guidance (although he did not tell me he was writing an affirmations list, something which I guess he forgot). Unfortunately, the obtuse statement made by Chris did not convey this idea, not that I believe the Watchmen wouldn't have been suspicious of me anyway if Chris brought me up. In reality, if there was anyone influencing Chris to write the list, it was Molly the Medium. But the Watchmen were not convinced.

I encourage you to read the rest of the Affirmations List page, it's very entertaining. Before posting that, however, Chris wrote the following and shared the Lovers Attributes List:

I also, in the interest of love and relationships in this universe, composed a multi-column list of the attributes of my loves.

[Picture of list]

It can be certain that should I attract and meet anyone on that in this universe, they will take on the common attributes between them.

Hey, @MKR, how many of these do you feel you match up with?

But of an exercise for you to read, and look into yourself as well.[105]

That's right: for the second time, Chris very unsubtly tried to nudge MKR into a relationship with him. It's too bad she didn't take him up on the offer. If she had, perhaps Chris wouldn't have gone to jail a few months later.

Anyway, the reason I bring all of this up is because of the discussion that took place a couple of days later, on 15 March. Nova, MKR, and Sean seemed convinced that I was feeding Chris ideas (Chris mentioning me made me a pretty easy scapegoat), and were strategizing on ways to convince Chris that their Impostor Lainchu was the real one. They also misattributed the creation of the list to me, and believed that I would leak it without Chris's permission, thus outing me as the "fake."[106] Unbeknownst to them, Chris had never actually sent me the list in the first place; I only had it because of my sources.

The Watchmen Discuss Me and Lainchu
Anaxis is still giving Chris ideas.
How do we know this.
Chris conatantly [sic] mentions it.
Is Anaxis still Lainchu to Chris?
He's always referred to him as Anaxis. So there's that.
It's a problem
great, there's a dispute over the identity of Lainchu.

I'm the true and honest Lainchu.

We can use the SD thing.

As something only the real Lainchu would know.

Chris gave me a dimension because I asked.


Canonically we can place them there, whatever, basically a blank slate for the lore other than that I run it and it's for basically dimensional refugees.
So everybody in here but Chris recognizes me as Lainchu?
Chris tentatively does, eventually still will.
he's coming around (as seen in the previous chat we had).
Just that he's receptive to Anaxis manipulating him on some pretense that he's sorry.

Anaxis got him to do the list he made recently.

If you get it, don't share it, I don't think Chris marked it, but I said he should, because Anaxis will eventually.

This Lainchu crisis is like the shit over who the real president of Venezuela is.

what will happen if Anaxis shares it? (edited)

Chris will be able to ID the leaker.
And Anaxis is finished?
I hope.
I haven't gotten anything from Anaxis in nearly a month now. he either now knows that I've replaced him as Lainchu or he believes I've withdrew or something. lol

All of this was demonstrating the Watchmen's delusional paranoia, and I didn't even have to do or say anything. I could just chill and they would still believe I was up to no good. In one way, this was highly amusing. In another, it was very disturbing.

By the end of all this, I felt emboldened to release the Chronicling, since I knew the Watchmen would assume the worst of me no matter what I did. And so, on 17 March, it went public, to the intense displeasure of the Watchmen.

The Lost Chronicling: A Future in Motion

I would be lying if I said I didn't somewhat enjoy witnessing the Watchmen getting triggered over the release of the latest chronicling. Sean was especially salty about the whole situation.

The Watchmen React to A Medium's Guidance
Looks like Anaxis is still being Lainchu. He posted this chronicling from Chris.

Wonder if that medium is the Molly the Medium woman Chris followed on Patreon last month.

Still trying to make Anaxis be less pissy with me.

Probably Molly.

Except he's no longer recognized by the Watchmen as "Lainchu".
This kind of states otherwise, makes me wonder what Anaxis has been saying outside of this.
Is this the Liquid Chris situation again?


Basically, but Chris will obviously gravitate to the bigger simp, or possibly the one that at least tells the biggest line about FATED shit.
So fucking stupid




If we wanted to use this to break 2 lies at once. Did you bring up the SD-49 thing yet?
Not yet.
Basically, a whole "I believe you've been fooled by people misrepresenting themselves as my true host, Lainchu is currently in SD-49 and it could serve as a means of positive identification going forward."

But this psychic medium shit, Chris has wasted at least 70 dollars so far...

Wait, 125.

It's ambiguous in terms of the format.

One of the two.

this looks so obviously edited that Its sad to look at.

AMediumsGuidance Foreword.png

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
I think that was a the [sic] message he allegedly sent to someone else to post, i.e. himself.

bold text

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
So does my predecessor have another Discord account called "Lainchu"?
It's the one he used, so, ya.

Lore reason, he's bitter that he was found to be unsuitable as a host.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
that might explain a lot.

Now it makes more sense to me why Chris talks to Anaxis still.

And to be honest, I don't blame him at all.

When you have multiple Lainchus in your DMs, you'll be left confused as fuck. lol

Maybe change the screenname to Lainchu (Current Host)?
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
or maybe, Lainchu (SD-49)?
But then Chris'll say its an alternate version.

Even if I can point out later that it's technically not possible for that to be true

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
The Lainchu he's talking to in DMs when compared to the Lainchu he's speaking to in the place are completely different people.

I feel like part of the reason why Chris hasn't completely caught on to mine is because he knows that other Lainchu a lot longer.

it may sound obvious, but Chris might have some sort of emotional connection with Anaxis.

Chris uses it because it's an in to Anaxis. He's shit at relationships, so the fact that Anaxis is barely there and basically gone, that's why he wants me to bring him back.

They also continued plotting ways to wrench Chris away from me, and several hours later, Chris sent me this:

Just checking, but you still have the connection with Lainchu, herself, right? And if so, what is the her [sic] present location and her general status?

The timing of this message was obviously highly suspicious, so I held off on answering and instead asked my sources for intel. In response, I received a folder of screenshots depicting the Watchmen scheming for over three hours about how to manipulate Chris back into their favor.[107] And it was perhaps the most try-hard shit I've ever seen.

The Watchmen Discuss How to Brainwash Chris
Chris uses it because it's an in to Anaxis. He's shit at relationships, so the fact that Anaxis is barely there and basically gone, that's why he wants me to bring him back.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
He's still in the CWCki Server, but he's not as frequent as he used to be.
I think he's in the process of trying to come up with more stuff for my section?

I'll wait till he does something I can act morally outraged at.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
How long has Anaxis claimed the title of Lainchu?
Since [Klop] quit the role, maybe 6 months?

Caught Anaxis in a lie.


Least in terms of "I was instructed to chronicle the following message, so I present The Chroniclings of Chris Chan: A Medium's Guidance."

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)

God willing, I will outlast both of them.

this is only my 1st month.

So if we want to prove you're the real one, we can use SD-49.

Prompt with how the real Lainchu would be able to accurately recall information about it because they're currently there.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
Should I change my handle regardless?
Would help, and labeling yourself as the real one in a passive way would make it feel less confronational.

And Chris would be less confused.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
Should I tell Chris:

"Chris, that Lainchu is an imposter and has no direct relation to the real one."

"I'm its only true descendent."

Was the host but currently is no longer, there is only ever one true host.

You can verify my integrity by confirming with someone at my present location SD-49 information relating to the general state currently.

An imposter wouldn't be able to accurately recall current information.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
Should I copy and paste that to him?
Ya, that works.

And ask him to ask you anything about current information about SD-49 confirming with a source, I don't know if I should be named as that or not directly.

But there is the chance he'll try and duck that to "confirm" it on his own.

Post any questions he asks and I'll on the spot come up with something that's now canon.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
I'll give it a shot.
Don't outright say to ask Anaxis these things yet, wait a while first.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
why not just let Chris find out himself?
In regards to?
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
It's not really an A-class lore dimension, really most aren't in CWC dimension lore.

Mostly C-197 and C-1218 are the only ones he goes on about, he rarely comes up with lore for the other ones.

But in the event of Chris being able to verify the lore, he'll just say that you're wrong.

By having me confirm, I can give you the correct answer ahead of time.

And invariably Anaxis is wrong regardless of Chris' bias to see him as right.

It's the whole "ask me something only the real Lainchu would know." bit.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
So ask Chris that.
I'd recommend having it be more implied than direct, but implication doesn't really meet Chris' level of suspicion.

I just don't like where this is going given how many people Anaxis has lied to, and he also didn't DM me despite Chris asking.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)

[Image transcript: Chris. - The Lainchu you're giving information to is an imposter with no direct relation to the original host at all in any capacity. It is true that individual was the host at one time, but nowadays no longer has my powers or abilities.

You can verify my integrity by confirming with someone at my present location SD-49 information relating to the general state currently.

An imposter wouldn't be able to accurately recall current information.]

i'm not done yet.

Ya, I'd like to be more sure he'll try and use me to confirm facts.

I guess it makes sense for Lainchu to name me as a valid confirmation.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
wait a minute...

I got an idea.

Remember how you talked about how Chris wanted "Lainchu" to chat with you?

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
what if I gave him things from you first hand?
I'm trying to think of how that would look, give an example?
lets wind things back a bit to the original DMs.
If you need a prompt, you can just say something like the current population.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)

[Image transcript can be found here.]

take a look at the bottom.

or near the bottom.

Ya, Anaxis never did that, already pointed it out.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
lets take advantage of that.
I can point out all the lies, but Chris tends to shut down in the face of negative evidence.

If I point out that Lainchu didn't share anything, he'll be losing an OC friend. If you provide proof you know about the SD-49 lore, you can prove that you're the real Lainchu.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
why not go around that and say that it was an imposter?
Because Chris doesn't like being left with less evidence of the merge stuff.

It's more about increasing your credibility as Lainchu.

The other option just reduces Anaxis', which makes it less likely to work.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
Should we go with the SD-49 story?

I think I should directly name you as a source.

Ya, I'd rather not take it on faith that Chris'll not default to just making shit up.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)

[Image transcript: Chris. - The Lainchu you're giving information to is an imposter with no direct relation to the original host at all in any capacity. It is true that this individual was the host at one time, but has since then lost the ability to utilize my powers.

You can verify my integrity by confirming with Kyle at my present location SD-49 information relating to the general state currently.

An imposter wouldn't be able to accurately recall current information.]

made some changes, I will continue to edit until it looks convincing enough.

Seems good enough, being too wordy makes it look forced. (edited)
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
What should I keep and remove?
I think it's fine right now.

If you want to verify integrity from the start, say the current population is 46194.



Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
I'm not going to get my hopes up knowing how Chris has become so attached to Anaxis's Lainchu.
It's why the negative evidence won't work, I feel.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
like I stated in the past, Lainchu the 3rd (Anaxis) has been the character the longest.

And Chris is used to him.

So the question is how used is he to that particular Lainchu.

Kind of a way for Chris to overcompensate for the current walkouts.
imagine if Chris blocks my Lainchu.

its a scary scenario, but I had to bring that up.

If he does read it at all.

Chris is really bad at discord DMs.

i'm just saying, if such a thing happens, you guys can consider doxing Anaxis.

or just flat out kill the Lainchu character. lol

Won't really help, Chris never kills off characters.
Lainchu is Christory's Q.
If he comes back later, mention for him to check.

yeah, I'll tell him to talk with you.

I mean later on, Chris doesn't really check DMs.
Chris is online.

this is my chance.

Birthday sonichu, or something.

Either way just try and mention the DMs.


[Image transcript of Chris's response to Sean's message: Ah, but if one were genuinely wanting to identify themselves in confirmation, and since our multi-dimensional ally, the actual Lainchu, of whom you'd be channeling, generally knows for facts that their actions would be and have been genuinely proven over a facet amount of time, or valuable amount of information. In other words, confident in themselves to be the legitimate one-and-only, and that feeling being illuminated from their energies and aura. On that, there would be no need to find confirmation from a neutral party who would possibly favour one or the other, regardless, with possible intentions.

Therefore, in your insistence of proving yourself through such an outside individual, you have, in fact, outted yourself as the impostor, because you know internally that you are not genuine, as exemplified through, again, your energies and aura.]

(Interesting that Chris didn't know about this till later, leads me to believe the church server isn't containing Chris.)
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)

[Image transcript: Plus, to a multi-dimensional individual who can take possession of one in this universe, a host is a host, unless that host has proven loyal to them in genuine self-actions, outside of possession.]

Not what a neutral party means...
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
[Image attachment that reads: Yeah, didn't really sense Lainchu in you, dude.]

now I'm offended. lol

Thinking of how to get around this.

Maybe bring out how Anaxis lied about the leaks?

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
give me something that I can copy and paste to him.
This was just the easiest way to verify authenticity. I am genuine.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
maybe you should chat with him in DMs yourself.
Then it just looks like I did it.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
well then...

I don't know what else to say.

Say that this conduit is genuine and this is the best way to prove it.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
so just tell him that?
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
wrong pic.


this is the one.

we good?

Maybe say "demonstrate it to you."

Instead of proof.

And capitalize the first leter.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)

[Image includes Chris's full message to Sean's Lainchu, plus Sean's drafted response that reads "This conduit is genuine and this is the best way demonstrate it to you."]

maybe replace "is" with "was".

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
And that's it?
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
he'll likely still believe I'm the imposter
Yes, but at least he might be a bit more skeptical.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
he's slowly coming around, but as long as Anaxis keeps him hooked, he'll think I'm the imposter. lol
Ya, more about building up your image in a verifiable way.
IDK, maybe say you saw this coming?

I have no clue, Chris is the worst debater ever.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)

[Image transcript: Well then, demonstrate.

Tell me about the present and recent general state, and nothing I've posted or tweeted about.]


let's do this Nova.

Give me what you got.

Current population: 46194
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
what is that referring to?
It's a sancuary planet.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
you got to be detailed and specific as possible.
For the OCs in danger in native dimensions.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
which planet?

I just decided to rename it.

Formally there is no recognition of independent nations yet.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
Should I say: "I come from the planet of Sanctuarion, it has a population of 46,194, and is home to the OCs that are in danger in their respective dimensions."
Lainchu currently resides on Sanctuarion.

The de facto capitol is called Ecumenopolis, named after a philosophical concept of a city that encompasses an entire planet or is almost entirely vertical.

And as a somewhat ironic joke.

Current comparisons in conventional technology are about 1950s level, industry is still expanding and we're using the skillsets of those from other dimensions to bring about this.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)

[Image transcript of Sean's drafted reply: As of right now, I currently reside on the planet Sanctuarion, where it has a population of 46,194 OCs who that are currently in danger in their respective dimensions. The capital is called Ecumenopolis, named after a philosophical concept of a city that encompasses an entire planet or is almost entirely vertical.

Current comparisons in conventional technology are about 1950s level, industry is still expanding and we're using the skillsets of those from other dimensions to bring about this.]

i'm still trying to piece the reply better.

We're largely self sufficient owing to your initial resources and staffing given.

Generally everything is going well and we're working on future efforts to decide how to start ramping up operations.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)

[Image transcript of Sean's drafted reply: As of right now, I currently reside on the planet Sanctuarion, where it has a population of 46,194 OCs that are currently on the run or threatened by the chaos from their respective dimensions. Its capital is Ecumenopolis, named after a philosophical concept of a city that encompasses an entire planet or is almost entirely vertical.

The technology is around 1950s level, industry is still expanding and we're using the skillsets of those from other dimensions to bring about this. We're largely self-sufficient owing to your initial resources and staffing given. So far, everything is going well and we're working on future efforts to decide how to start ramping up operations.]

That works.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
should I send?
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
if this thing works out, we should expand on it.

might as well become the "good" Idea Guys.

It's something nice where Chris doesn't have to pretend so hard.

He's given up on his "half the world needs to die" fascination over the last year or so.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
I think it was Wise and his crew that made him think that way.
That and Infinity War.

If you need a current work item for Lainchu to be focused on, she's working on refining the dimensional travel system and a way of evaluating who comes over based on a grading system.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
should I maybe tell Chris that as well?
Yes, just trying to think of what to call it, Chris loves proper nouns.

Imperativeness coefficient?

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
Some way of evaluating which people are of the highest priority to bring back first.

Maintain our ability to function and maximize the effectiveness of saving OCs.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)

[Image transcript of Sean's drafted reply: And since last year, I myself have been helping out the people by engineering a system that would allow any being to travel between Dimensions.]

Add, "to here" on the end.

We're trying to maintain isolation as much as is practical when you're dealing with dimension hopping.

Also don't capitalize Dimensions

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
I kinda want to mention the COVID-19 pandemic in this.
Eh, that's ground Chris has already made impassioned claims on.

So I don't want to risk that.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)

[Image transcript of Sean's drafted reply: And since the second half of 2020, I myself have been helping out the people by engineering a system that would allow any being to travel between dimensions to here. So at the moment, we're trying to maintain isolation as much as is practical when you're dealing with dimension hopping.]

Does it go back that far?

I prefer to maintain an active or slightly past tense when lorebuilding.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
maybe I should change it to: "for a while now"?
Yes, that works.
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)

[Image transcript of Sean's drafted reply: And for a while now, I myself have been helping out the people of Sanctuarion by engineering a system that would allow anybody to travel between dimensions to here. So at the moment, we're trying to maintain isolation as much as is practical when you're dealing with dimension hopping]

Go for it
Impostor Lainchu (Sean)

got any predictions for his reply?

Might ask for how successful it is with magical terms?

Either way, he hasn't denied anything yet.

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
i'm not holding my breath.

does Lainchu have an Origin Story btw?

Probably just Lain's, don't know.

Ask @-[footnote 4] ?

Impostor Lainchu (Sean)
I've watched Lain more than enough to know how Lain Iwakura herself was created.

I was stunned by the effort that they were going to. They were pulling out all the stops like I was the biggest threat to Chris since the Idea Guys or Jacob Sockness, even though there was no proof of me doing anything harmful. They were sending lore messages to Chris and strategizing about the best ways to brainwash him into accepting Sean's version of Lainchu, which, I'm sure needs no reminder, is exactly what the Idea Guys did to Chris. At one point, Sean even compared the two, calling the Watchmen the "good" Idea Guys. The hypocrisy on display was unbelievable.

Even though Chris had so far rejected every attempt the Watchmen had made to sway him, the fact that he was questioning me about Lainchu meant that the clock was ticking on my end. His skepticism of the Impostor Lainchu would fall apart if I failed to say anything in response to his query. Obviously, directly referencing any of the lore the Watchmen had created would be ill-advised, as it would reveal that I knew more than I was supposed to if Chris blabbed about it. And so, given the fact that the Lainchu character didn't have much existing lore, I decided that the best course of action would be to make up my own.

This was the one and only time that I broke my own rule, and introduced new ideas to Chris. It's not something I'm pleased about, and I wish it didn't come to that point, but the Watchmen had forced my hand.

Using a small handful of sci-fi inspirations, I wrote the following in response to Chris:

Yes, I still have the connection. As of this moment, she is temporarily residing in Dimension X-51, on the planet Dexium, where she is studying among the Whisper Travelers, a group of scientists that dedicate research towards biotechnology, nanotechnology, and most importantly, interdimensional travel and portal creation. The current aim is to find an effective system for quantum tunneling between dimensions that tend to be harder to breach, such as R-484 and, notably, C-197. The Travelers want to open borders between dimensions, and Lainchu is learning from them, seeing if there is technology that can be utilized to help achieve this goal, or at least, attain research that can be brought back to you. She is hard at work, a little tired, but diligent as ever.

Why do you ask?

This was basically a Hail Mary. I had no idea what Chris was looking for in an answer from me, and I had never written lore before. For all I knew, the Watchmen's extensive knowledge of how Chris operated gave them an edge when it came to that subject.

So it came as a complete surprise to me when Chris responded like this:

Good answer. The “Current Host” was trying to demonstrate themselves and their link with Lainchu with me, because they were feeling inadequate compared with you. They’ve told me yet another event involving Lainchu in recent days, but it didn’t resonate with me. But reading your fact resonated with me moreso, so I have verified it further that you continue to be stronger in link and authenticity.

He then shared with me the lore that the Impostor Lainchu had sent to him, which Sean and Nova had worked on together, and we had a short discussion about the medium again, and how he supposedly knew that Nova was the one behind this particular deception. Amusingly, Chris also "predicted" that some lore project of Nova's was destined to fall apart, showcasing his declining faith in Nova.

By the end of the discussion, he also gave me permission to chronicle what we had discussed,[108] something which I planned to get around to but never actually did. As much as I would have liked to publicly showcase Chris losing confidence in Nova as a sort of middle finger to the Watchmen, I decided to wait, just in case Chris actually answered the Q&A and gave me something more substantial. Plus, I didn't want the Watchmen to learn about the lore I had written and use it against me.

Thankfully, I don't think Chris did anything with the lore I wrote to him, as he never referenced it again.

I compiled a few screenshots together and entitled this Chronicling A Future in Motion, but as I was still waiting for an answer to the Q&A that would never come, it never got published. I actually planned to publish it in August 2021, when the Watchmen were already dissolved and I had no more patience to wait for Chris to answer the Q&A. However, Merge Day happened and that opportunity escaped me.

Anyway, here it is if you'd like to read it. Enjoy the Lost Chronicling.

The Chroniclings of Chris Chan: A Future in Motion

17 March 2021

Hello Chris! Just checking in, hope that you're doing well. Is there anything you want me to chronicle, or do you feel ready yet to answer some questions? Let me know, thanks! (edited)
Just checking, but you still have the connection with Lainchu, herself, right? And if so, what is the her [sic] present location and her general status?

18 March 2021

Yes, I still have the connection. As of this moment, she is temporarily residing in Dimension X-51, on the planet Dexium, where she is studying among the Whisper Travelers, a group of scientists that dedicate research towards biotechnology, nanotechnology, and most importantly, interdimensional travel and portal creation. The current aim is to find an effective system for quantum tunneling between dimensions that tend to be harder to breach, such as R-484 and, notably, C-197. The Travelers want to open borders between dimensions, and Lainchu is learning from them, seeing if there is technology that can be utilized to help achieve this goal, or at least, attain research that can be brought back to you. She is hard at work, a little tired, but diligent as ever.

Why do you ask?

Good answer. The “Current Host” was trying to demonstrate themselves and their link with Lainchu with me, because they were feeling inadequate compared with you. They’ve told me yet another event involving Lainchu in recent days, but it didn’t resonate with me. But reading your fact resonated with me moreso, so I have verified it further that you continue to be stronger in link and authenticity.

Here is what they said was recently happening with Lainchu, or even one of her self-counterparts, possibly:

As of right now, I currently reside on the planet Sanctuarion, where it has a population of 46,194 OCs that are currently on the run or threatened by the chaos from their respective dimensions. Its capital is Ecumenopolis, named after a philosophical concept of a city that encompasses an entire planet or is almost entirely vertical.

The technology is around 1950s level, industry is still expanding and we're using the skillsets of those from other dimensions to bring about this. We're largely self-sufficient owing to your initial resources and staffing given. So far, everything is going well and we're working on future efforts to decide how to start ramping up operations.

And for a while now, I myself have been helping out the people of Sanctuarion by engineering a system that would allow anybody to travel between dimensions to here. So at the moment, we're trying to maintain isolation as much as is practical when you're dealing with dimension hopping.

And, as I am sharing this with you, I am getting a Deja Vu moment; I have foreseen this event in a dream some time ago. Still on the right tracks.


Ah yes, the impostor. I'm glad that you are able to see past their lies.
My abilities with this body in this universe have improved.
That's great to hear!
The self-love and working with my body internally is working out splendidly.

Still getting a number of things better learned into this noggin on the powers and everything else, but the medium’s reading, as well as their brief lessons about three of the Clair abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairseniance) sparked something big within this noggin.

Back on previous topic, I tend to believe what the impostor was referring to was Kyle’s idea of a sanctuary universe that would have worked with the merge. They did also mention Kyle as a reference to validate themselves, which that was a dead giveaway.

I knew that if the individual was genuine, they would have remained most confident that their intentions would be most legible with me through their energy and aura, and no external reference would have been required.

Indeed. This is pointing towards some form of desperation on their part, although what their aims are, I've yet to figure out.
I could sense that Kyle might be the mastermind behind this particular circumstance. He’s continued to express frustration, because I, nor Sonichu, had not asked for his input on much having to do with the Dimension Merge in quite some time.

My Claircognizance had improved further so as well, after having seeded from my constant link with the Cosmos and other universes, timelines, dimensions, and self-counterparts.

So, if I had a question, regardless of wording, I just simply ask it in my mind or verbally outward, and then I would fairly quick answer my own question with the facts downloaded into my subconscious and streamed into my conscious, and so on.

Hm, I see. Self-reliance is good, although I must admit that it is helpful to get second opinions sometimes. It's all down to how confident you feel in your own answers.
True. But as the medium have made clear from I, and the rest of us, my body had relied too much on external individuals and things for validation. Especially since the greater and more accurate answers were as easily attainable thorough meditation and mental linkages.

Plus, as Magi-Chan and I had foreseen, and in the months’ time over the past year, Kyle’s science and logic were rather proving lacking on certain tangible and intangible details. His knowledge, as high as it is, is best directed towards the project that he has manifested under his own abilities and powers that work well and above his present comprehension, even if he had meditated, as he said, he didn’t do so deep enough.

His plans and project at the present are on good progress, and will not fail for the time in which they are required for these set of events, and then beyond the Merge’s fullest completion. But, some time after 1C-211987 has been brought back to once again by the reunion of 1218 and C-197, Kyle’s project will be destined to fall apart, and everyone within will have to return to their own respective homes in escape pods and so on, those that have chosen to stay behind post-merge, that is.

I will talk with Kyle about this some later on.

Interesting. Yes, communication is key during a time like this.

As always, let me know if there is anything you wish for me to chronicle, and I will gladly do so.

Tell you what, you may chronicle all that I have just told and confirmed of the present event and plans of Kyle’s. 😉⚡️
Very well. Thank you!

Death of the Impostor Lainchu

Chris definitively rejects the Impostor Lainchu.

I was still shocked that what I did actually worked. The Watchmen's attempts at brainwashing Chris had totally backfired, and he quickly made that fact known to them.

On 18 March, a short time after Chris sent me the messages that made up the contents of A Future in Motion, he sent a few messages in the Place. The first few were lore-related, ending with a statement about how Nova's "manifestation process" was "doing good." He then followed that up with this:

Unlike a certain "Current Host" on here who is not selling me adequately. Definitely sense our Lainchu within Anaxis moreso than this dude.[109]

The whole conversation can be read here.

At that point, I expected an incoming shitstorm, given that the massive effort the Watchmen had gone through just failed completely. But something different happened instead.

Sean decided to just straight-up abandon his Lainchu account and started roleplaying with Chris on his main account instead. He started describing his own dimension, which he called W-2000, and gave Chris several details about it which I suppose he believed would be appealing, including the presence of a bronze statue of Classic Chris.[110] What was odd about this particular roleplay, however, was that there didn't appear to be any coordination about it in the second layer. Sean was doing this all on his own.

Sean Roleplays With Chris
Now Chris, have you been communicating with anybody lately?

both in this dimension and other dimensions?


