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This article will act as a namespace for the misinformation variant of the "Unreliable" template and the "Misinfo" template, explaining what kind of misinformation, misconceptions, or unproven claims are commonly believed about the article's subject.

Affair with Mother

  • Many have come to believe that Chris had sexually assaulted his own mother when the news came out that he has had an incestuous affair with her following the leak of the infamous Incest Call. This notion would be perpetuated by several YouTubers and news panels, sometimes indirectly by claiming that Barb has dementia. Despite this, Chris has only ever been charged with "INCEST W/ OWN CHILD OR GRANDCHILD"[note 1] after this affair, and was never officially charged for rape or sexual assault. Along with that, claims that Barbara had dementia had primarily came from begging videos where she could be playing up her frailty to elicit pity for money. (See: Barbara Chandler). Therefore, whether or not this affair was entirely consensual is inconclusive.

Barbara Chandler

  • It is often speculated by Christorians and observers that Barbara may have some degenerative brain disease, most often dementia. However, any official diagnosis of Barb's mental state is yet to be seen. It's worth noting that trusted sources have claimed to have talked to Barb, and have stated that she's pretending to be senile in order to get money[1].

Christian Weston Chandler

  • It is common for observers to attempt to diagnose Chris as having "more than just autism", speculating what other types of disabilities or disorders he may have.
  • It is often stated that Chris admitted to adopting a transgender identity solely so that he could hook up with lesbians. While this claim is not outside the realm of possibility, no direct confession from Chris has ever been shared or leaked.

Clyde Cash

  • It is believed by some that the Clyde Cash persona was played by multiple people taken on by one identity. While several people would go under the name "Clyde Cash", mostly for completely unrelated plans, the original persona most associated with Christory was played by a single troll. This same troll would play as other characters in Christory, including Vivian Gee, Gregg Mays, and Mao Ling.


GiBi did not redact a phone number when showing screenshots (under red censor bar; screenshot was uncensored in his video). The number allegedly belonged to the Suitress. This was the basis for much speculation.

GiBi, a semi-popular Christuber would attempt to make a daily series regarding the Incest Saga of Christory. He would consult several conflicting sources for information regarding the act, one of which was Bella, who was already framing Fiona as being the voice in the incest call. Bella would try to convince him that she wasn't "Kelly Osborn", which GiBi kept arguing for, while also leaking Fionas's phone number in a video. While talking to Bella, he would also attempt to make several comments regarding his findings and get more information on the matter in a megathread about Bella on the Kiwi Farms, reacting to many opposing comments on his findings rather unprofessionally. This predictably would get him under scrutiny by the Farms.

  • Before the uploading of the infamous video by him where he leaks Fiona's phone number, GiBi would mention on the Kiwi Farms about getting information on the leaks from a "friend" of his, alongside Bella. The "friend" that GiBi was talking to was presumed to be The WCT. In actuality, the friend was a CCCC user that went under the username "LavenderBonez" on that server, who seemed to be supportive of Fiona leaking a chunk of the incest call, even going as far as calling her a "hero".[2]
  • The GiBi section of the Orbiter Wave page initially characterized his leaking of the Fiona's number as intentional from being prompted by Bella's disinformation. The section originally stated that Immediately accepting Bella's story that the entire scandal was the fault of Fiona, he then leaked Fiona's phone number in one of his videos for thousands to see. It appears to be speculation that there was a link between the phone number leak and Bella's story. The section was also revised to clarify that the leak was in the form of screenshots of text messages between Bella and Fiona in which a phone number was not redacted.

Incest Call

A key aspect regarding the drama that followed from Chris's affair had primarily come from how clips of this call had been leaked. So far, only four clips of varying lengths of this call had ever been leaked, all with various amounts of context. Because of this, many unproven claims regarding the people involved in the Incest and Watchmen sagas have been heavily propagated.

  • The date of the Call is unclear, which in turn has lead to gossip on what Bella wanted to do with the call. Evidence points to either 27 July 2021 or 28 July 2021 as the call date, however much of the evidence was from Bella's screenshots, and she has a history of creating fabricated texts at least once.

Isabella Loretta Janke

Isabella Loretta Janke is most known for her involvement in a call where Chris describes incestuous acts he's performed towards his mother. Before this, Bella had been in touch with Chris for almost a year, acting nice around him, while also showing many instances of A-logging or wishing harm towards him in Discord chats, sometimes outright claiming to want to make him harm himself. She would also roleplay as prior gal pals like Kellie Andes and an employee for the Curiosity Stream, and has been known to encourage the verbal harassment and bullying of other students at her university. This edgy behavior would lead to many instances of misinformation or unproven claims resulting from the chaos around the Incest Call, gossip on Kiwi Farms being taken at face value, and Bella's alleged plots towards Chris.

