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Chris meets GodBearWatch & Win SweepstakesAN F IN ENGLISH CLASS?!Slam attack!Attraction Sign"I'M STILL STUCK AS A VIRGIN WITH RAGE!"Kick, Punch, it's all in the mind!CWC is AngryMasturbating and squirtin'ShecameforCWC.JPGDykes...Dykes! CHINA!Medallion DestructionThe Pickle Man tricked me again...Boobies! Vaginas. Mmm...I'LL BREAK YOU DEAD!DIRTY, CRAPPED BRIEFSI'm cuttin it down!JULAAAY!Ohio tripMedallion up the assDate with EmilyI'll be in your dreams!Holding Out For a HeroGONNA STRANGLE THAT CLYDE CASH!MAKE YOU EAT YOUR UNDERWEARRRRR!I have your mugshot...Pyong, pyong, pyong!Bottoms up!I get BLANGRY!Grand number of poundsCrazy nudie auditionI love you so much, I love you so muuuuuch!I got a fish!Rollin' and Trollin'BURN IN HELL!OK2BGayChris humps his PS3SHOWDOWN: The TRUE CWC Confronts The FAKESingStar ChallengeMY! NAME! IS! NOT! IAN! BRANDON! SOMETHING!DIEEEEEEE YOU!I've got a little Chun-Li within me.OFF! THE! INTERNET!Sign Destruction VideoHalf-and-half!Chris Loses ItChris Did 9/11Father CallBUDDHA BELLY AND EXAGGERATED MANBOOBS!Patti will have your soul tonight!Alec Benson Leary callsCURSE-YE-HA-ME-HA!Tito Got No Luck Against We Brits, Irish and Scots!Trolling stupid pickle suited...JEW!Fridays After FiveJenkinsJinkiesChris writes underage gay eroticaChris destroys his PS3Mr Popo CosplayDivineTrialElectric Hedgehog power!Chris Chan's a real nigga!Tomgirl picturesCakefartsGoodbye HorsesChris Rocks OutChris and his mom do a hit-and-runBurning down the houseSonic's arms are NOT blue!Don't call anybody!HelloLadyFansProposition to SegaFrozen SemenPlease have my babies.Stephanie BustcakesDie, Trump, die!DIY VaginaDo not hate! Hate is not so good.#HarassCWCdirectlyChris dances with Magi-ChanQ&A NO MORE!Get Out, You D*** NazisDick Licker; that is IHey now, you're an All-Star!TooManyGames meltdownAY, YOU TOILET!Chris kisses CryzelChris screams at the cameraJust keep reading...The Last Will and Testament of Chris-ChanTHIS IS WHAT CHRIS ACTUALLY BELIEVES.HASBROOOOOOO!The Point of No ReturnThe Perp Walk of ShameI am Literally also Jesus ChristIt was all my Mom's IdeaPinned Down at the NuthouseAND I BRING, PERSONALLY, THE SECOND COMING.Team Rocket's stupid!You shipped me with that Snorlax!