And, on the spiritual realms, I've really expanded with my body's conduit part; I've got over 574 Million Souls, Spirits and Entities taking refuge within my oversized sub-dimension.

And those who do have free will to leave and return as they will. Most of them stick around, though.

Even have my late Aunt Corina Inge in this thing.

She lives in you.
The community there has become rather united and civil. Not In me, per se; I don't get possessed, unless I personally agree to give them a moment or so to do it. But this sub-dimension realm is linked with a piece of my body's core.

And I can project it all around me.

I also got a lot of souls that live within my dimension.
It's like I don't need the Fenton's ghost portal, or to manifest a portal to get there.
In my dimension, Catalonia is actually a state.

I simply meditate.

Tell you what, perhaps you can astral project yourself and have a look at this joint.

It's essentially an infinitely tall and wide Uber-fancy hotel with all of the trimmings.

With a bit of city streets and a few buildings for them to commune and to go to, or whatever.

My dimension (W-2000) is in many ways similar to C-1218, but its considerably more violent. (edited)

and because of that, many beings there are more defensive.

if not hostile.

My realm is more filled with a calming to neutral vibe; it's actually a good place to chill.

They vent at times, there, but the repairs and restorations are quick like lightning.

If you challenge somebody to a fight in W-2000, you might still win, but it will be more difficult.

The beings there are Warriors. (edited)

Just learned the number of mine: 4C-211987 (edited)
Is that your sub dimension?
The place I was just telling you about.
oh okay.

The one thing I will say about W-2000 is that CWCVille is there.

I just had a visionary look into W-2000; you are not kidding. (edited)

No, it isn't. If anything, that's an alternate-dimension version of it.


that's correct.

And the difference between the one there and the one here is that its a lot bigger and more influential.

I sense you have a few hundred to a few thousand souls there.
again, that's correct.
Whoo, my brain is on a roll!
Also, Bruce Lee is still alive there. 😄
It's upping my body's self-confidence in it's manifested abilities.

Now there's someone who you'd want to pick a fight with or beat up.

And when he's not acting, he's taken on the role of being the Grand Master of our dimension. (edited)

He's getting a little old, but thankfully his son (who died in our dimension) is already prepared.

"Yo, it was self-defense on my part, but I stand my ground and don't let them get to me."

I would also have to add that Dimension W-2000 (despite being violent and more fight happy) is considerably more Asian than Western.

people here still mainly speak English, but the culture feels more eastern. Fortunately, it has worked out well enough to maintain stability.

The influences of both genres are ever present.
In dimension W-2000, the West adopts the Oriental (China, Japan, and Korea) way of life. (edited)

We have LGBT rights still, but society would prefer it to be kept private rather than discussing it frequently.

(probably for the best)

The Middle East is still violent, but unlike C1218, the Governments in W-2000 are competent.

And when they trouble, they'll crush it immediately even if people get mad at them for being too harsh.

btw, MLP G4 never ends in W-2000.

They just expand upon it knowing that it was so successful.

I was just force-projected there; two of your occupants had managed to construct a couple of dimension-barrier-breaking swords. I had to sort that problem out before they could, make an escape. I closed the slashes they had made; not too big.

NOTE: There is a brief gap in messages here, which my sources did not send me.

[Replying to Chris's message: "And in my mind, the statue was an oversized bust statue."]

In W2000 CWCVille, there's a huge bronze statue of you (from 2009) wearing your classic shirt and medallion.

Its located in the city square.

And is around 60 feet tall.

btw don't worry, its well protected from vandals. 🙂

The bust I was looking at was some bald, rich-looking dude with a monocle, and a pipe in his mouth. (edited)
In Catalonia (the country that refers to me), we have a currency that has many Internet Figures from this dimension that are on the bank notes.

You're on the 1 Peso note Chris.

May as well put me on a Nickel.

Someone asked about it in the second layer, and this is how the conversation went:

Sean's Explanation
What's with the role-playing in General?
@[REDACTED] long story short:
Oh dear fuck
its to keep Chris intrigued to this place.

Bashar is now canon in Sonichu. 😬

And this W2000?
[Replying to "Bashar?"]

Syria's current dictator.

[Replying to "And this W2000?"]

I came up with it.

Chris was not liking my Lainchu so I decided to further expand on the EGS with a whole new universe.

Give it some time, as always.

Chris just likes to be egotistical

That was a long conversation... Well done I guess cx
Anaxis is a dumbfuck.
I intentionally made W2000 more authoritarian.

And I think Chris liked that.

Since Chris didn't accept Sean's Lainchu, Sean tried instead to expand on the EGS (Randy Stair) lore. Note the fact that none of the other Watchmen in this conversation object to this or raise any concerns.

When the subject of Chris's declining/unstable grip on reality came up...[111]

The Watchmen Defend the Roleplaying
I worry about Chris's grip on reality sometimes. You're sure this won't have any adverse effects?
Not like Chris really goes into politics.
I don't think you understand.

Chris is so far gone that you might as well just have fun.

Not at any expense.
It maybe wasn't the best thing to do but it kept him here for awhile anyway
I'm not going to make regrets over Chris's take on reality.

What is reality to Chris anymore?

dude is almost 40 and should've gotten help a long time ago.

Shower Mewtwo.
Chris like any other child likes being told some very interesting fairytales.
Well, I suppose so. It's all a cope to him anyway.
I wish we could do so much more.

but knowing his mental state along with his refusal to listen to any of us regarding Praetor, we might as well just watch it all crumble.

We're here to prevent the worst of all possible outcomes.
I've kept telling people this and I will say it again: Anybody who does business with Chris are going to end up getting the worst end of things in the end.

Praetor is no different.

Chris is so far gone that you might as well just have fun.
Sean's justification for feeding Chris new lore.[111]

I was floored when I read this, and baffled that the Watchmen ever had the gall to take the moral high ground when they admitted to carelessly doing the very thing that they were supposed to protect Chris from. They were Idea Guy-ing him, just like any other enabler! I already knew that the Watchmen were incompetent, but this made me realize that they weren't even sincere. I guess that when the going got too tough, they just didn't want to make an effort anymore.

In my eyes, this was the moment that the Watchmen lost all credibility.

17 March was the last time that my sources reported activity from Sean's Impostor Lainchu. While it is possible that the account was used afterward, I'm guessing that this was the final significant interaction between Chris and the account. Despite the Watchmen's best efforts, it seems that they had lost this round, and my position as the Chronicler remained.

The Days of Quiet (March 2021 - June 2021)

Once the turbulence had passed, things became much quieter than they had before. Information from Chris had slowed to a crawl, and now that I was no longer a part of the Watchmen, I directed my focus to other things, such as running the CWCki Server and gathering thirdhand information from other parties to help enhance articles.

While this existence was unquestionably less consistently exciting than it had been during the latter half of 2020, it was one that I was content with. And for a long time, I believed that this was how things would stay...

Chris and the Slowing of Activity

I wish I could say that this period of several months was punctuated with interesting information from Chris that was not already known to the public, but unfortunately, this was not so. I suppose that Chris found new interests during this time, perhaps growing closer to Bella while his relationship with the Watchmen began to falter. My weekly reminders about the Q&A soon became just me talking to myself.

The KwaiiSandbag Files

When Chris finally stopped roleplaying as Sonichu on 25 February,[112] I think that the initial assumption among most people was that he either did this to cope with the release of more MLP G5 information, or he finally just got bored with the RP. However, these notions were proven wrong on 20 March.

On that day, a Discord user by the name of KwaiiSandbag came into the CWCki Server and dropped a link to a Google Drive folder, which contained five videos of him speaking to Chris over Discord, roleplaying as a psychic. This was also posted on the Chris Chan subreddit.[113] He wrote this accompanying message on Discord:

I claimed to be a psychic because I felt bad and wanted to steer chris in the right direction. like for starters stopping her from thinking sonichu was in her body
KwaiiSandbag (as quoted by me to another user).[114]

Naturally, KwaiiSandbag got a lot of flak from the users in the server for contacting Chris, so he quickly left the server soon after this. Some users believed that he was the medium who Chris had mentioned, but I disagreed with this notion on the basis that Chris referred to the medium as female, while Sandbag was male (I privately still believed it was Molly, but this was not confirmed until later).

However, I still wanted to know more. Sandbag wanted to come clean about everything, so he contacted one of the mods, who got me in touch with him. I came up with a few basic questions to ask him, then I held a short interview, in which Sandbag shared screenshots of his chats with Chris and talked about his process and intentions. The whole time, he was polite and seemed genuine to me, another naïve but well-intentioned soul who believed they could help Chris, and had to learn the hard way that such a thing was basically impossible. His singular mark of success in this matter, it seems, was getting Chris to drop the Sonichu roleplay.[115]

A few days later (26 March), I was contacted by Lily, a person who appeared in the latter 3 calls with KwaiiSandbag, who I interviewed to give their side of the story, adding a few extra details and an additional perspective.[116]

I posted these interviews onto this wiki, in an effort to lend more context to the released calls. I also credited myself as the interviewer in the article, something which I regret doing now.

After this, KwaiiSandbag and Lily both changed their Discord information and disappeared from the community. I have not seen or heard from them since.

The Q&A's Final Hope

Chris's bags of Chakra Tea.

It was now nearing the end of March, and the future of the Discord Q&A was looking pretty bleak. Already months after a protracted period of self-imposed hiatus on the part of Chris, it seemed that my weekly queries asking if Chris was "ready" to resume were simply becoming an empty echo chamber. At the beginning of the month, I had even shut down question submission in CWC Questions, intending to reopen it if/when Chris started answering the Q&A again. He fell victim to his own laziness and lack of self-control as usual, and it was easy to read the writing on the wall at that point.

But suddenly, there was hope on the horizon.

"Rainbow Chakra Tea"

On 31 March, six days after I had sent my most recent reminder, Chris suddenly messaged me to request two sets of twenty questions each: one set for him, and the other for Barb. I couldn't believe it: after so much time waiting, this felt like I had struck gold. Not only did Chris want double the usual amount of questions, but he wanted the same for Barb, too![117] Near the beginning of the Q&A, a small set of questions was compiled for Chris to give to Barb, but Chris stated that Barb had been "reluctant" to answer her questions.[10] I have no idea if this turnaround was a decision of Barb's or if Chris just had a different interpretation of her reaction, but either way, this seemed very promising.

After gathering a healthy group of questions, I sent them to Chris on 1 April, suggesting that he either film or record audio of Barb answering the questions, as I was halfway concerned that he would ask her the questions privately and just write down his own interpretations of Barb's answers. His own questions could be answered in the usual way of writing in DMs, which I preferred.

On 7 April, Chris contacted me again to inform me that he was actually intending to host a livestream, during which he would ask Barb the questions, although he did not nail down a date. He also requested that I swap out one question for Barb with one of his own creation, something which I was happy to oblige as long as it provided an interesting answer.[117]

The conversation then shifted to more casual topics of discussion, with Chris revealing that Barb had gotten her first COVID-19 vaccination shot earlier on that day, and that he was drinking a blend of Chakra tea. He even sent me pictures of the teas, as well as that of a large pitcher full of tea bags (one of each type), which he called "Rainbow Chakra tea."[118] I could imagine it probably tasted disgusting, not to mention what a waste of tea that was, although Chris seemed to enjoy it.

After this, I waited for news about the livestream. As time passed, I continued sending weekly check-ins/reminders about the Q&A, but they went totally ignored.[119] I never saw Chris mention the Q&A livestream again, publicly or otherwise, and unbeknownst to me at the time, this would be our final one-on-one conversation.

The hope spot had faded. Now I had to look elsewhere for new information.

Praetor's Continued Operations


I had written this section before the contents of the entire Golden Church server were leaked on 9 May 2022. Despite that, I've elected not to greatly change or delete what I've written, since this was still an event which happened from my perspective at the time. Keep this in mind while reading.

After the Taser Incident in February, which was subsequently followed by several of the group's main members getting doxed on Kiwi Farms, Praetor had gone fairly quiet. Continuing their business machinations in the background, they launched their line of Golden Sonichu medallions on Etsy, retailing for a whopping $60.[120] Aside from their appeal of being a "limited-edition collector's item," the medallions were also being sold on the premise of granting exclusive access to a Discord server called The Glorious Golden Church of Sonichu, where users could speak to Chris and Chris could give his sermons freely to a willing audience.

To my knowledge, no public information about this server exists besides the fact that Chris and Praetor were in it. And now that Praetor has seemingly left the picture and assumedly deleted the Golden Church server (just as they had deleted their entire online presence), a crucial chance to gain information about the server appears to have come and gone.

However...I got lucky.

The Golden Church

On 26 March, I was approached via DM by a user in the CWCki Server, who claimed to have bought a golden medallion and was a member of the Golden Church server, and offered to take screenshots of the server's interior for the CWCki, on the condition that they remain anonymous.[121][122] I accepted this offer, then for over a month, I heard nothing from this source, and I forgot about them completely. I was already skeptical on them delivering what they proposed, so this was pretty much what I was expecting.

However, the source wound up messaging me out of the blue on 30 April, to inform me that Chris had announced in the server that he planned on attending a "Virtual Healing Circle" hosted by Molly the Medium that night.[123] Unfortunately, since the knowledge of Chris attending this event was not public, there is no evidence to suggest that any Christorians were in attendance, and thus, no information exists about it. I asked the source if they planned to attend, and they informed me that the admission price was $15, more than they were willing to pay (not unreasonably). It was at this point that I began inquiring about some of the server's finer details.

They informed me that there was a grand total of 11 users in the Golden Church, including themselves, and excluding Chris and Praetor.[124][125] This number shocked me, because Praetor's Etsy storefront at the time showed the golden medallions as having been sold out and needing restocking at least once, meaning that they would have had to sell dozens. This was the one and only time that I entertained the possibility that the Watchmen's conspiracy theory about Praetor artificially inflating their own sales numbers could have been true. However, it is easily just as possible that the majority of golden medallion customers were simply not enticed by the offer to join a server that Chris was in, perhaps understanding the inherent risk that doing such a thing posed. Maybe said customers didn't trust the Praetors to be anything more than salesmen.

The server was described as being "mostly dead," with occasional questions about the Dimensional Merge being levied at Chris, as well as Chris or Praetor making announcements. The general attitude of the server was "pretty civil" with no sign of anyone attempting to troll Chris,[126] and the Praetors never had to enforce discipline on any users. While I did not receive a full layout of the server's structure, I did learn that they had an empty rules channel and what appeared to be a main channel called the "congregation hall."[127]

I asked for some screenshots of Chris speaking in the server, and the source obliged, sending a handful that depicted conversations from 28 March to 30 April. Their description of the server appeared to be accurate, as there was very little daily conversation going on. Of note was the inclusion of Praetor doxing Jacob Sockness's address, and Chris confirming that it did indeed belong to Jacob.[128]

The source did their own censor job before sending me the screenshots.

Source's Information on the Golden Church Server

They told me that they would send more screenshots "later," but they unfortunately never got back to me, and I never followed up. I held off on posting these screenshots because I didn't want Praetor to know that they had a user violating their secrecy, especially if there were only 11 people who could have possibly done it, but now I think it's time. It is certainly possible that other members of the Golden Church will leak information in the future, but until then, it appears that these scant few screenshots are the only evidence of the server's existence.

Other Activities

Aside from continuing to sell their standard medallions, Praetor didn't appear to have any major business ventures during this period beyond the golden medallions. They continued existing quietly, eventually selling rocks from Chris's driveway (which Chris referred to as "meditation stones" on Twitter),[129] although reports from observers state that these sold far less than their line of medallions.

Perhaps they had other business plans, such as the ones proposed in the Golden Church, but if they did, they never wound up coming to fruition. Turns out, Praetor managed to outlast just about everyone else in this story.

Decline of the Watchmen

I made it a point to try and keep informed on the Watchmen's activities behind the scenes, since they had proved to be desperate in their attempts to pull Chris away from me, and were rapidly losing their grip. Over these months, insider reports showed the Watchmen's growing complacency and apathy, and the foolish decisions they made that set up their eventual downfall.

Jahans and Lore Plotting

Although the frequency with which I received reports about the Watchmen's scheming decreased as the months went on, I still occasionally was given screenshots of their inane plans.

The first truly notable one of these was a set I got on 24 March, the day that MKR rejoined Twitter (she quits the Internet about as well as Chris does), which depicted the Watchmen discussing potentially bringing fellow lolcow Alexander Jahans (a.k.a. Farshnuke) into the Place and having him and Chris roleplay together. To what end, I have no idea: it's possible that they just wanted someone else to roleplay with Chris besides them, or maybe they just thought it would be funny. Either way, this continued to showcase the group's hypocrisy when it came to how they handled and enabled Chris. To my knowledge, this attempt to bring the two cows together didn't end up working out.[130]

The Watchmen Discussing Jahans
Transcript can be read here.
(idea guy mode activated)
Sean, before coming up with more lore to brainwash Chris with.

On 25 March, Sean was plotting to feed more lore to Chris and discussing it with the Watchmen, who did not object to this, with Nova discouraging it only at the end, once Sean had laid out all of his ideas. Highlights of this effort included:

  • Sean wanted to tell Chris about a dimension in which he retains his Classic form and is much more powerful there.
  • Sean wanted to have his W-2000 dimension merge with a universe where his Impostor Lainchu resided, presumably to grant it legitimacy.
  • Sean revealed that his previous effort with introducing W-2000 was a test to see how Chris would react to the implementation of Islamic mythology into the lore.
  • Sean's lore is shit and he knows it. This isn't me taking a dig at him, this is something he outright admits.[131]
Sean's Lore Plotting
Transcript can be read here.

Ban From the CWCki Server

Despite my initial desire to do so after I had been kicked out of the Watchmen, I had allowed the accounts of all of their members to remain in the CWCki Server, but kept one eye out for potential trouble. Their members almost never posted, but now that I was no longer granting them leniency, any sign of trouble would be met with swift and harsh retribution. And soon enough, I found myself with the proper opportunity.

On 29 March, Naught made a sudden and unexpected return to the server, where he promptly posted somebody's dox. Already this was flagrantly against the rules, but what was even more egregious was the fact that the person in question was a 13-year old, who had committed the unforgivable crime of... apparently attempting to send Chris a cake. Soon after this, Val (who, to my knowledge, never returned to the Place after he left earlier in the month) posted a DM he had with one of the server's longtime members (which appeared to have been the Suitress's friend Gunggan), which was also against the rules.

To say that I was livid with this turn of events would be an understatement. I swiftly had my mods ban both of them and deleted the information they posted, which was quite cathartic for me.[132][133] Unfortunately, I think Naught still wound up posting the minor's dox info on one of Kiwi Farms's many splinter sites, proving his utter degeneracy.

Before he was banned, Val actually posted a link to a YouTube livestream hosted by Sean in the server, more-or-less promoting it on the premise that Chris was hanging out in the live chat. This seemed like odd behavior coming from an ex-Watchman, whose mission was to keep bad actors away from Chris, although this was probably not too unusual a move from the highly unstable Val.

"Fuckery Afoot"

On 30 March, I was informed of a DM exchange between Naught and Chris, as the former had posted it in the 2nd layer of the Place. Within, Chris shared "top secret" information, that being an explicit confirmation of his recent communications with Molly the Medium, as well as crediting her with influencing him to create the affirmations lists weeks earlier. What information he deemed exactly "top secret" is a mystery, considering that Chris's support of Molly on Patreon made his connection to her public knowledge already. However, what I found even stranger was the fact he mentioned I was told about Molly, which wasn't true at all. Chris did vaguely mention her on A Medium's Guidance, but not by name, and even though the combination of public information and insider information meant that I already strongly suspected Molly to be responsible for Chris's most recent interests in spirituality, this was the first time that I received an outright confirmation. I guess Chris just forgot that he never told me her name, or he assumed I could read his mind or something.

Of course, despite him very clearly giving the credit to Molly for his recent ideas, the Watchmen latched onto only Chris's mention of my username, unsurprisingly. Naught posted the DM exchange in the Place, declaring that there was "fuckery afoot." After MKR said I should acquaint myself with a noose (in Minecraft, of course), she made the claim that I was part of something she called "the gd cwcrebellion." Once again, I have nary a clue what that is, but I assume it has something to do with whatever group(s) she accused me of being a part of previously. While I was still confused by this misplaced vitriol on her part, I can't deny that I found some amusement in watching MKR get so angry at me for doing literally nothing.

Nova seemed to believe that I would leak messages once I got bored, and Sean believed I was too "soft" for the Place, and would not be "here" forever, calling me a failtroll[134] (which is absolutely rich coming from the person who encouraged Chris's Randy Stair delusions for the sake of entertainment).

The Fender Bender

It's well-known at this point that Chris wound up in a car accident around this time (28 March), shattering his back windshield. While the community at large found out about this on 4 April, when a Christorian took pictures of Chris while driving, and a fan later texted Chris about the accident to gain more details, I actually found out about this on 1 April. I had been sent texts between Chris and MKR (although it only showed Chris's messages) that were posted in the Place. Aside from additional minor details, much of the substance of these texts resemble what he sent to the fan. Notably, he seemed to believe that $20,000 was just going to materialize out of thin air.[135] I guess he expected that to be another thing that the Merge would gift him with.

Chris's Messages to MKR Regarding the Accident
Transcript can be read here.

The Opee Interlude

All the messages sent to me by Opee (minus the gore).

While this segment is not directly connected to the actions of the Watchmen (as far as I can tell, anyway), their presence still had an influence on what happened here.

On 3 April, I was informed that Sean had a thread made about him (I think for the first time) on Onion Farms, one of the many Kiwi Farms offshoots, run by Kengle. It wasn't that substantive: as far as my memory serves me, the most notable new thing I learned about Sean from this thread was his physical appearance, as a picture of his face in poor lighting was attached. Reports from insiders indicated that Sean was unconcerned with this thread, believing it to be dead on arrival.[136] It was deleted not too long afterward by Naught, who was a mod on OF,[137] and there is unfortunately no evidence of it being archived, so these events are going to have to be taken at my word.

I found this to be mildly interesting, but didn't think much of it. However, on 25 April, I was abruptly sent a friend request by a Discord account named Opee.[138] I was extremely confused by this, because he wasn't somebody in the CWCki Server, and more tellingly, we had two mutual Discord friends: Naught and Sean (I never bothered to unfriend their accounts).[139] When I showed this to one of my sources, they recognized him as the one who made the thread about Sean on Onion Farms.[137] This was even more confusing and bizarre, so now I had to figure out what was going on.

I accepted the friend request but didn't say anything, and despite Opee being online a few different times in the hours afterward, nothing was sent to me. Instead, I was sent a very unusual threat the next day.

Unban me and naught from your server or i'll julay that tranny aunt's funeral. You have 24 hours.
Opee's opening message to me.[140]

My first instinctive internal response was "What the fuck?" as I'm sure any reasonable person's would be. I had no idea what he was talking about, but I did learn something crucial from this: he was somebody that was banned from the CWCki Server. After checking the logs, I had my answer, and suddenly, everything clicked together.

SIGSEGV summarizes the ridiculous incident.

Early in the server's history, this individual had joined and immediately started antagonizing users, a-logging Chris, and was just generally being a nuisance, and he was banned quickly. He would later attempt to rejoin under an alt, but still kept his username the same, so that account got banned too. Somewhere down the line, he had changed one of the account names to Opee from what it was originally: the much more recognizable {o}P II.[141]

Thanks to the research of my fellow mods, I had found out that this Opee was rather infamous on Kiwi Farms, an obsessive and disturbed forumite who made 3 different threads begging to be unbanned from the site using sockpuppet accounts. He was also known to have accounts on Onion Farms and, which appear to now be his primary stomping grounds since KF is inaccessible to him. Evidently, he managed to acquaint himself with certain other forumites who were nearly as obsessed with lolcow culture as he was: namely, Naught and Sean. I wasn't aware of their relationship until this point, but this made things stranger: after all, why did Opee make a thread on Sean but attempt to include Naught in his demands to be unbanned?

This circle of backstabbing wouldn't stop here, either: in May, Naught made a thread on about Opee, in which he gave a brief rundown of Opee's history of getting into trouble with the mods of Kiwi Farms, and revealed that he had Opee's nudes, as Opee was apparently sexually attracted to Naught, and Naught decided to string him along (or maybe he genuinely returned the attraction, I don't know). Following a joking post by owner SIGSEGV, in which he stated that he would pay a $100 bounty for Opee's nudes, Naught took the challenge completely seriously and posted them with the expectation that SIGSEGV would pay him, which he obviously did not. Naught and Opee quickly became the laughingstocks of this thread, with onlookers commenting on who was the bigger idiot in this scenario.[142]

Frankly, Opee was the sort of person that I thought Naught and Sean deserved to know and vice versa: they could all be horrible to each other as much as they wanted.

I never responded to Opee's threat, so he began sending me a few more messages. On 30 April, he simply wrote "i." On 5 May, he wrote another threat(?) that wound up being unintentionally hilarious:

I'm going to mix bob's ashes into milk like hot chocolate and feed it to barb
Opee, completely losing his mind.[140]

I began to wonder at this point if he thought that I was Chris.

I wound up blocking his account on 14 May, when he decided to send me gore in an attempt to provoke me. I figured at that point that the joke of keeping him on my friends list had run its course.

This whole series of events, culminating in the thread, really showcased the tenuous nature of the relationships that the Watchmen formed with members outside of their own group, and how the most prominent members were not to be trusted.

Chris and His Lore

During this time, Chris continued to expand upon and share his lore with the rest of the Watchmen, and the insiders often reported on it. I shared some of it in the previous section as a way to contextualize some of the Watchmen's actions, but here is an assortment of lore details that could not be fit anywhere else.

Psychic Detective Roleplay

On 22 March, Chris began roleplaying as a psychic detective, bringing up Sockness's lore in the process. He believed that he would need to prevent an upcoming murder and named several potential victims: MKR, Helena Fiorenza (whom MKR bitterly hated), somebody named Emily (probably not that one), Annibelle from Praetor, Bella, Naught, Sean, or even me. However, he followed this up by stating that the people he named were most likely safe.

According to insiders, the Watchmen were unsure if this indicated that Chris was talking to Sockness again or if he was just reusing lore, although it was likely the latter.[143]

On 24 March, Chris continued with this roleplay, giving the vaguest of clues.[144]

On 25 March, during discussions of this same murder mystery, Chris brought up Megan Schroeder as a person who would need "extra defense" during the events that would unfold. Nova and MKR immediately pivoted away from her, with MKR pointing out that Megan owned guns and would be fine on her own.[145] I give the Watchmen a lot of flak for poor decision-making, but in this case, this was probably for the best.

These chats were eventually leaked and can be also be read here.

Complaining About Nova

Following a growing trend, Chris complained that Nova didn't play make-believe with him hard enough on 24 March, the same day that the Watchmen plotted to get Chris and Jahans together. He criticized Nova for "overthinking,"[130] which I assume refers to the amount of nonsensical scientific jargon that Nova spat out at Chris in order to delay the completion of the Merge.


