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This page is a directory for leaked chats pertaining to Chris's incestuous relationship with his mother Barbara.

Chris tells The WCT

Main article: WCT DMs#New sweetheart

Sex plans

Main article: WCT DMs#Sex plans

Massage oil and dream

Main article: WCT DMs#Massage oil and dream

Every three nights

Main article: WCT DMs#Every three nights

Chris tells Null

Main article: Null DMs#Chris vaguely describes his relationship

Sexy Negligee

Main article: WCT DMs#Sexy negligee

Barbara's ex

Main article: WCT DMs#Barbara's ex

More descriptions of the lady friend

Main article: WCT DMs#Chris describes his lady friend

Chris wants to spill the beans

Main article: Bella chats#Chris Wants to Spill the Beans

Quit her

Main article: Chess Club Chats#Quit Her

Bella reacts to incest call

Main article: Chess Club Chats#Bella Reacts to Incest Call

Chris texts about incest with his mother

Main article: Incest Texts

Discussion of Incest

Main article: Bella and Fiona chats

CCCC Incest Call Leak

Main article: CCCC Incest Call Leak

Bella discusses incest news leak

Main article: Chess Club Chats#Incest News Leak

Bella and Fiona text

Main article: Bella and Fiona chats

"I'm kinda scared"

Main article: Bella and Fiona chats

WCT asks Chris about the leaks

Main article: WCT DMs#Asking about Incest Call leak

Null asks Chris if the call is real

Main article: Null DMs#Incest leak questioning

Null talks about Bella

Main article: Null DMs#Incest questioning

Chris confesses to Dillin Thomas

Main article: Dillin Thomas DMs

Sound of mind

Main article: Null DMs#Sound of mind

Chris takes money from Barb

Main article: Null DMs#Chris takes money from Barb
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