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Welcome to the world of Chris-Chan.

Welcome, new Christorian.

New people are being initiated to the quirks and horrors of Chris's world every day. Some of these people have simple questions that the veteran troll might be able to answer with the greatest of ease. However, people hate being asked the same questions time and time again, so this page shall serve as a quick database of some of the most common questions encountered.

All the questions can be answered in more detail than they appear here, which should be an incentive for you to go peruse the wiki and other resources to learn all you can about the Internet's favorite manchild.

This page was last updated on March 9, 2024, but as the Christory constantly evolves, this page will have to follow.


Is Chris a troll? Is the whole thing a hoax?
No. The verified documentation on Chris and his entire life is far too complete and detailed for it to be a reverse-troll setup. There are news reports from his childhood confirming his autism (see Chris in the media). There are two different blogs about Chris's behavior that were published before Chris came to a wider attention on the Internet. Sonichu has existed since 2000. Phone calls have been made to Chris's parents and his pastoral counselor. When Chris was first arrested and convicted of a felony, he acted as he does online even in court, and accidentally set fire to his house in real life as well. If you don't believe us, you can look up Chris's many court records, both civil and criminal.
Chris's arrest for incest in August 2021 should put any speculation of his behavior being an act permanently to rest.
How can you get off taunting an autistic guy person?
The CWCki itself is not involved in any trolling; it merely documents Chris's life in detail. Most modern Chris-observers, having seen the extreme damage that some trolls could wreak, hold a dim view of contemporary trolling efforts. The motivations of Chris's trolls over the years has varied, but few had any interest in tormenting him simply for having a mental problem. Some former trolls have even expressed regret for taking things too far in their younger years.
Even before the incest scandal, Chris has been notorious on the Internet as a perverse, disgusting, quarrelsome, mean-spirited, delusional, narcissistic, intolerant, unfit, unsympathetic, ungrateful, jealous, kid-scaring, troll-feeding, heretical, spiteful, cruel, hateful, sullen, antagonistic, completely and utterly untalented thief and all-around failure who wastes his countrymen's hard-earned tax money on video games and sex toys while contributing nothing to society (comics aside), despite those with more severe mental states living far more independently and successfully.
On top of that, Chris was once incredibly responsive to trolling, adding fuel to the fire by producing many videos in which he raged at the camera as a result of trolling; this no doubt gave many trolls significant motivation. While Chris was manipulated into making many of these videos, he ultimately decided to create and publish them.
However, before you want to inflict harm upon Chris and claim that Chris gives you autistics 'a bad name', please read the A-Logging and Weening articles.
Why don't you try helping him instead?
Many people better than you have tried over the years and they have all accomplished nothing. See the White knight article for reasons for and against trying to save Chris. Regardless of how hard you try, he refuses to listen. Even his actual friends could not help him. From 2018 onward, he managed to alienate nearly all of his IRL friends, instead preferring interactions with imaginary friends, enablers, and fans at conventions. He will only listen if you tell him what he wants to hear.
Can I give suggestions on how next to troll Chris?
All efforts to troll or otherwise contact Chris are very strongly discouraged. The effects of Chris's father's death, his mother's ill-health and, most recently, the Idea Guys' deliberately manipulative trolling operations against him have left Chris's grasp on reality (and his well-being in general) tenuous at best, with various enablers making it even worse. Relating to this is how he is now a very, very different person from who he was when the trolling was at its peak, and only sees such attempts to provoke him as indirect support for his current worldview; so it's not even worth bothering with if you're going into it expecting to get amusing reactions along the lines of the past. Times have changed; so keeping all this in mind, you'll be far better off just sticking with casual observation and helping to document and provide information on developments and occurrences in Chris's life as they come.