Chris decided to try his hand at divining the futures of a few of the Watchmen on 13 April, writing down feedback for Naught and Sean.[146]

Sean and Chris Exchange DMs

Sean would often post his DMs with Chris in the Place, mostly consisting of Chris rambling about his New Age beliefs and Sean playing along. Here are the ones that I was informed about:

On 13 April, Sean and Chris had a conversation pertaining to Chris's recent "divination" of him. Most of it was the usual fare, with Chris making up another role for Sean and other members of the Watchmen to fulfill, but it did have a few notable aspects. Included among the people that Chris made predictions for was his own mother, who he stated would be a "teacher" and would share her knowledge with "everyone." Shortly after, he mentioned his plan to add another partner to his ever-growing poly marriage, and when Sean asked if he knew who it would be, Chris stated that he had the option to choose one of three. Based off of the timing of this message, I presume that these perceived options were MKR, Annibelle, or Bella...but I still have to wonder if perhaps Chris was already thinking of other options at this point. When Sean attempted to press for more details, Chris declined to share them, and Sean backed off.

The conversation carried on with more of Chris's special blend of New Age spirituality nonsense, but Barb did get brought up by Chris again. Sean asked how she was doing, and Chris stated:

She's been mostly keeping to herself in her bed, but she still does gets [sic] up and about.

Her mental abilities are improving as well.

Chris on Barb's current conditions, 13 April 2021.[147]

Later that day, Chris started being slightly creepy towards Sean, calling him "my lovely messenger lion," a phrase that made my skin crawl. Sean also asked him about Praetor, and Chris revealed that Caden had apparently been dealing with a "virus" for the past few weeks and was recovering.[146] It's unclear if this was referring to COVID-19 or some other sickness.

On 22 April, after a protracted period during which Chris apparently did not post in the Place, Chris replied to a message from Sean sent five days previous about his opinion on the Pokemon Espeon. Chris stated that he liked it.[148]

"So Says the BullKyle"

On 24 April, Chris started posting in the Place again, first dropping in to wish MKR a happy birthday, then beginning to discuss more of his New Age beliefs. This is all taken at the word of my sources, as I was never sent screenshots of these conversations. However, I did receive the tail end of it before Chris signed off, with Chris rebuking the notion expressed by Naught and Nova that certain ideas were "made up" and calling Nova "BullKyle" in an apparent reference to the fact that Nova was a Taurus.[149]

Molly's Grifting

On 30 April, the same night that Chris announced to the Golden Church that he would be attending Molly the Medium's "virtual healing circle," he informed the Watchmen of this event as well. According to the insiders, the Watchmen reacted with indifference, which I suppose means that they didn't view Molly as much of a threat. However, after Sean replied to Chris, thanking him for informing them about the event, Nova chimed in to point out Molly's grifting, sarcastically remarking on the easy money she would make for not doing very much at all.[150] It was a little odd to see him post this remark in the layer where Chris could see it, but I suppose this just spoke to the Watchmen's increasing apathy even more.

Instagram Messages

On 16 May, Chris posted some messages he had written to an unknown person on what appears to be Instagram (from the colors of the message bubbles) to the Place, asking for the central members to spread to his words to other psychics. It appears to have been more standard Merge talk, although I do wonder if the person on the other end of the conversation was another curious onlooker or a troll trying to worm their way into Chris's head.

Apparently there was very little discussion about it in either layer of the Place.[151]

Everfree Northwest Announcement

On 6 June, Chris checked in with the Place to announce that he was interested in attending the Everfree Northwest 2021 convention in Washington state, about 20 days before Null set up Chris's GoFundMe to help get him there (as Chris initially insisted on making a multi-day trip by car to the convention, and Null wanted Chris to fly there instead). He invited MKR to attend it as well, as it was apparently local to her.[152]

Reactions from the Watchmen were not shared with me.

Warhol Stress and Collections

The exchange Chris had with Helena via Twitter DMs.
Soo stressed, and I don't care if y'all share this on Kiwi or not, that in the van on the way back home from an errand, I crapped my panties; the pad took most of that damage.
Chris, showcasing his continued fecal incontinence and apathy with his personal details being shared online.[153]

On 22 June, Chris posted in the Place, discussing a few different topics. First, he shared an exchange he had with notable enabler Helena Fiorenza over Twitter, trying to enlist Chris's help in recruiting people that could assist her in making a dating sim, and Chris mentioned that the Watchmen were also working on a dating sim and he would ask them.[154] This was sort of true: Chris would sometimes talk to the Watchmen about making a Chris Chan-themed dating sim, something which Nova occasionally expressed interest in but likely never reached a significant level of development. Humorously enough, the Watchmen actually hated Helena with a fiery passion, especially MKR, something which Chris was unaware of.[155]

Chris then shifted topics to Warhol / Chris Chan, which he had been reading at the time and was giving commentary on. He expressed that a part of the book caused him to be stressed, and immediately following that, he admitted that he "crapped [his] panties" while driving his van home from an errand. I never cease to be amazed by how casually Chris can just reveal these embarrassing details without prompt or hesitation, but what I found more interesting was him stating beforehand that he didn't care whether or not this event was shared on the Kiwi Farms. Keep in mind, the people he was saying this to were supposedly his friends, whom he trusted. His apathy towards personal information being leaked online must have been at an all-time high if this was the attitude he was taking at that point.

Sean was the one engaging with this conversation most of the time, and began talking about cherished personal items. Chris spoke about his rings, showcasing that he wore the wedding rings of both of his parents, as well as a few others, all of which now represented his polyamorous marriage to fictional characters. After a brief chat about the Uncharted video games, Sean asked about Praetor, and Chris vaguely stated that they were "busy as usual."[156]

The Power Shift (June 2021)

Going into June, I had assumed the status quo that had dominated my experience in the CWC community since being kicked out of the Watchmen would remain. I was receiving reports about the Watchmen less and less, and with Praetor fading into the background, it seemed that both groups would remain lazily complacent and slowly die out on their own. That is, unless, someone were to wrest control from them in their moment of weakness.

But it had to be someone who knew of the Watchmen's weaknesses, and understood the opportunity they had to take the group's place. And they also had to be angry and spiteful and vengeful enough to go through with it.

In another timeline, if I had held onto my grudge towards them, perhaps that person would have been me. But it wasn't.

The dominoes were in place. All that had to happen now was for one to tip, and the rest would fall.

Sean's Return

I hadn't seen or heard very much from Sean of late, not just in reports from the Place, but also in Discord servers we previously had in common, such as the CWCki Server. The account I had associated with him, which would variably have the name Wildcat, Neko Onyx, or simply Kat, among others, hadn't posted there in a very long time. On 17 June, it appeared to have left the server, but I would find out afterwards that it was actually deleted, having been caught up in a mass ban over being part of a server that had violated Discord's ToS or Community Guidelines. I was somewhat convinced at this point that Sean had given up, and I would never hear from him again. But I was wrong on both counts there.

A few days later, on 21 June, I was contacted by an account with the name Conner, sporting a profile pic of the anime character Lupin III. This was what I was sent:

Hey man. Long time no see, it’s Neko.

If you’re available to chat, let me know. Some serious stuff is going on behind the scenes. (keep it between us btw)

The Watchmen are on the literal brink of collapse.

Sean, from his "Conner" account.

It seemed appropriately dramatic for it to be Sean, but I was obviously still suspicious that perhaps I was being set up. I asked my sources, and they confirmed that this Conner account was in the Place with the name "Kat" as the nickname, meaning it really was him. This was an interesting realization for me, as I had been interacting with this account in the CWCki Server on occasion without even realizing that it was Sean. Had I known that, I definitely would have ignored the Conner account.

I wasn't sure if I should respond to him, despite my curiosity, but it turned out that I just had to wait for Sean to get to the gist of what he was trying to tell me:

In case if you’re wondering why it’s about to fall. It’s due to Naught (allegedly) turning on me by doxing me.
Naught requests Sean's login info, but the latter refuses.

Hearing this did give me a small sense of satisfaction, viewing it as karma for Sean's treacherous behavior towards me, and just poor conduct in general. And as usual, he was overinflating his own importance by making it seem like him being betrayed would cause the entire Watchmen group to fall apart, even though the leadership all seemed to be fairly against him. That being said, I was intrigued slightly, and wanted to understand this story. But I aimed to be cautious, seeing as he had already backstabbed me once, knowingly or not, so I made sure to only be asking general questions and to not give him any information he could use against me.

I asked what happened, and Sean explained that, since Naught was banned from Kiwi Farms by Null earlier in the month (apparently for socking and upvoting his own posts with said sockpuppet accounts[157]), he'd asked Sean if he could use an account that they had, at one point at least, jointly owned.[158] Sean refused to give him the login information, and Naught decided to dox him as a result. Sean presented me with all sorts of evidence he had, and expressed his certainty that it was Naught based off of the typing style.[159]

Sean's Evidence Against Naught

I didn't know if Sean was correct at the time, and I honestly didn't really care about whatever internal drama happened between the two of them, but Naught has since publicly admitted to having doxed Sean, editing his reasons directly into Sean's CWCki page, written in the first person:

I doxed Sean since he asked me to use his Logan account on kiwi farms, and I said no.

Yet, when I was banned from kiwi farms he said no, so i doxed him it didn't help he kept blaming me for striking his video's as he worked with to make a thread on me.

Naught's edit admitting to doxing Sean, written on 29 November 2021.[160]

Sean seemed to believe that this turn of events was a "potential scandal in the making" for the Watchmen, which I thought was a touch dramatic when talking about a Chris Chan white knight group. I asked him (and received answers to) a few more questions, such as why they were sharing the account in the first place, what had happened to his original Discord account, and his and Naught's relation to Opee. He also brought up the fact that he tried to make the case that it was Naught who doxed him to Nova and MKR, who instead shifted the blame to some other individuals involved in Sean's life (I did not know them, but Sean acted as though I did). This seemed like a weird move to me, because I already knew that Nova and MKR would be totally loyal to Naught, but I guess Sean had a bit more faith in them than I did, the poor ignorant bastard. He then showed me a DM he had with Null, discussing Naught's socking.[159]

Sean's Plot

At first, I thought Sean just believed that I would be a sympathetic ear for his plight, but as it turned out, he intended to act. He said that "[he] should've listened to [me] 4 months ago," and that "we" needed to get Chris out of the Place, now attempting to rope me into this. I didn't comment on that.[159] Then he shared a recording he made of himself, Nova, MKR, and Naught in a voice chat, in which he confronted Naught about the issue and Naught denied it and threatened him with a "big boy dox."

I had no intention of getting involved in any of Sean's harebrained schemes to unseat Naught from his proverbial throne, but I was still intrigued, so I asked him what he intended to do. He stated that he would archive the Place before he inevitably got kicked out (which would be smart) and that he would attempt to tell Chris everything, although he acknowledged that Chris would likely be oblivious to what was going on. Again, I didn't respond to any of this.[161]

On 24 June, Sean messaged me to say that he would be speaking to Chris soon, that he was talking with former Watchmen about his plans, and more crucially, was planning on creating a new group to replace the Watchmen.

I plan on letting Chris doing as he pleases with no intervention since I believe he's not controllable.

I will not allow any White Nationalists, Schizophrenic crazies, and clout chasing people to dictate Chris's every move.

Sean details his plans for Chris.

He also told me a few things that I already knew, such as admitting that he attempted to replace me as Lainchu (although he framed it as though the Watchmen as a group were responsible rather than himself), and that MKR and Nova were "salty" about losing to Praetor. Amusingly, MKR apparently believed that I might have been the one to dox Sean because of the Lainchu situation, which Sean did not agree with.

When I asked again what his plan was, he responded:

A few people know (including [REDACTED]) but me and other people are collaborating on a thread that aims to expose the core Watchmen’s true colors.[162]

I'd heard all that I needed to hear. Just about everything he had said sounded like an absolutely terrible idea that had no chance of working, and I had no intention of telling him to back away from any of it. The odds seemed stacked against him: Chris hated to see his friends in conflict, as was evident by what happened with Praetor, and the "toxic trio" outnumbered him. If he was about to crash and burn because of his own stupid ideas, I wanted nothing to do with it, and I would do nothing to interfere.

So it baffled me utterly to see the very next day that Sean appeared to have succeeded in his efforts.

Formation of the Splinter Group

I should have seen this coming. Back in December 2020, Sean did the same thing with Chris, using him as a tool to convince the other Watchmen to let him back into the Place, and despite my thinking that this was a terrible idea then too, it did end up working. It was foreshadowing for this moment. For Sean, the stakes were a lot higher this time around, and the risk of failure was greater. I still doubted him, and still thought he would lose this battle. But this only went to show that I still underestimated him. I only wish I had learned that lesson sooner.

On 25 June, Sean informed me that he was going to speak to Chris that night, and would be recording their conversation.[162] Hours later, Chris sent me the first message I had gotten from him in over two months.

[Discord invite link to Sean's new server]

Hey, Anaxis.

Strictly Confidential: I’ve heard what had happened recently with Neko. I now understand the greater details of the ol’ group. I have my confirmation of which ones were the toxic ones. I know what I will do with that group. But for now, Neko has set up this New group just for the good amount of us. Please, for now, relay the invite to [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].

Soon enough, I will catch up with your questions.

But for now, I lead y’all in this portion of my flock.

Know you all are safe under my watch and my Goddess powers and abilities. Be safe. I’ll talk on the new server soon.

Chris, after Sean spoke with him.[163]

I didn't know it at the time, but this was the final message Chris would send to me. He never answered my questions, sadly.

A minute later, Sean sent me an invite to the same server that Chris did, asking if Chris spoke with me. I confirmed that he did, then asked what was going on. Sean responded:

Coup D'etat under way.

The Watchmen are about to fall.

Sean, using the C word again.

He then shared that he told Chris about his doxing, and that Chris took his side. Strike three for the Watchmen. Had Chris not sent me the message he had, I don't think I would have believed what I was reading. Not only that, but Sean had extended an invite to his new server, and wanted me to become a member of his new splinter group.[164] I hesitated at first...

It was pretty clear to me that Sean either did not think I realized that he had backstabbed me all those months ago, and just wanted to pretend nothing happened, or he was too stupid to recognize his actions as wrong. Therefore, he not only did nothing to acknowledge these facts, but actively attempted to get into my good graces again, as though I'd welcome him back with open arms. This is why I said earlier on this page that it is often hard to tell when Sean is being actively malicious or if he's just being a moron.

I considered his proposal, thought things through. I didn't trust Sean one bit, and knew that he would sell me out the moment it was beneficial for him. Unfortunately, like it or not, he now had Chris's ear, and I had to admit that I was enticed by the thought of being able to document Chris's ramblings again after he had stopped talking to me in DMs. And I figured (incorrectly, as I would later realize) that Sean would not fuck me over if it meant he'd fuck himself over at the same time. I was uneasy with the idea of joining a group run by a delusional egotist like him, but I figured that he could hardly be any worse than Naught, Nova, or MKR were.

And so, I decided to join the server the next day and see what was happening in there.

What a fool I was for doing this. When I had been exiled from the Watchmen months prior, it was like I had escaped the lion's den. And now I was making an active choice to walk back in, thinking that this time, I wouldn't get mauled.

The Knights Gather

The Knights of CWC server.

The structure of this new server (which would eventually be named The Knights of CWC) was almost identical to that of the Place, in that there were several chat channels observable in the first layer, visible to everyone, and several more in a second, visible only to chosen members. Most, if not all of these channels even shared the exact same names and functions as the old ones.[165] In total, I believe there were a little more than a half-dozen people in the server, which excludes bots. These users were variably former Watchmen, current Watchmen who Sean liked or who sympathized with Sean, neutral parties that were there just to observe Chris, and personal friends of Sean. From here, I will only be sparingly naming anyone in this group other than a member named The Fool, whose involvement is already quite public.

Sean declared in the main private channel:

For now on. Only decent people will be spectating Chris from the Front Row.
Sean's opening message in the new server.

Members began trickling in, including me, and Sean began catching up some of the others on what was happening, and why. Unsurprisingly, he seemed very overeager about what was happening, and was convinced that he had won, even though Chris was still in the Place at that point. I took it upon myself to try and advise him (now that I had become a part in this, I had a vested interest in things not going completely sideways), telling him to not let his guard down, and not to rush and invite others whose loyalties were still unclear.[166] I think very little of this worked, but hey, at least I tried. He also initially stated that he did not want knowledge of the group to be made public, an assertion he would later betray. But we're not there yet.

Later that day (26 June), Sean would link to us a thread made about Naught on, which he collaborated on (and I guess was a part of his plan).[167] Most of it was a detailed account of Naught's history of degeneracy, although it notably did not include his dox, something that Sean was apparently still unable to find, despite his best efforts.

The Watchmen Dissolve

Chris's final message in the Place before leaving.

Chris would post his final textwall in the Place on 26 June, speaking both about the Merge and vaguely about identifying toxic individuals and "an impending battle within the ranks." He closed this longwinded message by writing "Until another time, mayhaps, all of you be safe and well." Nova responded by questioning the "within the ranks" comment, and it didn't take them too long to piece together the fact that something was wrong.[168]

On 27 June, Sean was banned from the Place, the other Watchmen having figured out (or at least suspected) his role in getting Chris to write that textwall.[169] Apparently, there wasn't much discussion about it in the server itself, meaning the Watchmen leaders had likely figured out they had been compromised at that point. Chris and Sean were communicating in DMs, and Chris announced that he had officially left the Place soon after Sean was banned. Praetor posted a smiley face emoticon and left as well (Chris might have informed them of his plan, but Sean had nothing to do with that as far as I know).[168]

And that was it. The Watchmen were finished, and Sean assumed that he had won.

The Fool decided to fuck with the Watchmen a little bit by pretending to be in the dark about what was happening as much as they were. I didn't encourage this, but it was still entertaining to witness, despite Sean's annoying megalomaniacal statements punctuating the gaps between screenshots.[170]

Sean's Plans

Sean discussed a few different things that he wanted to do as the leader of this new group. I tried to dissuade him from following through on his more stupid plans, but I could do nothing more than suggest. He would do what he wanted regardless.

For one, he wanted to get prominent members of the CWCki/Kiwi Farms community involved in the server, most notably Null. The Fool and I both told him this was a bad idea, given the fact that Null was not the most sympathetic towards enablers, and that he already did not view the members of the Watchmen very fondly (after banning Naught and his numerous sock accounts from KF, Null at one point referred to him as a "mega asshole"[171]). Sean also wanted to get former Watchman AquaDiamond8 to join, despite my warnings that we didn't know her allegiances (she could have still been sympathetic towards MKR).

Sean also confirmed that despite the Watchmen's claims to the contrary, he had no intention of working directly with Praetor, although he did express interest in apologizing to them over the conflict between them and the Watchmen and his involvement in it.

Initially, he seemed to believe that keeping the group a secret was the best course of action, which I agreed with. However, it didn't take long for him to start acting against that desire, attempting to pressure me into updating the Watchmen page so that he and I would be considered ex-members the very night that Chris left the Place. I resisted this, since Sean's victory was not guaranteed at that point, the Watchmen fracturing was not public information yet, and I had no intention of being his toadie when it came to releasing info. He backed down, but as I'll detail later, it didn't take long for him to continue trying.[169]

And as I had shown previously, when it came to protecting Chris, he wanted to take a passive approach of only interfering when it was obvious that harm might come to Chris. Of course, this would only work if he saw the harm coming before it was already too late.

Twilight of Christory (June 2021 - July 2021)

At this point, I believed the excitement, the major changes, to be over. The Watchmen group had effectively been smashed, with the Knights rising to take their place. For a time, things had an air of normality again: Chris would continue rambling, and we would continue commenting on it behind the scenes. I kept running the CWCki Server, hosting events and later celebrating the server's one-year anniversary. I thought we'd be waiting a while before the next big shake-up happened.

But if there's anything predictable about Christory, it's how utterly unpredictable it truly is. And so, little did we know that this month would effectively mark the end of Christory as we knew it, and the end of the status quo we had been so used to for about a decade.

We didn't know it, but we were witnessing the Twilight of Christory.

Points of Interest

During this period, several events took place that, in hindsight, would wind up having some importance when it came to the context of what would happen later. Most of it has to do with Chris, some of it has to do with Sean.

The "Older Lady Friend"

On 5 July, Sean opted to have a call with Chris within the server, meaning we could all join. Most of us did, and several things were discussed, although unfortunately, in a rather out-of-character moment, Sean actually didn't record this call, so a lot of this will have to be taken at my word based off of memory and deduction from Discord messages.

it went well.

I chose not to record it (probably for the best) but it sounds like Chris is done with Meghan and Kyle.

And despite whatever they might be planning on, it won't end well.

Chris told me that Caden is gonna help him buy a PC so that he can do more streams and such with the money they've earned from the partnership they've been having for a while now.

If Caden actually goes through with that, he will have earned my respect.

Sean, reflecting on some of the more mundane aspects of the call.

Much of the conversation seemed to be mundane: it looks like we spoke mostly about why the Watchmen didn't like me and their bizarre suspicions regarding myself and Praetor. I asked once again (in vain) that Chris answer the Q&A, and we talked a little bit about the Matrix franchise. It appeared Sean also hadn't stopped obsessing over his "victory" and was discussing it continuously during this call.

But the most interesting thing that came out of the call was Chris's revelation that he had been having regular sex with a "lady friend" who was older than him, and was over 50. We congratulated him on this, and Chris stated that he would try and keep this mystery woman's existence secret for as long as possible, something which both Sean and The Fool urged. No other details were shared about her, not even her name, before the call ended.

Afterwards, the other Knights and I joined a private call, and spoke briefly about the surprising notion that Chris had been having regular sex with a woman, even an older one with presumably low standards who was unconcerned with his online reputation. We weren't even entirely sure if this was a delusion or not, although given the fact that Chris gave some small details and referred to this woman as a real person and not, say, a Rosechu, I think most of the group felt inclined to believe it, even if it was outlandish. We knew it would only be a matter of time before Chris lost the ability to keep his trap shut about this new relationship he had, and we figured we'd find out this woman's identity sooner or later, in spite of Sean's attempts to get Chris to stay quiet.[172]

Oh, if only we knew.

Chris would wind up sending very similar messages to Null about this mystery woman as well.[173] On 14 July, Sean shared some DMs of him speaking more to Chris about this subject, which sparked a brief conversation, during which one member, unknowingly, hit the nail right on the head.

Grey hair and over 50 and blue eyes……


I hope it isn’t his mom.

Bc didn’t he have a thing about his mom[174]

Bella and the Suitress Arrive

On 19 July, Sean announced in the second layer that Chris wanted to invite in Bella, who at this point, we only knew of as "the member of Praetor who made an animation that one time" who Chris looked upon favorably (as he would almost any female, so that isn't saying very much). I questioned this, like I did most of Sean's judgment calls ("Is that the best idea?"), but he insisted she would only have access to the first layer. Sean then shared some DMs he had with Chris, wherein Chris told him about wanting to invite Bella, as well as his desire to invite in somebody he called "Fifi Vixenhart," who would be attending the convention along with him and Bella. This individual would wind up joining first, under the Discord name ScootalooSister.

I had no idea at the time, but this was the same person as Snoo, or as she would come to be known on this wiki, The Suitress. Either she didn't recognize me from the CWCki Server, or she did and just didn't say anything, possibly for fear of being found out. Interestingly enough, Sean got a picture of her from Chris and knew that she was autistic, and he mentioned details of her physical appearance. It had been months since Snoo had even crossed my mind, so I didn't put two and two together.[footnote 5]

She introduced herself and we all said our hellos. Sean began humblebragging about how he took the Watchmen down and replaced their group with one that was so much better (as that was all he seemed capable of doing at that point), and Chris left another textwall of Merge nonsense. The Suitress asked a handful of questions regarding the Watchmen and their past activities,[175] which I warned Sean against answering too thoroughly when it came to information that was not yet public (you could imagine how that went).[176]

A little under an hour later, Bella joined the server under her now-infamous screenname (one of them, anyway), an0nym0us. We spoke briefly with her, with Sean once again going on about the Watchmen's fall (there are only so many times I can repeat myself), and Bella talking about her college classes. She also clarified that despite what we thought we knew about her, she didn't consider herself to be a member of Praetor, stating that she just did the animation for Chris, although Praetor still contacted her. Sean tried to get her to invite the Praetor account (belonging to Caden), but that never wound up happening.

Sean eventually apologized to Bella for the way the Watchmen had treated her and her "friends," to which Bella insisted that the Praetor main group were just acquaintances, whose activities she wouldn't participate in and some of whom weren't the nicest people. Given Bella's own eventually-revealed sordid online history, and the fact we now know that she's a habitual liar, these statements are both highly ironic and have questionable truth to them, although it is clear by this point that Praetor did have some strange ideas for things they wanted Chris to do.

i made 100% sure im anonymous online and have wired logs and audits if anyone ries to access any account or even refrences it, it also does reverse adress engineering so i would work in my favor if tehy did
Bella, demonstrating the first signs of both her lacking technical knowledge and her terrible grammar and spelling.

Bella requested we keep her name private and only refer to her by her screen names, which Sean said he would honor. She then talked about some of her interactions with Larry Vaughn, and that she intended to go with Chris to Everfree, for the purposes of taking photos and being a "bodyguard" to Chris. Afterwards, she invited us to her Chess Group 15 server, which Sean said he would join. I did not, so I have no idea what was said between them in there, aside from what was later made public.[177]

Chris's Ramblings

As before, I'll leave some of Chris's assorted ramblings in the Knights server here, having to do with the Dimensional Merge and roleplaying. This was the part that had changed the least despite the shift in power. However, this also included several moments of foreshadowing.

Welcome to the New Server

Hey, @everyone. For starters, in light of the recent events @Neko has been through, and the light shedding on the toxic trio, an announcement with care for now:

To all of you in my flock, I highly encourage each of you to begin and continue your own individual self-work in enlightenment. For amongst you all, as the Dimension Merge/Collective Shift draws closer upon the main event with the removal of the veil between our universe halves, each of you has your own inner potential and strength. We have no need for war or quarrel at all with the OCs and individuals of C-197, as I state to all of those individuals in regard to us of 1218.

Unity and a greater strength for our combined Earth and galaxies is at hand. Need not take arms, but be open for the good in each other.

All superheroes and deities, myself included, and other individuals of military strengths and powers, and the leaders of each nation and countries; on both halves of this whole Earth, we maintain wisdom and peace for the greater whole as best as we are capable of.

It is not perfect, but we are most appreciative and grateful for the understanding and compassion of the general public and flocks there of that we each help, work with, and defend, during these times at hand.

And to you all until my next announcement or insight, I state in positive encouragement to you all: Be safe and well with lots of love. Thank you.


Chris, soon after joining the Knights server.[178]

A few hours after joining the server,[179] Chris made a brief statement in which he referred to us as his "flock" (the cult leader vibes were getting uncomfortably strong at that point), and that we should continue working on our own journeys to enlightenment, an announcement made in light of Sean revealing the Watchmen's poor behavior. The Fool then posted some sort of comic layout guide, commenting that it might be interesting even though Chris didn't draw comics anymore. Chris didn't acknowledge the guide, but did respond to The Fool, stating:

I do still draw and write my books and whatnot. I have done a whole bunch during my time in Sonichu’s body; made it beyond book 100. But, for them to be appreciated at this point, the veil is being removed and the merge completing.[166]

Chris Congratulates Sean

On 6 July, the night after the call between the Knights and Chris took place, Sean angrily posted about one of his YouTube videos being taken down for a terms and policies violation, something which he immediately blamed on Naught, naturally.[180] Whether or not he was really responsible, I don't know, but Naught is vindictive and petty enough that I believe it's possible.

