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Since December 2019, the CWCki has become more selective of what qualifies for inclusion, due to a substantial increase in people trying to disrupt or influence Chris for attention: the change means that Christorians now have a lot more time to improve or expand existing articles and pages. This pages lists what they think needs to be done:

  • Can be done in any order.
  • If you have a suggestion for improvement, add it to the appropriate section below: if you have completed any of the suggestions below, remove it from here.
  • If you started working on an article in your sandbox, and want others to help, link your sandbox in the appropriate section below.

Archival of Kiwi Farms links

Archive Kiwi Farms forum reference links using Also copy the forum post contents to pages in Category:CWCki Forums posts / Category:Kiwi Farms posts.

Evaluate Kiwi Farms links to see if they are needed (e.g. if the link goes to a Kiwi Farms post about a Facebook update, link the CWCki's page about the Facebook update instead; if the link goes to a Kiwi Farms post reposting a tweet, try to find the original tweet and link it instead).

Google Search shows the articles still with Kiwi Farms links as references.


  • Convert CWChronology pages such as February 2018 to use References (many CWChronology pages are either missing sources or the source is difficult to find using standard links).


For articles that need cleanup or expansion.

  • Anna McLerran - numerous references in the article are dead links, should be revised
  • Netflix needs to be expanded to include newer shows he has watched, like BNA.
  • Cosplay needs details on Bronycon 2017+18
  • Sections of Chris and religion have not been been updated since his CPU Uzume possession in early 2018. The article especially needs more information on Chris's own following, the "Devotees of Chris Chan Sonichu".
  • Chris and stress - Rewrite to filter out Chris's stressors from things that Chris simply doesn't like and add information on Chris's coping mechanisms.
  • In light of the sealing of the case, an number of articles, such as Weening and the Unholy Tetrad, need to be updated to reflect the Heilberg’s reasons. Basically, the Unholy Tetrad played a major role in the Greene County Court's decision to hit the brakes on the flow of information.



A full list of articles that need updating can be found here.

  • A full review and refresh of the icons has been proposed to coincide with the rollout of the new {{Saga}} (Usage) template: this is because a number of them (such as that for Childhood and the CWCipedia) are provisional. Full details here.


  • Standardize file names and categories for pages from Sonichu: see Little Owl’s draft style guide: we are doing this, so that it will be easier to find them later, as well as to reduce confusion between subtle revisions (e.g. between this and that).



This project is currently on hold, instead please help finish the Standardization project.

Pictures of/by

    • Weens under Category:Ween
    • White Knights under Category:White Knight
    • Enablers under Category:Enabler
    • A Logs under Category:A-Log
    • Fan art under Category:Fan Art

If you see any useless pictures not being used anywhere put the delete template on them.

Minor fixes

For minor aesthetic changes or droning repetitive fixes.

  • Bluespike skype chats have minor formatting errors and summaries require piping

Things that always need to be done

Changes to articles/templates that need to be done periodically.

  • Clean up unused files.

Lost media

A lot of Chris related media is lost. Help the CWCki by finding them and placing them in their articles. Back them up in multiple publicly accessible websites before if you do find any.

  • Skype sex logs by PandaHalo
  • Sonichu fan promo 1 and 2 by timmys1984
  • Sonichu home club videos by Chris
  • CWC 4 Puns of the Patridiots, a video by trolls about MGS and CWC.
  • Special thanks document from Power
  • Clyde Cash's response video to No More Jokes



  • Most archive links to the CWCipedia are dead and lead to a fatal error page. This should get fixed ASAP.



  • Introduce UserMerge — By merging all the blocked spambot accounts into one placeholder, we will have a TRUE and HONEST editor count.