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This page covers leaked chats pertaining to Chris's incestuous relationship with his mother Barbara. Chris's messages are in blue; the other parties in various colors.

Chris's new sex partner

2 July 2021

Chris mentions having a sex partner but avoids naming her.

Main article: Sean Walker Discord DMs#New sweetheart

Chris vaguely describes his relationship

5 July 2021 (leaked by Null on 31 July 2021)[1]

Chris misleads Null on the true nature of his relationship, lying by omission and leaving out key details to manipulate Null into believing the relationship was simply a matter between Chris and an older woman.

Now, I also have a major update to share with you; Strictly Confidential.

The past week up to Sunday the 27th has been a major game-changer for the positive with me. I tell you this in Strictest Confidence, and trust; I do not want word of this on the Kiwi or going public.

But, I had sex with someone last week; someone of this half of our universe. I worked thoroughly and compassionately with her beforehand, and at present. She's physically older than I. If heard, one may say it's something out of an anime or fan fiction. But, yeah, keeping her safe as well. Also, next appointment with my doctor is on the 20th, so I'll get checked then, to be safe. Condoms are being used in the intercourse.

This relationship was something I have extensively given much, much deep thought and within myself. I had foreseen this among the infinite possible outcomes long ago. I no longer believe in labels that would hinder, and I do not listen to those shadows. This was of my own choice and acceptance, and I have no regrets. This feels right and good with I, and her.

Really? How'd you meet?
Well, I’ve met her a while ago, and was not fully aware at the time. And my ally deities guided me to seek her out and make things go further with great effort. We have talked off and on during the time in person. Behind a considerable camouflage, she was, but she was honest in her emotions. And she wanted to be with me as well; mutual feelings on good rapport. This relationship has been, from the start, offline and in-person, I assure you.
Do you have a picture of you and this girl btw?
Woof! Pressing hard for details. I do have photos of my lady friend, but I feel it too personal at this time. I did mention she was older than I; she’s in the over 50’s. And she definitely does not want to be spread around. As one of my more curious followers may have found through my Amazon by now, I even recently purchased a valuable and informative book to add additional guidance.
Guide to Sex and Disability.jpg
I'm not trying to press, just curious. It's good you're both into things like anime
Actually, she doesn’t watch much anime, or animated series, or even television these days for that matter.

Adam West was one of her favourite people back in the 60’s, however, as it was for her son back then.

Well that's cool, I hope it works out
It is


I have found great appreciation for her in reading her deeply, and in listening to her stories and life adventures. Her High School days were quite fun for her. An intellectual, she is; worked a lot in numbers and accounting.

Also, you may note what I have told you of my lady friend so far and in future; I kinda want you to figure it out for yourself, as also the few others I’ve confided strictly with this detail. Don Lashomb and Wildcat are the two others who have additional clues as well. And I’ve mentioned this to my Doctor as well, without mentioning her name directly at all in any event. I will see my doctor on the 20th, so I will get tested to confirm lack of STDs then.

She and I have our romps in the sack every three nights at the present.

It does give her something to look forward to. She is very grateful, and I am also appreciative in being able to enlighten her with sex play she missed out on from even her exes.

You should definitely not tell anyone who she is. It'll only complicate the relationship if people start harassing her.
It's a good sign you've kept it secret so far but don't risk it
Yes. Shhhhh.

We are safe, as long as none of this, even the obscure details, get leaked at all in public view or on Kiwi.

Good idea, I'd honestly advise not telling even people you trust that you have a girlfriend at this point.
Not telling anyone else after you, I do promise.