He updated us on 13 July, stating that he could upload videos again, and Chris popped in to congratulate him, calling him "Leo." Another Knight commented on the weather in their area, which Chris responded to as well.[181]

Cards for Null

On 19 July, shortly after Bella and the Suitress joined the server and Sean had his initial conversations with them, Chris posted three new drawings which had been made into TSSSF cards and would be used to help Null's fundraising effort to get Chris to Everfree NW by plane. Two of them featured a depiction of Null's ponysona, called KiwiMac, and all 3 were already public knowledge. Sean and the others all complimented him on the drawings, stating that Null would like them. Chris then shared his side of part of a conversation he had with Null (in which he briefly mentioned Sean by his pseudonym Wildcat), and stated his desire for Null to be at the convention with him (I could only imagine how that would've gone had circumstances been different, with Null attending alongside Bella and the Suitress).

Chris also shared a pair of drawings (which I'm not sure have ever been made public), both of which feature him wearing a Kiwi Farms shirt, with him in the second one posing alongside somebody who he said was "not Brad Garrett" (if someone could explain the joke to me, I'd greatly appreciate it). He said he only wanted to make them public after he acquired that shirt in real life, something which I think he never managed to do.

Alongside Sean and the Knights, Bella and the Suitress both complimented and commented on his artwork.[182]

The Fate of Snoopy-Doo

RIP Snoopy.

As is known at this point, Snoopy, one of the two dogs that was owned by Chris and Barb, passed away on 15 July. Chris sent out a Tweet eulogizing Snoopy, and mentioned his beliefs as to the dog's fate in C-197, saying he was an anthropomorphic "tall dog guy" that towered over Patti-Chan.

On 19 July, after a conversation about tall people that was sparked by Chris posting his drawing of him with "Not Brad Garrett," he mentioned that Snoopy (or Snoopy-Doo) had grown two feet upon his "merging" in C-197 the week previous. The Fool asked if Snoopy lived in CWCville, and Chris responded thusly:

Actually, his variant was working out in the UK; he has been really working out and loves to do so. He even likes wearing metal armour to limit himself so he can be even stronger without the armour.

Magi-Chan had to teleport the merged Snoopy-Doo to Cwcville to brief him better.

The Fool then asked why Snoopy lived in the UK as opposed to CWCville, since he came from Chris's temple. Chris responded with a short loredump:

Okay, here is the thing on that: the Snoopy-Doo and Clover-Doo of C-197 are anthromorphic dogs. Christine Chan’s Barbara actually passed away within the past couple of years, in clearing the paradox between her and Barbie, here. And with that, Christine Chan allowed Snoopy and Clover to be free and find themselves, and so they did. And Snoopy-Doo traveled to the UK, because in his warrior mentality and interests, Knights were among his inspirational imagery. So, he went to there to bask and be enarmoured for his chiseled abs and great beagle physique.

I will have to get back to you on what Clover-Doo, there, is presently up to.

I found it interesting that he mentioned Barb passing away in another dimension, which I assumed was his way of coping with her mortality and limited time left. The mention of Snoopy having "chiseled abs" and a "great beagle physique" did make me chuckle a bit.

Chris then changed the subject, talking about Rick and Morty and then the Care Bears, which the Suitress and Bella both participated in.[182]

Punching Holes in the Wall (Chris's Final Video)

On 27 July, Chris uploaded a video to YouTube entitled Direct Message to Hasbro: MLPG5 Is Cancelled., which showcased the first major bout of Tard rage in years, not seen since the Q&A No More video. This also wound up being the last video Chris uploaded before his life changed forever.

Within, he ranted about My Little Pony G5 and demanded for the millionth time that Hasbro cancel their new series and resume the previous one instead. Notable was the fact that behind him, there were several fist-sized dents in the wall.

Direct Message to Hasbro: MLPG5 Is Cancelled.
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 27 July 2021
Subject Matter TelevisionTelevision Television
Performance Style RageRage Rage, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga GOPonyGOPony GOPony Merge SagaMerge Saga Merge
Chris Chan's shoutout to JoSona6

Sean picked up on this, and privately messaged Chris out of concern. He asked that Chris not hurt himself over this issue, which Chris insisted he would not do. Sean later asked about the wall, and Chris stated that the dents were caused in the past from him practicing trying to break through the Iron Curtain.

After a little while, Chris came onto the Knights server to make a statement about the video, talking about his day and his encounter with MLP G5 toys that set him off.

Hey, @everyone. With all of you, I wish to go ahead and clear the air in regards to the video I have uploaded earlier today.

The preface: I did not get today’s set of commissions to draw from Josh, so I chose to make a day off out of it, and go to the book store and read and highlight my copy of “Warhol/Chris Chan” some more.

After leaving the book store, I went to Kroger for groceries (ham, turkey, a block of cheese, also needed some more orange Crush, Pepsi, and a case of water.

Kroger wasn’t keen on the orange soda, and their stock of bottled water was low, so I ended up going to Wal-Mart for the soda and water.

After getting the soda and water, I took a lap around the store as I like to do. Then, looking in the toy aisle where the My Little Pony toys were normally, I saw the sign that I was not looking forward to find. A handful of figures of the magic-less unicorn from G5. Needless to say, I was triggered, but I had known what I was to do in this event.

I literally snapped my fingers, and these particular figures literally phased out of existence from the store. With that in mind, I opted to check Target as well. I found four figures of the orange G5 pony, and I repeated the process with that bunch of figures.

I knew after I had got home, it was the time to take the more direct, and compassion-filled approach, so I recorded myself with the lights above the lavatory mirror, and said directly, straightforward, and to the point what I said in the video.

I tell you all, as I have stated time and again, and even a while ago with @Neko:

This has absolutely nothing to do with the trivial details of the show, or the visuals of the leaks. The impact of G5 being aired prematurely will literally do a heavy Metaphysical amount of damage to our very Timeline, here.

Because by continuing with this trend, unless Hasbro Cancels G5 and resume G4 for five more animated seasons, the forced decrease in magic in Equestria, in counter with our increase in magic in 1218 as it and C-197 come back together, it will cause great tidal waves of catastrophe and chaos for not only Equestria, but for everyone of the 1218 half as well. Worst things can and will happen if this is left unchecked.

Chris's initial comments on the situation.[183]

The mention of Chris essentially Thanos-snapping the MLP toys out of existence was worrying, not just from it being another sign of Chris's degrading psyche, but also potentially being another case of Chris misbehaving in a store, if in reality he went and hid or threw away merchandise. His previous track records of rule-breaking in various stores did not point to this being a good prospect.

Sean and The Fool both played along with these delusions, sympathizing with Chris's position.

Before departing, Chris wrote a few final messages, one of which said:

I’m also still waiting to talk with @an0nym0us about another topic that only she can help by listening very well.[184]

Poetry and Barb's Family

On 29 July, the last day of normality, Chris shared briefly about Barb's large family, naming off all of her siblings. He ordered them from what he believed was oldest to youngest, but wound up accidentally switching the positions of Harriet and Madeline (Mable). He also referred to several of them by their middle names rather than their legal first names for some reason.[185] I speculated at the time that it may have been a quirk of Barb's he picked up on.

He then shared a haiku he made to remember the (incorrect) order:

Every Sketch is Cleansed

Lovely waves of Barley oats

How Media Works[186]

I commented on how that was a lot of siblings.[187]

Sean as a Leader

I found working with Sean as the leader of the Knights to be exceptionally frustrating. I already didn't trust him and found him annoying during our time together in the Watchmen, but that was nothing compared to how he acted after he stole Chris from the Watchmen and formed the Knights of CWC. As I've been hinting at throughout the previous couple of sections, his already bloviated ego expanded tenfold, and he wouldn't shut up about how Naught betrayed him, and how he got his revenge and would be better than the Watchmen. It was really fucking irritating, especially since more-or-less all of the Knights had been there when these events transpired, so we didn't need any further clarification.

Despite ostensibly wanting to take a hands-off approach to Chris, Sean was clearly continuing to seek glory wherever he could and actively tried to enlist potentially suspect people to the group, such as AquaDiamond8 and Praetor. While I agreed that we shouldn't automatically view new groups or individuals with hostility like the Watchmen did, I still believed it was a good idea to keep a healthy distance while these people proved themselves to be at least semi-trustworthy. Given what the server's two guests turned out to be, I'd like to believe my instinct was correct on that count, at least.

Attempts to Influence the CWCki

Ever since Sean was banned from the Place on 27 June, I was on the receiving end of non-stop badgering by him to update the Watchmen's CWCki page to reflect him becoming an ex-member. The first time he asked, mere moments after this event had occurred, I argued that the time wasn't right yet, given the fact that the behind-the-scenes drama was not yet public knowledge, and that the Watchmen still worked as a semi-effective scarecrow for Chris. Sean kept arguing against me, and seemed a little too eager to make this info public at the earliest possible opportunity. Chris leaving the Place later that evening only exacerbated this attitude.[169] Despite my best efforts, I couldn't stop him; I could only slow him down.

The Watchmen Article

On 30 June, a day after MKR sent out a Tweet that hinted at the Watchmen falling apart,[188] and the CWCki was back up after an extended downtime, Sean asked me once again if the article would be updated. I told him to ask another editor, as I felt conflicted about editing an article I technically was involved in (I did edit the article in a minor way once, but that was after I was already kicked out of the Watchmen). He also made the full Taser Discussion call public on that day.[189]

The article eventually was updated to reflect some of the known facts about the situation, but even then, Sean didn't stop bothering me about it. On 5 July, he highlighted a certain section of the article and asked for me or another editor to fix it, even writing in his own (biased) "corrections." I was getting really sick of this at that point, so I told him, in the politest way I knew how, to fuck off.

Respectfully, if you want to make those changes, take this up with [REDACTED]. I feel morally conflicted about editing an article that's partially involving myself, and I think he'd be a more objective editor. That being said, I still agree with his assertion that the stuff about Naught's socking and banning on KF is kind of irrelevant to Chris, and he may still hold that belief.

Sean finally got the message and backed down, though I feel sorry for the poor editor I passed him off to.[190]

The Interview

Sean was contacted by an editor on 11 July, and was asked some clarifying questions about the Watchmen's breakup. This was basically the perfect opportunity for Sean to spread his narrative and have it be on the CWCki without resorting to editing article content indirectly. Most of it was unremarkable, going over what he believed was Naught's effort to dox him (something which we now know is likely true), Chris leaving the Place due to his influence, and the resulting fallout. As far as I know, almost all of it is truthful...except for the very end, where he claimed he was no longer in contact with Chris. Rather annoyingly, he also expressed the opinion that he had "no choice" other than to get Chris involved in his petty revenge quest against the "Toxic Trio," as if such an action was a foregone conclusion when all else had failed.[191]

Sean explicitly saying that Chris no longer had anyone watching over him was also a statement I took some issue with. While I did believe that the existence of the Knights group should be kept in the shadows for as long as possible, outright stating that Chris was now "free" was practically an invite for weens and enablers to slither into his life.

It's hard to feel too mad about this now, of course. As it turned out, such a thing soon wouldn't matter.

Sean and His Ego, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

I think I've thoroughly driven this point home by now, but in case you aren't convinced yet about Sean's absolutely massive ego, I'm going to leave some choice quotes below for your reading pleasure. He typically followed a pattern: he would talk about his friendship with Naught and how he betrayed Sean, how Sean stole Chris from the Watchmen and formed a new-and-improved group that was a major upgrade, and how he would be a more benevolent leader than his predecessor. All of this over a server with Chris Chan in it. If that isn't the pinnacle of delusion, I'm not sure what is.

He may have never said his infamous "one of the final protagonists" or "one of the most powerful people in the CWC-sphere" lines to us directly, but he didn't need to. The evidence of his delusions of grandeur were everywhere.

As before, when he'd say these things, I'd typically either bite my tongue or give short, minimal responses. Strap yourselves in, folks...this is a lengthy one.

More Examples of Sean's Incredible Ego
Within Our DMs
at first, I was originally against Naught's banning [from the CWCki Server] since he was the leader of the Watchmen after all, but I lost respect for him after what recently happened so keep him banned all you want.
Thanks for giving me permission to ban someone from my own server, Sean.[159]
I know I may sound a little rushy, but we have to get Chris out of the place.

if MKR and Nova are still loyal to Naught, this is a problem.

I'll still attempt a coup against him, but I can't say for sure if I'll succeed in prevailing.

Here we go again...[159]
based on how things are looking, I'm going to be successful pulling in this off.
Pride cometh before the fall.[164]
and btw, since you're a CWCki editor, I think its time for us to make an update.

you can move both of us to "ex-members."

Yeah, not gonna do that.[169]
Are [The Watchmen] ever going to get over losing Chris to me?
Sean, gloating.[192]
Kyle is on a power trip right now. LMAO
And you aren't?[193]
I think some corrections need to be made.
Sean, on the Watchmen article, 5 July.[190]
I've been talking to Kiwi Farms member Arm Pit Cream and he believes that the Watchmen have gone on the offensive against the WCT.

they must be REALLY mad that I prevailed in the recent coup d'etat.

Sean's response to his YouTube videos being struck down.[194]
Chris loves my channel.

I don't know if you're aware of that. lol

Even if we are aware, Sean will remind us anyway, just in case.[194]
Within the Knights of CWC, First Layer
For now on. Only decent human beings in here.
My friends: As painful as the events of the last few days may have been. Let me assure you that while things may look uncertain, I wanted to let you all know that this is a new beginning. It is true that certain people that we've connected with for a while now have turned out to be bad apples, but we should see this as a chance to clean out the more negative parts of the old group along with no longer being a group that recruits people just to backstab them in the end. We are not like that, and we'll do our best to be better than the Watchmen. We won't be perfect, we won't always agree with everything we say with each other, but we will be better. And we will do our part in providing Chris a safe place to hang out and chill. She is our friend, and she is what brings us together.
What is this, a presidential inauguration speech? Also, I had to remind him to edit the message and change Chris's pronouns because he forgot we were in the same chat as him.[195]

Conversation between Sean, The Fool, and the Suitress, shortly after the latter entered the Knights server for the first time.

hopefully we can become good friends on the way while you're here.

The old group would have never given you a chance. 😅

The Suitress
There was an old group?
its a long story.

I used to be a part of it until I decided that it had to go. (it was bad)

The Fool
it was run by some jokers with the mentality of middleschool bullies
The Suitress
Was it irl?
The Fool
it was the watchmen, they have a cwcki article
The Suitress
I heard of them

Didn't they get busted?

I overthrew its leader (his name was Naught) who recently decided for no reason whatsoever to dox me.
The Suitress
I'm sure he couldn't dig up much dirt
I knew the guy for 2 years and he just does that out of the blue.
The Fool
he had a reason it was just really petty and stupid, he was just seeking validation from his peers because, again, he's a middleschool bully in a grown man's body
again, its a long story. But he's long gone now and so are his disciples that were there.
The Suitress
Oh ok[175]
oh yes that's right, @an0nym0us I used to be one of the Old Watchmen.

i'm this guy.

[Posts screenshot of the Watchmen page, with an arrow pointing to his name]

"You may have heard of me before..."[177]
If Meghan and Kyle have anybody to blame for the Watchmen's fall, its Bismuth. He destroyed the group by turning against me. lol
Overinflating his own importance once again.[177]
at this point, Jacob will only try to mess with Chris for e-fame. (which is dumb)
Randy Stair is calling your name, Sean...[177]
I’m glad you’re pointing it out though Chris. The situation looks dire and by not giving G4 a proper ending with no planned smooth transition to G5, it will be a disaster for everybody.

They’re clearly just rushing things without any consideration.

More irony...[184]
Within the Knights of CWC, Second Layer
Unlike the original Watchmen, I won't allow this group to be known to the public in any circumstances.
Well that didn't last long, now did it?[196]
and you know, if Naught didn't want me around anymore, all he had to do was tell me to fuck off.

that's it.

simple as.

but instead, he does this. lol

Okay, Sean definitely had some sort of unresolved feelings for Naught, right? Am I alone here?[196]
Naught's a snake.

he needs to be exposed.

Pot, meet kettle.[196]
don't backstab your friends.

its not that hard.

Oh, really?[196]
I really wanted to be [Naught]'s friend.

we were close.

Probably wanted to be his dicksheath, too.[196]
I hope [Naught] gets help, but its too late for him and I.

not even a single apology will save this.

I'm sure Naught is losing lots of sleep over this.[196]
I wonder what [the Watchmen's] theories will be.

Me and Praetor collaborating to bring down the Watchmen?

Me and Anaxis convincing Chris that they're evil?

I'm sure they got a lot in mind. But this is what happens when you fuck with me.

This is Sean's supervillain origin story.[170]
here's the reality:

Me and APC have been collaborating for a while on [Naught's thread].

And Praetor had zero involvement with the whole plot.

If anything, they just saw this as an excuse to leave the place so there.

And in a way, Yes I am going to take control.

But I'm not going to abuse my powers.

Mhmm, sure.[170]
I do honestly wish Josh was still on Discord so he could join this server.

i'd be willing to show him everything if he wishes to know.

Here's the reality:

I'm not here to make Chris my pet lolcow.

I'm not going to monopolize my power over everybody in this server.

and I'm only doing this because its right.

funny how Kyle claims I'm trying to take power when in reality he's the one who has more lust for it.

Do I need to say it?[170]
I did nothing. I was literally doxed and this is payback for everything I've endured for the past 2 years. They deserve to lose Chris.
Who made you judge, jury, and executioner?[170]
Kyle needs to understand that Chris doesn't like him. And this was the last straw.

I literally gave the guy one more chance to redeem himself by recognizing Naught's betrayal. And he failed.

Kyle has nobody but to blame himself for not thinking for himself. And for not considering all the evidence I had presented on

Did I manipulate Chris? maybe. But I did it because I had to.

I had no other choice.

Oh my god, fucking stop.[170]
if you talked to Chris, its obvious how he feels about me.

we're pretty damn close emotionally.

And if I was upset or something, he'd know.

From one autist to another.[170]

Referencing a message by Kyle shared by The Fool:

I was on the side of Kyle and Meghan at the time when the whole Praetor thing was going down.

I want to apologize to Caden because I feel like I further enabled those two.

I also love [how Kyle] talks about not letting another "idea guy" happen.

He's literally trying to be an Idea Guy himself.

total hypocrisy.

Weren't you the one who said "idea guy mode activated" when coming up with lore not too long ago?[170]
[Links to a YouTube video of Star Wars character Mace Windu saying "You have lost!"]

in all seriousness, why can't they understand by now why I actually did it?

Its literally simple why I went through with this:

1. Naught doxed me.

2. Meghan and Kyle are both bullies.

and 3. They talk shit behind Chris's back.

If they still believe that Naught is innocent despite all the concrete evidence being provided in the thread, I can't help them.

They can cry to Josh all they want, but even he will call them out for their BS.

I wonder if Sean knew what happened to Mace Windu immediately following this moment?[197]
Kyle and Meghan literally believe that I collaborated with Praetor. lol

but everybody in this server knows the real reason why I pulled off the coup.

Yeah, we do, so can you stop talking about it already?[198]
Naught will never recover from that thread.

and besides, the group that he's been terrified of has been hunting down his dox.

and I've been told privately by anonymous sources that they're getting close.

If he does get doxed, he's finished.

I can't read this without picturing Sean rubbing his hands together like a James Bond villain.[198]
in a way, I think my doxing is a blessing in disguise.
Wonder how that worked out for him in the long run...[198]
you're all lucky to be in the same server as Chris.

enjoy it while it lasts. lol

Gee, what an honor...[198]
[MKR] only wants to suck my dick because Chris is in here.

and not there.

Too bad that role is reserved solely for Naught, huh?[199]
The truth is:

I'm not collaborating with Praetor.

I took Chris away from them because they don't deserve to talk to him.

And the fact that they sided with a man who doxed me.

Sean, please...[199]
you got WCT'eed.
Oh, dear.[200]
If Caden wants to have peace with me, he needs to contact me at least every once a month or so to give me an update on his dealings with Chris.

if he can do that, him and I will have no problem.

What motivation would Caden have to ever do that?[200]
As leader of the Watchmen, I sentence Meghan Kathleen Ringo to the Shadow Realm.

And I pardon [REDACTED] and Lainchu (Anaxis) of treason.

Sean is like that one annoying kid on the playground who declares himself the leader of every game, but nobody actually listens to him.[200]
Caden to me was just a numbskull that didn't understand what he was getting himself into.
Sean's messages truly are a goldmine of irony and total lack of self-awareness. And this is just the start.[200]
Naught just can’t stop taking Ls.

They’re really erasing his legacy on []. lol

Legacy? Really?[201]
I will still suggest people to not do business with Chris. But if they insist, we'll go to the negotiating table.
What could he possibly offer Praetor or others as negotiating incentive?[202]
my words don't mean anything.
First time I find myself wholeheartedly agreeing with Sean.[202]
As long as you're not doing anything illegal, I'll let you walk.
Thank you, O great and mighty Sean...[202]
Peachy would've made a good double agent but...


taking Naught's dick up the ass kinda rules him out.

Aww, is someone getting jealous?[202]
I'm glad I reunited with Anaxis. He was the one guy in the place besides Naught who I could talk to that wouldn't call me a homo. lol
I wouldn't call him a homo. I would call him much worse.[202]
[My ex] loved the attention she got from me and she probably would've taken advantage of me taking power rn. lol
Watch out ladies, we've got a power player over here...[202]
him doxing me backfired because most don't really care who I am IRL, along with further justifying my cause.

Naught essentially handed me the keys on a silver platter.

Let's see how long that mindset lasts...[202]
[REDACTED] if more people begin to associate me with Chris more on Kiwi, should I be given the Christorical Figure tag?

cause if nobody cares, I don't see a need.

Right, yeah, it's other people who would be pushing you towards getting that tag.[203]
Kyle should be grateful that I've allowed him to be the A-Log that he is without worrying about Chris shitting on him.
Chris has always praised me for my honesty towards him.
Confirmed: Sean Walker is TRUE and HONEST.[204]
I don't want to act too braggy, but I've become more powerful than any of [the Watchmen].

And if they're so keen on getting Chris back, why don't they admit to me that Naught is a traitor?

I didn't betray them, it was Naught.

I think it's too late to not "act too braggy."[205]
you know, the fact that Naught is silent on everything right now speaks volumes.

its almost like he wants me in control.

This is beginning to sound like some deep-rooted sexual fantasy.[205]
there were moments were [Naught] was becoming more open about his true self, but he's a little too egotistical.
Holy fuck, are you kidding me?[205]
don't overthink.

I tend to do this a lot and it doesn't work out. lol

On the contrary, I think he has the exact opposite problem.[206]
based on how things are looking now, I think the worst of the drama between me and the old Watchmen are over.

so in a couple days, I'll try resuming my production of my documentaries.

ngl, getting doxed sucks but at least that part is over.

If only he knew...[206]
when you're friends with somebody, you gotta have trust.
I'm pretty sure that "trust" is supposed to be a two-way street.[206]
Looking back: Meghan and Kyle have always feared the day I'd rise to power. Simply because even they know that the relationship between me and Chris is really good.

Kyle's relations with Chris is terrible. Meghan's is not as bad, but Chris mostly ignores her.

As for me though, we get along very well.

Congratulations, Sean. Maybe in another timeline, you were Chris's new sweetheart.[206]
think of it this way:

Chris is like the symbolic leader.

I'm the real one.

This was following Sean comparing CWCville to Afghanistan. Yes, really.[206]
CWCVille just like Afghanistan is a place that has longed for some form of stability after being caught in the cross hairs of countless clout chasers.


And the person that ends up providing the hope and stability that it desperately needs arrives in the form of myself. (just like Afghanistan and the Taliban) he comparing himself to the Taliban?[206]
Just because Naught is your friend of a few years doesn't mean shit. If you let your biases overshadow you, you'll lose more than you'll think.

If Meghan and Kyle had recognized the reality that I was presenting to them, I wouldn't have needed to make this server or even be at war with them right now.

All I wanted in the end was for them to turn against Naught and throw him out.

But they didn't.

This was the point at which I began venting to a friend out of frustration of having to read the same shit over and over again. Bear in mind, this message was sent on 3 July 2021, merely a week after the Knights server had been made.[207]
if people ask me how I was able to endure [Naught] for two years, its because I thought he was my friend. But he just dumped me when he didn't need me anymore. lol
He sounds so hurt, I almost feel sorry for him.[207]
Chris told me that Caden is gonna help him buy a PC so that he can do more streams and such with the money they've earned from the partnership they've been having for a while now.

If Caden actually goes through with that, he will have earned my respect.

As if Caden gives a shit about gaining your respect, Sean.[208]
The Watchmen were originally intended on being kept a secret.

but somebody got a little too e-fame happy.

Here's my prediction:

somewhere down the line, Praetor will come and go like everybody else before them.

It will happen.

I tried telling Meghan and Kyle this, but they refused to listen and were impatient as fuck.

I always keep warning people countless times to not do business with Chris because we all know how it would usually end. If they chose to listen to me, good. But if not, they'll have to face some pretty negative consequences.

Well, as of publishing, Praetor has managed to outlive both the Watchmen and the Knights, so all things considered, I think they're doing better than you predicted.[209]
playing the long game is the best overall solution with Chris at the end of the day. I mean look at Josh.

he's done this shit for nearly 10 years now, and his patience is unbelievable.

Sean's continuous admiration of a longtime owner and operator of a lolcow forum is worrying, to say the least.[209]
The Knights of CWC is overall the same thing as the Watchmen except we don’t have the “toxic trio” as Chris describes. lol
I think it being mostly the same may be the source of some problems.[210]
Kyle sided with the man who doxed me and treated me like shit.

If he wants to give me some helpful advice, it would be great. But I won’t tolerate endless hostilities.

Should've realized you'd be dealing with that from the moment you got into your first argument with him.[210]

This was an exchange between Sean, The Fool, and a third Knight (Silvia) about Randy Stair after Sean shared some DMs with Chris in which Stair's lore was talked about. Here, Sean is inadvertently compared to the Idea Guys.

Who is randy and the ghost squad
long story short: A wannabe school shooter and his fantasy ghost group.
The Fool
randy is a spree shooter who killed himself after his spree

I think the idea guys told him his ghost is trying to contact chris or something

[Sends a GIF reacting to the message.]


that's not what happened.

The Fool
IIRC he shot up his workplace and killed three people
The Idea Guys had nothing to do with Chris getting into Randy.
The Fool
Chris found my Randy documentary series and he liked it.

so in a way...its my fault.

Bad Neko u get the cone of shame
it was his decision, not mine.


