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In a way, it's like Chris returning to his fantasy world of CWCville. Once again, Christian is the slim, broad-shouldered, intelligent, barrel-chested, handsome hero whose word is law, and those who disagree with him are all ugly, stupid simpletons who are jealous of his 'successes' in life. People who don't share Chris's opinions are wrong, and all of Chris's opinions are correct, simply by the virtue of being Chris's.
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Autism Tutorial Extra is a LittleBigPlanet level created by Chris where he proves, once again, that he's in complete denial of what Asperger syndrome really is. Being the intolerant one we all know and tolerate, Chris basically warps information he found on the internet, and tries to make himself look good while beating the shit out of one of the most famous psychologists in history. It is noteworthy that the level works in the same way for the Autism Tutorial, as the Sub-Episodes did for the Sonichu comic, namely with Chris proving his superiority over an obvious strawman by physically assaulting him and then prattling on about how much unbearable "torment" the strawman in question has inflicted upon him. Chris also mispronounces Asperger as "Ass Burger" the entire time, showing he's learned nothing.

Interestingly, though Chris lambasts Asperger for not leaving the term autism "as it was", "autism" was initially used to describe narcissistic symptoms of schizophrenia before Asperger's 1938 lecture. Asperger's work helped distinguish autism as we know it today from more dangerous mental disorders. Furthermore, Hans's paper never refers to autistics as psychopaths - at least not in the way that Chris interprets it - invalidating another one of Chris's claims.


Autism Tutorial Part 5
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Stardate 13 February 2011
Subject Matter AutismAutism Autism, Video gamesVideo games Video Games, ViolenceViolence Violence
Performance Style RageRage Rage, SmugSmug Smug
Autism Tutorial Part 5
Chris and Jackie's Date


And now, ladies and gentlemen, because apparently after you decided to watch last part—after watching the Autism Tutorial, we have a special guest for you today! Please put your hands together for a reasonably facsimile of, Mr. Hans Asperger!

[Hans Asperger is seen at the far end of the stage. He has gigantic bulging eyes and wears a crown. Chris walks over to join him, standing almost intimately close to shake his hand, as a backdrop and desk fall from the sky to complete the talk-show atmosphere. After Chris walks over to his desk, Hans smiles and waves to an audience silent as the grave.]

I am your host, Christian Chandler, on this short talk show. And this is Mr. Hans Asperger. Now, let's talk about him for a bit: Now, apparently—Mr. Hans Asperger. From the Vienna University Hospital in 1938—Oh, how recent!—you gave a lecture in Germany, on "Autistic Psychopaths", after investigating a mild form of Autism. Isn't that right, Hans? [Note: As referenced above, Aspergers gave no such lecture, and the type of "autism" Chris is talking about is actually the Narcissistic symptoms of schizophrenia (which simply used the name at that time), and not a "mild case of Autism" as Chris flat out lies to us about.]

[Hans turns to face Chris.]

Hans: Ja!

And also, apparently, this separate diagnosis, as it is quoted, was not recognized until 1981. Only one year before I was born. Although coined from your name, Mr. Asperger, apparently a Mr. Leo Kanner took the study much further and established the term "Early Infantile Autism". Do you applaud Mr. Kanner for his work? [Note: Leo Kanner made Early Infantile Autism recognised in 1943. He died in 1981.]

Hans: Ja!

I see. Now, in my feeling alone—possibly mutual with others—the name Asperger. It strikes me badly, and I feel offended just by hearing the word. Do you feel I have the right to my own opinions and feelings as an individual person, Hans?

Hans: Ja!

Thank you very much, good sir. Now, do you feel—do you feel bad about having a name that sounds like a bad cut of cow meat?

Hans: Ja!

Do you feel that I, Christian Weston Chandler, do not deserve any blame or punishment for having an opinion of a single word, such as Asperger?

Hans: Ja!

Do you have a general understanding about how I feel about you now?

[Something flat and rectangular, with a wrench stuck to the front of it, falls from the sky and lands atop Chris's desk.]

Hans: Ja!

[Chris walks over to Hans again, once again intimately close.]

Are you positive you really understand how I feel about you, Mr. Hans Asperger?

Hans: Ja!

[Chris gives a wide, deceptive smile as he goes back and forth with Hans.]

Hans: Ja!
Hans: Ja!
Hans: Ja!

[Chris is suddenly very annoyed. He bitch-slaps Hans to the ground. It is also revealed that Hans has a tail.]


[Hans quickly regains his footing, facing away from Chris and looking over his shoulder in terror.]

I feel dislike towards you! For selfishly putting your ill name in association with autism! And with a name like Asperger! I feel it only makes us autistic kind sound even worse! Aspergers. You shoulda left it as it was! Autism is autism! And in your research you linked it up with psychopaths! I feel even more offended at that! Now get out of my sight! [Note: Again, another blatant lie Chris pumped out in order to make himself look like the good person here, and not the person beating up one of the most influential doctors in the 20th century. Aspergers literally did the opposite of this.]

Hans: Ja! [Hans quickly runs off the stage.]

[Chris looks out over the audience, crossing his hands in front of him.]

I do apologize for that, uh, rude outburst, folks. But then again, that was just the way I felt and have been feeling about the word "Asperger" since I first heard it a few years ago. It is my second least favorite word, where my first least favorite of all time is "naïve". Again, I apologize if I came off as bad to anybody, or made them feel bad, for the way I acted. But then again, I do get emotional and carried away sometimes. Thank you for watching, and have a good, safe, and blessed day.

[The game cuts to Hans standing in the Level Completion area, still terrified. He stands there, legs quaking, as the screen behind him rattles off the achievements. Explosions of victory confetti go off. The level's leaderboards are shown, with all the scores being zero, as there were no points to collect.]


**Note, this is a satire, with Facts from the Wikipedia's Autism Page.
This does not reflect the person or opinion(s) of the actual Mr. Hans Asperger.
And no personal offense is intended on the actual person or any person
Internationally of his home country or homeland(s), including any relatives and friends.
Also, no offense to those with said-named Mild Autism.
**As stated earlier in the Autism Tutorial Animation.
Autistic people are Not Crazy People. It is Very Rare to find someone with a
"Psychopathic" Mental Illness who is also Autistic in any form.
**I was born on February 24, 1982.
**The LittleBiGPlanet Crown on Hans is only a Copy from a passing acquaintance who shared it;
I do not currently Own the Real Game Data that grants me the Crown for Real.
And I realy [sic] want a code for one, as well as ALL of the Beta Costumes.
Including the Bug-Buster Outfit and Life Jacket. M.M., PLEASE, make the Beta Costumes
available for Sale on the PlayStation Store Now!
"Asperger" is my second least favorite word of the English language;
My Top Least Favorite is "Naive", because it Questions an individual's
mental capabilities and intelligence.

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