Is he currently seeing a psychiatrist or therapist?
Maybe. Chris was legally required in 2018, among other things, to attend psychological therapy as an alternative to conviction after trespassing. Since 23 April 2019, he has fulfilled this obligation and no longer has any professional help. Chris dismisses the idea of seeking professional help, preferring to administer it to himself using Lego. See Chris and mental healthcare.
Is he really autistic?
Yes. Based on a cursory psychiatric survey from 2004, Chris was diagnosed with autistic disorder (DSM-IV 299.00) as a young child, and the same report backs up his claim. See Autism. However, his common qualifying phrase high-functioning means only that he is not mentally retarded. The phrase is not formally part of the diagnosis, and many autism advocates discourage its use.
Does he have Asperger's syndrome?
It depends on what counts as having Asperger's. He has never been formally diagnosed with it, he has never claimed to have it, and in fact, he angrily rejects the label. Among institutions that still distinguish between autism and Asperger's, of which many do not, Asperger's syndrome is distinguished from severer varieties of autism by average intelligence and adequate language ability, matching Chris. Dr Asperger's work was in German, and not known to Anglophone psychiatrists until the early 1990s; Chris probably would have received this diagnosis instead if he had been born a few years later. Furthermore, the condition was removed from the modern DSM-5 and replaced with the catch-all Autism Spectrum Disorder, making the distinction completely meaningless.
Is he retarded or intellectually disabled?
Maybe, but probably not in the clinical sense. A more proper word for Chris is inept. Even if Chris was to be considered intellectually disabled, it'll certainly be a mild or borderline intellectual disability. Despite there being a possibility, he still managed to graduate from community college and obtain a driver's license. He can read, write, do basic household chores, and operate electronic equipment. While his English skills aren't perfect, he has very few issues with basic sentence structure. Chris does understand the consequences of his actions to an extent. He has a consistent (albeit warped and self-serving) ethical system and recognizes when what he is doing is not working (though he chooses to pin the blame on external forces or go about his way anyway). His foolishness is in that he has very little common sense, which may be attributed (along with the obvious) to excessive parental sheltering, and that after years of Internet manipulation, his ability to distinguish reality from fantasy has wasted away.
What is Chris's IQ?
That's inconclusive. In Mailbag 19 and Mailbag 21, he claimed to have taken an IQ test at a Chesterfield County institute, most likely as a teenager. He received an IQ of "150". In Mailbag 22, a commenter pointed out that he may have taken the Cattell IQ test (150 on the Cattell is 130 on the standard scale), unless he was outright lying, which is most likely. An IQ of 130 is above average, but not genius material. Many autistic people also excel at pattern thinking, which is a key area of many IQ tests. Also, IQ doesn't measure what you've learned, empathy, social skills, or other areas that count towards real-world success. Psychologists do not even agree on whether it's an objective measure of intelligence, with a common quip being that it "only measures how well you do on IQ tests." Even if Chris did have a high IQ, it hasn't done much for him in the real world.
Is Chris schizophrenic?
Probably not. While autism and schizophrenia share some symptoms, their development is nothing like each other. Autism is inborn and shows in early childhood, while schizophrenia usually appears well into adulthood. Schizophrenia's symptoms often deteriorate over time, while autism is normally constant throughout life (except for a few children who relapse into non-verbosity). Psychosis and confused language are common to both, but take different forms: schizophrenics may hear voices or otherwise hallucinate and think disjointedly (hence the name), while autists understand others' normal language literally, missing the subtext that something fictional is not meant to be taken seriously, and presuming their own thoughts automatically clear to others.
Furthermore, Chris does distinguish between fantasy and reality, simply deluding himself into believing that the fantasy world is real on another dimension. Also, Chris's visions of that dimension come from meditation (read: daydreaming), not involuntary hallucinations.


