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In recent years, Chris and/or Barb have occasionally been visited by fans at 14 Branchland Court.

Joey Vance

Chris with Joey (far left) and his brother.

On 18 October 2019, Joey Vance and his older brother visited Sonichu Headquarters to meet Chris. Their accounts were posted on Reddit in r/ChrisChanSonichu the next day.[1]

The two brothers were initially visiting Charlottesville and since Ruckersville just happens to be in their way, Joey decided to make the most of their time together to personally visit Chris. The overall visit was described as a calm experience between the two parties, with the older brother (known by his Reddit handle xv5qx) even giving a Sonic toy as a "peace offering". One interesting note Joey mentioned is the fact that Chris smells of weed. Whether the musk is the result of his usual poor hygiene or his new drug habit is still up for debate.


Joey also recorded conversations regarding Jacob Sockness.

A Chat with Christine Weston Chandler/Chris Chan
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 19 October 2019
Subject Matter JacobJacob Jacob
Statement about Sockness
Chris Chan Sonichu plays TSSSF, Solitaire


[A dog is heard whining eerily throughout the video]

Chris: [Faintly] Hello?

Joey's Brother: Hey, are you Christian Chandler?

Chris: Yes...

Joey's Brother: We live in the area- sorry to bother you- we've been fans for a few years and stuff and...

Chris: Thank you.

Joey's Brother: though we'd kinda give some gifts

Chris: Oh, thank you.

Joey's Brother: Yeah.

Chris: That's very nice.

Joey's Brother: Yeah. Its nice to meet you dude.

Chris: Yeah. It's nice to meet you both.

Joey's Brother: Yeah. Anyway, how have you been?

Chris: I've been doing alright.

Joey's Brother: That's cool.

Chris: Ahh been doing very well, you knowsshh having to cope with the events-

Joey's Brother: Yeah, I- I heard about the- the situation with the guy, I'm sorry to hear about that.

Chris: Well don't worry about that, it's all cool.

Joey's Brother: We're all looking out for your best interests, and you definitely have our support so-

Chris: Thank- I love your blue eyes.

Joey's Brother: Oh, appreciate it. I you- blue and green eyes, they're really cool.


Joey's Brother: That's awesome! Yeah. So, anyway, um is it cool if we get a selfie or something?

Chris: Yeah-

Aggravating Art (2021)

Chris with Aggravating Art.

On 20 February 2021, a Ruckersville local by the handle of Aggravating_Art_2982, along with his older brother and his brother's girlfriend visited Chris and documented his (now deleted) experience on Reddit's r/ChrisChanSonichu subreddit.[2]


Aggravating Art also recorded a short video featuring Chris's wardrobe.

Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 20 February 2021
Shirt Patriotic Muumuu
Sonichu reads and critiques a Fanfic by The Crimson Libertarian
Chris Kisses Rosechu


[Laughing and dogs whining in the background]

Swag, dripped out baby! (higher pitch) Dripped out!

Anon on /pol/

On 28 June 2021, an anonymous user on 4chan's /pol/ board visited 14 Branchland Court to take pictures of the house and the Dodge Caravan. The user played the flute near Patti's old doghouse and apparently saw Chris peeking through a window in the house.


On 27 July 2021, Reddit user hoov2002 visited Chris at 14 Branchland Court, and took two photos with him. Of note is how both of these images feature Chris wearing his negligee, which he claimed he had been wearing during some instances of his affair with his mother.[3] This visit was not publicly posted about until March 2022, likely due to the fact that Chris' incest came to light just a day later.

Phillip Jeffries

On 29 August 2021, during the fallout of the incest incident and the August 2021 arrest, a Kiwi Farms user called Phillip_Jeffries visited 14 Branchland Court with a friend in order to see the condition of the aforementioned Dodge Caravan and the cats. Phillip was able to confirm that the vehicle was back at the house, and that at least two cats, Baby and Sylvia, were still living at the residence. Most notably, it was also confirmed that Barbara had returned to the house and that the Caravan had been registered with replacement license plates.[4]

Winfield Winfield

Main article: Yard Tour (2021)


Party on, Garth!

e1ectricthunder is a young woman who posted a very brief video of her and an unknown accomplice interacting with Barb. The two of them went to the Chandler home, claimed to be friends of Chris's looking to get in touch with them, and were met only by a very confused-sounding Barb. Their visit was not well-received, especially on the Kiwi Farms, where this was viewed as the harassment of an elderly woman, for Internet clout, which lead to her doxing.

On 20 September 2021, she and an unknown male visited 14 Branchland Court, knocked on the door to reveal a seemingly confused Barbara, and asked, babbling, whether Chris was home or not. Barb was previously described as looking frail, more "gone" than usual, and growing facial hair.[5] Barb seemed to be confused when asked about where her son was while Clover howled at the door. Given that Barb did not know that she was being recorded, this was seen by some as evidence that she is not faking having cognitive difficulties as some claimed she did in Chris's begging videos, or at least that her alleged difficulty hearing is getting worse.

The video was then posted to the r/ChrisChanSonichu subreddit,[6] but was deleted though not before being mirrored.


I went to Chis Chan's house and met Barb...
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate September 2021


[dog whimpering throughout the video]

Ellen: Hey. Um, I was just wondering if Chris was home. [steps in front of her friend to get closer to Barb] I was just wondering if Chris was home.

Barbara: Pardon?

Ellen: Y- is Chris home?

Barbara: I do not understand.

Ellen: My- My friend Chris, I was just wondering if Chris was here.

Barbara: No.