  • It is often stated that Bella had convinced Chris to commit incest on his mother. In actuality, Bella was in a call with him, where Chris had discussed the matter openly with her. Chris had told her multiple times of instances of having an affair with a "sweetheart over 50", and had even admitted to having a wet dream of his mother in one other instance.
  • It was initially written that Bella had a suicide plot towards Chris dating back to 25 April 2020. This was based on a Discord user, ZorgothTDK, who alleged that DMs between him and Bella, in which a Deleted User states "That's what we're trying to do with Chris [...] Get him be suicidal [...] Bc he's retarded", were Bella discussing Chris Chan. However, Bella knew of two other people named Chris - her cousin and another Discord user - making it unclear if she was referring to Chris Chan. Though ZorgothTDK claims that Bella was referring to Chris Chan, the full log of his conversation with the Deleted User makes no indication that Chris Chan was being discussed.[3] In addition, communication between Bella and Chris Chan has not been established for the time frame of April 2020 - the earliest known message from Bella to Chris Chan occurred in October 2020. The exact time at which Bella had actually started interacting with Chris is not known, but she has claimed in one instance to have started trolling Chris for almost a year to one of her Chess Club associates in a July 2021 Discord message.[4] However, in two other instances, Bella would claim to a friend that she did have a plan to get Chris to kill himself in one instance,[5] and claim that she wanted Praetor members to convince him to cut off his penis in another, and hoping that he would die from a gender reassignment surgery accident.[6]
  • It was initially written that Bella had a blackmail plot involving the Incest Call. Usually this claim is in conjunction with the claim that Bella wanted to record Chris having sex with the Suitress. While Bella had intended to leak the call after an unspecified point, and had created fake texts where Chris states he performed BDSM-style sex with Barb in the meantime, it is not known for sure if this would have involved blackmailing Chris.
  • It was initially written that Bella wanted to film Chris having sex with an autistic woman for blackmail purposes. This appears to be a rumor loosely based on two excerpts from the Incest Call, the first in which Bella discusses her friend Fiona (who held a crush on Chris) and tries to encourage Chris to pursue a relationship with her; and the second in which Bella said she would create a slideshow of romantic stuff between Chris and the Suitress during the Everfree Northwest convention festivities. Bella does not seem to actually state wanting to put any sexual content into the presentation. Adding onto that, Chris already seemed to discuss with Bella about the planned sexual intercourse he'd have with Fiona before she made the call.
  • It was initially written that Bella self-assigned her bodyguard role for Everfree Northwest, however Chris had assigned her the role.[7]
  • It is believed by some that Bella had an incest fetish, part of the reason for her call with Chris. This would even be written a few times in articles that mention her. However, whether or not Bella was actually into incest is unclear. This in part seems to come from an incest fanfiction that she had allegedly created under the account narutoisgay77897, which involves a father-son relationship between Naruto characters. However, the link between this account and Bella is unclear, and the account itself has "Im into engineering and electromagnetism and shit but u wont find any of that shit here, only gay hentai bitches." as its description, suggesting that it could be a troll account, if created by her. The account therefore cannot be used to prove this, as its legitimacy is questionable. A user by the name of Gungann would also continuously question Bella on this point, citing part of a transcription of her call with Chris which claims that she talked to Chris while aroused, though he doesn't give the source for this particular transcript, or where he was reading it from.
  • It was once written on the Discord page that Bella was a member of the Official CWCki Server before the call. This was loosely based off a policy on the server where mentioning or talking about her is prohibited, as moderators on the server were notified about harassment on the server, and were concerned of the possibility that either she or her friends would report the server if they found out that anyone was discussing her.

Liquid Chris

  • It is often stated that Liquid Chris was a single person. In actuality, Liquid was played by a set of twins, Christopher and Jon Duckworth. While Christopher played as Chris in Youtube videos and PVCC chats, Jon played Liquid during the Sing-Star Challenge.
  • Liquid Chris started trolling Chris a month before the Rollin' and Trollin' video, and was barely influenced by this video.


  • It is believed by some that Praetor was solely a group of trolls that wanted to get Chris to tase himself. In actuality, Chris had discussed plans with Watchmen members Naught and Kyle about plans to shock his Gate Crystal and Celestial Key quartz crystals in order to open up a portal to another dimension, citing a Gaia article about ancient civilizations using piezoelectricity to open up portals. Chris wanted to borrow a taser from Praetor to tase the crystals. Praetor was initially willing to allow him to use it under their supervision. The rumor that they wanted to get him to tase himself was first started by the Watchmen leader Naught, who had posted out-of-context clips of Watchmen members talking to the founder and leader of Praetor, Caden Peck, and alleging that "Caden and cwc as Sonichu prime discuss the tazer and who will be tazed". Naught had also left out a clip where the Watchman Val Valentino brought up the subject, and is asking if Chris would tase himself, and Caden Peck discussing how he felt it would be a bad idea. Interestingly, Isabella Janke, a minor member of Praetor, had also spread a rumor that she had tried convincing Praetor members to get Chris to harm himself by getting him to cut his penis off, while claiming she was only "recruited".


