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Articles in need of improvement and other to-do lists.


Things that always need to be done

Lost media

A lot of Chris related media have been lost. Help the CWCki by finding them and placing them in their articles. Don't forget to back them up in multiple publically accesible websites before.

  • Skype sex logs by PandaHalo
  • Sonichu fan promo 1 and 2 by timmys1984
  • Medallion destruction videos by Blanca trolls
  • Sonichu home club videos by Chris
  • Sachumo interview
  • Police scanner conversation on 26 December 2014 about Chris
  • Giant penis comic aka Sonichu special 4

Chris and ...

  • Delete Chris and drama.
  • Delete Chris and journalism.

To do

•Can be done in any order.
•If you want anything done, add to bottom.
•If you complete anything, remove it from here.

  • October, November, December of 2018 and January of 2019 have horrible Social media posts page, fix them up by deleting unwanted posts and rearranging important posts to the top.
  • Create Chris and science and briefly deal with each science and link to main articles, for example write a bit about what Chris feels about biology and link to Biology. Also mathematics. A stub of this article is available here
  • Jack calls 2 and 3 need to have colour removed from tanscripts, similar to jack call 1.
  • Bluespike skype chats have minor formatting errors and summaries require piping
  • 2012 Poster campaign page to be created. User:Alen Pardew had begun the project in 2014. There's some in his sandbox.
  • Kacey call 11 needs minor transcriptions
  • Some Kacey calls need summaries
  • Make a page which says the notable things about each Kacey calls since most of them are incredibly boring and the page can help people adding citations.
  • Bluespike skype logs 2, times are fucked needs fixing by comparing old version
  • Clean up unused files once special pages start working again.