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Christian Weston Chandler is an unofficial fan-made documentary film based on Chris's life from his birth to January 2015, directed and created by Kiwi Farms member spylobster (also known as Sachumo on YouTube). It was successfully completed and released to YouTube on 2 February 2015.

Made in Adobe Premiere as a high school project, the film takes a look at Chris's troubled life in a mostly serious and factual fashion, utilizing photos, videos, and interviews, although it does have its moments of comedy. Notably, the film presents no bias towards Chris as a whole. At the end, it leaves it up to the viewer for how they feel about Chris as a whole.

The documentary was highly anticipated when it was first announced on the Farms. This was the very first actual film produced about Chris; previously, there were only fake movie trailers made out of Chris. Upon release, Christian Weston Chandler was well-received, gaining over 950,000 views and 20,000 likes as of August 2017, making it one of the most-viewed videos in the CWChronology. The success of the film has led to sachumo confirming that a sequel is definitely happening[1].

The film features "Still Alive" from Portal as its ending theme. While "Still Alive" is a song primarily sung about the ending to the game and the character of GLaDOS herself, the lyrics to the song take on a strangely fitting and bittersweet tone in the context of Chris's life. Lyrics that serve as an example of this are "There's no sense crying over every mistake", and "I prefer to stay inside". Despite its inclusion, sachumo has stated that he is not a huge fan of Portal.

To this day, it is unknown if Chris himself has seen the video, but its most likely that if he did viewed it, he wouldn't be happy about it.


Christian Weston Chandler
Stardate 2 February 2015
Made By Sachumo (Josh L.)
Subject Matter TragedyTragedy Tragedy, MusicMusic Music, TrollsTrolls Trolls, TelevisionTelevision Contests, TelevisionTelevision Television, Video gamesVideo games Video Games, RageRage Chris's Anger, HomosHomos Homos, GalpalsGalpals Love Quest, SexSex Sex, ComicsComics Comics, ViolenceViolence Violence
Video Type Fan ArtFan Art Fan Art, ReasonReason Reason, ComedyComedy Comedy
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