Is Chris an incel? If not, what's the deal with the love quest?
Chris never used the word for himself, but his beliefs and actions overlapped significantly with what is now the incel community. The word incel only entered common use about 2017.[1] Chris described himself long before this as a virgin with rage, even bringing up the term in casual conversations with people he just met. He would speak of boyfriend-free girls, the Infinitely-High Boyfriend-Factor, and even a conspiracy that true love was illegal in his home state.
He viewed his search for a suitable mate as the Love Quest, treating his search for a girlfriend like a video game. He wrote poems, letters to Santa, and even "Weird Al"-style parody songs about his biggest problem: that other JERKS (men) take all the pretty sweethearts. He has lost his virginity to a prostitute and his only relationship that lead to sex was with his elderly mother, not something you would consider a proper love life. His Love Quest only temporarly ended when he destroyed his libido through self-administered estrogen and married his OCs by early 2018, but it seemed to resume in early 2021, the consequences of which we can see ever since then. While he now tries to hides his feelings towards women and sex a secret, he is deep down still an incel we once knew and loved.
Why didn't he hire a prostitute earlier?
For the majority of his love quest, Chris refused to hire a hooker. The reasons varied: prostitutes are not TRUE and HONEST love, they are expensive, and Chris is afraid of STDs[2]. His ideal sex partner would also do all the work around the house, give him her income to spend on video games, and otherwise serve as his replacement mother—all of which a prostitute would be unwilling to do. When some prostitutes were sent to his house in early 2009, he cried.[3] However, as his thirties approached, he got more lenient about his policy towards hookers. He once tried to solicit the services of a prostitute by phone, and tried to get a discount by offering the chance of deflowering him and telling his life story; the prostitute hung up on him.[4] In April 2012 though, Chris claimed on Facebook that he lost his virginity to a hooker who complimented him on the size of his penis.[5]
What is Chris's sexual orientation?
This is a hotly debated point, and as of yet there is no consensus on this. For most of his adult life, Chris acted as though he was attracted to women. On the other hand, he clearly believes that previously-straight people can be turned gay, either by accident or through being tricked. In 2018, while under the Idea Guys' manipulative influence, Chris was brainwashed into believing he was bisexual, and was married to several of his (mostly male) fictional characters, retaining these beliefs long after the Idea Guys were ousted, yet has made no attempts to get into a relationship with a real-life man. Jacob Sockness attempted to groom Chris into a relationship but Chris ultimately distanced himself from Sockness. Some consider that Chris is too immature to have earnest sexual attraction towards others (see Is Chris asexual?, below.)
Is he a furry?
Yes. Chris had tweeted in 2018 that he is one. Traditionally he would state that he did not consider himself to be one,[6] yet it was clear from an early period that he did enjoy porn of anthropomorphic characters, even drawing his own into his comics. He also identifies with several anthropomorphic avatars. Although he does not regularly wear fur-suits, he did once dress up as Chris-Chan Sonichu, the anthropomorphic form he takes on his comic series, and has considered getting one in the recent years. He has also started following several furry artists and content creators on Youtube and Twitter, such as AshCoyote, and has enjoyed a lot of furry fanart he has recieved from his True and Loyal fanbase.
Is he a pedophile?
No, but people imply otherwise to troll him. One of the few kind things Mimms and Lucas said about Chris in a troll Q&A thread was that he probably wasn't a pedophile and that people are trying too hard with that. He has stated he would like to lower his state's legal age of consent to sixteen and created a sexualized 14 year old Sonichu character in the form of Zapina, but these actions are more likely due to a childish mindset and an inability to move past high school than latent pedophilia.
Is Chris transgender?
Yes. As of 2015, Chris identifies as transgender. He had explored his gender identity for years beforehand stemming from gender dysphoria issues, in 2011 identifying as a "tomgirl" (identifying as male and crossdressing as a woman); in 2014, identifying as Intersex of Female Soul with Male Body, and a Tranny Cross-Dresser and as a lesbian; and identifying as female and transgender in 2015 when he began referring to himself as a "trans woman" and "Christine" and legally changed his name and gender in 2016. Well before 2011, when Chris first called himself a tomgirl, he had been known to wear miniskirts, bras, and panties. On multiple occasions, he had worn female clothing in public and had started wearing trans flag thigh-highs and bands more frequently during the Second Coming.
Is Chris asexual?
This is another hotly contested issue to which there is no clear answer. Some claim that Chris is not truly interested in sexual relations, but feels that sex is something which a "grown up" is required to do. Chris's desire to lose his virgin with rage status may have simply been an urge to undergo what he saw as a traditional rite of passage into adulthood, although he has continued to seek out a sexual relationship even long after losing his virginity. It is clear that Chris's sex drive was atypical even before beginning hormone replacement therapy in 2016, evidenced by the fact that he did not discover masturbation until he was sixteen and even as an adult only engaged in the activity twice a week. On the other hand, much of Chris's adult life has been spent in the pursuit of a sex partner and his comic characters are highly sexual. It is worth noting that a moderately common autistic symptom is difficulty or inability to be intimate with another person. Many asexuals also possess a libido and can enjoy masturbation or sex; the difference lies in a lack of real attraction to other people.
Did Chris really rape his mother?
It's impossible to know for certain. Chris's detractors (and he has many) will vocally insist that he did, but there is no conclusive proof. Chris was only ever charged with incest, not rape, and there has been no definite confirmation of Barb having any mental incapacity. While there is plenty of compelling circumstantial evidence for both sides, ultimately only Chris and Barb can say for certain. Barb has never spoken publicly about it, and Chris is currently denying the incest itself ever took place.

