Direct Message to Hasbro: MLPG5 Is Cancelled.

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It is absolutely mind-boggling that Chris' last ever video online is essentially a 'Classic Chris' rant. This genuinely feels like some kind of arc, coming full circle.
YouTube commenter 'humanskin', reflecting on the rant and the events that came to follow its release.
My action was just for the justice and safety of our universe and our timeline, here.
Chris on why he made the video.[1]

Direct Message to Hasbro: MLPG5 Is Cancelled. is a YouTube video produced and uploaded by Chris on 27 July 2021, and was the last video Chris uploaded before being arrested. Chris went out with not a whimper, but a bang by releasing his first rant video in a long time.

Earlier in the day, Chris had encountered several toys for the latest generation - G5 - of My Little Pony at a local Wal-Mart and Target. As G5 is a reboot of the franchise, Chris was strongly opposed to it proceeding and had complained to IP owner Hasbro about it in the past. Chris used magical thinking to believe he used his powers to phase the toys out of existence. When Chris returned home, he was still enraged over the matter and decided to record a video demanding Hasbro to cancel the cartoon and toy line for My Little Pony G5.[2]

After Chris uploaded the video, Watchman The WCT reached out, concerned over Chris's display of aggression and asking him not to hurt himself and to talk things out instead, to whom Chris promised that he had no intention of hurting himself and agreed to talk. Chris claimed that he was not angry about "trivial" details such as the G5 character designs but was instead upset over his belief that the G5 series was "Not supposed to exist at all in this timeline until After Season Fourteen of G4."[1]

Due to his incarceration, this was the last video uploaded personally by Chris, not by a troll or a third-party, until October 2023, with the Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu Prime Resurrected and Returned video.

Background and analysis

"If you don't cancel G5, you're going to put this ENTIRE TIMELINE in chaos!"

In the video, Chris insists that the previous iteration of the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, run for 5 more seasons, in yet another one of his lengthy speeches. Instead of the usual threats, Chris simply states to Hasbro that by not canceling the reboot, they will inadvertently cause disorder in this timeline – because we all know that the most important thing to the safety of the world is the cancelation of a rebooted cartoon promoting plastic pony toys and the continuation of its previous iteration. From Chris's perspective, things like a global pandemic, world hunger, climate change, and ongoing wars and conflicts compromising national security can wait later, and will probably be solved by the Dimensional Merge anyway, and are comparatively less important because they don't directly affect him.

This video is perhaps the most prominent display of Chris's rage since the end of his relationship with Jessica Quinn, which seems particularly jarring after he'd spent months tweeting messages of peace and encouraging faux-meditation practices.[3][4][5] Chris's anger here, aside from being indicative of his usual resistance to change, may also reflect him subconsciously understanding that his magical thinking will not influence the business decisions affecting the brands that he loves so much. It's also possible that Chris stopped taking estrogen in the recent past to prepare for his incestuous affair, which may have fueled a more aggressive response.

Unusually for Chris, this video was shot in his bathroom.[2] The video not only showcases more of the hoard in 14 Branchland Court but also reveals that one of the bathroom walls now has several dents. Some passive observers have speculated that Chris may have punched these holes in the wall out of anger before he filmed the video. However, Chris claims that the dents were really his attempts to practice for the day that he physically destroys the wall separating humans from their OCs, and have been there for an unspecified amount of time.[1] Considering how often he lies about embarrassing things he's done, it is not fully certain whether or not Chris was being honest. Neither he nor Barb appeared to have said anything about it beforehand, and given the extent of Chris's delusions, it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility for Chris to have legitimately believed he was breaking into another dimension.

This recklessness, along with the rant included in the video (not to mention his prior debacle with Sonic Boom), left many concerned with the current state of Chris's already deteriorating mental health. It is feared that he could eventually devolve into breaking other things, or even causing physical harm to others, either out of a mixture of his delusions or anger. It certainly didn't help that Chris planned to attend Everfree Northwest in a matter of weeks when he recorded the video, where MLP G5 content almost certainly would've been showcased. However, due to the Incest Call being brought to light, Chris was banned from attending the convention. On September 24, 2021, the animated film My Little Pony: A New Generation was released on Netflix, which will subsequently air a full animated series in 2022 to replace Friendship is Magic, with Hasbro choosing not to heed Chris's warning and nothing significantly disastrous occurring as a result.

This video is also very noteworthy for being the final video that Chris recorded and uploaded to his Youtube channel before he was arrested on 1 August 2021 due to the aforementioned incest situation regarding his own mother, Barbara Chandler. In a way, Chris was correct about the timeline being put into a state of chaos. If only we had taken him seriously.


Direct Message to Hasbro: MLPG5 Is Cancelled.
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Stardate 27 July 2021
Subject Matter TelevisionTelevision Television
Performance Style RageRage Rage, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga GOPonyGOPony GOPony Merge SagaMerge Saga Merge
Chris Chan's shoutout to JoSona6
The Arrest


Cancel MLPG5 NOW, Hasbro, or things are seriously going to get Metaphysical.


[Chris inhales] Hello, people of Hasbro in Rhode Island. This is Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu – your Goddess Blue Heart – in Ruckersville, Virginia.

Now, listen here, and listen good. I have told you all. I've kept it going time and time again, but you y'all keep putting it on and putting it on.

But... My Little Pony: Generation FIVE. Is. Cancelled! G4, Friendship is Magic, needs – its – five – more – seasons! It needs to go onto Season 14!

Now... [Chris appears to be winded after half a minute of ranting] This is, the last, straw! Because for the GOOD, and SAFETY, of this timeline! You need to get get that shit PULLED OFF of shelves and amazon stores and wherever else, all. The dang. Far. Way.


I am telling you this to warning you:


And do not resume G5...

[Chris places his hand on his forehead, realizing he failed as a goddess]

I m-mean you do...

You do not resume G4, you have to cancel G5! If you don't cancel G5, you're going to put this ENTIRE TIMELINE in chaos! So, I'm giving you this, warning to tell you true, and STRAIGHT UP!

[Chris points intently at the camera]


[Chris pauses for a moment before ending the video, leaving us with a haunting image of the last image he would upload for years]

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