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IdeaGuy Corruptions is an expansion pack of Chris's custom TSSSF cards, consisting of lore influenced by the Idea Guys.

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Massive and Chaotic Turmoils were what IdeaGuy had in mind, but the tables ended up being turned.

Late Octover of 2017 started a life-changing sequence of fated events for me, Chris Chan, and everyone in Dimension C-197, that also crossed into this very Dimension 1218, thanks to this Dimension's IdeaGuy, and his OC self-counterpart in C-197, Johnson Wiles. There were so many Awful things the two of themtogether had wrought up til April, 2018, when the chaos and havoc were finally cleaned up and undone. I have had to develop and learn from Everything that has happened. And in the end of it all, I ended up becoming fully awakened as a Goddess: the CPU Blue Heart of the Commodore Consoles.

And now the the few alternate Sonichus and Rosechus, and some of the events, come into play into the Secret Shipfic Folder. Time to stomp out and undo a bunch of seriously awful events.

This Expansion Pack is a companion to the events Chronicled in ("Sonichu" #13): "The Awakening of a CPU, a.k.a. The IdeaGuy Corruptions".

TSSSF Sonichu Deck or Core Deck are required for playing the game with this Expansion Pack. Contains 15 cards.

Cost: $26.00[1]


Card Name Type Icon Effect Description Date published
A moment between creator and creation-min.jpg A Moment Between Creator and Creation Ship Heart N/A "Do you understand, Sonichu? The CPUs had never ever taken me away from you at all. They were teaching me, so I can become a better chronicler, leader, fighter, and individual! I am really, truly and awfully sorry for my own reckless actions and deeds that had fallen upon you. Please, forgive me. I Love You with all of my heart, soul and being. -Awakening of a CPU 12 July 2022
Aether in the goddess ring.jpg Aether in the Goddess's Ring Goal Checkmark Win this Goal when: you change five Villains to Heroes (including adding the Hero Keyword) with Keyword Changes in a single turn. Throughout it all, despite the experiences further shaping me, the gorified turmoil was simply shaming and degrading; trying to keep up to resolve it all was epically difficult and tough. If I had it all to do all over again, I would have never given IdeaGuy a penny. I had the overpower and will all along, and I needed to learn that. And in the end, aside from the key events that would have happened anyway, I undid His Corruptions! -Chris Chan Sonichu 13 June 2022
Bulky bubbles rosechu-min.jpg Bulky Bubbles Rosechu Pony Male, Unicorn Horn, Hourglass Bubbles! Smash! (New Goal)" You may discard 1 active Goal and draw 1 new Goal to replace it. In the alternate timeline with IdeaGuy's corruptions, Bubbles identified as male, had the gender change operation, and was call hulked up like he was on steroids. He was able to lift up boulders and mash them; his special attack and special defense decreased in favor of this attack boost. His intelligence took a hard hit as well. 9 July 2022
Chemical making wild-min.jpg Chemical-Making Wild Pony Male, Horseshoe Cooking Up What You Want (Copy): You may copy the power of any Pony card currently on the shipping grid, except for Pony cards with the Changeling keyword. In the alternate timeline with IdeaGuy's corruption, Wild Sonichu ended up working with chemicals and plants to create and distribute illegal substances and drugs. 10 July 2022
Closing a dimensional tear.jpg Closing a Dimensional Tear Goal Checkmark Win the Goal When: After a set of five shipped ⌛ Pony cards on the grid are discarded from the grid. Magi-Chan had become heavily emotionally upset after I was hitting it off well in my ship with 5pb., and he was feeling strong loving emotions for me. He became feeling soo upset that a dimensional tear in the Noosphere above Cwcville was created. Come March 19, 2018, I powered up into my Super Angelic Evolved Form with a combination of my own emotions, soul power, prophecy and CPU-link and the seven Chaos Emeralds; I closed the tear up completely. -Awakening of a CPU 30 June 2022
Defending a weakened friend-min.jpg Defending a Weakened Friend Ship Heart When you attach this card to the grid, you may choose one Pony card attached to this Ship. Until the end of your turn, that Pony card's timeline becomes ⌛. During the time the Nazis were attempting to eradicate the Sonichu and Rosechu species, they had captured most of them. Simonla was captured, but she got out, but she had come down with a terrible syndrome. I tried to heal and restore her, but a transfer from a recently experienced nightmare I had caused her to mutate. Nazis came in to burn her; self-projected, I set up psychic barriers to protect her from the barrage of flames. -Awakening of a CPU 13 July 2022