To many, Fiona, aka the Suitress, is a much more sympathetic Christorical figure than most, especially when compared to others in more recent years. This is in part due to Bella's attempt to frame her as being responsible for Chris's affair, The WCT having partially revealed her identity, and the Christuber GiBi accidentally revealing her phone number during these accusations. As a result of this, as well as her previously being a well-known Chris fan, great pains were made in the CWCSphere to conceal her identity, including on this website. Ironically, these attempts to conceal her identity led to the unintended result of having her true involvement with Chris very hazy.

  • It was a commonly held belief that Fiona wanted to be Chris's sweetheart. While she had admitted to having an actual crush on him, she had never actually stated to have a desire to be a sweetheart of his, or to be in a long-term relationship with him. She would claim in texts, however, that she was "fine with the friends with benefits thing" and that Chris considers her his "first real sweetheart".[8]
  • Along with the first point, it is often speculated by observers why Chris supposedly didn't pursue a relationship with Fiona, and chose Barbara over her. In reality, Chris seemed to have held a rather conflicting standpoint towards her attraction towards him, claiming in chats and calls that he didn't see the relationship lasting long, forseeing that she'd meet a long-term sweetheart in college. However, Chris would also promise to her in a recording regarding Everfree Northwest not to be enraged at the G5 merchandise that may show up, and state that he "loved" her. He would also claim in a text that having sex with her would be the right step for her to take both for her "emotional and mental development". Fiona would also claim in a conversation with Bella that Chris was "embarressed and nervous" at the thought of his first real sweetheart. Chris would also refer to her by a pet name that he had given to her in a jail letter. Along with all of that, Chris had been having his affair with his mother since late June, roughly a month before he ever met Fiona.
  • It was initially written that Fiona had been recruited into Bella's Chess Club Discord server. She had actually been invited into a separate server, chess group #15. This error was based on mislabeled folders of Discord server chatlogs which were passed around on Kiwi Farms - the folders were labelled "Chess Club" and "Chess Club ft [the Suitress] and CWC", however the actual content was Chess Club and chess group #15 chatlogs.
  • It is believed by some that Fiona is a trans woman, a reason some give for Chris's conflicted views on her attraction, as a result of her appearance. However, voice recordings that she's in show her voice to be feminine, and leaked childhood photos of her also have a more feminine appearance.


  • The Watchmen are often misleadingly referred to as an organization of enablers. In reality, the "Watchmen" were a clique of Chris's most prominent enablers and white knights, who had used several different Discord servers. The clique was given the unofficial name "Watchmen" by one of the members in 2020 as a nod to the DC comic mini-series.


One of the primary members of the Watchmen.

  • It was initially written that The WCT wanted Chris to kill himself. This originated from a rumor spread by MKRNightVee, his former associate in the Watchmen Discord server The Place. In June 2021, the Watchmen clique was infighting over Naught posting The WCT's dox onto Kiwi Farms. WCT responded by informing Chris, who left The Place. Angry over this development, MKR took to Twitter to spread a rumor that WCT "probably wants Chris to kill himself".[9] A month later, the rumor was further spurred by Kiwi Farms forum posters, who assumed from both MKR's rumor and WCT's interactions with Bella (who had claimed on at least two occasions to want to get Chris to harm himself or commit suicide) that WCT was in on Bella's supposed plots. Despite this, no evidence has surfaced that WCT knew of Bella's claimed plots.
  • It was initially written in a few articles that Chris had directly contributed to the mass doxing of Fiona by sharing one of her pictures with the WCT. Chris, although posting her photograph to him, would also refer to her by her pen name, "Fifi Vixenhart". The WCT wouldn't have become aware of her real name, or actually dox her, until later, when Bella had told him in the Regarding Chris chats that Fiona was the sole provider of fabricated texts where Chris states he's done BDSM on Barb while she was doxing her on multiple websites. The WCT would post one of the Suitress's videos and use her first name, partially revealing her identity and bringing attention from trolls onto her.
  • It was initially written that The WCT had been recruited into Bella's Chess Club Discord server. He had actually been invited into a separate server, chess group #15. This error was based on mislabeled folders of Discord server chatlogs which were passed around on Kiwi Farms - the folders were labelled "Chess Club" and "Chess Club ft [the Suitress] and CWC", however the actual content was Chess Club and chess group #15 chatlogs.

Chris' gender identity

Chris' shift in gender identity and subsequent identification as a lesbian/bisexual transwoman has been a subject of intense debate and scrutiny within and outside of LGBT+ circles, with some believing that it is yet another act designed to enable him to shack up with lesbian women, and still others claiming that Chris openly admitted that this was the case. While the possibility of the former cannot be entirely discounted, no known admission of this nature has ever been made by Chris personally, and none of the assorted chat logs and correspondences leaked since Chris began his transition suggest this either.


  1. This charge appears to be used for all instances of parent-child and grandparent-grandchild incest at the jail Chris was sent to, probably due to character limits in the charge descriptions.