I thought Chris wouldn't care to watch but he did and what do you know? he liked it.

maybe a little too much.[211]

[Chris talking about his "older lady friend"] is something that I will never let leak out.

this will piss some folks off.

You mean this chat right here?[174]
after talking to Chris, I'm confident that he'll be fine.
He really is a horrible judge of character in every conceivable way, isn't he?[174]
I haven't been the leader for like a whole month, and the Knights of CWC are already a success.

the hands off approach is working.

The layers of dramatic irony are insane. Wow.[212]

After Sean posted part of the conversation he had with Chris over the MLP cartoon:

The Fool

you're not actually going to make an anti-G5 video are you

of course not.

I'd be seen as a Lolcow.

The Fool
(more of) a lolcow[213]
how long before I get blamed? lol.

fortunately, nobody on Kiwi knows I'm the new head guy.

Not for long...[213]

Keep in mind, this list is not entirely comprehensive, and in fact, there's still more to come. But I think it's important to highlight this part of Sean's mindset now, because it will contextualize a lot of his actions later.

Sean and His Relation to Bella


I've come to the conclusions written below based off of the facts I knew at the time of writing. However, I acknowledge the possibility that I may not know all of the facts, and could be wrong. If evidence arises that contradicts my conclusions, I will happily retract what I have written.

Although this theory has died down in prevalence as the Incest Reveal has moved further and further into the past, for a while, it was believed that Sean had conspired with Bella for some time to get Chris to kill himself. While I cannot speak to the legitimacy of Bella's intentions, as I didn't know very much about her and her true motives are difficult to discern due to her pathological lying, I know enough about Sean to determine that he neither conspired with Bella nor was trying to get Chris to off himself.

A big part of this theory stemmed from Sean's obsession with Randy Stair, a delusional spree shooter, and how he would get Chris hooked on different aspects of the "lore" that Stair came up with. This was used by amateur detectives on Kiwi Farms as a justification for Sean to have been "feeding Chris violent delusions" even though there is no evidence of Sean glorifying the act of violence itself, and in fact, there are multiple cases of him outright stating that Chris could never be violent like Stair was. I already went over the bulk of this in a previous section, so I won't repeat myself, just know this is one key reason why they connected Sean to Bella.

Speaking of which, many people at the time seemed to believe that Bella was brought into the Knights server by Sean in an attempt to spur this plan into action. Not helping is the fact that in the wake of the Incest Reveal, Sean was manipulated by Bella into assisting her in framing the Suitress for the leak, something which I will cover in more depth later. This notion, however, is demonstrably false, as Sean's DMs with Chris reveal that it was Chris who wanted to invite Bella and the Suitress. And the basic questions asked and facts given by Sean in the moments following both individuals joining the Knights server point to him not knowing them at all before Chris invited them in.

As I said earlier, Sean is guilty of many things, but attempting assisted suicide at the behest of a sociopath does not appear to be one of them. The truth became a muddled mess in the weeks following the Incest Reveal, which is why I have to dedicate an entire section just to debunk theories that, as far as I can tell, are false. I'll be talking in more detail later about the conspiracy theories that cropped up around all of this.

The Merge Begins (July 2021 - August 2021)

Well, we finally made it. We're here.

The turn of events that occurred during this time are ones that I will never forget. For me, it was a week of chaos, betrayal, and panic, and I'm not just talking about what happened with Chris specifically. Many saw this as the point where Chris's story would end. For me, it was the end of my part in it.

It all started with that first leaked call.

The Incest Call

Early in the morning of 30 July, a group of users came into the CWCki Server and one of them posted a YouTube video, claiming it was evidence of Chris and Barb having incestuous relations. This initial call was four minutes long and only contained Chris's voice, describing illicit acts committed against his own mother, seemingly in response to somebody asking questions whose voice was not in the audio. I was very confused upon hearing this, and I didn't quite know what to make of it. The audio quality was very poor and it was obviously spliced up, but to what extent, I didn't know. I shared this with my fellow mods, and then with the Knights.[214]

At that time, I had two working theories as to why Chris was saying all of this: either someone recorded him saying a bunch of stupid things that would make him look bad and uploaded them devoid of context, or he was tricked into believing that he actually did these things and someone was trying to force him to confess to crimes he didn't do. Both of these scenarios were ones that had already happened a few different times throughout Christory, so I didn't think it was too far-fetched to believe another Idea Guy had gotten to him.

Not once did it cross my mind that what Chris was saying was not only told in earnest, but reflected the actual truth. I mean, people have joked for years about Chris and Barb's uncomfortably close relationship, but the idea of it actually being real was just too insane to be true. It couldn't be...


yeah, this is fake.

I'll ask Chris about this i'm sure he'll get a good chuckle.

Sean's initial response to me sharing the audio recording with the Knights.

Much like myself in that moment, the initial belief of Sean and the Knights was that this was fake in some way, having been edited to make Chris look bad. Sean even seemed to think this wasn't a big deal, and that it would be debunked quickly. But it turned out this was just the beginning...[215]

The Second Call

Later that morning, I was sent the 9 minute clip, which included the voice of the other person on the call, asking Chris very specific and pointed questions.[216] This was when I started to get worried. Now the out-of-context theory was thrown out.

I sent it to the Knights, and one of them brought up the "lady friend" again, last mentioned several weeks back, and floated the idea that this was indeed referring to Barb. I realized that this was becoming more and more of a real possibility...but I still held out hope that this was just some weird roleplay on Chris's part and he didn't actually do anything illegal to Barb. Scanning the transcriptions the dutiful editors were creating and posting on the CWCki Server, I noticed that Chris mentioned the name of a woman: Fiona. At first, I posited that this woman could be the "lady friend," and my new theory was that he was trying to do the opposite of the shecameforcwc situation and lie that he was banging Barb (a real woman) to cover up the existence of his girlfriend (a potentially fake one). After all, it wouldn't be the first time Chris tried to cover up something dumb with something even dumber. I was kind of grasping at straws at that point, but I was doing everything I could to avoid facing an increasingly likely horrible reality.[215]

There was little else we could do at that moment than wait for more information, so I decided to go to bed, not prepared for the shitshow that would await me the very next day.

The Chaos Begins

I woke up late to find hundreds of new users had joined the CWCki Server. Our modstaff wasn't that big, and we were not prepared for this at all. What I assumed to have been a stupid fake scandal had now blown up into a full-on crisis: Chris was trending on Twitter with four different hashtags, new people were discovering him and his story, and the CWCki was overloaded by all the new guests and was basically permanently down for me during this time. I was inundated with requests to help people make editor accounts (which I couldn't fulfill due to the non-functioning website), and had to spend most of my day controlling the chaos that had suddenly fallen into this corner of the Internet.

Kiwi Farms was also overloaded with new users, and a wide variety of opinions and different personalities were beginning to flood the community. This caused a lot of retreading of usual ground, sparking the same old debates about Chris's transgender status, for instance. There was also a ton of misinformation flying through the air, from false interpretations of Virginia law and how it would be applied to Chris, to an oft-spread video of a naked individual running from the police and getting tased, and people claiming this was Chris.

It was all very difficult to manage, and I admit fault in not seeing where it was beginning to become too much for my modstaff to handle. I was blinded by the prospect of such great growth and "success" that I didn't consider how it would take a toll on my mods, or on me (I became physically sick that week from the lack of sleep and constantly monitoring Discord). Eventually, we made the decision a few days in to limit the amount of people who could come into the server to try and stem the uncontrollable tide of new users, but by that point, the server had already grown past 1000 new members. It was out of control, and I enabled that to happen. To my mods, I am so sorry for putting you all through this. That was selfish of me, and I regret my poor judgment in that scenario.

The Suitress Revealed

As for the situation on the inside, the Knights and myself were still confused. We had some pieces of the puzzle but didn't know how to put them together. This is where I have to give credit to my ever-vigilant modstaff: I was reviewing the evidence with them, and mentioned Fiona's name. One of the mods recognized the name as being the real first name of Snoo, as they were more familiar with her activities outside of the CWCki Server than I was. Again, it had been a long time since she had even crossed my mind, but I remembered how obsessed she was with Chris, and how desperate she seemed to get with him, even at risk of getting doxed. This mod also had a couple of videos onhand of Snoo cosplaying as Classic Chris and imitating some of his more infamous videos from the Golden Era of Trolling.

Soon enough, a DM chat leaked between a user named Lavenderbonez and Snoo, apparently from the perspective of the latter, in which Snoo admitted to having edited and leaked the incest call, meaning she was definitely involved (assuming she wasn't lying for some reason).[217] Given that Chris spoke about her in the third person to the person on the other end of the call, we were still mystified as to the speaker's identity.

I took what I knew back to the Knights server, and explained who Snoo/Fiona was and her history of obsession with Chris. Sean pointed out that Fiona was in our server already, which confused me immensely. For some reason, I had (in that moment) mistakenly presumed that an0nym0us was not Bella's account, but instead that of another member of Praetor, and Bella was a different account entirely (perhaps I thought she was ScootalooSister, but I really can't remember what theories my undoubtedly scattershot and sleep-deprived brain were coming up with at the time). Sean went to double-check.[218]

The EPO and Bella

By this point, Chris had been served an emergency protective order from Barb and forced to leave his house and stay at a motel until at least 5 August. In the mega-thread on Kiwi Farms discussing the situation, Null pointed out Bella as a person of interest with whom Chris had originally confided in.[219]

Looks like Bella has some explaining to do.
Sean Walker, 30 July 2021.

Soon after, Sean started a private voice chat with us, discussing and reviewing the evidence. There's no recording of this chat, just text responses on the parts of myself and the other Knights who didn't turn on their mics. It was floated that ScootalooSister and an0nym0us should be kicked out of the server, but I argued that that would accomplish little at this point in time. I also asked Sean if Chris had ever mentioned the name Snoo before, which of course he hadn't; that wasn't the name she used with Chris. I insisted that questions be asked about Snoo to Chris when he came back online. It was during this conversation that it was clarified to me that an0nym0us was Bella, and ScootalooSister was Fifi Vixenhart (all of these pseudonyms are getting difficult to keep track of).

I shared one of Snoo's imitation videos with the group, but despite him knowing what "Fifi" looked like, it seems that Sean didn't connect the dots together, which would've saved us a lot of time.[218] All of these seemingly insignificant details from weeks prior...turns out, they were all connected.

Sean's Lost Chat With Chris

Soon after the call ended, Sean got into contact with Chris over Discord, something which I initially thought to be impossible, as I believed the police had taken his phone. He began sharing the chats with us.

Chris described everything that had happened: the local police had been called continuously by online onlookers, resulting in him being served the EPO and Barb being taken to a hospital to get checked. At this point, he was attempting to stay with Aunt Harriet and Uncle Tom.[220][221]

Sean asked about the identity of the other person on the call, and Chris confirmed it was Bella, and that the call took place on the night of 27 July, at 9:30 PM.[222] At this point, my gut began sinking, and I questioned Bella's motives for leaking this information (at this point, I believed Bella to have been both one of the leakers and still working for Praetor). Then Sean flat-out asked Chris if the incest allegations were true, and Chris confirmed them to be. When a seemingly distraught Sean asked why, Chris stated:

The love and affection was there and genuine, as I have told you in confidence earlier.

It was a mutual choice, she was and is sound of mind, body and soul.

She made the choice, as well as the first sexual move.

We were all dumbfounded. Afterwards, Chris requested that Sean delete all traces of the conversation they just had, which Sean obliged.[223] This is why these are lost chats that don't appear in his DMs. Thankfully, these screenshots still exist.

Chris would later also confirm to Christuber Dillin Thomas that the allegations were true, and the latter would leak this admission of guilt.[224]

Meanwhile, we were still trying to answer the questions that kept on popping up. Some of the Knights were panicking at that point and wanted to kick Bella out, but I insisted we keep her where she was so we could find out more. Some believed she coerced him into doing the deed, while others, including myself, were not so convinced.[225] Sean kept messaging Chris, pointing out the legal ramifications for what he'd done, and naturally, Chris didn't really seem to care.[226] I requested that Sean ask about Snoo/Fiona, and Chris confirmed once and for all that they were both the same person, and were also ScootalooSister.[227][228][229] Fiona, Snoo, ScootalooSister, and Fifi Vixenhart were all pseudonyms for the same person: the Suitress. She was the one who leaked the call, and she was the one who wanted to be Chris's new sweetheart.

Finally, Sean asked if the "lady friend" was indeed referring to Barb, and Chris confirmed that the answer was yes.[230] In that moment, I think I felt my blood run cold. Our darkest suspicions...they were confirmed.

So this is what happens after I wrecked the Watchmen. lol
Sean, immediately following his conversation with Chris.[225]
Screenshots and Transcript of the Lost Chat
what happened.

its okay man, just tell me everything.

I'll tell you the immediate present details for now; Strictly Confidential, and I am trusting you a Lot, here, my Leo Messenger friend.

So, as it stands, with everyone going all drama-crazy, they messaged the police. And it got so bad, the local judge sent some out to take Barbara to the hospital to check her mentality and physical status; she is very well and good off-camera, I assure you.

Anyway, I got served an Emergency Protective Order; I have to stay at least 300 feet away from her, AND the Temple, since that is under her name.

So, at the present, I am short-funded in pocket money, and my bank account is in the red by $200. But my PayPal is safe and not in the red at present.

I am presently trying to find comfy housing within my aunt and uncle's place. I have arrived a few minutes ago, and I had called them earlier to let them know that I needed their help. But they're not home at the moment.

The protective order is in effect until 11:59 pm, August 4.

So, I have to stay away from the temple for a few days.

I've packed a few bags, and I have the van.

And at the present, I may have to fall onto a plan B of finding alternative accomodations; I do not wish to sleep in the van at all.

hopefully you'll have a hotel arranged.
I have contacted Caden and Josh on that idea as well.

If I can get at least $100 at the present, I should be safe for at least one night at a motel around here.

I just withdrew $36 from my Patreon that was blessedly available. Super grateful for that blessing.

I am holding strong and faithful, as well as calm and clear minded as possible within these present circumstance.

Now Chris.

can you explain what happened in that call?

who were you talking to?

Ah. I was talking via Video Call through the app, Signal, with Bella.

She was deemed trustworthy for the most part to have been deity-level chosen to be the one-and-only to confide the secret with.

But, now, while I have faith on these events to shape her for the better, and whatever circumstance, or even her roommate, or even the possible 42-year old male she may be accomplice with, saw all this and leaked it out of concern.

Why would she do this though. And when did this call take place? is it old? is it new?
But, in the conversation, more or less as heard in the audio clip, that was a piece of it that I told her about Barbara and I.

The call took place literally on Tuesday the 27th, on about 9:30 pm, EST.

I remember that afternoon was rough after finding the MLPG5 figures in Charlottesville.

Same day

Now Chris. Here's a tough question. -
I'm grounded
the allegation is that you had sexual relations with your mother.

is is [sic] this true?



The love and affection was there and genuine, as I have told you in confidence earlier.

It was a mutual choice, she was and is sound in mind, body and soul.

She made the choice, as well as the first sexual move.

After this conversation is done, I ask you to delete these details from your end of the chat as well, please.

you're still my friend, but I don't know why this happened.
Twist of Fate.

Plus, this was a time I needed to be away from the Temple for a while.

The next big event is taking place, and this is a major sign.

Chris, you know there's a reason why people lambast Incest right? I myself love my mother but I don't love her in the same way as I'd love my girlfriend. lol (edited)
Quite. But, not everyone is as fortunate or have the choice.
and Chris, you're aware that what you did was a felony in the state of Virginia right?
As Josh has informed me
I think you'll be let off the hook because of your disability, but I don't know if you'll be allowed to return to the Temple (edited)
I have faith that I shall be able to return safely and without judgment.
Fiona was alluded in the call and I would like to ask you who that is.
Ah, she's the Scootaloo of our group at present. She is a 19 year old woman who is going to college soon. She had planned on spending some time with and helping protect me during the convention (edited)
I see.
She and I have shared a couple of video calls as well
do you also know who this Snoo dude is as well? he's the first guy to leak the call.
Ah, that must be the M42, or even Bella's roommate, who leaked this information. (edited)
again. why would they do this.

NOTE: There is a gap in messages here that were not shared with the Knights and appear to have been deleted. Some of those messages from Chris are highlighted further down.

is the elderly woman that you dated for a while Barb or is it a different person? that's what the group will try asking you. (edited)

this is my last question btw.

Barb is the lady friend I had confided with you about.

NOTE: The following messages from Chris appear to have occurred immediately after Sean's question asking "why would they do this," but the messages on Sean's end appear to have already been deleted. The messages from Chris seen here seem to extend to the end of Chris and Sean's discussion.



My PayPal is open for direct donations, if you can help me at least for today.

I dare not speak publicly of the present circumstances or, obviously, address the pressing matter.


That's Fiona in the video clip.

I doubt she is, nor involved with, this Snoo person.

Bella was on the East side of the US at the time as well.

Fiona was being flirty; she is fun like that. She resides in Washington.



Thank you

Of course, as shall I right now.

Chris's Final Messages to the Knights

This was the point at which we were officially at a loss for what to do. Assuming Chris hadn't deluded himself into believing he did something that never happened, he was now a potential criminal. Even if it were the case that he didn't actually do the crime, he was now confessing to it on multiple occasions. Were we still supposed to protect him? What if Bella was indirectly responsible for this? We still needed to know more.

Soon after Sean ended his chat with Chris, Chris left a message in the Knights server, requesting we donate to his PayPal to help him stay in a motel that night (his aunt and uncle had turned him away at that point).

Hey, @everyone. Due to present circumstances that I am not a liberty to talk about as much. And I do need some help at the present. Gonna need some funds for a motel room, if possible. So, I’m looking to y’all for help. Direct donations to my PayPal, hopefully exceeding $100 to cover me at least for tonight.

And This does not leave this server at all. Strictly Confidential. Thank you all.

I found it somewhat odd that he didn't want to spread that PayPal link around. I would've assumed he'd want to expand his e-begging range as wide as possible, but I suppose not...

We all continued to be nice to him, because we didn't know much of what else to do at that point. Later that night, he confirmed to us that he got revoked and banned from Everfree Northwest. Sean asked how it happened, and I asked how he was doing. He answered neither of us, and instead left what would be his final message in the server:

Also, gonna go radio silent for a while. Know that I am well-guided, safe and well, and I have y’all to thank in part for that as well.[231]

Regarding Chris, Part 1

With Chris's admission of guilt and mentioning of Bella as the person on the other end of the call, we began following that lead. Sean messaged Bella, asking about what happened. She began trying to feed us bullshit pretty much immediately, blaming someone named "Avery Oswald" for "hacking Chris's modem" and "tenery merc" who worked for Chris's ISP. Her butchered spelling made it difficult to determine if we just didn't understand her or if she really was this stupid, because nobody on our end believed her. We now know today that ternarymerc is the name of one of Bella's friends in her "Chess Club," which means she immediately threw one of her friends under the bus to save her own ass (something she would also do on Kiwi Farms). I assume this "Avery Oswald" is in a similar position.

Bella continued insisting that "Avery Oswald" hacked Chris's Internet (yes, really) and that Chris was guilty of rape (Chris had not been charged with anything at that point). Every time Sean tried to ask questions, Bella would redirect him elsewhere, talking about how Chris supposedly forced Barb into doing things with him.

She then said she would tell Sean all about what she knew if he made a group chat for the purposes of telling her story. Sean obliged, and made a group chat for all of us, called Regarding Chris.[232]

Interviewing Bella

I joined this group chat, along with Sean and the other Knights. Bella immediately began by telling us the same things she told Sean: blaming Avery Oswald and ternarymerc for hacking Chris's Internet, and telling us to dissociate with Chris because he's such a disgusting person. She went on like this for a while, but we eventually got her on track and talking about the call.

She claimed the actual call was 4 hours long, then kept trying to redirect us to the people she accused. I asked her about the motivations of these people, and of course, she didn't answer.[233]

So I switched tactics and asked if Fiona was Snoo, posting her picture. Bella ignored me initially, preferring to answer questions about whether Chris abused his mother, but I pressed her and she ended up saying no, which we knew at this point was a lie. Bella kept trying to turn the tables on us, acting frightened and confused, which was almost certainly an act. She claimed that Fiona was a minor (another lie) and that Fiona and Chris were trying to have a long-distance relationship (sort of true). I asked her once again if Fiona was Snoo, and she again denied it, this time asking me a question, probably another redirection strategy.[234]

Bella Keeps Lying

Bella began describing what she called "BDSM stuff" that Chris allegedly did with Barb, much of which sounded more like clear-cut sexual abuse (these are almost certainly false, however). She claimed that Chris said that "god told [him] it was ok" which I immediately questioned on the grounds that Chris didn't really believe in God anymore, just himself as a Goddess, which The Fool also reiterated.[235] She claimed he said it during the audio clip (which was true) and also said that the other speaker was Fiona (false).[236]

The Fool began picking apart Bella's "hacking the modem and ISP" nonsense for a while,[237] then the conversation returned to the supposed "BDSM," with Bella giving some rather unpleasant details.[238] Eventually, she invited us to Chess Group 15 again, and again, I didn't join.[239]

Bella Doesn't Want E-Fame

Bella used this opportunity to ask for Sean's help in getting into contact with Geno Samuel to request she be left out of his series. Sean obliged, first offering to contact him on her behalf, then giving her his Discord tag at her behest, so she could do so herself.[240]

I should've seen this as a warning sign when it happened initially, but Sean's willingness to do favors on Bella's behalf despite how untrustworthy she seemed was very troubling, and a harbinger for the chaos that was still to come.

Sean and the Prospect of Leaking

After we had finished asking Bella questions for the night, we returned to the Knights server, where we discussed what had transpired. I was skeptical at best of Bella, given how many times she had been caught in a lie, but the truth had become so indeterminate through all of the misinformation that was being spread during this time that I didn't entirely write her off yet. That was a mistake on my part.

Sean shared a Tweet from the Christuber GiBi, speaking about how Chris confessed to both Dillin Thomas and an ex-Watchman, who as it turns out, was Sean. Sean said that if Chris was arrested or charged with incest, he would leak more.[241] I initially accepted this because I didn't quite comprehend what that entailed, but that was a foolish thing to do. I should've discouraged him at the first opportunity. Then maybe he wouldn't have gotten himself or the rest of us into another mess later on.

The Brief Homeless Saga

Null appeared on a livestream hosted by YouTube channel Rekieta Law in the early hours of 31 July, discussing some background to the whole incident. He revealed at that point that Chris had previously told him the same thing he had told us, about his "lady friend" who was over 50. He also continued to pin blame on Bella, and revealed that Chris was sleeping in his van that night because he couldn't afford a hotel, being $200 in the red on his bank account. Null also shared the same theory I had about Chris stating he was having sex with Barb, that being he was covering up for another girlfriend in the worst possible way, and that was why Null defended Chris initially. At that point, he no longer believed this to be the case, and neither did I.

In spite of everything, Null at this point was still helping Chris and trying to secure him emergency finances, as it had not yet been determined if Chris had indeed had sex with Barb without her consent.[242]

However, mere hours later, Null discovered that Chris had taken money out of Barb's bank account in order to find a place to stay, thus violating his EPO. This was evidently the final straw for Null, who promptly reported this to the local police and blocked Chris's communications, declaring on Kiwi Farms that he was done with Chris once and for all.[243]

The last person who could help Chris in any sort of tangible way had cut him off. Now Chris was officially, entirely on his own, and his future was looking incredibly bleak.

Chris Finds a Motel

A few hours after Null had blocked Chris, Chris and Sean discussed the current situation in DMs, with Chris stating his intent to check into a hotel. They also discussed Chris being too trusting of Bella, and about Aunt Harriet and Uncle Tom turning him away.[244]

Predictably, it didn't take long for the Internet at large to discover where Chris had gone for the night, with one Discord user in particular, named Fala Scott, coming onto the CWCki server and revealing he had taken pictures of Chris's very noticeable car in the lot of the motel he was staying in. Everyone in the chat yelled at him to leave, including the mods, who gave him a ban warning. He eventually realized he was not with a sympathetic audience and left the server himself, but this wouldn't be the end of his involvement in this situation.[245]

Regarding Chris, Part 2

Bella checked in during the middle of the day, asking for updates, and we filled her in on the current happenings. Bella reacted in shock to Null cutting Chris off, and Sean revealed his willingness to leak messages he had with Chris. I have no way of knowing this for certain, but perhaps this was the moment that Bella smelled weakness in him.

There's alot I want to leak but i can't trust fiona

The conversation veered off track for a little bit, into the territory of bashing Null and then an anti-trans rant, which briefly exposed Bella's true nature as she liberally dispensed with slurs. I tried to get everyone back on topic, but that didn't work for a while. Eventually, The Fool asked Bella why she sat through 4 hours of Chris talking about banging his mom, to which she suddenly became all concerned again, answering "to record it bc he needs to go to a mental hospital."[247]

Sean started sharing the DMs he was having with Chris at the moment regarding Bella, to which she stated that the Suitress was responsible for the leaking (true) and that she (Bella) wanted to send it to the authorities (false, as the Chess Club chats would later reveal that she wanted to upload it herself). Sean then continued to share DMs, with Bella providing her disgusted reaction to them.[248]

We talked a little about past Christory,[249] then Sean began lamenting his failure as a leader for not seeing the signs of Chris's affair (which is one thing I actually think he shouldn't be blamed for, as none of us could have known or predicted this would happen). Bella and the other Knights spoke to the contrary, saying he did the best he could under the circumstances. I said nothing.[250]

The Fake BDSM Chats

I wish I had been paying closer attention to what was going on in the group chat, but between managing the CWCki Server that was constantly in flux, scrubbing through increasingly fast-moving Kiwi Farms threads to form a big picture, and managing life outside all of this, my attention was somewhat divided. Had I not been so distracted, perhaps I could've prevented Sean from doing the dumbest thing he would far.

Bella posted a screenshot of a chat, purporting it to be from Chris, describing acts of BDSM being done to Barb. Sean and the others summarily freaked out and took it completely at face value. She then encouraged Sean to release it, but not to say it was from her. And Sean, presented with this new information that was too juicy not to share, took the bait and posted it on Kiwi Farms without a hint of scrutiny as to its contents or origin.[251]

When users on KF began to doubt its veracity,[252] Sean informed Bella of this, who promptly shifted the blame onto the Suitress. Likely feeling pressured from the Farms, Sean in that moment trusted Bella enough to not only attempt to hide her involvement, but frame the Suitress instead, asking Bella for the Suitress's TikTok.[footnote 6] He posted the video of the Suitress imitating Classic Chris (which, in hindsight, I may have regrettably been the unwilling source for) and claimed he received the BDSM texts from her, thus unwittingly doing Bella's bidding and throwing the Suitress completely under the bus.[253] When doubts persisted among the users, Sean insisted that Bella come onto the thread and explain things herself, but to keep her identity still concealed.[254]

Image analysis from users on the Farms would later reveal these images to have been fabricated.[255]

While I suppose I can't blame Sean for initially falling for the fake BDSM screenshots, I feel pretty confident in placing the blame on him for everything else. Even considering that the thread users were breathing down his neck, I have no idea why he trusted Bella so blindly and wound up aiding her disinformation effort.

