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And dying is not happening with me; I'm set to stay alive for thousands of years.
Chris being absolutely delusional on Discord.[1]
Rest in peace...?

Death is a concept that Chris has a notably hard time understanding and/or coping with, be it the death of a human or an animal, or even an imaginary friend. While Chris certainly has the capacity to grieve, and has undergone several periods of grieving in his life in response to deaths in his family, his other reactions towards deaths are considerably more perplexing.

His poor reactions to death most likely come from Chris's near-inability to empathize (a common symptom of autism), and childish thought patterns. Children often don't understand death, usually just thinking it's "like sleeping forever", "just leaving", or in Chris's mind, "merged with their counterpart from C-197." Chris, being a child inside, can only resort to these clumsy analogies to understand death.


Various ancestors

Chris claimed that, at Aunt Corrina's funeral, his ancestors wished him a safe trip to Ohio to meet Julie.[2]

Aunt Corrina (1934–2009)

When Chris informed Julie that his Aunt Corrina was dying, Julie insisted that Chris visit her in the hospital, which Chris had not considered doing. He asked Barb about visiting her and she dissuaded him. He did get the chance to tell Corrina that he loved her over the phone before she died.[3]

Corrina's funeral happened to fall on Chris's birthday, which also happened to be Shrove Tuesday (also known as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras), a Christian holiday that in some churches involves pancake dinners. Naturally, Chris was more concerned about missing out on the pancakes at his church at home than he was about the funeral of his own aunt.

When the "I know how to be sad because my dog died" excuse fails, Chris usually follows up with an offhand mention of his Aunt Corrina. If that fails, the deaths of his many sweethearts tends to follow.

Bob Chandler (1927–2011)

The crypt in which Bob lies and Barb will also one day lie.
One of the ways Chris coped with the death, believing his father occasionally comes back as an imaginary friend.

After a long battle with heart failure, Bob's life came to an end while he was being hospitalized in the Martha Jefferson Hospital's ICU.[4]

In an unreleased call with Jackie, Chris broke down sobbing over his father's death.[5] The call, referred to by fans as the "Black Tape", was sealed out of empathy for Chris.

In an email, Chris told Jackie that "my heavier cries from my father's passing is really hitting me bad", and lamented that in a previous dream the Grim Reaper had promised that he would not claim Bob until 2015.[6]

In a 31 March 2012 Facebook message, Chris expressed a desire for Bob's ghost to haunt the dreams of anyone who doesn't like him, putting him on the exact same level as his dead dog. While this was an understandable reaction to discovering "plans" that trolls were going to dig her up, or discovering a webcomic that contained what he considered a mockery of her memory, his threat to send Bob's ghost after people is equal parts disrespectful and unreasonable.

In a Facebook post from June of 2013, Chris laments that he had more freedom when his father was still alive, and goes onto complain about how he has to take time out of his day to "serve and protect" his mother. Knowing Chris, this presumably means that he sat around in his room playing vidya while his elderly father did most of the work around the house.

In CLog 09042017 - Mister C, Chris, while reading letters from his late father, displays emotion over him, tearing up at times.

During the Idea Guy saga and the rather disturbing events that took place within it; Joshua convinced Chris that Bob had reincarnated as a Sonichu with plaid colored fur in reference to his nickname "the internet lumberjack" (Chris later retconned his design to a much simpler plain red design because plaid fur was too much effort) and turned up in CWCville alongside Ted Bundy to defend the city. Using an autistic man-child's dead father to troll them is disgusting enough as it is, convincing them that said father is still alive in another dimension to help with their extortion efforts is on another level of fucked.

Chris to this day still believes their bullshit and will probably never accept that his father is gone forever; while in many cases believing a loved one is in a better place after death is actually a very common and usually quite healthy way of coping with their passing, literally believing they are alive in your own fantasy dimension is actually extremely uncommon and extremely unhealthy.

Barbara Chandler (1941–)

I really have none.
Chris on whether he has plans in place for after Barbara passes away.[7]

Barbara is Chris's surviving parent.

Alongside Bob, who Chris entered a protracted period of grieving for after his passing, Barbara was one of the few people in Chris's life that he cared about enough to genuinely fear her passing, and Barbara used this to manipulate Chris into following orders on multiple occasions; one such instance of this was in 2011 (prior to Bob's death), in which she threatened to commit suicide as a last resort to stop Chris from his poorly-thought-out plan to attend MAGfest in Maryland that year by sleeping in his car as he did not have the money to afford a hotel room - a distraught Chris backpedaled, receiving only more guilt-tripping and down payment on some vidya as a consolation prize.[8] Barbara used her health as a scare tactic for so long that it instilled paranoia into Chris - on one occasion when Barbara failed to answer the phone when Chris called her while out, Chris panicked and called 911 for a welfare check.[9]

In November 2015, Chris released Family Needs to appreciate Family, where he addressed Cole Smithey, David Alan Chandler and Carol Suzanne Chandler to visit Barb before "her time runs out".

