Autism Tutorial Part 6

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Autism Tutorial Part 6 is yet another non-interactive level in Chris's so-called Autism Tutorial series. Chris starts off by once again complaining about the dreaded friend zone, and how it restricts his access to china. The whole thing then devolves into a rant that echoes an earlier sentiment that Chris wants a cure for autism. The level ends with him finally returning the dance to Tiffany Gowen he expected to give her last year, via a LittleBigPlanet cutscene.


Autism Tutorial Part 6
Stardate 13 February 2011
Subject Matter AutismAutism Autism, GalpalsGalpals Gal Pals, SexSex Sex, Video gamesVideo games Video Games
Performance Style RageRage Rage, ReasonReason Reason, CrazyCrazy Crazy
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Autism Tutorial Extra


Pretty much what would have happened had there been a reunion.

At this point, you would think I would be hap- a happier autistic person, right? Finally having the wom- the woman of my life to be here by my side, and care about each other and such for the rest of our lives? (stress-sigh) But, the truth is, for real... Mic and I, we don't hang out in person as much as we should be. Only phone conversations, and the few times we did hang out. And she does not know that many people here in Charlottesville. All things appreciated in our friendship... Mic is just too busy to help me best. (stress-sigh) [Subtitle: I'm sorry, Mic. You did what you could, and I always will appreciate it all. Good work, and thank you, friend.]

Another thing about us autistic people, we do not like to be alone quote-unquote twenty-four-seven. We need the emotional support of a true friend constantly and in person. Also on another note, apparently government funding goes more towards physical health over mental health. The brain is a part of our body, and not just any part, the most vital part! Why do we treat the rest of our body parts, which essentially alone are brainless, better than our one actual central processing unit that is not brainless? As a part of the body, funds should be equally distributed, or equally divided, between both physical AND mental health. So that the cures for mental illnesses, including autism, can be found!

It just makes me feel sad and furious at this time. I for one actually appreciate a true and full good quality friendship. Yet in a world full of sick-minded people one can only detest, I feel so paranoid of a number of people! And I feel uncertain of most anyone I could ever trust, an- or feel at ease around! The social phobias, I can no longer tolerate. Which is why, unlike the autistic people, who pitifully accept it as a forever-lasting curse, I for one seek a cure! On the day a resolution to re-establishing all connections in our brains, with thorough corpus callosum repair, and such, I, Christian Weston Chandler will be there among the first in line to take the life-changing autism cure I have desired for soo long! To establish a quicker, more socially-active mind, a great sense of self-esteem, a great sense of self-reliance, a great sense of self-confidence, total independence, and freedom from the thorns of autism of any kind or sssort!

...The life... only an autistic person can ever dream of. I am Christian Weston Chandler, and this has been an autism tutorial. Thank you, and have a good and safe day.

(A text-only section follows as Sack-Chris fondles and gropes a poor defenseless Sack-Tiffany, who struggles in vain to free herself from Sack-Chris's clutches.)

[Subtitles: A little Extra for the Real Tiff, who Graduated with me from Manchester High's Class of 2000. Among all of my Gal-friends, she understood me the most. I really, truly would love a chance to hang out with her and talk and whatever. It really would mean a lot to me. If you are watching this, Tiff, I miss you a lot: Please, come and hang out with me for a while.]

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