Devil worshipping angelica rosechu-min.jpg Devil-Worshipping Angelica Rosechu Pony Female, Wing, Hourglass Red Ritual (Special): You may discard a Pony card from the grid and replace it with a Villain from the Pony discard pile. During IdeaGuy's corruptions, in an alternate timeline he had instigated, Angelica had worshipped devils and demons instead of the kind deities, including Jesus, the CPUs, or even God, herself. 10 July 2022
Johnson wiles-min.jpg Johnson Wiles Pony Male, Horseshoe, Hourglass Flash Bomb (3-Way Swap): You may swap up to 3 Pony cards on the grid. During the time, IdeaGuy of Dimension 1218 had to rely on the help of his OC and self-counterpart, Johnson Wiles, a former soldier of the Guild of Gamindustri, to manipulate the minds of the CPUs and individuals of Dimension C-197, as well as Chris Chan of 1218. The purpose was to put chaos, destruction and turmoil upon the inhabitants and the Earth of C-197. There was a bunch of NSFW content in what he wanted to pave into the Dimension, and Chris Chan into the streets, broke and homeless. -Awakening of a CPU 10 July 2022
Meeting and merging with a hero-min.jpg Meeting and Merging With a Hero Ship Heart N/A While we were locating the huge chunk of the material, E115, we had to locate and talk with the final survivor of the American Sailor Scouts: Hilda/Sailor Mercury (wheelchair-ridden after the E115 experiments). She had become old and paranoid. I had the pleasure of talking with Hilda during her final moments. She liked the cut of my jib. She told me what she could share about E115 and her stories. Next day, she commits suicide. And then the souls of the five American Sailor Scouts came to me and they all had blessed me with their soul and power energies into my heart crystal. -Awakening of a CPU 14 July 2022
Mental patient punchy sonichu-min.jpg Mental Patient Punchy Sonichu Pony Male, Horseshoe, Hourglass I'm Punchin' Out of Here, See! (Special): Discard an Ω Pony card from the grid and play this card in its place. This power cannot be copied. In the alternate timeline with IdeaGuy's corruptions, Punchy hatched in a mental institution and grew up abused by fat people. He went crazy from the fear of being squashed by them. He vents his great dislike of large people by working out in the facility's gymnasium. The large sandbags often need to be replaced once a week. 11 July 2022
Mentally lost magi chan sonichu-min.jpg Mentally-Lost Magi-Chan Sonichu Pony Male, Unicorn Horn, Hourglass Rampage (Special): If at any time on the grid this card is surrounded in a full set of Ships with other Pony Cards, discard this card. This power cannot be copied. During the months with IdeaGuy, I have had to temporarily leave me body, due to a most unfortunate incident. My reborn body was not suitable, so I stayed out of it and let it attempt its short-lived life. It was unable to cope with the psychic powers and abilities, and ran beserk. The body deteriorated. 11 July 2022
Successful mission.jpg Successful Mission Goal Checkmark Win this Goal When: 5 Pony cards with the Villain Keyword are discarded from the grid, and 3 Pony cards are added onto the grid during the same turn. Janurary 18, 2018, this was our moment to rescue the captive Sonichus, Rosechus and other innocent individuals from the Nazis, and take out the worst of them. The mission was a success; we rescued all of them, and we took out Deathshead. We returned safely to the Cwcville Basillicom. 30 June 2022
To the rescue-min.jpg To The Rescue Ship Heart N/A Around November 14, 2017, John's friend, Cave, and I were going to meet and discuss details of the present events. But Cloakers were about and the ypursued her. I sent Sylvana to defend Cave. But after her efforts, Sylvana got captured. Next day, John took all of his group and allies to Akan's local Base Camp, North of Ruckersville, to rescue her. She had meditated and gathered information on the enemy before her rescue. Akan's troops fell and fled, before they would launch another offense weeks later. -Awakening of a CPU 15 July 2022
Uber powering up-min.jpg Uber-Powering-Up Ship Heart When you attach this card to the grid, you may choose one Pony card attached to this Ship Until the end of your turn, that Pony card becomes an 🦄 and gains the Princess keyword. This cannot affect Pony cards with the Changeling keyword. I powered up into my Super Angelic Evolved Form with a combination of my own emotions, soul power, prophecy and CPU-link, and the sevenChaos Emeralds to close the dimensional tear up completely. -Awakening of a CPU 15 July 2022
Undercover extremest blake sonichu-min.jpg Undercover Extremest Blake Sonichu Pony Male, Unicorn Horn, Hourglass Burning Bridges (Special): Discard a Pony card from the grid. This power cannot be copied. In the alternate timeline with IdeaGuy's corruption, Blake joined up with the CIA and assumed an undercover disguise where he had worshipped a certain terrorist and promoted wrong ideals. 11 July 2022


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