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This article is specifically about sexual orientations. For Chris's general views and relationship with human sexuality, see Chris and sex.
we can kiss at the future time.
Chris declaring his love for amateur sorcerer Jacob Sockness.[1]

To this day, Chris's sexuality is very bizarre. Before Bob's death, Chris had an intense fear of "falling off the straight path". He feared that by being in contact with gay people, he himself, would pick up the gay virus, and his LoveQuest would take a complete 180. He then identified himself as a "lesbian transwoman" with a "lesbian soul". Later, the Idea Guys brainwashed him into identifying as bisexual.


Chris tried to stay straight from an early age, by posing with Barbie.
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As stated above, Chris used to have an irrational fear towards homosexual men, particularly out of fear that he would become a homo himself. This strange idea stems from his belief that all homosexual men wish to push their sexuality onto other people. As a result, even saying the word "homosexual" made him queasy. As an alternative, he referred to gay men as "homos", an already existing derogatory term for homosexuals. Chris's main justification for his hatred towards homos was that they supposedly go against God's Will, and even used Stewie Griffin's citation of Leviticus as evidence that homosexuality is a sin, despite it being an obvious joke that flew over his head, in which Stewie Griffin himself has shown homoerotic desires throughout Family Guy, while citing why homosexuality is a sinful act.


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Up until 2014, Chris hasn't been too open on his views on bisexuality. Beforehand, he has hinted traces of tolerance towards bisexuality, though. In Mailbag 33, Chris has hinted that his views on bisexuals were almost no different from his views on homosexuals. When asked about bisexuality, along with other sexualities, Chris simply replies that while people of all sexualities deserve to be treated equal, only marriage between man and woman are allowed, implying that Chris may have been somewhat accepting of bisexuals due to one side of them being attracted to the opposite sex.[2]

According to the answers he submitted on a list of OkCupid questions in mid-2014, he would consider dating a bisexual.[3] On the same list of questions, there is a question which asks "If you were going to have a daughter, which sexual orientation would you hope she would have?" and gives the choices "Straight", "Lesbian", "Bisexual", and "It wouldn't matter to me" as possible answers. Chris chose "It wouldn't matter to me" as his answer, hinting once again that besides being tolerant towards straights and lesbians, he seemed to show some amount of tolerance towards bisexuals too. Although, seeing how he hasn't fully accepted male homosexuals until late 2014, this could be because the question was asking specifically about his daughter, which means that either way, she's straight or lesbian, a win-win situation.

Some people tend to confuse bisexuality with pansexuality, the attraction towards all sorts of people regardless of their sex, gender identity, or sexuality. Chris appears to be one of these people. On August 2014, Chris announced that his character Christine Rosechu is bisexual.[4] He has later claimed that as a bisexual, Christine Rosechu is attracted to just about everyone. In March 2017, he commented on a Huffington Post article to offer sympathy to a bisexual woman.[5]

In March 2018, the Idea Guys brainwashed Chris into believing he was in relationships with fictional male characters Kun T’Nyuget and Magi-Chan, and that this meant he was bisexual in real life.


Some autistic people simply do not understand sexual attraction (for example, high-functioning autistic and hugbox inventor Temple Grandin chooses to be celibate because she admits that she really does not understand sexual attraction and that she lacks the ability, as a consequence of her autism, to engage in a sexual relationship). This could explain some of Chris's views regarding sex and romance; he genuinely cannot understand the appeal of most sexual activity, aside from the fact he's seen people in the media do it and that he thinks that sex is something all men need to experience in order to become complete adults.

As the act of sexual intercourse and relationships in general are fairly social activities, it's quite possible that Chris views the act of losing his virginity as something of a rite of passage--something he needs to do in order to validate his own sexuality and prove to the world that he's a capable "adult". Chris also fails to realize that relationships are give and take. Every sweetheart that Chris has had, which eventually turned out to be a troll involved long, received relentless emails and calls in which Chris prattled on and on about how much he "loved" them and how he was looking forward to finally having sex. After supposedly losing his virginity, it's unknown if he still craves sexual intercourse as much as he did before. One thing was still certain, however, is that he still fervently desired the attention of a sweetheart. Upon first meeting Katherine in person, Chris admitted that he wanted to spend the entire day with her, such as go bra shopping, then have her spend the night at his house and then he would get breakfast for her in the morning. With Jess, he talked about how they were to meet in person, and then the next day go to the MLP movie screening (implying she would spend the night). He also has a habit of staring at women's chests.

After he was introduced to the term by his Mailbag correspondents, Chris took to interpreting and using "asexual" as an insult. In his CWCipedia page on The Wallflower, he referred to her as a "Got-Dang Asexual Woman!". He also became very offended when Jackie implied that he liked video games more than women, ranting that she should not label him as asexual (and missed her point completely).[6]

However, considering Chris's incessant shoehorning of entirely unnecessary sex into the comics, and the ludicrous efforts he goes to get some China, he does seem to possess sexual desire - though not necessarily for women, as these things could simply be part of his efforts to disprove his much-feared homosexuality.

Further, an asexual does not necessarily look for sex in a relationship. Most asexuals seek romantic partners or just prefer platonic friendships. Chris however, seems to develop sexual feelings for every girl he meets and appears to believe it is required (not to mention during the Adam Saga he mentioned wanting to bring Megan to Washington to "change her mind" on sex after she had told him she was asexual (whether she is or said it to get him off her back is not known) and make her the mother of Crystal. Altogether, it's unlikely that Chris is asexual, especially after recent events.

It is worth noting, though, that some asexual people do have a sex drive, just no sexual attraction. They're turned on by the physical sensation of pleasure, not by the person. For them, orgasming is an undirected human function, like scratching an itch or going to the bathroom. They can enjoy masturbation (or even sex!), but there's no actual emotional connection (or lust) involved.

In the original Sonichu 10, Chris listed asexuals as "those who needed to be cured" by drinking the contaminated "straight water". It has been said he feels asexuals are "missing out". As his views have allegedly changed on other sexualities (i.e. gay men and bisexuals), whether or not his views on asexuals have changed remains a mystery.

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