Money and Work

Why does Chris call his disability check a "monthly tugboat"?
The "tugboat" is one of Chris's CWC-isms; impenetrable mangled figures of speech that he either uses to avoid uncomfortable subjects or, in this case, because he thinks they are clever. "Tugboat" is derived from the phrase "Our ship has come in", referring to a fortuitous event. Whereas winning the lottery is like a large cruise ship coming in, for Chris, getting $1,000 a month for sitting on his ass is like a small boat—like a tugboat—coming in for him.
Has he ever had a job at all?
He worked for Wendy's a few months in 2001, but he was fired for unknown reasons. He briefly sold knives for the multi-level marketing company Cutco, which was his last true job (if you could call it that). During the Business Saga he was very active on Etsy, selling many custom-made Amiibos, Sonichu comics and so on, but he often sold them either at a loss or barely broke even, which resulted in the Financhu Crisis. He has also made plenty of commissions during the Everfree Northwest fundraiser and this has continued even after jail, with him making his custom medallions, selling literal rocks and making even more shitty commissions for the OfficialCWCMart. Some even speculate it's akin to being a sweatshop worker, but Chris enjoys doing it anyway, probably not even knowing it might be a real job.
How much money does Chris make from his livestreams/Etsy shop?
From watching his recent livestreams we can see that Chris typically receives between $600 - $700 in donations per stream. Praetor's Etsy store sales have totaled well into the thousands of dollars, with individual jail art pieces selling for between $100 - $200 each, and some have even calculated their Etsy store to earn several thousands of bucks a month, though the exact revenue is unknown. It is generally speculated that Praetor takes a significant cut for themselves, though the exact details of their arrangement are not public knowledge. The only available info is from Chris, who claimed to get a measly $600 from a total of $4000 in sales during the Taser Call.


What's the deal with Sonic, anyway?
Chris has always liked family-friendly games in particular, and many years ago, was one of 100 winners of a Sega contest which, through its grand prize of a $1000 Kay-Bee Toys shopping spree, allowed him to stock up on various Sonic titles. For some reason, the Sonic the Hedgehog series in general also appears to have certain qualities that attract autistic fans more than other game series.
Where can I find the uncensored images from Sonichu #8?
For those who may be curious, they are located here.
Will he ever draw more Sonichu comics?
Chris stopped drawing regular comics in February 2010 with Sonichu #10; since then, he has released issues 11 to 13 and partially completed issues 14 to 17; however, these later issues often only bear a slight resemblance to the traditional comics and are more about whatever trolling issues have been happening. While in jail, he produced some one-off drawings; see Praetor Jail Art, but has since continued work on the issue 25, now renamed to Sonichu 0 HD. Judging from the contents of the message Chris has sent out to the winners of his CWC Art Contest, he has also attempted to outsource the art for the comics to his unlucky fans.

Contact Chris

I want to e-mail Chris and pretend to be Megan/Jimmy Hill/Jesus/Michael Snyder. Can I have his e-mail?
He has had many emails over the years, but his most commonly used ones are @cwcvillegoddess and, but Chris does not read e-mails from people he doesn't already know[7], and it's possible that Praetor has a strict control over these, judging from some of the info he has put out since.
What is his dox?
Chris's dox can be found here.

