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Sean Walker
Name Sean Walker
Date of birth (2000-02-18) February 18, 2000[1] (age 21)
Also known as Leo Azul[2]
Psychic Espeon[3]
Neko / Neko Onyx[4]
TheWildcat (WCT)[3]
Gender Male[7]
Race Part-Filipino[8]
Nationality American (California)[7][9]
Organization Watchmen (formerly)

Sean Walker (born 18 February 2000), more commonly known online as The Wildcat (WCT), Psychic Espeon, Neko Onyx, Lainchu, and plenty of other pseudonyms, is a former Watchmen member and wannabe school shooter, self-described as "one of the final protagonists" of Christory.[3][10] Sean is often deemed to be one of the most depraved figures in all of Christory. He boasted that he was proud about his eventual feature in Geno Samuel's documentary series.[10] He has also claimed himself to be a "successor" to Joshua Moon of the Kiwi Farms, even having one of his white knight pseudonyms be "Conner",[3] Josh's middle name, in spite of having a deep-rooted hatred towards the man.

As a Watchman

Sean first became involved with lolcows when he became a regular contributor to a wiki dedicated to the documentation of Randy Stair, who infamously killed three people and then himself after losing his mind. Through watching Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History, Sean became "fascinated"[7] with Chris in early to mid-2018.[3] He later joined the Watchmen, where he mainly archived calls involving Chris while maintaining a YouTube channel that posted Chris-centric content which has since been privated. In February 2021, he attempted to become the fourth person behind the role of 'Lainchu,' an OC created by the Watchmen, but was rejected by Chris, who still preferred his predecessor.[5]

Internal conflicts

Early in June 2021, The WCT was doxxed on Kiwi Farms by fellow Watchman and group leader Bismuth.[8] When Sean confronted Bismuth in a voice chat, Bismuth denied the allegation, then threatened to further dox Sean in an attempt to silence him.[11] Sean explained the events to Chris himself, who believed The WCT's evidence and apparently cut ties with Bismuth over it.[12]

Much later, Sean revealed to Bella that he had been "working with Former Kiwi Farmers to bring down the Watchmen" purely out of a personal dislike of Bismuth for a long time.[3]

Shortly after, Sean was banned from The Place, the Watchmen's Discord server. In response, Chris left the server himself. In Sean's own words, "[Chris] saw my banning as a signal to him that my suspicions about Bismuth and the others were correct." The Praetor group, who had also been in the server, left it as well following Chris's departure.[12]

Sean created a successor group and invited in Chris and several of the Watchmen who had been in The Place, titling his group The Knights of CWC.

Sean gave an interview to the CWCki explaining his side of the story. At this time, it appeared that Sean was merely a victim of doxxing - his biggest known crime was simply being a white knight and enabler. However, there were already signs that all was not as it seemed. In late June, MKRNightVee tagged Chris’s Twitter and posted, “Have fun getting fucked over by WCT and Praetor.”[13] accusing Sean of having sinister motives, including "probably [wanting] Chris to kill himself in a similar manner [to Randy Stair].[14][3] As it turned out, she was horribly, horribly right.

As a solo troll

At least as early as November 2020,[3] Sean began feeding Chris violent delusions in an Idea Guy-like fashion, glorifying infamous mass murderers, including the long-dead lolcow and mass shooter Randy Stair, who Sean claimed had reincarnated into an OC named "Andrew Blaze".[3] Sean had held his own obsession with Stair since at least July 2018,[7] according to a wiki page he made about himself.[15][6] Over the course of their interactions, Sean displayed numerous strange behaviors, including seemingly doxxing himself to Chris at one point.[9]

A leaked recording, probably recorded sometime in late 2020 or early 2021,[16] shows Chris "channeling" Stair while talking to Sean.

Much of this would go under the radar until the incest scandal finally broke.

Interactions with Bella

On 13 July 2021, Chris brought up Bella to Sean, telling Sean she would be accompanying him to Everfree Northwest, as Sean had expressed concern over Jacob Sockness attending the same con[2] (Sockness had declared plans to attend in disguise to meet with Chris).[17] On 19 July, Chris invited Bella, as well as the Suitress, into the Knights of CWC,[18] a Watchmen splinter group headed by Sean, and the group discussed plans to protect Chris from Sockness.[19][20]

On 30 July, the incest call and texts were leaked and Bella was named by Null as a troll with knowledge of the material.[21] Sean then questioned Bella, asking for her side of the story.[22] He then created a group chat, titled Regarding Chris, with Bella and some of the other Knights of CWC members for further questioning.[23] During the chat, Bella made claims that were later deemed disinformation by observers, such as framing the Suitress for being the voice in the call.[note 1]

On 31 July, Bella uploaded a screenshot into the group chat. The screenshot depicted Chris allegedly discussing practicing BDSM with his mother. Bella claimed that "this is the shit i woke up to the morning after the call." Sean reacted with shock at the screenshot, exclaiming, "WHAT THE FUCK [...] BELLA. WHY IS HE LIKE THIS". Bella goaded Sean to release the screenshot but to leave her name out of it.[25] Sean did so, posting the image to Kiwi Farms.[26]

As some posters reacted with skepticism at the image, Sean told Bella that "they want to know if you're credible. people think its fake." Bella then framed the Suitress, saying, "oh how do i proove [...] [the Suitress] has it too". Sean said he would have to name people, and Bella goaded him to name [the Suitress].[25] He complied, claiming on Kiwi Farms in response to a post insisting he give his source that [the Suitress] had sent him the screenshot; he also decided to post a video featuring her,[27] effectively turning attention onto her and revealing her face, linking her likeness to her name which was previously mentioned in the second incest call leak.

A poster requested that Sean's source explain a discrepancy in the screenshot, and Sean encouraged Bella to "Join the Farms for a bit, don't say you're the "Bella." But just state how you got the screenshot and such."[25] The screenshot was later deemed fake by observers.[note 2]


With his last remaining hours of freedom, Chris chose to send his final known online message to Sean Walker, informing him that the pets were being taken care of.[29] Within a few hours, Chris was taken into custody and unable to be manipulated by Sean any longer.

With Chris in jail and Sean's identity doxxed by the Farms, he hasn't made a move since this exchange. It remains to be seen if he has plans for when - if ever - Chris gets out of jail, but it's likely his involvement in Chris's life is over.


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