Ellen: Okay. Thank you. I'm sorry to bother. [Barb closes the door]

Larry Vaughn

On 16 December 2021, Larry Vaughn decided to visit 14 Branchland Court after the totaling of Son-Chu. While there, he took two photos of the property, most notably with the van missing. He would later post both of these photos on Reddit. Larry had also claimed that Barb still lives at the house, despite the accident, and that the property was mostly cleaned up, clearing up the hoard, and possibly all of Chris's belongings.


On 8 August 2022, Kiwi Farms user xQqrKE fraudulently represented himself as a pizza delivery man and knocked on the door of 14 Branchland Court while recording video. No one answered, though he heard dog barks. xQqrKE claimed that after he had shut his camera off, a man in business casual pulled up to the house in a black van, told xQqrKE that Barb had not lived there for a long time, and then entered the house.[7]

xQqrKE at 14BC
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos



While Iron_Taipan posted other images, only the ones of the house are relevant here.

On 22 January 2023, Reddit user Iron_Taipan posted[8] to the /r/ChrisChanSonichu subreddit, posting images of a recent trip to Ruckersville. The post included images of what was once The GAMe PLACe, Fashion Square Mall, and some photos of the house.

Made the Pilgrimage & Observations


On the evening of 3 May 2023, redditor DATSJUSTWATINEED2BUS posted a series of images of 14 Branchland Court.[9] What makes this visit notable is that the Redditor saw a glimpse of Barbara Chandler, without being seen by her. DATSJUSTWATINEED2BUS saw her in the upstairs window in the third pic, obscured by the tree. He left immediately after noticing Barb, confident he wasn't spotted. He planned on visiting once more the next morning, although decided against after he found Barb was not in a nursing home.

After I took the third pic I drove a little bit forward to get an additional angle of the house and then thats when I saw her. It was unmistakable, it was her with her white grown and white hair looking off to the right side of the window, possibly doing dishes something, idk whats up there. She wasnt looking at me thankfully but she couldve came to that window after hearing my car (which isnt very quiet, especially at 10 at night) and seeing who was out there.

Maintenance of 14BC's exterior and lawn is continuing to occur, as the lawn appears to have been raked frequently and is actually regaining a healthy green colour. Inside, Chris's Sonichu poster visible from the window to his room is the only obvious sign of his former residence at 14BC. The lights within Chris's room are on, likely for housekeeping by Barbara's caretakers.

Anonymous Facebook Member

On the evening of 25 May 2023, an anonymous post was made to a fan Facebook group[10], showing a picture of 14 Branchland Court and the Fashion Square Mall.

Did a bit of Christory touring today on the way down south


On 25 August 2023, the same day as Chris's case was offically marked as dismissed, u/FaithlessnessSad5791 posted on r/ChrisChanSonichu that they and u/Atahsia had visited 14 Branchland Court.

Myself and U/Atahsia drove to Virginia and we had to stop by the chandler house

We didn't wanna scare anyone so we stayed in the car and accidentally snapped this pic of Barb walking out


On 4 September 2023, Reddit user nemo1316 posted a photo of the Son-Chu car parked at 14 Branchland Court, indicating that Chris either visited or moved back to Sonichu Headquarters.[11]

Chris Chan’s car sighted at Sonichu temple

Aggravating Art (2023)

Throughout 8 September 2023, Aggravating Art visited 14 Branchland Court again and posted photos on Reddit.

On his first trip, he claimed to have found the house completely empty with no one inside or outside the house.[12]

Just went to Chris home. It’s empty and no one home

Aggravating Art later visited the house again in the evening and found that the lights and fan inside the house were turned on, but there were still no cars at the house. He also claimed he had been staying outside the house all day.[13]

2nd Chris visit of the day. Lights are on and fan is but no car is there and has been all day.

An orange and white cat is seen in these photos, though it is unknown if it is one of the Chandlers' or just a stray.


On 3 January 2024, r/ChrisChanSonichu user JacksonStarship stopped at 14 Branchland Court to take photos. He claimed to have rang the doorbell and that Barbara answered.[14]

To preface, I know I saw Chris in public just a couple weeks back. I’m not an obsessive stalker, I can already see those comments flooding in. The spotting was a coincidence and I only stopped at 14 BLC as I was going through Ruckersville.

Anyways, onto the meat of it. We pulled into BLC, I took a few photos from the vehicle and then got out and got the individual I am with to take a couple of me by the house, from the street. After I took these photos I stopped to gather my composure for a second, their were cats running around the yard, they looked healthy and happy.

I walked to the door and rung the door bell, I wouldn’t have done so if I wasn’t able to hear the TV from the yard, I figured whoever was home I would greet them.

Barb came to the door after I had retreated, she asked who I was looking for, I told her that i “just wanted to see if anyone was home,” I see now I should’ve said something a little nicer but I was not expecting to see Barb in the slightest. I said “have a nice day ma’am, sorry for bothering you.” And she seemed slightly taken aback that I wasn’t harassing her. She said “you too” and went back inside. She seemed fully lucid, and if she is demented or senile it isn’t as severe as some might think. She didn’t sound or look unhealthy or frail. I took no photos of Barb as I see no point, she’s just a lonely old lady. If I ever come through Ruckersville again I might drop her off a gift basket or care package.

EDIT: Me by 14 BLC, face censored, I can provide photos of the shirt to verify if anyone wants

TL;DR, Barb and the Chandler animals are live and well, and OP (me) didn’t harass or stalk anyone


On 10 February 2024, redditor EldwichHowwowCthUwU posted several photos of himself and his friends at 14 Branchland Court, the Gearharts chocolate shop and the entrance to Fashion Square Mall. The post was met with a negative reaction, calling Eldritch Horror and his friends out for essentially violating Barb's privacy.



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