The CWCki itself

Does the CWCki exaggerate or spin anything?
The editors here try their hardest to paint an accurate picture of Chris's life, but that is sometimes difficult due to the subject matter and the intentional omission of information from trolls who were manipulating Chris. Many were CWCki editors themselves. This is especially true for the Classic Chris era.
For various good reasons, the CWCki largely covers the Classic sagas from Chris's perspective: information presented here was what Chris acknowledges to be true. Trolls are merely players on the stage that is Chris's life. It is probably best to understand the world of Chris as he understands it, much as it is best to understand a fictional world from the point of view of its characters, rather than the underlying reality of it. In other words, while Chris's reactions to events are real and the documentation of the reactions are indeed real, the situations and characters that provoke these reactions are often contrived, especially when covering events prior to Bob's death.
For example:
  • Clyde Cash was the fictitious persona of a single anonymous troll, but the CWCki treats him as if he were a real person because he was to Chris. We also treat each of his personas as separate people because they were to Chris.
  • We keep a single article on Blanca and not the multiple male trolls who played her.
  • Emily and Kim were played by the same woman, but the CWCki treats them as separate people because they were to Chris.
  • Celebrity trolls are obviously trolls impersonating celebrities – did you really think Billy Mays was involved in trolling?
For transparency's sake, the CWCki discloses such discrepancies from reality using Protip boxes, troll disclosures, and other notices.
Coverage of Modern Christory takes a more matter-of-fact approach, thanks to the ease of doxing Internet trolls. Modern CWCki editors are also gradually transitioning classic articles away from the dramatized writing of yesterday, so those who prefer clarity are in luck.
What's the deal with Chris and? What is a saga?
The CWCki has a few series that tie it all together. You can think of them as the skeleton, bloodstream, and nervous system of the site.
  • The Chris and series. This series is purely topical – it discusses subjects as they relate to Chris, regardless of the time period. These are the things that make Chris Chris. Such topics range from Chris's relationship with art and gaming, to his physical and mental health.
  • The Saga page. It describes the major events in Chris's life from the womb to the modern world, but still takes a topical approach, looking at arcs and happenings in Chris's existence.
  • The CWChronology: purely chronological as its name suggests. Here, you can learn Chris's entire story from start to now, even including events from before his conception.
What happened to the tagline Where no shit is too minor?
The tagline was retired on 20 December 2019, because there was a significant increase in people trying to influence Chris. Many of them fall into one of the Unholy Tetrad:
  • White Knights – people who feel sorry for Chris, and try to help Chris, often without realising that getting Chris to halt his self-destructive lifestyle is going to take a lot more than a message on social media, or a Patreon donation.
  • A-logs – people who express disproportionate hatred for Chris, often wishing misery or physical harm on him.
  • Enablers – people who encourage Chris’s negative habits. Some White Knights find themselves having to do this to get in touch with Chris. Some weens have also found themselves doing this to purposefully screw him up.
  • Weens – people who try and fail to annoy Chris.
Why does the CWCki continue to refer to Chris by his old name and pronouns?
  • The simplest reason for this is consistency. The CWCki has thousands of articles, and it would be an impossible, arduous task to change every "he" to "she" throughout Chris's entire existence, plus it's effectively historical revisionism.
  • Some articles require the context of Chris's maleness. References to Chris's orientation and past hatred of gay men won't be as obvious if we didn't address Chris by his assigned gender. Same thing with atypical/feminine behavior (such as his high voice and use of "Gal-Pals"), and behavior considered creepy for guys but not so much for women (such as getting touchy-feely).
  • Using "he" pre-transition and "she" post-transition may seem like a fair compromise, but the exact beginning of Chris's transition is hard to define. It can be confusing on articles that cover Chris both before and after his transition, such as the Chris and series. Dissenting users have also suggested using "(s)he" or "they", but Chris doesn't use they/them pronouns either, and "(s)he" looks clunky.
  • Community consensus. YouTube and Twitter commentators overwhelmingly call Chris male, as do some documentarians. While Chris did receive a legal name/gender change, there's considerable debate in the community as to whether he is a genuine trans woman. CWC communities, such as Kiwi Farms, have an unfortunate tendency to "misgender" trans people in general. Null said he refers to Chris as "he" because he "carries male genetics" and insisted that he was a straight male most of his life. Most Christorians use "he" for Chris, and the CWCki reflects this trend.
  • Relating to the above, his previous first names (Christopher, Christian) and his current one (Christine) can all easily be shortened to just "Chris", "Chris-Chan" or "CWC", which is what he's mostly referred to as anyway regardless of pronouns.


