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This is a glossary of common terms regarding Christian Weston Chandler, as well as the fanbase that surrounds him.


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  • admin - Highest level CWCki staff.
  • A-Logging - The act of overplaying or exaggerating a lolcow's negative traits to an irrational degree, often as a means of feeling superior in comparison, or out of a belief that "justice" must be served to them.
  • A-Log - an individual who is suspected of A-logging.
  • anti-troll - Someone who attempts to stop trolling by trolling the trolls.
  • archive - a copy of a file or page that is saved and posted when the original gets deleted.
  • autism - a neurological condition associated with differences in social skills and restricted behaviors. The term "autistic" is also used metaphorically as an insult.


  • BarbGate - The drama that surrounds the incestous affair between Chris and his mother.
  • barbussy - Chris's mother's nether regions.
  • beuracrat - CWCki staff above jerkops but below admins.
  • Borb - portmanteau of "Bob + Barb". Often incorrectly used by newfags to refer to Barb.


  • call
  • Charb - portmanteau of "Chris" and "Barb" following Bob's death, inspired by "Borb".
  • Chriscest - Chris's affair with his mother.
  • Christorian - Someone who documents Christory on websites like this one.
  • Christory - The entire lore surrounding Chris's life.
  • Christuber - An individual who uses YouTube as a platform to document Chris and his orbiters.
  • clout-chasing - Doing something with the sole intent of getting attention.
  • counter-troll - A troll who attempts to prevent or hijack the actions of another troll.
  • CWC-ism - A made up word or word with an alternative meaning created or given by Chris.
  • CWCki - A wiki which documents the lore surrounding Christian Weston Chandler, along with the people who orbit him.
  • CWCSphere


  • DDoS
  • devotee
  • DoCCS
  • doxing – the release of dox (documents, i.e. personal information) pertaining to an individual. Chris doxed himself.


  • editor - The lowest CWCKI account position. Their role is to edit the CWCKI.
  • enabler - Someone who facilitates the actions or habits of someone else even if said actions or habits cause harm to said someone or others.
  • enabling - The act of facilitating the actions or habits of another even when said actions or habits cause harm.
  • era - A period of Chris's life characterised by the most notable aspect of that period.
  • exceptional - retarded; comes from a Kiwi Farms wordfilter.
  • exile - a period of time in Christory where Chris is inactive.


  • fail - 2000s online slang often used in conjunction with Chris's life.
  • fan - Chris does have some genuine fans, though it's safe to say the vast majority are trolls.
  • fan video - a video on Chris made by someone other than him, regardless of whether the person was actually a fan.
  • fanart - Art created by a fan of a work or form of media.
  • Financhu Crisis - The period in Christory where Chris was struggling financially.


  • gal-pal – a female friend
  • gatekeeping – the act of policing who can and cannot be a part of a movement.
  • GodBear - God and Leonard Bearstein. A play on the CWC-ism "GodJesus" referring to "God and Jesus".


  • halal - An Arabic word referring to something that is permissible usually within the religion of Islam. In the context of lolcow culture, it refers to an onlooker who becomes a lolcow.


  • Idea Guys - A group of trolls who played a significant part in introducing Chris to many of his current beliefs. They are also infamous for brainwashing Chris into believing the city of CWCville was being invaded by Nazis, getting him to believe he is a CPU goddess, and extorting large sums of money from him. So far, three Idea Guys have been identified.


  • jerkief - rank between jerkops and manajerk. (Discord only)
  • jerkop - lowest rank of the CWCki staff.


  • Kiwi Farms – controversial forum for documenting and discussing Internet oddities. It was originally called the CWCki Forums, and it was dedicated primarily to Chris throughout its early history.


  • letter
  • lolcow - An individual who gains notoriety on the Internet due to their peculiar or abnormal interests, mannerisms and behaviors, and are observed by onlookers and/or exploited for more content by trolls as a result.
  • Love Quest - Chris' attempts to find a girlfriend for himself.
  • lumberjacking - cutting someone's internet down; revoking their internet privledges.


  • milk - content created by lolcows.
  • milked - Used when a lolcow stops creating content


  • newbie/newfren - Someone who has recently discovered or gotten into Christory.


  • observer – a person who observes Chris without interacting with him.
  • Onion Farms – Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt's alternative to the Kiwi Farms.
  • orbiter – an observer who hangs around Chris circles in an attempt to get closer


  • popular Christory – Christory as it is known by average Internet denizens. Often respite with myths and misconceptions.
  • post-merge – the period of time after Chris's arrest, once he declared that the merge was on. In reality, the only dimension he merged with was the jail dimension.


  • saga - A series of events united by an overarching theme or character.
  • speculative Christory - The genre of discussing possible scenarios or alternative outcomes of Christory.
  • sperging - A term used to describe someone who is in a state of rage or anger.
  • Suitress (The) - The CWCki's codename for a young autistic woman who had a genuine crush on Chris, contacted him in secret, and initiated leaks of the incest call.
  • sweetheart - A term Chris used to describe his girlfriend.


  • touching the poop - interacting with lolcows or getting involved in drama related to them.
  • troll - a person engaged in trolling (a loose term for insincere or manipulative Internet behavior).


  • unreliable narrator - An individual whose credibility is compromised due to their nature.
  • user - You!


  • vidya - video games.


  • Wallflower (The) - The CWCki's codename for a woman who befriended Chris, but whom Chris had advanced on innapropriately and doxed, which led to her getting attention from trolls.
  • wallflowering - The act of removing someone's dox off of a website.
  • Watchmen - A group of white knights and enablers whose primary purpose was to protect Chris from weens and trolls.
  • ween - a failed troll.
  • weening - The attempted and failed act of trolling Chris, often resulting in making a complete fool of oneself.
  • white-knight - People that constantly defend the act of someone (such as Chris) on the Internet. Some white-knights have ulterior moments, but others act on compassion, pity, or a genuine attempt to help Chris.
  • white-knighting - The process of constantly defending someone even if said someone has committed a crime or morally reprehensible act.
  • WikiGnome


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