The Place chats (January 2020)

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This page contains chats from the Watchmen Discord server The Place during January 2020.

Server members present in the chats below are: Chris (@Sonichu982).

Roleplaying as Scarlet Selinia

11 January 2020

Chris (as Scarlet Selinia)
This is Scarlet Selinia, or at least the soul of; the original CPU Blue Heart. I have been long dormant in Christine’s subconscious since she absorbed me in 2018; during the time, I have been offering ability and power boosts to her personal skill sets, and in working with her CPU form.

I will be in and out, as needed, and when she physically transforms, especially. My time has finally come and I’ve arrived in 1218 on better visage. I am also most grateful for the kindness and support from Everyone in recognizing Christine as such, and the fan art is simply humbling.

Scarlet: I have really been gone a long time. I’m just now getting into the present social tidbits and drama. Memes, for one thing; we’ve had those back in the 1970’s as well, but they were limited to local spreading on posters, novelty cards and loose talk.

Scarlet: My speech is on etiquette and normal as possible, but I’m hip to the 80’s and 90’s lingo as well. At least Some retro talk remains the rage these days.

Scarlet: Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and say hello and introduce myself. I shall do my best as well. I’ve picked the most correct individual to be my successor; I am glad for that. Thank you all, as well.


That really is a cute ending logo Christine put together.