Bella's Manipulations

Bella eventually did come onto the thread and started sharing what she "knew" although the truth to her statements should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. When the thread users expressed doubt due to Bella providing no proof,[256] Sean advised her to leak more if she had to.[257]

Conversation moved to Praetor, then Bob and older Christory, then the Suitress and how attracted Bella was to her.[258] For a while, most of it was mundane small talk that didn't convey very much.

The incest megathread on KF was eventually temp-locked due to misinformation, no doubt partially caused by the stuff shared by Sean and Bella.[259] Sean recommended Bella speak to KF admins, and then she shared the 14-minute call with us, insisting that we post it. Sean asked about the uncut 4 hour call, to which Bella said she didn't have it, apparently due to her recording device/software randomly shutting off (which is absolutely nonsensical), and had a mere 45 minutes. Sean requested she share that instead, but she refused, stating that it was irrelevant and had the Suitress's personal information on it (this was after she got Sean to throw the Suitress under the bus). He tried to convince her, but Bella was adamant that it not be shared, so Sean backed down. As of writing, there's no evidence that this version of the call exists.

The rest of the night consisted of Bella and Sean sharing posts with each other.[260] Early in the morning, Null finally banned Bella's Kiwi Farms account, 10Anon.[261]

Chris's Arrest

It's over.

Back in the real world, the next day (1 August), Fala Scott was camping outside of Chris's motel in his car, livestreaming himself on Instagram. He managed to catch a brief glimpse of Chris leaving the room in the afternoon, and proceeded to stalk him, basically seeming not to care whatsoever about getting doxed. He eventually went to the nearby Regency Mall to search for Chris, believing he might be there.[262]

Later on, YouTuber Ethan Ralph showed up, livestreaming the event, which I watched unfold in real-time alongside my fellow mods and users in the CWCki Server. He made a failed attempt to lure Chris out of his room with pizza, then also went to the nearby mall to search for Chris.[263] Funnily enough, he actually ran into Fala Scott during this, and (hypocritically) yelled at him for supposedly following him or something (my memory on this is hazy, but I absolutely refuse to watch Ralph's entire livestream again to find out exactly what happened).

By this point, Null had confirmed that Chris had blown through pretty much all of his remaining money, because of course he did.[264] Chris had also sent a few final messages to Sean, but Sean did not respond,[265] for once deciding to allow Chris to fend for himself in this situation.[263]

After several hours of waffling about the Regency Mall, Ralph eventually was tipped off that the police were coming to the motel, and he rushed over. He wound up arriving at 6:27 PM EST, just in time to capture the police taking Chris away, and yelled questions to him and the police (Chris answered some, the police didn't answer any). One of them was about the Dimensional Merge, which Chris said they were experiencing at that very moment. After a short time, the police took Chris away.[266]

I posted all of these things as they happened in the second layer of the Knights server, and everyone reacted in astonishment over what they were seeing. Minutes after he was arrested, Sean decided to finally remove Chris from the server.[263]

Bella's Doxing

Isabella revealed.

Shortly before all of this happened, sleuths on Kiwi Farms dug into Bella and were beginning to make connections to her true identity: Bella was actually Isabella Loretta Janke, a seemingly sociopathic and cruel college student with a sordid history of abusive behavior towards others and disgusting personality traits.

Earlier in that day, I had called out her BDSM texts as being fake, to which she insisted the texts she was sharing were real[267] (this may have been the case for some of them, but definitely not the BDSM texts). A few hours later, right before Chris was arrested, Bella asked if anyone had posted her information on Kiwi Farms (this timing coincided with the initial post on her first megathread). Sean advised she cut all ties with Chris, and she advised the same back to him.

they tried to "doxx" me but they got literaly everything about me incorrect
Bella, still believing she could bullshit her way out of this one.

Bella claimed the info found by Kiwi Farms was wrong, but at this point, she was pretty screwed. Sean decided to remove her from the group chat (and told her that, for some stupid reason), then acted like he was going to delete the entire chat.[268] In reality, he simply kicked out everyone except himself, then preserved the chat. I should have realized what he was going to do...yet another thing I failed to foresee. He then removed Bella and the Suitress from the Knights server.[269]

I think we initially intended to speak to the Suitress as well, but with Chris arrested (and later charged with incest), that idea seemed moot. With Bella now being doxed, it seemed that things were sorting themselves out on their own.

Sean's Betrayals

So, that was that. Chris was arrested and charged, and the Knights no longer had any reason to exist. Shortly after learning about the arrest, Sean contacted me through DMs, asking about steps moving forward. I advised him not to jump the gun on doing anything quite yet. He seemed to believe that "the Feds" had taken Chris's phone and could search it, which I pointed out was ridiculous.[270][271] I asked him to scrub my username from any DMs he intended on releasing, which he obliged (but ultimately did not follow through on, as I later learned).

I thought this was the end of the drama. The Knights would disband and Sean and I would go our separate ways, with him releasing selected DMs as time went on. But I gave his sense of restraint way, way too much credit. Turns out, Sean had been treating his interactions with Chris like an investment. And now, it was time to cash in.

Sean wanted his clout and e-fame now, and he would betray everyone around him in order to get it.

The "Final Interview"

On 3 August, I was informed by a fellow mod that Sean had uploaded a video to YouTube entitled The final pre-jail interview with Chris Chan, and that he had mentioned my username in it several times. Scrubbing through it, I realized that this call was the one Sean held with Chris when trying to convince him that the "toxic trio" were not his friends, with some slight edits put in. Despite that, he still mentioned my username and those of some of the other Knights.

To say I was infuriated would be a grave understatement. I confronted Sean in DMs, asking him why he didn't do the one thing I had asked him to do when it came to releasing information. He tried to find the exact spots in the audio where I was mentioned in order to remove them, but I just told him to take the video down wholesale. After he privated the video, I told him what I should have said in the first place and pointed out that now was a terrible time for leaks, given how KF was looking for any reasons to delve into the identities of leakers. I also pointed out that Sean had been doxed once already, to which he responded "I was willing to take the risk." I stated that the game was different when other people were involved.

I pleaded with him to stop the leaks until the craziness died down, to which he claimed he was under pressure from people at (unless they were blackmailing him, I seriously doubted that). Soon after, he claimed that the video was already archived (I have no idea if that was true). I guess he either used this as a tacit excuse to make the video public again, or perhaps he just lied to me and never privated it in the first place. I couldn't know what to trust when it came to him anymore.

I chastised Sean on his carelessness, and he had the nerve to tell me not to panic and to lay low, the thing I was already doing before his stupidity dragged me into this situation.

I expressed my deep disappointment in him, and he swore he wouldn't leak anything else for the time being.[272] Of course, I didn't believe this was something he'd stick to unless he was given no other choice. So naturally, "no other choice" was exactly what he needed.

Getting Sean to Step Away

Perhaps as a karmic response from the universe (or a logical one in the face of Sean's stupidity), Sean revealed to the Knights on 4 August that he had been doxed again, this time to a much larger audience, and said audience was beginning to link him to Bella, probably due to him being manipulated into doing her bidding on Kiwi Farms.[273]

This was getting really bad. Sean was the target, but I was still on the periphery, along with the other Knights. I had to do something. Initially, I considered cutting off contact with Sean, but then I realized that wouldn't stop him from leaking things later anyway. No, I needed a different strategy.

Sean at that point still seemed to believe that it was possible for him to clear his name, but given how out-of-control the rumors around him were becoming, this was all but guaranteed to fail. The only way for him to shut up and stop what he was doing was to convince him that not doing so would incur far greater consequences than the ones he had already been facing.

So I messaged him, telling him that attempting to prove his innocence would be fruitless at this point, and that his best option was to go completely dark, and shut down his entire social media presence. To convince him, I pointed out that getting doxed was not the worst thing that could happen to him, as it was not out of the realm of possibility at that stage that some investigative body would take interest in those that Chris was in close contact with leading up to his arrest. Already Bella was looking somewhat guilty of several things, and since the Farms was associating Sean with her, things could go very bad for him very fast.

That seemed to get Sean's attention.

I once again reiterated that he go dark, and for once, he seemed to be listening. Sean began self-reflecting at that point, and I walked him through the whole thing, ensuring that he would end up where I wanted him by the end of it. It took some patience on my part: his reflections were very egocentric, but I honestly didn't know what else to expect from him. I just kept my mouth shut and let him find his own way there.

Sean's Egocentric Reflections
Who would’ve thought it would end like this.

And me being at the center of it all?

I’m definitely going to go down in Christory.


For the wrong reasons.

Hopefully one day, people will realize that I was innocent all along.

By the time it comes though, I’ll be long gone.

I advised he also delete the Knights of CWC server, and take some time to figure himself out and rebrand. It was at this point that I was starting to feel like Lainchu again, giving general life advice to someone who is utterly hopeless but will eagerly eat everything I say right up.

Then it turned into a conversation about my plans, the future of Kiwi Farms, and eventually, Sean asked me what the biggest lesson I learned from everything that had happened was. I told him that it was to know when to make a change for one's own happiness, even if the prospect of change itself was terrifying. I asked him the same thing, and he said, quite ironically:

Never trust crazy people on the Internet.

Sean posited that he would be away for half a year, although I encouraged him to err on the side of caution and not rush back in. He also said he'd stop visiting the Farms (for his mental health) and would rebrand his YouTube presence when it was time.[274]

True to his word (so it seemed), Sean announced the following day that he was shutting down the Knights of CWC server, as it no longer had any purpose.[275] While it seemed that he deleted the server, I wouldn't be surprised if in reality, he actually just kicked out everyone other than himself, as was his typical habit.

I thought that everything had worked out perfectly. Sean actually seemed committed to leaving this part of the Internet behind for a little bit, and without much of a struggle. I assumed my problems were over. But as it turned out, I couldn't trust him to do anything right, not even something that would benefit himself.

The "Regarding Chris" Leak

A screenshot from the Halal Server of Sean being threatened by former Kiwi Farms moderator Spooky Bones, and agreeing to hand over the Regarding Chris file. Note that he trusts Spooky blindly to redact irrelevant information on his behalf, similarly to how he blindly did the bidding of Bella.

On 5 August, I was informed in a panic by my fellow mods on the CWCki Server that my username was being spread around the Farms. It took some time to figure out the source, especially since the thread it was making the rounds in was the out-of-control megathread on Bella, but eventually I realized that screenshots of the Regarding Chris chat were being spread around. Not only that, but Sean was using his Psychic Espeon profile on Kiwi Farms to engage with other users about it.[276] I couldn't believe what I was seeing. After I had tried to get Sean to step away, this is what he does?

I was done trying to reason with him. I took to DMs to give him a piece of my mind:

You're lower than scum, you know that?

I tell you genuinely good advice, try to get you to walk away from all of this quietly, and your response is to stab me in the back?

Why? Why would you do this?

Why would you leak a bunch of information right after you swore you'd stop?

I was going to have somebody else leak stuff along with having you and the others names redacted. But I guess Bella beat me to the punch.

by all means though, I know you're angry.

And this was not what I planned.

You kept talking about it. You didn't exactly step away.

MKR was fucking right about you. You are just a clout-chasing YouTuber.

You can go to hell.

I'd had enough of his excuses. Even now, Sean was trying to pin the blame on Bella, even though the leaked chat was from his perspective.[277] Piecing it together later, it seems he gave the chat to another Farms user with the belief that it wouldn't be leaked, which of course it was.[278] After I sent my final message to him, I promptly blocked him.

You'd think this would be the moment he finally learned his lesson when it came to leaking others' materials, but given that a screenshot of these messages somehow wound up in GiBi's DMs a few days later,[279] it appears that Sean is incapable of learning from his mistakes.

Final Exile

This was bad. After trying to keep my head down for so long, laying low, never wanting eyes on me, I found myself with attention I did not want. And I had to take action immediately.

It was still early, but I knew how Kiwi Farms, and especially this new group of investigators centered around Bella, worked. When it came to digging up information, they preferred to shoot first and ask questions later. And I had no intention of getting "shot."

So I did the only thing I knew I could do at that stage: I retreated. After making arrangements to transfer ownership of the CWCki Server to another mod and archiving all relevant chats that I had, I quietly left every server I was in and deleted my Discord account. I made a few final updates to my editor page on the CWCki, then ended all actions as Anaxis. That identity was now dead.

I realize now, of course, how fleeing abruptly like that could make me look like I was guilty of some sort of wrongdoing. I figured I would be facing that perception no matter what, since I was in a chat with the now-vilified Sean and Bella, so it was a sort of a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't situation. And my reasons for leaving weren't entirely selfish: I wanted to prevent the modstaff, who had nothing to do with the activities of the Watchmen or the Knights, from getting scrutinized by the Farms. This would fail, unfortunately, but I will get to that later.


I was sad that I had to leave the community I had been so connected to for the past year in such an abrupt manner, and I was incredibly angry with Sean for having essentially forced me to leave in the way I did, rather than on my own terms. Looking back, though, in a strange sort of way, Sean's betrayal came at a good time.

At that point, it was becoming clear to me that I had dedicated far, far too much of my life towards running this Discord server. It was a fun thing to do during the time I started, when COVID-19 was forcing everybody to stay indoors and everything was boring as hell. However, as the server grew in size, I took on more responsibility as a mod and eventually as the owner, and then I became a part of the Watchmen and later the Knights. When the incest reveal happened and the server exploded in popularity, I was spending so much time trying to manage the chaos that I was barely sleeping, and became physically ill during that week. It was too much, and by then, the danger of COVID was beginning to subside, at least from what it had been a year previous. I no longer had an excuse to spend all my time on Discord.

This was not to mention that in the past few days leading up to me leaving, the fun of observing Chris had basically evaporated for me. With it appearing more likely that he may have indeed been guilty of criminal acts against Barb, Chris had turned from an interesting curiosity to a figure of nightmarish disgust. I suddenly found myself longing for the days when the craziest thing Chris did was Tweet about his MLP delusions. Now there was no going back to that, ever.

I was so dedicated to the server that it was destroying me. But now...I was free. The official reason I told my mods to give to any user who asked what happened to me was that I was taking a break for my mental health. While this does not tell the entire truth, this was also not a lie.

I don't feel compelled to thank Sean for this turn of events - he did betray me, after all - but looking back now, I think it made perfect sense that these "adventures" I was having over Discord should come to an end a little over a year after they had started.

It was time to move on with my life. Time to go outside and touch some grass.

The Aftermath (August 2021 - August 2023)

And was over. No more modding. No more pings. No more dealing with weens, a-logs, crazed enablers, or white knights.

And no more Chris Chan. My story - or at least, my part in Chris's story - was finished.

It was a strange absence in my life for a little bit, but I got used to it. It was ultimately a change for the better. Still, I had a consistent nagging feeling in the back of my mind. While ignorance was indeed bliss for a time, eventually I decided that I needed to know what was going on in the community, to see if they were going after myself, Sean, or any of my former associates, and why.

Some interesting events transpired in the months following the reveal, and for the first time in a long while, I was observing all of it from the outside.

Outside Observations

I wound up spending some of my spare time watching the Farms and the CWCki reshape themselves during a period of several months. The craziness was starting to die down, and so was activity on the CWCki, meaning it could be edited again. However, the sheer amount of misinformation combined with new inexperienced editors, and a fervent passion among some to spread the narrative they believed to be correct, caused a lot of things to be written speculatively or just flat-out incorrectly, and articles taking on a distinctly ED-like tone that the CWCki had been working itself away from for years previous. These were eventually sorted out, and at the time of writing, most if not all of this content has been amended to stick to relevant facts with a more neutral tone to them, but this did take a while.

Events Involving Bella

It didn't take very long at all for Bella to be labeled public enemy number one of the Christorian community. She had been thoroughly and mercilessly doxed to high heaven, with all sorts of unsavory details about her personal life and online activities being leaked onto the Farms. How much of it should be taken at face value is unclear even today; while it's obvious that she possesses a sort of sadistic streak that compels her to act the way she does towards other people, how many bad things she's actually done as opposed to her just being an edgelord over the Internet is still unknown. Either way, she quickly became widely reviled by the community at large, and now that Chris was arrested and out of the public eye, people began seeing opportunities for her to become their new favorite lolcow.

But that's not how things worked out. The thing about lolcows is that they only come about when they don't have enough self-awareness to realize when continually posting on the Internet is making a fool of them. And while I would never label Bella to be the pinnacle of intelligence or anything, it's clear that she wound up realizing how massively she'd fucked up, because she was smart enough to delete her presence from the Internet after finding herself backed into a corner. This was only after she tried to throw her friends under the bus and pin the blame on them, of course, so I wouldn't give her too much credit.

During this time, a short-lived subforum centered around her was formed, consolidating threads on Sean, the Christuber GiBi, the Suitress, and others alongside Bella. This was not the most stable of communities, however, even by the standards of Kiwi Farms. I'll get into that a little later in the section on conspiracy theories.

Since then, Bella has barely made a move. Null at one point received a letter from Bella's family lawyer, requesting that pages detailing her personal information be taken down, and he put following the request to a vote, which was soundly rejected by the forum.[280] Somebody claiming to be an ex of Bella's stated that she had been suspended from her university, but these claims are unsubstantiated.[281]

Due to the inactivity (and having "served its purpose"), the ILJ subforum was closed not too long after its creation, with only a few of its threads moved back to the CWC subforum,[282] but not until after it had already done a substantial amount of damage to the perception of the truth centered around the incest incident.

Events Involving the Suitress

The photo of Fiona that Chris received from her, then sent to Sean.

After having been thrown under the bus by Sean at Bella's behest, Farms users began looking into the Suitress more closely. They now had a name and a physical appearance to go off of, and to make matters worse, Bella also managed to worm her way into GiBi's sphere of influence and feed him information on the Suitress in order to deflect from herself.

Much like Sean, GiBi took the bait, presumably due to the prospect of breaking the story first before anyone else could, but failed to verify the facts and thus wound up spreading Bella's narrative instead. In a series of videos, he accidentally doxed the Suitress multiple times by failing to censor her phone number when discussing text exchanges between her and Bella.[283]

Apparently, all of this led to the Suitress having a mental breakdown and being temporarily hospitalized. Around this time, either immediately before or immediately after the hospitalization, she expressed her disgust with Chris and regret for ever trying to know him.[284]

These details, especially the fact that she was a victim of Bella's manipulations, led to an unexpected outcome in her favor: members of the ILJ subforum began to sympathize with her position.[285]

Shortly after this, documentation on her began on the CWCki, but she wound up being Wallflowered, with details on her as a person being censored, purportedly for her own good. I have a lot of opinions on this policy and its implementation, but I'll save those for another day. This policy would eventually be undone in 2023.

The Suitress wound up making a brief return later on after the dust had settled, attempting to kickstart a Reddit AMA, which was short-lived and met with negative reception from onlookers, including the previously-sympathetic Farms users.[286] She took the hint and stopped posting, and hasn't made a move since.

Events Involving Sean

Sean IRL.

As I had predicted, things got bad for Sean after I had cut contact with him, but I had no idea how bad it would get. Initially, he carried on like usual, feeding information to GiBi in an effort to spread his narrative, which is where GiBi must have gotten a screenshot of my last few messages with Sean.[279] He also kept posting on the Farms for a short time in spite of his dox.

Soon enough, however, a group of ILJ posters began accusing him of being involved in alleged suicide plots orchestrated by Bella that were aimed at Chris. Despite his attempts to fight this, it ultimately must have proved too much for him, because he soon took the advice I had given him (quite belatedly) and erased his Internet presence. He stopped posting on the Farms, wiped his YouTube channel of all its content, and presumably did the same with his other socials. I think he realized that he was fighting an uphill battle.

But it was too late. Already, the Farms had several details about Sean listed, including those of some of his family members, and a thread was made about him, purporting him to be an admirer of mass shooters (due to his interest in Randy Stair) and a henchman of Bella's.[287] Any positive reputation that he might have had beforehand was now in tatters.

Publicly, he'd gone dark, but Sean did pop up early in September 2021 when he made the foolish decision to reestablish contact with MKR.[288] I won't recap all of it, but much of it was him dramatically feeling sorry for himself[289] and MKR alternating between a-logging him and expressing sympathy.[290] At one point, he said "Anaxis was also a fool thinking that we could get something done,"[291] and that we both shared the same goal of wanting Chris to be happy with nobody in his way.[292] I feel the need to point out that the Knights was his idea, and he seemed very open to "getting things done" while fortune was in his favor. Just another case of Sean saying something purely because he believes it would benefit him to do so with the person he's speaking to. Need I leave reminders of all the times he insulted MKR in the Knights server?

Unbelievably, when MKR asked why I was so mad at him in our last messages (GiBi had apparently given them to her), Sean still refused to take full responsibility for the leaks that got me angry with him in the first place.[293][294] If you wonder why I show little sympathy towards Sean and his position, it's because of shit like this. This conversation took place over a full month after the leaking had happened, and he still couldn't gather enough self-awareness to realize that he was the root of the problem.

Sean also contemplated legal action against users on the Farms[295] (a move that's pretty much guaranteed failure), and believed that his dox wouldn't have too much of an effect on his personal life, although he did admit to thinking about changing his legal name.[296] He got angry over Naught harassing his family,[297] and expressed apathy at Kiwi Farms unearthing his information.[298] The conversation ended soon after that.

Predictably, MKR immediately backstabbed him and handed screenshots of their full conversation to a Farms user, who then posted it onto the site.[299] The Fool contacted her shortly after this to have a discussion with her, and that wound up posted on the Farms too.[300] I'm hardly a fan of MKR's, but it did feel slightly satisfying to watch what happened to me at Sean's hands happen to him instead.

After this incident, he seemed to have wised up and not spoken to any more individuals that may possibly betray least briefly.

In 2022, Sean got involved in a campaign to take Kiwi Farms offline, one which caused the CWCki to switch hosts due to the extended downtime this caused. There was a Twitter account called @PointStGeorge, with the nickname "Ryan," that regularly engaged with the main account running the campaign. A KF user messaged "Ryan," and the latter argued for the CWCki to go offline, giving extremely specific details about what happened to him which motivated this line of thinking. It didn't take a genius to connect those dots, and the user promptly betrayed "Ryan" and posted the conversation onto the Farms on 11 November 2022.[301]

@PointStGeorge was deleted from Twitter shortly after this happened,[302] though Sean has since been running a similarly-named account and continues to publicly support the DropKF campaign.

Events Involving Myself

It took a surprisingly long time for observers on the Farms to realize that I was Lainchu, something like several weeks. At first, they believed Sean to have been the only Lainchu (despite his attempt having been a failure) and that he was the one who wrote the Chroniclings.[303] However, due to a confluence of events, they eventually put two and two together and came to the realization that I was one of the Lainchus. But at that point, I was already gone.

There was some snooping around for me, partially motivated by the incorrect notion that I was friends with Sean and therefore might know more about his relationship with Bella (I only knew that there was no relationship between them), but my Discord account was already deleted and I hadn't touched my editor's account since that day. There were a couple attempts to provoke me into a response,[304] but I didn't take the bait. I was watching how the ILJ subforum worked, and I knew anything I said would just be used against me. So I waited things out.

My username eventually wound up on a page of minor Watchmen (later converted into a page listing all Watchmen members) and as one of the individuals who had played Lainchu. Like the people I had previously mentioned, this started with speculation and misinformation, which was slowly corrected as time went on.

Chris's Story Goes On

Chris's third mugshot, taken after returning to jail on 3 May 2022.

As for Chris - the real important person in all of this - for the first time in a while, I found myself with only the same information as everyone else. So I'll keep this one brief.

From 2 August 2021 to 27 March 2023, Chris was being held in jail under incest charges, and awaiting trial. During his stay, his god complex grew into the belief that he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, likely from the influence of the only piece of media now available to him: the Bible. This became obvious when he began answering the myriad letters he received from various fans and enablers, most notably Onion Farms owner Kengle, with whom he's had the most correspondences. He was also in consistent contact with Helena Fiorenza, with her and Kengle establishing themselves as the "new guard" for Chris, for better or for worse. Through these letters, he established his new scripture, or what passes for it when filtered through Chris-speak.[305]

Chris on 3 May 2023, shopping at Earthbound Trading Co.

Chris has also reestablished contact with Praetor, who have come out of what seemed to be hiding in the aftermath of the incest incident and are continuing to sell merchandise on his behalf, including art that Chris has drawn from jail.[306] Of the sparse happenings around Chris during his stay in jail, Praetor's return has surprised me the most, as I thought they would be wise enough to slip away while they still had the chance. But I guess there's no accounting for the decision-making skills of those who hover around Chris Chan. By default, I guess this means they won the "war" against the Watchmen.

During this period, Chris has had numerous closed court appearances, most of which have resulted in continuances, with vaguely-worded results documented on publicly-available legal records. In February 2022, Chris was briefly transferred to Western State Hospital, a mental institution, as he was deemed unfit to stand trial and needed to be educated on court proceedings and terminology. He was transferred back to Central Virginia Regional Jail in May of the same year.

After a grand jury hearing on 8 August 2022, which was a few days after Chris's attorney filed for the case to be sealed (due to the immense public interest in it),[307] Chris's case became due for a "review" in August 2023.

Since then, activity from Chris became even more sparse than during his first year in jail. He stopped answering letters (perhaps at the advice of his lawyer), as the final one recorded was on 5 August 2022.[308] Kengle sent him a final letter on 7 August, "excommunicating" him from the Sonichu project, and declaring ownership of the IP by consensus with Helena and Eels and the Egg-man.[309] That left Praetor as the only ones remaining in Chris's corner, and despite the radio silence, Praetor continues to sell Chris's jail art and profit off of his infamy.[310]

Chris was eventually either bonded out[311] or released by court order,[312] from jail on 27 March 2023, and is now living in an unknown location, presumed by many to be a group home somewhere in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Since May of the same year, he's been spotted numerous times either shopping or playing card games, with different individuals taking pictures and brief videos of him and posting them on the Chris Chan subreddit, though these have mostly been pretty sparse.[313] When 8 August 2023 finally rolled around, Chris's review for his incest charge resulted in "resolved order pending,"[314], and later changed to "dismissed" on 25 August,[315] meaning that Chris's legal woes in this matter are now officially over, without clear implications as to what this means for his life going forward.

During this month, online activity from some of Chris's video game consoles began popping up again, potentially meaning that he may have been allowed to regain access to them due to the result of his review, or was even allowed to step foot in 14 Branchland Court again. Soon after, Chris made his return to Twitter and began liking a number of tweets, and even uploaded a mix of old and new drawings to his DeviantART account. As of writing, he has yet to make any public announcements on Twitter or elsewhere, and only time will tell if Chris will eventually break his silence and begin illuminating the circumstances around his situation.

Debunking Conspiracy Theories


I've written this section to summarize events that influenced both why and how I wrote the Lainchu Manifesto, and that is why I'm including it. The purpose here is not to reignite old drama; I am merely creating a summary so that these events can be better understood. However, if the drama that unfolded in reaction to the incest incident is not of interest to you, you can skip to the next section here.