What does he smell like?
As of 19 October 2019, cannabis. Historical answers include "rotten watermelons" (according to Emily), a variant of the homeless person stench (according to Robert Simmons V) or, as some field agents have reported, 'body odor masked with gallons of Axe'. While in jail, it seemed as if his hygiene had improved, with daily showers the norm, but by the time of the May 2023, it has deteriorated, to the point that one person stated he smelled of "pure shit I had to inhale very shallowly". The point is, Chris smells awful.
What's the deal with Chris's eyes?
According to Chris, his eyes were originally blue but he got pink eye in his right eye during high school and medication for it turned it green. His eyes are only faintly different and definitely not to the degree that they're depicted in his comic form. A cursory examination of this image demonstrates that he has had heterochromia since at least elementary school. Additionally, it's fairly common for people with blue or green eyes to have one eye of a slightly different hue.
What's the deal with the striped shirts?
Many of Chris's shirts were bought by his mother from the Salvation Army and Goodwill.[8] Following Chris's introduction to the world of Internet trolling, his wardrobe went through several iterations before eventually settling on its current tomgirl form, but he has since purchased at least two simillar T-shirts to capitalise on the nostalgia, dubbed The Classic 2.0 and The Classic (Replica) by the CWCki.
What's the deal with the yellow thing on the back of the medallion chain?
It's a Wilson wrist warmer he wears because the chain irritates his skin,[9] probably due to sensory defensiveness, a common autistic symptom.
Does Chris drink or do drugs?
Chris was firmly against smoking and drug abuse. For much of his life, he was equally strongly opposed to drinking as well, but a video of him drinking a salty-tasting Long Island Iced Tea turned up in 2009 and he has since softened his stance, saying he is a "social drinker".[10] He has since been known to drink Budweiser, Kahlúa and vodka, but seems to drink only occasionally, or when encouraged by trolls. He also smoked marijuana with the Teen Troon Squad. He was legally required to abstain from any drugs or alcohol after being placed on Virginia's Therapeutic Docket in late 2018 and early 2019.
What's this about Jimmy Hill?
Jimmy Hill was a trolling effort run by the Something Awful Sycophant Squad (S.A.S.S.), but disintegrated in November 2008 at the same time the board collapsed. It was supposed to make Chris believe someone was stealing his Sonichu character, since possible theft of Sonichu seems to be one of the few things that gets him worked up into a fury. Chris stopped believing in Jimmy Hill some time after when he noticed the page never updated. This is one of the very few recorded examples of Chris realizing that someone was a troll without them openly declaring it. Despite this, he still has a grudge against Jimmy Hill, leaving him in the final version of Sonichu #10 from December 2009.
Of note, Jimmy Hill passed the "rights" to Sonichu in Europe to the TRUE and HONEST Christian Weston Chandler. Hill died in 2015.
What do Megan/Michael Snyder/Old Gal-Pals/et. cetera think of Chris now that he spooned his mother?
It is not known for certain what people from earlier in Chris's life make of his incestuous affair with his mother. Most of these people have moved on from Chris since then. Please do not attempt to contact them.
Where does Chris currently publish new content?
As of October 2023 Chris's current YouTube channel is CwcvilleGuardian. He posts on Twitter/X as CPU_CWCSonichu. He does have a few more social media accounts, such as one on Bluesky, but they are either abandoned or barely utilised.
Is Barbara dead?
No, and if you have to ask that question she almost definitely isn't. Fake obituaries for Barb are fairly common. The actual news of her eventual passing will likely come directly from Chris himself.
Where can I learn more about this singular human anomaly?
Well, right here at this fine wiki, of course. If you really want to induct yourself into the horrors of Chris, we would recommend starting with where it began for most of us: the Megan Saga and the release of the e-mail correspondence between the two. Other resources include:

Introductory Guide:

Important Articles

See also

  • Common Questions for Chris's own answers to fan questions
  • Gossip for common misconceptions regarding Christory


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