Blessed Wares and Extra Credit

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Blessed Wares and Extra Credit is an expansion pack of Chris's custom TSSSF cards, consisting of magic stones and other items Chris believes holds magical properties.


Card Name Type Icon Effect Description Date published
CelestialKey.jpg Celestial Key Pony Unicorn Open The Door or Portal (Retrieve): While this card is in your hand, you may choose a Pony card on the grid and put it into your hand, then play this card in its place. This power cannot be copied. A Key of a Clestial [sic] or Goddess that is able to unlock and open about any enchantment and blessing, including between Dimensions. This particular key is a chunk of Lightning Strike Quartz, infused and linked with Chris Chan Sonichu: the Goddess, CPU Blue Heart. With this personally enchanted key, she can and will complete the Dimension Merge when the time is correct to do so by the course of fated events. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
Celestial mojo light power.jpgCelestialMojo-LightPower.jpg Celestial Mojo - Light Power Pony Male or Female, Alicorn Light-Powered Healing (Copy): You may copy the power of any Pony card currently on the shipping grid, except for Pony cards with the Changeling keyword. Combining a set of Healing Stones of certain colours, and one Quartz, they can be combined to make a combination known as the Celestial Mojo. This set of stones can only be enchanted by one with deity-level magic powers and abilities. If powered by Dark Magic, it becomes a WMD. If powered by Light Magic, it heals in a very wide range, up to the distance of a galaxy or so. When the two are activated, the Light always overpowers the Dark. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
CelticMagicandAbilityAmplifier.jpg Celtic Magic and Ability Amplifier Pony Unicorn Magic Outsourcing (Special): You may select one Pony or Ship card from either discard pile with a copyable power (not changeling); use that power as this card's power. This power cannot be copied, and it can be reactivated when swapped on the grid. This reformed Celtic Wand was personally enchanted to pull in energies, magics and power from ANY other Dimension or Timeline to allow the user to have access to their source, or other-dimensional abilities and transformations. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
EnchantedGlacceBottle.jpg Enchanted Glacce Bottle Pony Unicorn Water Drink (2-Draw): You may draw up to 2 cards from the Ship and/or Pony deck. This glass water bottle, featuring an amethyst stone inside it, with an added lightning strike quartz stone, not only replenishes health, but also magic, mental clarity and soulful focus, as well add some zap into your body. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
Enchanted rsvp pen-min.jpg Enchanted RSVP Pen Pony Unicorn Horn Drawing It Up (Special): You may choose to draw 1 card from the Ship or Pony deck, or discard 1 active Goal and draw 1 new Goal to replace it. This one pen, Pentel Brand R.S.V.P., is the pen Chris Chan Sonichu used a LOT over the years of drawing and writing the Sonichu Comic Books. It has picked up TONS of magic from her hands to bring most anything into full manifestation and chronicling. 10 July 2022
GateCrystal.jpg Gate Crystal Ship Heart You may take one Pony card attached to this card and swap it with another Pony Card on the shipping grid. A crystal that can open a warp gate. This tall quartz has been personally enchanted and blessed by Chris Chan Sonichu, the CPU Blue Heart, to open a portal between any pair of dimensions where it sits. It also boosts the ability of a Portal it is sitting by. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
GoddessWand.jpg Goddess Wand Pony Unicorn Casting Magic (Special): Select a Pony card that this card is shipped with, you may copy that card's power and use it as this card's power. This power cannot be copied, and it can be reactivated when swapped on the grid. This wand, owned and used by Chris Chan Sonichu, allows her to pull strength and magic from ANY local and nearby area that is not familiar with her and transform it into magic abilities she can use on the spot and on the quick. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
Good mirror of elaera 2-min.jpg Good Mirror of ElAeRa Pony Unicorn 1218>-<C-197 (Swap): You may swap 2 Pony cards on the shipping grid. An enchanted mirror created based on the original words of the Elfen of Elaera, but created with the skills and magic of a Goddess. This mirror allows portal access between Dimensions 1218 and C-197, as well as a boosted effect where the temple and property dimensions it resides in allows the temple, itself, and all inside and around the temple to switch between both dimensions on the very spot in Ruckersville, Virginia, USA. 10 July 2022
SiraStarAngel.jpg Sira Star Angel Pony Female, Alicorn Great Travels (Special): Pick one Pony or Start card this card is shipped with, you may swap it with another Pony or Start card on the grid. This power cannot be copied, and can be reactivated when swapped on the grid. Sometimes The Angels, take presence together with the stone beings. That was the case with a small group of Metamorphosis Crystals. They can be seen in these crystals' inner glow - sometimes with vivid rainbows! This one holds a PORTAL - a STAR GATE!!! X marks the spot. She is Sira, and she is working with Chris Chan and Magi-Chan in their goals that require vast physical distance travel. 9 August 2020 (leaked)
Soul swapping earrings-min.jpg Soul-Swapping Earrings Ship Heart Swap the positions of the two Pony cards attached to this ship. At the end of your turn, if neither of the affected Pony cards have been removed from the shipping grid, swap the two affected Pony cards in their present positions. This pair of earrings that were personally enchanted and blessed by Chris Chan Sonichu have the ability to literally swap souls between two bodies at a time, as well as a reset. 14 July 2022
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