More descriptions of the lady friend

14 July 2021

Main article: Sean Walker Discord DMs#Chris describes his lady friend

Bella reacts to incest call

28 July 2021

Bella posted to her Chess Club Discord group (timestamped 3:40 AM in logs):[2]

about to video call cwc

At the 5:40 AM timestamp, she posted:[3]




He never told anyone but me

Keep this private

I'm the only person he told

Hss in a sexual and romantic relationship with his mom

Theyre fucking hard

And constantly

And they do kinky shit together
We talked for like 4 hours
I took some random clips from our long and actually very pleasant talk

Only got some of it

Im trying to compile it now

Her friend louize asked if she would be leaking to the documentary guy. She replied:

I'll leak it everywhere eventually

I'm sending it to [Suitress] rn

nobody pre4dicted this


At the 6:45 AM timestamp, Bella posted a link to the video she compiled, her friends watched the footage and discussed. Louize asked, "what else did he say?" Bella replied:

Nipple clips on both, lingerie on both, 3 hour long massages, candle wax

They have sex every 3 days on the dot

they do all this and they all use vibrators

they tereat eachthers like lovbers

shes to old to even cook for herself so when he makes her eggs he jacks off on htem

Louize asked, "how come youre talking about [Suitress] a lot". Bella answered:

She asked me too

She wanted me to break whoever the 70 year lady he was dating up so that she can date him

Turns out that 70 year old is his but uh

Louize commented that the footage is shocking. Bella responded:

the kinky stuff he sdays is woorse but i got none of it

Louize asked why and she replied:

bc my ipad stoppped recording automatically and i didnt realize it

Bella discussed leaking.

u cant post this yet [...] im planning on posting it i just need to father evidence foerm a different angle so i remain anoymous

On 31 July, Bella discussed the call again.[4]

he said he was dating this girl for months,m this 72 year old lady

he said he wanted to confess something to me

and i suspected it

bc he said it was illegal

and that was it

Louize asked, "Did u tell him it was wrong or did he think it was completely justified"

Bella answered:

never said ot was wrong

he thought it was justified

i said i understoofd so he would talk more

Chris texts about incest with his mother

Unclear, possibly the night of 28 July 2021[note 1] (leaked on night of 29 July)[5]

Just going ahead and sharing this with you, fresh experience.

On the Strictly Confidential just between you and I.

So, yes, Barb and I just had another romp in the hay and an extensive cuddle.

Tonight, I started looking into a more consistent pattern to my massaging. And I took the input and focused on getting blood flow into the groin area.

Before tonight, I did not really have a set pattern in the massage, aside from feet and legs, followed by hands and arms, the face, front torso, and then a roll-over for her back.

I have found a more consistent method that works between the legs and arms, but I was inconsistent in the hands and feet. Anyway

Also made another attempt at rubbing her vagina, externally at first, then slipping in between the lips and rubbing the inner labia. Then she told me to stop. She's getting more used to being played with down there by hand.

Would you Believe she has literally Never Ever masturbated in her entire life?

And, obviously those out of the eight guys, counting Robertchu, before me were not hitting her G-Spot as much with their cocks. I had attempted the first night to rub her in there; I found her spot, but it hurt her. But, alternatively, I did find that at cunnilingus, I was good at it with my tongue.

And I did also stimulate her clit; that does not seem to hurt her as much, but she still has a limit with that spot as well.

Anyway, we're making progress.

And when we cuddle, and this actually impresses me More, I literally feel our souls bonding and coming together as one during that time. Damn, it feels soo good when that happens.

And we talk a good while as well before she heads back upstairs.

I have been sending her meditation tracks to stimulate her brain and bring back some of her youth, and the results do show, most splendidly. I am soo proud of her.

And from her stories she told me tonight, she Even remembered a fun story that Involved her daddy from when she was two years old.

Two Years Old.

That in itself at her age is Massively Good!

She has had memory problems at time beforehand, yes, but she is being better stimulated in her mind and soul, and it Really Shows! Her mental processing speed is even going back up.

She FEELS This and has told me so, herself.

And I am soo happy and content that I am able to help her out like this.

And It helps me as well, because of the experience, and the education and learning

Bella discusses incest news leak

30 July 2021, in Bella's Chess Club Discord group[6]

Bella asked her friend Louize for his Kiwi Farms account.

can i use it? [Suitress] and i are posting the biggest troll out in all of history

dropping the biggest turd of info

Louize okayed it but asked why not use hers. Bella answered:

bc my username is 10 anon

Louize responded that his account is ternarymercury and Bella thanked him.