With the exposure of Bella to the public came the rise of the ILJ subforum on Kiwi Farms, ostensibly dedicated to the documentation of this one individual and their antics. However, as mentioned earlier, Bella ducked out of sight pretty much as soon as the heat came for her and it was clear she had no way out other than to disappear. Robbed of the lolcow they had just established a subforum around, these users began looking for other targets. The subforum's members then began what I can only describe as a crusade against anybody whom they deemed loosely associated with Bella, even with the flimsiest of evidence. They established a cult-like mentality, wherein the loudest voices in the group would declare something to be true, and then look for shreds of evidence that could seemingly confirm what they already believed. Anybody in the subforum who would post an opinion or interpretation contradictory to these ideas was immediately attacked and shouted down, and oftentimes accused of being a part of a conspiracy to cover up "the truth."

Unsurprisingly, this particular brand of confirmation bias and paranoid mania proved to be a rather noxious combination for the actual truth, and it started to bleed into the CWCki, with edits being made in an ED-like fashion, inserting wild speculation and condemnation of various figures with very little or no evidence. This misinformation got so bad that an entire page had to be made with the sole purpose of debunking what it labeled as "gossip," as well as a template for debunking common misinformation.

Even for the standards of Kiwi Farms, this was clearly not a community that was built upon the most stable of foundations, and eventually, Null shut down the subforum, due to inactivity and having "served its purpose."[282] He also de-modded and later banned the local moderator, a user named Spooky Bones, who was responsible for writing the original megathread on Bella[316] and had led the charge on pretty much all of the conspiracy theories I'm about to talk about. Since then, the community's influence has diminished significantly, with many of the ED-like edits on the CWCki having been fixed over time. Still, these Bellaposters, as I will be referring to them from now on, clung to their beliefs no matter how many holes had been poked into their hypotheses, and would continue airing these beliefs on Kiwi Farms and its offshoots, such as Onion Farms and

Part of the purpose behind writing this Manifesto is to present evidence and establish an unquestionable truth to the events that had transpired, but this section in particular is dedicated entirely to debunking some of the most popular and prevalent conspiracy theories presented by the Bellaposters, which they treat as gospel. I know it's unlikely that I would change their minds if they were to read this, but if there are observers out there who had followed the word of these theorists and are now experiencing doubt, this section is for them.

The "Toxic Duo" as Sources

The well of truth had unfortunately been poisoned from the very beginning due to the involvement of certain sources that were feeding information to the Bellaposters, those being Naught and MKR. Having seemingly gone quiet after Sean stole Chris away from them, the incest news enabled them to reignite their desires for revenge, especially now that Sean was making an ass of himself on the Farms and had been thoroughly vilified. It's been made evident several times over at this point that they were responsible for giving information to the Bellaposters, and despite Naught and MKR's thoroughly untrustworthy natures, the Bellaposters ate everything they said right up. This led to them running with narratives that were very obviously biased against Sean (and to a lesser degree, myself), since the two of them had obvious incentive to paint him in the worst possible light.

MKR, for her part, was one of the first people to declare (on Twitter) that Sean probably wanted Chris to kill himself in a similar fashion to Randy Stair once Sean stole Chris away,[188] and continued to push this claim to the Bellaposters in the aftermath of Merge Day. I could question why the Bellaposters were so willing to blindly accept her narrative as fact, but given their nature of embracing confirmation bias, I suppose I do understand now, in hindsight.

This also led to some sympathy and propagation of further conspiracy theories on the part of the Bellaposters, with one common complaint of Spooky Bones being that members of the Knights were not as well-documented on the CWCki as MKR was (which is demonstrably false, since Sean's article had far more damning "information" on it at the time), and this was used to accuse certain people of cover-ups.

The duo's claims were hosted on a Discord server used by the Bellaposters called the "Halal Server," the contents of which have since been leaked across KF and its splinter sites.[317] Much of the behind-the-scenes content of this server point to the hosts having a clear desire to craft a particular narrative that damns certain individuals while glossing over the actions of others. Notably, one member expressed that they didn't want the public knowing that they were playing host to Naught and MKR.[318]

As of writing, it seems that this attempt at misdirecting the truth is now being documented on the CWCki, with fledgling sections on both MKR and Naught's articles being created with the intention of noting their involvements with this server and its members. However, it was their poisonous influence that contributed so greatly to the muddling of the truth in the first place.

Sean and the "Violent Delusions"

Next to Bella herself, Sean definitely got the brunt of the anger and misplaced vitriol on the part of the Bellaposters, who believed him to have been both a violent sociopath who glorified mass shooters and a toadie of Bella's who was in on her alleged suicide plot for Chris.[287] While I can't comment on the nature of Bella's alleged actions or plans with certainty of fact (though I think many conspiracy theories about her have also been slowly unraveled and revealed to be fake over time), I know for certain that Sean isn't the person these Bellaposters think he is. There are a lot of valid reasons to dislike Sean or consider him a bad person, but none of these are them.

I think it's worth examining how we got here. As I mentioned previously, there are two major sticking points that the Bellaposters clung onto: Sean's obsession with Randy Stair, and him appearing to be Bella's lackey as he wound up doing her bidding and threw the Suitress under the bus at her behest. I've discussed both topics at length in earlier sections of this very page, so I won't spend time repeating myself. Just know that these two facts reinforced each other greatly as "evidence" against Sean's character. True or not, Bella was already seen as a violent figure who surrounded herself with like-minded sycophants, and a surface-level view of Sean seemed to fit that bill pretty well, a view which ignores any nuance to his interests in favor of a lazy and convenient explanation.

That being said, there were several places in which Sean worded things in an unfortunate manner or couldn't keep his bloviated ego in check, and accidentally wound up producing more "evidence" that the Bellaposters could cherry-pick to support their claims. Two such cases occurred because things he wrote had an air of finality to them when regarding Chris.

"Final Protagonists"

I'm now one of the most powerful people in the CWC sphere.


I will be in the Comprehensive History.

I'm like one of the final protagonists.

A set of quotes from Sean, dated 27 July 2021, a mere 3 days before the Incest call leaked.[319]

First there was this quote, boasting of his newfound power and explicitly referring to himself as "one of the final protagonists" (note, not the final protagonist, as he is often misquoted). This is already a very stupid and delusional thing to say when considering the fact that he was supposed to keep the Knights' existence under wraps at the time, but the combination of this relishing of power and saying his involvement was potentially "final" made it sound as though Sean knew that Chris's time was limited, and that his story would soon come to an end. Again, very dumb, but I think this is missing some key context.

One of the many topics that he and I discussed when we were Watchmen and still on speaking terms was the eventual fate of Chris, post-Barb's death. This kind of discussion was obviously always very theoretical, since neither of us knew for certain what the future held, but Sean was strongly under the belief that Barb was on her last legs and that Christory as we knew it would truly end when she dies. He believed this would cause Chris to lose all stability in his life and wind up committed to a home of some sort, permanently cut off from Internet access, through the actions of either Null or the state. I thought this was a rather overly-simplistic view of things, but this is notable because it establishes that Sean truly believed we were in the final days of Christory, not because he thought Chris would die, but because Barb dying would set those events into motion.[320] Combine that with his delusional nature upon establishing the Knights, and I think he really believed that he - and by extension, the group - would stick around until this happened in a potential near future. Thus, in his mind, his involvement was "final" in Chris's life as we could perceive it.

There is a certain irony to all of this, considering how short Sean's tenure as Chris's #1 white knight wound up being, and while it wasn't Barb's death that changed Christory forever, Sean was correct in that the big shake-up involved her. Though notably, Christory seems to still be chugging along, albeit at a much slower and less immediately informative pace.

The "Final" Pre-Jail Interview

The other unfortunately-worded thing written by Sean (among many) was the title of a video he released on his YouTube channel shortly after Chris was arrested, which contained slightly edited audio of his last recorded conversation with Chris, convincing him to turn against Naught.[321] This was the same video that I initially got angry with him over since he failed to censor it adequately.

What the Bellaposters latched onto was the inclusion of the word "final" in the title, The final pre-jail interview with Chris Chan, believing once again that it alluded to preemptive knowledge on Sean's part that Chris's time to live was limited. While I think the issue with the "final protagonist" quote requires some pretty large leaps in logic to come to the conclusion these people did, I can understand their thinking somewhat since the quote was missing context. But this one just makes no sense whatsoever.

I don't think it requires deep knowledge of Sean as a person to know that the writing of "final" in the video title was because it was the last released full-length conversation recorded with Chris before he went to jail. This is quite obviously indicated by the fact that "final" is followed up by "pre-jail," so it's clear that Sean didn't believe this would be the last time we'd ever hear Chris's voice. And frankly, had Sean been plotting Chris's demise all this time, what sense would it make for him to release this audio and title it this way, and do so after Chris is beyond the reach of anyone who could conceivably harm him (or rather, in the custody of the state that wouldn't allow him the means to harm himself)? This reads far more likely to be a poor attempt at capitalizing on the sensationalism around Chris at the time to gain clout for himself.

This was the first indication, but nowhere near the last, that the Bellaposters would stop at nothing to frame a situation a certain way, even when the very evidence they are cherry-picking is self-contradictory to their intended point. It doesn't matter to them.

Other Factors of Influence

There were a lot of little things that continued to pile up and get Sean in hotter water, including things such as his open declarations of a desire for revenge against Naught, and numerous other examples of his unhinged ego. Anything that could potentially make him look bad (which was a lot, to be fair) was used against him. Even the flimsiest of evidence was used to support bold accusations: for example, he was accused of molesting his childhood dog off of a single Discord message of him stating that the dog "didn't care where [he] touched her," which was merely a few messages away from stating that the dog died when he was six years old.[287] You would think a group of people accustomed to seeing autistic individuals say unfortunate or poorly thought-out things on the Internet without realizing their implications would recognize when this happens, but I guess it's not as entertaining as claiming the guy they already hate is also a zoophile.

It's notable that one such piece of "evidence" was MKR's kneejerk claim (made on Twitter upon the Watchmen's schism) that Sean wanted Chris to go the way of Randy Stair and that he was working with Praetor (this would later be used as an incorrect justification for how Sean and Bella knew each other).[188] This demonstrated the Bellaposters' strange loyalty towards the claims of MKR and Naught, both of whom are known habitual liars that typically don't attempt to provide proof for their claims.

If all of this drama were merely contained to Sean alone, then perhaps I wouldn't have continued following what was happening on the Farms so closely, and maybe this would be the end of the conspiracy theory section. Unfortunately, Sean being this heavily scrutinized combined with the Bellaposters' thirst for information to support their theories meant that they also took a great interest in the people they believed to have been his friends. This included myself (a CWCki editor and Jerkop, and then-owner of the site's Discord Server) as well as others. They seemed to believe that Sean had friends in high places.

At the very bottom of the OP on Sean's Kiwi Farms thread is a pair of sentences that would indicate the source of all the trouble that followed for myself and my former associates:

If in the future, you see a suspicious account on [Kiwi Farms] defending Sean or trying to edit the CWCki to paint him in a positive light, you know who it is. Try hiding Sean, it worked so well for everyone else didn't it?[322]

The CWCki Server Conspiracy

Despite my best efforts to prevent this exact scenario from happening, the CWCki Server and the moderators who were formerly under my leadership wound up scrutinized by the Bellaposters due to the alleged presence of several figures of interest to them, such as Klop, myself, members of the Watchmen, the Suitress, and Bella (though Bella was never actually part of the server as far as I am aware, as I will explain below).

First, I would like it to be made known that none of the actions done by the modstaff during this period (post-my departure from the server) were decisions that I had any involvement in. I was no longer their admin, so the decisions they made during this time either came from themselves or from the admin who replaced me. Keep this in mind while reading.

A confluence of the modstaff's admittedly less-than-stellar decision-making at the time, along with the presence of figures of interest caused the Bellaposters to create a thread on the server in the first place, with the allegation that they were covering something up for all these people (you'll find this to be a recurring pattern in the Bellaposters' accusations). They also believed that this somehow connected everything and everyone involved in this story together...which is true in some aspects, but quite false in many others.[323]

Bella's Alleged Presence

One of the early allegations (which, to the Bellaposters' minimal credit, was later retracted when argued against by the modstaff) was that Bella and the Suitress had originally met on the CWCki Server and that was the point of origin for their relationship. While it is true that the Suitress was present during the early days of the server's existence (as "Snoo"), there has been no proof that Bella was also there. Her main Discord account at the time cannot be found in any of the past message logs (I checked when the incest call first broke), and no user self-referenced as "Bella, the Praetor animator and Chris's confidant" or anything like that.

However, this accusation might not have come about if not for a rather unnecessary, and frankly foolish, act on the part of the modstaff. It appears that after I left, they decided to very publicly ban Bella's account from the server, I suppose as a preemptive act and a way to express their dislike of this now widely-despised figure.[324] The last time a ban was made "public execution-style" like this was when Chris was banned in the server's early days. Not only did this sort of thing make the modstaff look unprofessional, but this made it seem as though Bella had been in the server, when in reality, she never was. This combined with a policy enacted by the modstaff around the same time having to do with Bella raised the suspicions of the ILJ forum, which I will discuss at greater length later.

This misconception about Bella being in the server was eventually cleared up, and for once, the Bellaposters seemed to get that, albeit not to the extent to which they backed down on their other claims.

As a Theoretical Meeting Place

What I found to be perplexing about the claims regarding Bella and the Suitress meeting in the CWCki Server and theoretically jumpstarting their relationship there was that, even if it was true, this was being treated as some sort of crime in and of itself, like it was the fault of the moderation team that these two people would've happened to meet. But this wasn't some small server where a selected few gathered; it's a very public server that, at the time I left, was the largest Chris Chan-centric Discord server, pushing over 4,000 members. We did get a lot of weird and autistic people, that much is true, but what else is there to be expected with open invites? The moderation team always made sure that rules were being followed in the server, so even if an individual was acting strange (like the Suitress), we would only step in once rules started being broken.

So, even if in theory Bella and the Suitress did happen to meet in the CWCki Server, such a thing would not be our responsibility unless we personally facilitated that meeting with the intent for Bella to manipulate the Suitress in the way she did. It's the Comprehensive History issue all over again: why should Geno Samuel be blamed for the indirect influence his series had on recent weens and trolls, when he was just signal-boosting Chris's story? In the same vein, why should the CWCki Server be held accountable for certain individuals being present there at the same time when we're just a gathering place, especially considering the sheer number of users present?

I would hope a rational person would understand my argument, but when it comes to these conspiracy theorists, I know that I'm not dealing with rationality here.

The Suitress's Presence

A lot of the thread on the server was mostly dedicated to finding messages written by Snoo and using them as evidence that she was a victim of sexual abuse of some kind (something which certainly might be possible considering her odd behavior, but has never been confirmed).[325][326] This was a difficult task on the Bellaposters' part, seeing as Snoo's original account from her time in the server had been long-deleted, so they were forced to fish through messages where a "Deleted User" is referred to as Snoo by someone else (which may have caused some misattribution). They also used this as an opportunity to lambast mods who interacted with her, including Klop, who would sometimes joke around with her and other users during the server's early "Wild West" days.[327]

Once again, I'm sure the Bellaposters felt confident about pointing fingers and placing blame with the benefit of hindsight, but to anyone who interacted with Snoo at the time, she was just another weirdo on the server, one of many. Knowing about potential sexual abuse that she may or may not have experienced previously was not within our ballpark. Unless she was doing something rule-breaking or illegal to somebody else in the server or vice versa, it wasn't our business. The Bellaposters wanted to believe otherwise, since they thought Klop and I were in cahoots with Sean, who they thought was in cahoots with Bella, and therefore by their logic, all of us had a vested interest in messing with Snoo.[328] But that is so far removed from the truth at that point that it's basically fiction.

Yes, the Suitress was in the server, but she was just another user who came and went. I had tried to warn her away from Chris once, but it's obvious that she didn't listen, and there was nothing we could've done about that.

Blaming the Mods

I don't believe that the modstaff - or perhaps, even the entire server - would've been focused upon so intently if not for the one-time presence of myself and Klop. The Bellaposters knew both of us played Lainchu and were connected to the Watchmen, knew that I was associated with Sean, and "knew" that Sean was a henchman of Bella's. Ergo, all of us were seen to have provided a safe harbor for Bella and her cronies, as well as the Watchmen.[329] Now, I think I've already made clear that not only was Bella never in the server to begin with, but Sean was also never a part of Bella's inner circle; he just wound up being used and manipulated by her.

Already, this severs any potential ties the modstaff could've had to Bella, but to be clear, they never had any ties to Sean or the Watchmen either. Klop and I never involved them in any Watchmen drama, and while I did grant the group leniency for a time, we certainly never did anything to "protect" them, especially after Klop left the group and I was kicked out. I may have reacquainted myself with Sean, but I wasn't about to do any favors on his behalf in the server. I didn't even want to edit the CWCki on his behalf; why would I do anything else for him? And for that matter, why would the modstaff, who barely knew the Watchmen or Knights of CWC outside of anecdotes, do the same?

Unfortunately, the Bellaposters took this "guilt by association" attitude and ran with it, accusing the mods of covering up for me and Sean in particular.[footnote 7] It's interesting to note that the way they approached this line of thinking was very similar to the way Nova viewed me being "arbitrarily disagreeable," in that he viewed a lack of "acceptable behavior" as the same as there being evidence of "unacceptable behavior."

For example, because they saw no definitive proof that the mods couldn't have been covering for the Watchmen or Bella, they came to the conclusion that that was exactly what they did. From that perspective, this allowed them to seem perpetually correct in the face of having no evidence, because to them, finding none of what they were looking for must have meant that the mods erased it, rather than trying to find if the evidence they were seeking existed in the first place.

This is how a lot of conspiracy theorists tend to think in the face of not finding the smoking gun they are looking for. I know better than to argue with them - such a thing is a hopeless cause - but I hope I have at least articulated the argument that their line of thinking is fundamentally flawed, not just in this instance, but in all the conspiracy theories they came up with.

The Bella Discussion Ban (and the Suitress Policy)

What solidified the Bellaposters' confidence in what they thought they knew about the CWCki Server modstaff was a rule the modstaff enacted shortly after I left: apparently, the server had been hit with its first community guidelines strike, with reasoning cited as "[allowing] or [encouraging] dehumanizing or discriminatory content, or [inciting] violence towards an individual or community" as the reason.[330] This was sent to the server owner around the same time that they opened a channel thread on Bella, leading the modstaff to believe that was the reason they received the warning. I have no idea if this is true to reality or not - being a Chris Chan server that plays host to thousands of people, it's inevitable that a handful would be offended by general attitudes towards Chris regardless - but if this was what the modstaff wanted to do out of an abundance of caution, I wouldn't second-guess their judgment.

So they made a decision to ban mentioning Bella by name in the server, a move that may seem extreme from the outside, but given how stretched thin the modstaff was at that point, I can understand why they did it.[331] Unfortunately, this timing wound up coinciding with the CWCki website's decision to codename the Suitress, ostensibly done for her own good. As far as I can tell, this decision was a unilateral one made by a single CWCki Jerkop, without consultation of any other editors.[332] But because the Bellaposters only saw the server's modstaff and the site's CWCki Jerkops as a single mass entity when it came to decision-making, they conflated the censorship of Bella and the Suitress on both platforms as reasoning that the modstaff were covering something up (alongside all the previously-mentioned "evidence").

Eventually the modstaff released a statement about all of this, clarifying that Bella had never been in the server, restating precisely why the decision to ban mentioning her was made, and making it clear that the decision to enact the Suitress policy was never theirs to make. They also very responsibly warned their userbase about the thread denizens logging the server's channels and all of its data.[333] Naturally, the Bellaposters responded flippantly and dismissively to what I thought was a very fair-worded rebuttal to their claims,[334] but I honestly couldn't expect anything less from them.

Other Minor Issues

These were the crux of the Bellaposters' arguments against the modstaff, but there were a few little things they did that I think also warrant discussion. In the OP that began the thread, as well as in several other posts, they had a habit of taking the messages of random users with unproven credibility and using their messages as proof that some wrongdoing was happening. Said users included a clearly autistic user with a tenuous grasp on English,[335] and a disgruntled former mod who hadn't been part of the modstaff for months prior to the incest scandal,[336] both of whom were referenced several times. Sometimes the Bellaposters would also just take messages out of context as a way to showcase the server's "degeneracy,"[328] as if it's even possible for a server dedicated to the biggest lolcow of all time to have not attracted some strange or autistic people, especially given the server's size.

From what I can tell, it seems that this particular case of nitpicking was inspired by observations of GiBi's Discord server, which apparently had been experiencing some issues with potential minors due to moderation being too light.[329] I have never been to GiBi's server personally, but reports from others do indicate that this general summary is correct, especially when considering that several users we had banned from the CWCki Server wound up comfortably hanging out in GiBi's.

Regardless, we took moderation very seriously and our server wound up being far larger than GiBi's, but that didn't stop the Bellaposters from cherry-picking random messages to prove their points. What else is new at this point, really?

Hurtful Truth Level

I haven't spoken much about the CWCki Admin Hurtful Truth Level, or The American Hedgehog as he is known on Kiwi Farms, despite him being in the background of almost all of the events I have been describing. That is the reason I haven't, by the way: he was pretty strictly an observer in the purest sense, just hanging out and watching Chris and his orbiters do their thing while taking note of significant events. He and I became acquainted on the CWCki Server, and sometimes we shared information or collaborated on work from this site. From what I could gather of his character, he was always polite and seemed to try and do good by people where he could, even to those who perhaps didn't deserve such kindness. Given his background role, it was also pretty clear that he wasn't interested in any sort of acknowledgement for the work he did, and his first interest in any scenario when it came to the CWCki was the careful dissemination of information about Chris.

The reason I bring Hurtful up now - and why I am describing his character - is because he is the center of this next conspiracy theory, courtesy of the Bellaposters.

The CarbonCoffee99 Incident

On 14 August 2021, a newly-created account on the CWCki with the name CarbonCoffee99 began updating the Watchmen page, adding in some oddly-specific details. Their first edit altered the Lainchu section to clarify that four people had taken on the role, naming Naught, Klop, and Sean, but notably leaving out myself, something which I found very strange.[337] As citations, screenshots of Discord messages from within the Place were included that specifically censored my username and that of others, but not Sean's (he was a deleted user at that point, but he was referred to as "Kat" by the users responding to him).[338] This was during the throngs of misinformation, so other editors wound up later moving this section under Sean, since they thought he was the primary Lainchu (despite his rejection by Chris),[339] and CarbonCoffee moved it back.[340] They made other edits having to do with the Watchmen as well, mainly adjusting information about Sean in minor ways.[341]

Now, for a new account to do these very specific things during the height of the Sean hatred would obviously arouse quite a bit of suspicion. I myself was confused, but for different reasons than those of the Bellaposters: who in the Place that has access to old logs would upload partially redacted screenshots and was sympathetic enough to me to do so? This was also a very poor way to keep the spotlight off of me, if that were their intention, since those censor jobs were so conspicuously selective.

A screenshot used to cite the fact that I was Lainchu, uploaded by Spooky Bones and confirmed to have been written by MKR.[footnote 8] Note the accusation of conspiring with Sean to add to MKR's thread.

Editors and members of the Kiwi Farms began to catch onto this strange account and its behavior, and as my username continued coming up on KF in relation to Sean and the Watchmen, they eventually put two and two together and realized I was the third Lainchu. Spooky Bones, having recently acquired an editor's account on the CWCki, posted this evidence (one of which was a biased account from someone on Discord who was later confirmed to be MKR) and altered CarbonCoffee's writing to reflect that.[342] CarbonCoffee99 was banned soon after by a CWCki Jerkop on 8 September, claiming without evidence that this account belonged to Sean.[343] Sean's section of the Watchmen page also had CarbonCoffee99 added in as a pseudonym, as well as including a bit of meta-drama by stating that his uploading of the censored files was an attempt at damage control on his part.[344] That same Jerkop would change their tune a few days later and remove any references to CarbonCoffee99 from Sean's page on 11 September, stating that they didn't know for sure that the account belonged to Sean,[345] and likewise altered the ban reasoning to cite that it was trying to do damage control on my behalf and those of the other Watchmen.[343] However, the paragraph about attempting damage control stayed on the Watchmen's page, with references to Sean removed.

This was all very strange for numerous reasons. First off, I knew for certain that this account didn't belong to Sean, and that the Bellaposters' logic was extremely flawed: why in the world would he attempt damage control by giving out more information about Lainchu, and leave me off the list but name himself? One might think this is because he's so self-obsessed, but it makes no sense to simultaneously want fame and glory and also cover up people at the same time. He was also no longer my friend, something which I made very clear to him and should have been obvious to anyone who saw the leaked messages of me lashing out at him for his foolish actions, so why would he stick his neck out to try and protect me? It was self-contradictory and didn't make sense.

Later on, even more identity conflation began to occur when editors began thinking that CarbonCoffee was the same person as someone that Bella had mentioned as "coffee," and since it was already a common belief that Sean was Bella's henchman, this connection wasn't too difficult to fathom.[346] Some even thought that CarbonCoffee belonged to Bella,[347] despite us barely knowing each other, let alone her knowing my history as Lainchu and being motivated to defend me. All of it was twisted.

But on 18 September, the answer was finally revealed when Hurtful Truth Level posted on the talk page for Bella's article about Coffee, revealing that he was actually CarbonCoffee99, and that he made the account with the intention not to cover up, but to clarify information that he deemed too sensitive to leak on his main account, and only left out my username because he felt that doing so didn't change the information that was already on the page. He had no connection to Bella or her lackeys. That same day, he posted a statement to his user page, explaining where he had been and what he was doing, as well as clarifying some of the lesser-known points regarding the drama that went down between Sean and the rest of the Watchmen. He admitted to having created the CarbonCoffee alt, and stated that he was absent from his main account because he wanted to take a break from Chris, and had no knowledge of Sean's attempts to rope him into actual damage control efforts surrounding Bella's fake BDSM texts. I would recommend reading it if you want the story in full.

The Coffee section of Bella's page was later removed as a result of this admission.[348]

The Theorizing Begins

Personally, I do believe that what Hurtful wrote was true in terms of his intentions. He always seemed to try and err on the side of caution and courtesy when it came to unknown but not super relevant individuals in Christory (like me), and I knew he was no friend of Sean's, especially given how Sean had at one point tried to use Hurtful's position as a KF moderator to assist his plans. And all of his edits regarding Sean appear to have been made to reflect the truth rather than the wild speculation of the Bellaposters. Perhaps I only came to this conclusion because I believe I know enough about Hurtful to recognize that he wouldn't insert his own biases into his writing, but regardless, the Bellaposters most definitely did not see it this way.

The same day Hurtful posted his statement, Spooky Bones made a thread about him on Kiwi Farms, accusing him of using a sockpuppet account (which he was) to "censor my involvement" and protect the other Watchmen (which he wasn't), as well as accuse him of moral wrongdoing for knowing of the events that were happening behind the scenes and saying nothing. The OP revealed that Hurtful had been sold out by both a fellow CWCki Jerkop and Spooky Bones themselves, both of whom he had private DMs with regarding the whole CarbonCoffee99 situation and his involvement with the Watchmen and Knights of CWC, which were leaked. Within his DMs with Spooky in particular, Hurtful answered several questions about the two groups truthfully (I should know), and included his opinions regarding Sean and the whole Randy Stair thing, which were the same as mine in that Sean wasn't actually violent, just obsessed. Despite this, Spooky did not believe him in their DMs, and tried to assert that Hurtful was hiding something.

