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For Chris's thoughts on another kind of rock, see Chris and music.
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Chris's headgear for holding magic stones against his forehead, pictured in March 2020.[1]
You all should have a look at my well-kept Magic and Healing Stone Collection, and my mentally and calmness expressed as much as possible while I read the second half of SNT Vs Sonichu; I MEDITATED AND DRANK WATER ON THE ROCKS
Chris in a Twitter rant[2]
he was complaining that his neck hurts a lot so I told him that it was probably from the fucking rock pouch he was fairly dismissive like, "Mmm, maybe." Then changed the subject. I don't think he could comprehend that he was actually causing damage to himself with his all powerful rocks.
Kim Wilson[3]

Magic stones are semi-precious stones believed by some to have and convey various powers. Chris's interest in magic stones stems from his recent acceptance of New Age beliefs and fits well with his compulsion to collect useless crap. As seen on Discord,[4] Chris has amassed a sizable number of polished stones, gems, and an $80 amethyst water bottle.

Chris has shopped for stones at places such as specialty stores including Minerals And Mystics[5] and Earthbound Trading Company.[6]


Chris in October 2020, looking remarkably aged, and wearing a blue scarf around his neck presumably to avoid chafing from so many items hanging off his neck.

According to a series of tweets by Chris, Bob bought him a set of stones in 1996. However, Chris paid no attention to them until 2018, when he rediscovered them in a box of things that survived the 2014 fire. Due to his manipulation by the Idea Guys, Chris believed that these stones were able to serve as an extension of his belief that he is a powerful deity. He would then go on to buy another set of stones in September, and would post about both the following day.[7]

I had recovered the stones, pouch and pamphlet from amongst the boxes of my things a few months ago. We also have a few separate Tigers Eye stones that were about as old as these stones. Healing Stones, when in close proximity to the owner can greatly bestow great bodily and emotional health and recovery, as well as soulful protection.
Chris invents yet another delusion

A precedent to the magic stones is Chris's Sonichu Medallion. Like the stones, Chris's medallion served as a symbol of the power Chris believes he has. For example, in the Sonichu comic the medallion plays an integral part of the Anchuent Prophecy, since the fulfillment of said prophecy allowed Chris to transform into Chris-Chan Sonichu with the medallion. Following the destruction of Chris's medallion by Blanca Weiss, Chris turned to his High School Ring as the TRUE and HONEST source of power.

my POWERS NEVER truly came from the Medal; they came from my High School Ring the WHOLE time. I wore the ring the VERY FIRST TIME I thought of Sonichu and from then on as well, so there is the FACT.
Chris, 15 October 2008[8]

Chris would continue to focus on and wear the stones into 2019, to the extent that one was subject to Chris's attempts at demonstrating psychic power. He demonstrated the stones to Kim Wilson and her friend, even giving Kim a stone.[9] For his sojourn to BronyCon 2019, Chris would wear a collection of stones in a pouch around his neck, despite receiving neck pain from the weight.[10] One such stone, identified by Chris as an amethyst stone, has been consistently worn around Chris's neck alongside the Sonichu medallion since late 2018. By May 2020, he began wearing several other stones, three of which being in metal shakers.[11]

In 2021, Chris described one stone:

Hey, #Opuscon789, just read your latest chapter; how ever did you know Chris, here, had a dry stone of power like that? JK, we knew that you would have known. Fact: Chris didn’t make this stone, she literally found it on an outing of hers. Kra-Kow! ⚡⚡⚡

January8FanFicScreenshot.jpg January8TwitterStone.jpg

Notable Relics

Quartz Crystals

A photo of a Magi-Chan figurine sitting atop the Gate Crystal

Chris believes that quartz crystals can provide him the opportuinity to enter other dimensions.

One such crystal is the Gate Crystal, which Chris believes can help him complete the Dimensional Merge. Chris believes that this crystal has the innate ability to open up portals to other dimensions, as well as enhance any existing portals it is nearby. Another such crystal is the Celestial Key. Being a fragment of the Lightning Strike Quartz, Chris states in a TSSSF card that this crystal also has the ability to open up portals to other dimensions. Chris believes that with this crystal, he will be able to complete the Dimensional Merge.

With these two crystals combined, Chris believed that he could use a taser in order to complete the Dimensional Merge by tasing the crystals.

Amethyst Crystals

Chris also believes that Amethyst Crystals hold special powers, and hold the primary source for his own powers.

After Blanca had destroyed his Sonichu Medallion, Chris attempted to retaliate against the trolls behind the character by claiming that his high school ring, which he dubs as the "amethyst ring", was the true source of his powers.


Complementing his Sonichu Medallion, Chris can often be seen wearing a necklace made up of crystals. Some of these crystals are encased in what appears to be small shaker balls often found in reusable water bottles.

Goddess Wand

Megastone Medallions

Chris has created what he calls "Megastone" medallions, which are Sonichu Medallions with a gemstone encased in them.

Sonichites and Rosechites

Post-Jail Saga

The status of Chris's collection of stones post-Jail Saga is unknown. In post-jail sightings, he is not seen with the adornments he had usually worn prior to being jailed.[12]

According to a cashier at Earthbound Trading Co., a store specializing in New Age products, Chris purchases jewelry and crystals at the shop.[13]


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