Later that day as news of the incest leaks spread, Bella appeared and discussed her role in the leaks and the disinformation she was spreading in what would be a futile attempt to avoid being doxxed.

i got his watchdogs on my side

theyre disgusted with him

i told everyone [Suitress] was a minor

i just need to manipulate josh moon

i blamed it all on avery

Louize pointed out that people were currently assuming Bella to be a troll name and not her real name. Bella answered:

yeah bc i told them it was my troll name

and that im a 42 year old man

ik chris had my name so i convinced him in the end that i was 42 and a man

Bella also discussed manipulating the audio in the call:

they said theres a 0% chance im a woman bc my voice is raspy like a prepubescent boy and deeper

i raised the audio up so it would sound more like [Suitress]s

Louize said he could tell the audio had been messed with from the original.

they saw through that so now they assume i just altered it extremely high and it was like isaac hayes before
the clips are a bunch of random segments of convo, theyre not leading into converstaion
it was also bc it was last minuet so i recorded on my ipad
[Suitress] released the voice without my permission tho i was pissed

Chris confesses to Dillin Thomas

30 July 2021[7]

Dillin linked to a YouTube upload of the incest call.

Chris you know I hardly ever hit you up, but I feel that this needs explaining.

Can you tell me what this is?

Keep faith, and distance yourself from the drama and chaos going on today. Know that remaining bad vibrations of the world are being sorted and weeded out today. A detail that fell into wrongest of hands can light the paths for the good intentioned and light powered individuals.
Chris did you do it?

Yes or No?

I have been cool with you and have tried treat you like a normal person, I think that you can at least return the favor with an actual response.

I'm gonna have to talk about this and it would help if you could explain what this is to me.

I am not at liberty to discuss about this. And I ask you, please, Dillin, to not drag, yourselves into this drama as well.

This is a test of the remaining weeded out toxic individuals who would take advantage of such details.

You and Taylor are stronger and better than this.

It bothers me that you can't say yes or no Chris.

I know the audio was messed with.

I just wanna know if it's true.

I will trust you with the simple answer, then. I ask you both to please not screen cap or share even this simple answer.


This is my test for you both as well.

Please, prove me right

I won't screen cap it.

Chris takes money from Barb

31 July 2021[8]

Null posted to Kiwi Farms:

Chris gave me access to his emails years ago to help out a while back during the Joshua Wise situation. I've had access since. Chris is aware i have access to his emails, and after changing his passwords recently gave me access to them again. I've helped him deal with trolls signing him up for spam and newsletters and other things like that.

I was going to send Chris his GoFundMe money, but after talking it over and sleeping on it, I've canceled the payment and I've asked GoFundMe to do a total refund.

I told Chris last night to spend one night sleeping in his vehicle, and that this morning I would help him figure out a way to have a roof over his head until August 5th. I suggested that he take some time under the stars to reflect on his situation.

Every so often, Chris gets an email alert that Barb has sent him money. I've always been under the impression that Barb tightly manages his finances and sends him a pittance. However, to my surprise, at 12:38am this morning (so less than 8 hours ago), Barb sent Chris $750.

I asked Chris about this.

Null then posted screenshots of his conversation with Chris:

Did you ask your mom to send you money? That is probably a violation of the EPO
I did not ask her to send me money.

I have refrained from contacting her at all, and continue to do so.

So she sent you money on her own?
She did not send me any money.

I managed to find blessings in the minimum abundance I needed.

Meanwhile, I presently have a little over five hours to kill, and both the favorite malls around here (CTC and Regency Square) don't open until 11:00.

Do you have control over her bank accounts?
Yes, I have online control. And this was an emergency. I plan on sending the $750 back to her account after when the $1000 gets into my account.

Null then blocked Chris.

He stated in his Kiwi Farms post:

I believe this is a violation of his EPO, as he is prohibited from stealing from her. I've notified police. I'm done.


  1. The texts were leaked on 29 July 2021, a Thursday. The texts are dated as Wednesday and the final text is stamped "Yesterday".