A past event shared by both Hurtful and Marvin was brought up at one point, in which they merely observed behind the scenes while the Idea Guys were at their height instead of interfering, as both a moral judgment on them and reasoning for why Hurtful had "knowledge" of Sean's alleged Randy Stair plot as well as Bella's plans (because they associated Sean with Bella). Spooky also accused Hurtful of withholding information because he refused to hand over logs of the Place and the Knights of CWC.[349]

In Hurtful's Defense

So...there's a lot to unpack here. Let's work backwards.

First off, I can totally understand why Hurtful wouldn't want to hand server logs over to Spooky Bones: this was a person who leaked their DMs and constantly betrayed the confidence of other involved individuals who counted on Spooky's discretion in exchange for handing over information. Spooky Bones attempted to put Hurtful in a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't position, whereupon not handing over the logs would be treated as an attempt to hide something, but choosing to do so meant that they would be leaked in their entirety. It was exactly the same as when Spooky threatened Sean into handing over the Regarding Chris chat. I think Hurtful saw the writing on the wall and knew better than to give in to Spooky's demands, likely because he didn't want to put the lesser-involved members of the Watchmen or Knights in the Bellaposters' crosshairs. He knew that they would do everything in their power to twist things out of context and declare anyone and everyone involved, no matter how minorly, to possess a level of guilt. Hurtful didn't want to play the game, and I think he made the right call.

I've already spoken at length as to why the theories of Sean being Bella's henchman and the Randy Stair business are false, so I won't retread the same ground here. Just know that because they are false, the accusation that Hurtful "knew" about them and didn't say anything holds absolutely no water. In regards to the Idea Guy business - something I was not present for and therefore only have an outsiders' perspective on - I don't see choosing not to involve oneself in the actions of Chris's orbiters to be a moral failing of any kind, especially when you are just there to observe. The whole M.O. of the CWCki is "observe, but don't interact" so why should that idea suddenly be treated as a bad thing only in certain scenarios? Not like stepping in would have even necessarily helped Chris, when he's turned away from his white knights in favor of his trolls before.

Hurtful really did not know anything more than he was letting on. I know this for certain because I was in the same places he was, and everything he said to the other Jerkop and Spooky reflected the general facts about the servers. He also was not in the Regarding Chris chat (these logs are quite publicly available, so that's easy to check), and he could not have had any knowledge of Bella manipulating Sean into throwing the Suitress under the bus because she only did that in the Regarding Chris chat. There was no mention of this at all in the Knights of CWC server because there was no preemptive plot. There was no preemptive plot because Sean was never working with Bella, just know the drill by now.

Finally, there is the accusation of covering up for me and the Watchmen through his wiki edits. Hurtful Truth Level is one of the most impartial editors I have ever observed, something which can be attested to through his long edit history on this very wiki, but even if he wasn't, nothing he had done suggests that he was trying to cover up for the Watchmen. Remember how I talked about the cult-like mindset of the Bellaposters, in which they interpreted any beliefs to the contrary of theirs to be evidence of somebody either being a Watchmen under a sockpuppet account or one of their allies? Well, that's exactly what they thought of Hurtful when he pointed out the facts around Sean that ran contrary to their preconceived notions of him.

As for omitting me from the list of people who played Lainchu, Hurtful already explained that he'd done this out of courtesy for a person who hadn't been mentioned on the wiki so far. Obviously the Bellaposters didn't believe that, but let's say for the sake of argument that he was trying to cover up for me and break that down. If it were Hurtful's intent to prevent people from learning that "Anaxis" was the third Lainchu, what sense would it make for him to upload a screenshot that's so conspicuously censored? Why wouldn't he just not say anything? If he was trying to cover for me, he did it in the absolute worst way possible, and I refuse to believe that the admin who is a single step down from Marvin himself is that stupid. And to be clear, omitting me is not the same as covering up my involvement. If that was really what he wanted to do, you would not see a single mention of "Anaxis" anywhere on this wiki today.

Creating an alt was shady, I don't deny that, but I can understand why Hurtful did it, since he believed the information he was leaking was sensitive. After everything that went down, he still tried to do right by people, even those who had a negative reputation like Sean, because he was more interested in reporting the truth than convenient and scandalous lies, which ironically originated from Spooky and co. They should be thanking him for everything he's done in service of untangling this web of events...but that wouldn't align with their agenda.

Decline of the Cult

My belief is that merging down threads and moving them to the CWC board is appropriate. If anyone wants to suggest which threads to move and which threads to merge together, be my guest. The rest can be archived.
Null's suggestions for what should be done with the ILJ subforum.[350]

I think it's safe to say that the thread on Hurtful Truth Level was the point at which Spooky Bones and their cult really went around the bend, and the entire subforum began to decline. Activity around Bella and her associates had slowed to a crawl, infighting among members was running rampant, and Hurtful's thread was peppered with messages stating how ridiculous it was that one local moderator made a public thread to call out another moderator for perceived wrongdoings, rather than message them privately to talk about it like adults. Null even came onto the thread to talk about how stupid the whole meta-drama was.

Null wound up making a thread on 4 October 2021 to discuss what exactly was happening in the subforum that was stirring up all this trouble, and discuss its future. Several members of Spooky's cult defended their actions, but plenty more criticized Spooky's prior decision-making and moderation ability, as well as general incompetence.[351] Numerous participants advocated for the closure of the ILJ board, including Spooky themselves,[352] curiously enough (this may have resulted from Null demodding them two days prior).[353] As for why Null did this, I find it very possible that he ran out of patience with Spooky's personal behavior, disregarding their ability as a mod (though that was also probably a factor).

Eventually, Null weighed in and summarized his observations about the ILJ board and its culture, evaluated Spooky's detrimental actions, and made a suggestion as to what should be done with the board. He also stated his belief that Hurtful did nothing wrong, in both the circumstances surrounding the Idea Guys and the current ones with the Watchmen, with Null even pointing out that he was also once a member of the Place.[350]

About a month later, Null announced the closure of the ILJ board, merging several threads together and migrating them to the CWC board. These were mostly the threads on important people, like Bella, Sean, the Suitress, and GiBi. Everything else, including the threads on all the CWCki meta-drama, was archived and moved to Kiwi Farms' spergatory.[354]

This really should've been the end of all the drama, but despite being de-powered and losing their subforum, Spooky Bones would not give up on their crusade against their perceived enemies.

Editor Wars

No longer burdened with the responsibility of being a moderator, Spooky took their quest to "expose the truth" to the CWCki (they had edited the site during the prior month, but this was the point where things really ramped up). Spooky made several edits to the articles surrounding Watchmen members and adjacent events, inserting a lot of baseless speculation into said articles as well as the previously-removed meta-drama surrounding Hurtful Truth Level.[355] They also seemed rather obsessed with inserting the real names and dox information of members of the Orbiter Wave, including GiBi, Winfield Winfield, and e1ectricthunder.

Spooky also had a particularly bad habit of accusing fellow editors of being part of coverups. Hurtful Truth Level was the most obvious target, with the "redaction" accusation being thrown at him whenever he removed something from a section on the Watchmen because it wasn't relevant or correct - you know, the thing editors are supposed to do? This was most clear when discussing the removal of a claim that NovaKyle did "suicide baiting" over phone, with Hurtful explaining quite rationally why it was done, and Spooky proceeding to get angry and demand the logs Hurtful didn't want to share.[356] Spooky would continue doing this, bringing up their old grievances with people like me and Hurtful (for doing things that had nothing to do with them) several times on the Watchmen article's talk page.

Having once already attempted to contact me on my talk page (which I ignored), Spooky tried again by attempting to provoke me, this time writing a long message on the talk page for Journey to the Merge, accusing me using a sock account to roleplay as Lainchu (that sounds familiar, huh?) and again bringing up the Hurtful business. They also wrote a pretty bald-faced lie, stating that they tried repeatedly (twice) to get in touch with me, but that I "ignored and eventually outright refused" to speak with them.[357] The ignoring part is true, although I was ignoring everyone at the time, Spooky wasn't some special exception. Outright refusing, however, implies that we had contact and I expressed a desire not to speak with them, which is a complete lie. Extra ridiculous is how Spooky acted like their moral judgment would ultimately determine how I was perceived, as though I owed it to them to get in touch. The power from moderating the ILJ board had really gone to their head.

What kind of bullshit is this? What happened to "no shit is too minor?" What happened to poo-touching leaving a stink? This reeks of more people trying to cover up for friends. (addendum: I asked one of my sources about this. The response was, "minor members? LOL. Owls started the shit and Kyle is besties with MKR and Naught." So, maybe the words you're looking for are "members not involved in any of the big scandals", so I guess in that sense they're minor, but not really. People who were involved with these groups really need to be more extensively documented, not less. Ignoring and/or covering for up their bullshit and antics has already caused enough problems. The "Knights" don't even have a page on here yet ffs.)
Spooky Bones rages at another editor for suggesting that a change be made to the Watchmen page.

I think the most telling sign of Spooky's instability, however, was when they became furious at the mere suggestion of a fellow editor (who, as far as I can tell, otherwise agreed with a lot of Spooky's points that were on talk pages) that the Watchmen page be split off into major and minor members, or with minor members outright removed. The editor was accused of covering things up...because what else was Spooky going to say?[358] This was later retracted and rewritten to be more diplomatic, but the substance of the original message was still intact.

The CWCki's higher-ups must have sensed what a problem this was becoming, because Hurtful Truth Level eventually banned Spooky Bones's CWCki account on 27 October 2021, citing "Intimidating behavior/harassment: accusing other editors of cover-ups and conspiracies" as the reason.[359] All things considered, quite fair in my eyes, considering their actions. But if there's anything I've managed to learn about Spooky during this whole saga, it's that they are nothing short of relentless.

Continued Attacks on Kiwi Farms

Even with their CWCki account banned, Spooky Bones continued the attacks on Kiwi Farms, their other available platform. On 31 October 2021, in the thread on Updating the CWCki, they expressed anger at what they thought was selective information removal. Much of it was the same old accusations they'd been hawking since the beginning to make it look like Hurtful was trying to protect Sean and his "friends," along with complaints about dox removals done by Hurtful and the Jerkop who had previously betrayed him.[footnote 9] Spooky also raised questions about the wiki's integrity, despite the fact that inserting their speculation into the wiki did far more damage to the truth than anything written by the editors who were once affiliated with the Watchmen.[360]

Other thread denizens pointed out Spooky's obsession, and they continued to argue their same points and demand "explanations" for the editors' actions. Notably, Spooky used MKR (a person they were in touch with as a source) as a point of comparison to the minimal amount of information documented on me (rather than the simple truth being that there was nothing to really tell at the time, compared to the public-facing MKR). Some of Spooky's cultists came into the thread to argue in their favor, but most of the other posters kept pointing out how ridiculous Spooky's accusations were. Of course, Spooky would use their ban from the CWCki as "proof" that "something was going on," leaning entirely into the conspiracy theorist mindset (instead of figuring that perhaps their behavior was the problem).[361]

Spooky kept trying to provoke Hurtful into a response, which he never did, probably realizing by then that doing so would just give Spooky more ammunition. All this served to do was present a compelling depiction of Spooky's unhinged nature.

Arguments and provocations like this would have probably continued into the current day if not for Null finally losing patience with Spooky and banning them from Kiwi Farms.

The Bellaposters' Collapse

Insane retard.
The reason for Spooky's ban from Kiwi Farms, written by Null.[362]
Spooky's explanation for why they were banned from Kiwi Farms.

I'm sure this was due to a culmination of things, what with Spooky's increasingly erratic behavior and blind hatred expressed towards individuals who were primarily ignoring them, but either way, I guess Null figured they were too much of a hassle to continue dealing with. Spooky's version of events (written on was that they asked to change their username on the Farms, to which Null expressed suspicion of their intentions, and that was why they were banned.[363] I don't know if this is true or not, but it doesn't really matter to me. The ban reason that Spooky took a screenshot of simply read "Insane retard." Null had also changed their Kiwi Farms tagline to read "I am a deceitful person. Be wary of my intentions!" Spooky retreated to Onion Farms and, surely to continue on with their crusade, but their influence diminished significantly.

Their leader gone, the same began to happen to the rest of the Bellaposters. Many of them kept parroting the same narratives that Spooky did, but without Spooky leading the charge in spite of all the pushback, not to mention constant infighting plagueing them, they weren't able to make very much headway. The Bellaposters' stranglehold on the narrative surrounding the incest scandal began to dissipate, and editors on the CWCki started mending the damage they left behind.

Articles were tweaked and adjusted to reflect known facts rather than speculation, and Spooky's inflammatory writing was taken out. Ironically, Hurtful Truth Level has since been busy adding in numerous chat excerpts from the Place and Knights of CWC servers, many of them reflecting negatively on Sean, which flies totally in the face of Spooky's accusations that he was trying to cover for Sean. Slowly but surely, things began returning to normal.

Decision to Write the Lainchu Manifesto

When I initially left the CWCSphere, I had the intent of leaving everything behind and never looking back. I would treat it as a bygone event that occurred for a short time in my life, during which I had adventures of sort and learned some new things, but would ultimately realize was not sustainable as a significant part of my life going forward. However, as time went on, this decision didn't quite sit right with me.

There were still so many holes in the story that surrounded Chris leading up to and around his arrest for incest. And what was filling in those blanks were the lies of the likes of Naught and MKR, as well as the Bellaposters that were so dedicated to spreading their own conspiracy theories. While there have been diligent CWCki editors working to undo their damage, in addition to the slow publicization of previously-unreleased information that revealed the actual truth, I still felt that I had to find some way to tell my side of the story.

I like writing, so what better way to do this? I decided to call my story The Lainchu Manifesto, and I would post it as a sub-page on my CWCki editor account.

My Motives

Assuming that certain people see this page and read it at least partially, I imagine that I'm going to get a certain kind of accusation in order to discredit my writing, despite the immense amount of screenshots and Discord logs I've provided. It's from a familiar playbook: I believe that certain people who dislike my telling of the truth are going to accuse me of being a "clout chaser," as the likes of MKR have done in the past. And I thought it best to intercept this accusation head-on beforehand in order to talk about why this is nonsense.

For starters, as I've mentioned previously, I have never been interested in being given credit for my work while I was acting as Lainchu. If I were, then would I not have attempted to take credit before the link between Anaxis and Lainchu was discovered, especially after I was kicked out of the Watchmen? The accusation is contrary to my actions, not that the accusers will care about that.

Secondly, what clout exactly would I be trying to gain, and for what purpose? I am not profiting from writing this page, socially or financially, or otherwise. I have no public-facing social media or business to promote, literally all I have as a way to communicate with the community is this editor's account. I don't even have a public presence on Discord anymore. I can't gain followers or anything like that. The notion is nothing short of ridiculous, but I've been dealing with ridiculous ever since I got involved with Chris and his orbiters, so I don't find the possibility of this accusation emerging being too far-fetched.

Besides just getting my story out there for the record, my primary motivation for writing the Manifesto is to tell the truth to the public. The story around the Watchmen is so consistently muddled and confusing because its own members have deliberately obscured it and cherry-picked what they wanted the public to see. That's why I have painstakingly gathered evidence to support my story, because I want the lies to end. While I can't shine a light on the parts of the Watchmen that I was not present for, my intent is to show as much as I can of the people and events that shaped certain parts of Chris's life from mid-2020 to mid-2021.

I'm also not trying to manipulate anyone. I told my story from my own perspective, and obviously that will come with bias even if I was trying to be as neutral as possible. While I did have a particular narrative in mind, I don't ask to be followed blindly; I want everyone to look at the facts and come to their own conclusions about the events that transpired. Trying to guide readers through it is the best that I could do.

Choice of Format

I realize that writing a huge page on a CWCki editor account is probably a pretty unconventional way to deliver information, so I wanted to explain that too. I initially thought about doing what so many others in my position with secrets to share about Chris do: create a Kiwi Farms account and make a few posts detailing everything while sharing screenshots and logs. But once I laid out the whole story in my head, I realized that this wouldn't work for a few different reasons. First of all, I personally feel that I have nothing to gain by involving myself in that community just for this occasion. Inevitably I'm going to have people try to a-log me or press me for even more information, and I didn't want either of those things. I'm sure that'll still happen, but I didn't feel like making it easier on these people by giving them a direct pipeline to me.

Second, the point at which I really decided to get to work on the Manifesto was at the height of the Bellaposters' crusade against perceived wrongdoers, myself included. I had considered a slow drip-feed of information, telling my story in bits and pieces, but after witnessing these conspiracy theorists viciously attack or manipulate any information that ran counter to their narratives, I realized that this method might be counter-intuitive. So instead, I opted to lay out all of my information together and publish it all at once, making sure it is as airtight and accurate as possible, even after the Bellaposters' influence had significantly diminished months later. Eventually, this wound up becoming a gradual release of large chunks of information, considering the sheer amount of stuff on this page. I'm sure the end result isn't exactly perfect, but I at least have solace in knowing I've given it my all.

Like I said, I like writing, and the fact that I already had an account on the CWCki meant that I had a near-perfect platform to share my story on. I was already used to the MediaWiki tools, so it was of fairly little adjustment for me. I had used the CWCki previously to release the Discord Q&As and Chroniclings. What's one more thing to release?

Time Taken

I do truly apologize for the amount of time that it has taken for this page to be published. At the point of publishing, it will have been just over two years since Chris was arrested for incest and I left the community. While this page is long and exhaustive with the details, it's not exactly what would be called two year's-worth of writing, which is something I want to acknowledge.

Even setting aside the uneventful couple months or so after leaving the community, before I decided to write the Manifesto, I still probably took way too long to get it published. This was because I couldn't dedicate all of my time to writing, which was basically a hobby. I would just write during my spare time or when I felt especially motivated. It was also just kind of emotionally exhausting to go through all of these events again, poring over Discord logs and trying to put together a big picture. It was a lot.

That being said, I didn't want it to take too long after the incest debacle, lest people begin to forget the general events that transpired. And frankly, I kind of wanted to get on with my life too, and I didn't want this shadow looming over my head. Guess the Manifesto is kind of like closure for me, too.


There are a few messages I would like to get out there, for some individuals and groups to read. I know I won't reach everyone by doing this, but this is the only forum I've allowed myself, so this will have to do.

To the CWCki Server

The CWCki Server was the place that I dedicated the majority of my time and energy to during the period of this story, both for better and for worse. I haven't spoken that much about it in my tale because it's not really what the Manifesto is about, but I cannot undersell how much I cared about trying to make the server a fun, welcoming, and enjoyable place to hang out in. I know that might sound ridiculous coming from the outside, but it's true. It was something I was reluctant to leave behind. But I think it had to happen. It was for the best.

Still, I am terribly sorry that I abandoned it in an hour of need. That was never how I wanted things to go. And what's worse is that I wound up putting everyone in it in harm's way.

My own foolish actions didn't just put the modstaff in jeopardy, it put the entire server in jeopardy, and that was never something I wanted. I let down everyone in that server who was counting on me, and that is something I still regret. If anyone from the old modstaff or users who knew me then are reading this, I hope you have it in you to forgive me for what I've done.

All of that being said, I hope that the accomplishments of the server can still be celebrated. It gave a community to people interested in a relatively niche subject, and I could tell that so many loved being there. We held fun contests and watch parties for the Geno Samuel series and others, and facilitated interesting conversation about Chris. The server became the largest of its kind, exceeding 4,000 members at the time I left. In spite of everything that happened, I have fond memories of the CWCki Server.

Nowadays, I don't know who is running the server, if any of the old guard are there, or if the culture is even the same as it was previously. But if things have changed in the time since I've departed, as I'm sure they have, I can only hope that the server's denizens are still able to genuinely enjoy being there, connecting with and meeting new people, and finding fun ways to talk about their favorite lolcow.

I don't believe I will ever return to the CWCki Server - that time in my life has passed - but I hope that others can find fulfillment and fun there.

To the CWCki Website

I would like it to be known to any editor who dedicates their time on the CWCki and values its integrity as a source of information that I never intended to violate that integrity in any way. I was a Watchmen once, yes, but I was an editor first, and I always remembered that. Whenever I would upload content for the Discord Q&As or Chroniclings, I did my best to imitate the neutral tone that writing on this website typically took on, and avoid adding in my personal biases. And I certainly never had any intention of painting the Watchmen in a more favorable light, something which I think is provable by my editing history. Any point where I edited Watchmen or Watchmen-adjacent content was either done in service of doing minor cleanups or clinical transcriptions in the articles themselves, or done during a time when I was not a member. Either way, nothing I have done on this website has been in service of obfuscating the truth behind events.

That being said, I can understand other editors not completely trusting me. I can't say with total confidence that I both have and always will keep my biases out of my writing; I don't think such a thing is ever entirely possible. But you have my word that I will do my absolute best to carry on the legacy of writing that preceded my time as an editor, and do everything I can to earn trust back.

If it is the consensus among the editors that I should not touch the pages of subjects that I had personal involvement in (such as the Watchmen), even for minor adjustments, then that is something I will respect. I don't wish to go against the will of the community. I'm just here to write about Chris, like the rest of you.

To Kiwi Farms

This is directed less at the website as a whole and more towards the members of the ILJ subforum who subscribed to Spooky Bones' conspiratorial beliefs. I realize I'm probably shouting at a brick wall here, but I'm still gonna try.

If you came to the subforum with the intent of finding juicy gossip and gossip alone, then I guess you got what you wanted. The ideas that Bella is a psychopath who has disgusting fetishes or that Sean is an aspiring spree shooter with a plot to get Chris to off himself are admittedly tantalizing and interesting ones. Kiwi Farms as a site does brand itself on gossip, so this line of interest isn't too surprising.

However, if you came to ILJ with the intent of learning lesser-known details surrounding what happened when the incest call leaked, then I would think you should have an active interest in seeking out information and proof rather than scandalous claims. Yes, it's more fun to speculate about horrible people doing horrible things, but what does that accomplish in the long run? If you're there just for entertainment, then good for you. But otherwise, it's tantamount to self-imposed delusion.

Likewise, I'm not some evil boogeyman trying to distract you from what you believe is the truth. I know some people will just dismiss me and my writing outright because of my past affiliations or just because they don't like or trust me, I'm not blind to this fact. If you have somehow made it this far into the Manifesto, looked over everything I've uploaded as proof, and still don't believe that what I'm saying is the truth...well, I guess I can't convince you. I've literally done everything I can. But you have to know that you will never find the satisfaction you are looking for, the answers you seek, if you truly believe that your version of events is the only one that could have possibly transpired.

I implore anyone seeking the truth around clouded events to look carefully and evaluate all of the evidence presented before making a judgment. Maybe I'm naive for saying this, but I don't care. If even one person thinks about what I've written and reconsiders the way they went about examining the whole ILJ situation, then I think this will have been worth it.

To You, The Reader

If you've been following the Lainchu Manifesto and reading it as it was updated, even just in part, I want to offer you my sincerest thanks. Writing this essay was quite the undertaking, so I appreciate anyone who took the time to read any of it. I learned a lot, both in the process itself and throughout publishing each part.

I'm aware that the response to this essay from the community hasn't been entirely positive. Unsurprisingly, there are numerous people who believe that it's too dramatic, too verbose, too boring, and/or too focused on enabler drama rather than Chris, and there are some that believe I'm just doing this for attention or clout. This is something I've talked about in an earlier section, but regardless, I'm not going to try overly hard to dissuade anyone of these notions. I invite in different perspectives, even if they're not ones I agree with.

Likewise, even if you didn't find value in any of the information I've shared, I still hope that you got something out of reading the essay, even if it's just to laugh at my shortcomings. Everyone has different takeaways from the media they consume.

The only thing I ask is that, if you're going to judge me, please at least try to read some of the Lainchu Manifesto first. I've seen a number of things said about me in online spaces, and many of them make it clear that they're either going off of secondhand knowledge or assumptions made about my writing. Basically, if you're going to talk negatively about me, at least know what you're talking about first.

And yes, I'm aware that politely asking a mob to stop spreading misinformation is tantamount to yelling at the clouds to make the rain come, but I figured I'd still try. Even if the chance of success is minimal, there's at least still a chance.


If you've managed to read the entire page, or at least skimmed it and gotten the general idea and you're now here, congratulations! I admire your perseverance. I know this is a lot to take in.

Regardless, I hope that you've gotten some enjoyment out of reading the Lainchu Manifesto, or at least learned something you didn't know before. It took a lot of time and effort, so even just knowing a few people read and got something out of it is good enough for me.

As for me going forward, I'm not particularly interested in engaging with the community at large anymore, and I have no intentions of returning to the CWCki Server, or engaging with Chris or his orbiters any longer. Maybe I'll still make minor edits on the CWCki, but I think this will be the last major piece of information I'll work on, for right now at least.

If any editors have clarifying questions about parts of the Manifesto, feel free to write them on the talk page. I can't promise I'll answer, but I'll try. Anyone a-logging will be ignored.

Until then...thanks for reading. Keep zappin' to the extreme.



  1. This would later expand to exclude "untrusted guests" such as Praetor.
  2. Sean had a particular obsession with international politics and government bodies, which he would constantly use to make comparisons to the Watchmen's current situations or jokingly insist existed in Chris's fantasy worlds (i.e. a CWCville Supreme Court). He would also frequently use military terminology to describe conflicts over Discord having to do with Chris.
  3. In my DMs with Naught, after he dismissed my concerns, I mentioned that I could sweep the incident under the rug this time, but that everyone has their limits. Meanwhile, in the Place, after ten minutes of silence following the end of the argument, MKR and Val both wrote "sweep sweep" unprompted, followed by Val telling me to "cry some more," despite the fact that I had stopped engaging with them at that point.
  4. Naught's username in the Place at the time.
  5. During her time in the CWCki Server, the Suitress would occasionally post pictures and videos of herself or turn on her camera in voice chats, causing several people, including myself, to learn her distinct physical appearance. This was before the server began enforcing a rule against face-doxing.
  6. There actually is no evidence that the Suitress ever had a TikTok; I just assumed she did due to her Chris cosplay videos taking on a TikTok-like style. Notably, none of the videos bear TikTok watermarks.
  7. The Bellaposters used not being able to find my messages as evidence that the modstaff purged them on my behalf, which isn't true: my account had simply become a "Deleted User" at the point that they archived the server logs. They're all still there, just more difficult to identify now.
  8. The uncensored message by MKR can be read in the Halal Server logs, where Spooky Bones and their allies interviewed her.
  9. Funnily enough, one of Spooky Bones's complaints here was that removing the claims about Kyle potentially driving people to suicide was evidence of protecting Sean, because they were supposedly friends, despite the former not following the latter into the Knights server. In reality, Sean and Kyle's relationship was never very good, and Kyle always sided with Naught and MKR over Sean.

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