In November 2019, Chris posted a tweet where he copes with the mortality of his mother, imagining her becoming a part-human/part-Rosechu hybrid after death, in the same vein he believed that Bob reincarnated into Robertchu after death.[10]

Had I Not healed her, she would be dead Late August.
Chris on "Soul Bonding" with Barbara, November 2021[11]

Following Chris's August 2021 arrest for incest with Barbara, which saw him confined to Central Virginia Regional Jail for nearly two years, he began to shift in his attitude towards her.

Chris began claiming that "Soul Bonding" with her was a method of healing her, and that she would have died without it.[11]

Barbara was involved in a traffic collision on 24 November 2021.[12] She suffered two broken ribs and a concussion. Chris took credit for having healed her with his "soul-bonding" when explaining that she had survived the crash.[13]

Barbara chose to remain living in 14 Branchland Court, despite Chris wanting to move back. At the time, Chris claimed there was a restraining order against himself and Barbara. In a jail letter, he complained that, despite having guided her soul into her Rosechu form/body, Barbara's soulless husk still clings onto life inside the house. He further claimed:[14]

[It] is indeed clear and obvious, especially to all with spiritual and psychic ability, that she is sickly, and her passing on is to be from emotions. Yet, again, she still Lives, and zombie-like as well. And this was and is Fact through-out the majority of branching alternate Timelines since August, 2021, wherein she Had died in most of them by now.

...indicating that he had been meditating over her death, in his selfish desire to inherit the house from her.

Chris himself (1982–)

And Believe Me, IN DREAMS, and even IN MOMENTS within my mind while AWAKE, I HAVE SEEN AND FELT That Death Light. Not only is it the Most Horrifying Thing Ever, but I am LOOOONG NOT READY FOR IT YET.
Chris, on his visions of death.[15]

In a conversation with the CWCipedia Sysop, Chris once mentioned that he had been receiving recurring visions of himself walking into a bright light, which he one day hoped would be prevented from appearing by getting a sweetheart. After the surreal conclusion of the love quest in 2018, it is unknown if he still gets these visions.

In a Facebook post on 30 October 2013, Chris stated that he had become so stressed out (specifically, over the revelation that his high school gal-pals did not actually like him much at all), that he had contemplated killing himself multiple times. According to Chris, the only reasons he did not go through with it are painfully obvious. This shows just how much Chris's mentality has drained, and how badly he needs the professional help he so stubbornly refuses to get. Of course, this could well be Chris exaggerating and trying to gain pity as he has done in the past, and as his mother allegedly also has (or at least, used to have) a habit of doing. In all seriousness, however, suicide is no laughing matter, and this should be looked at with caution.

In a 2019 Discord chat between his fantasy enablers, Chris had claimed that he is set to live for thousands of years.[1]

In August 2020, Chris (pretending that his body was being possessed by Sonichu) uploaded a video will, apparently in case his body vanished from this dimension (1218).


Patti (1988–2006)

Patti was the Chandler family's pet dog, who died in June 2006. Chris apparently drew a picture of a crying Sonichu face on the signature confirming the euthanasia process.[16] As seen in the image used in this article, Patti also appeared in the comic, immortalized as a furry character named Patti-Chan. This is particularly disturbing in that Chris has apparently decided to deny his dog the afterlife that he presumably believes in favor of locking her in his own personal hell.

To Chris, her death is the greatest tragedy of his life, which he often compares to the deaths of other people's family members and loved ones. Unsurprisingly, every single person he has said this to has become horribly offended. In Chris's Plea to Clyde Cash, he equates Ryan Cash's death with Patti's, and in the Father Call, he equates it to the death of Matthew Devoria's mother in the 9/11 attacks.

On the 1-year anniversary of her death, Chris even broke down in tears and had to be consoled by his mother.[17] By comparison, the "death" of any sweetheart will result in a few days of mourning at best.

It should be noted though that despite all of Chris's fondness for Patti, her memory was still not safe from being defiled by trolls manipulating him.

Pollo (2003-2018)

Pollo was a cat that was born sometime in 2003 that was adopted by Chris in 2015, who had passed away in May 2018. On 20 May 2018, Chris posted an urgent tweet to Twitter stating Pollo was having difficulty breathing, and that he needed money from Ebay in order to take Pollo to the vet.[18]

Following a wave of backlash due to how Chris was seemingly using Pollo's sickly condition as a way to get sympathy donations, Chris would delete the tweet. Despite his plea for donations, Chris announced on Twitter that Pollo had passed away in the early hours of 20 May 2018, presumably due to the aforementioned breathing difficulties, and or other natural causes.[19]

According to Chris, Pollo was buried next to Patti's resting place.[20]

Sorbet (2016-2018)

Sorbet was a cat Chris had adopted in 2016, who passed away in May 2018. In May 2017, Sorbet wandered out of the house and was hit by a car.[21] Fortunately, Sorbet would survive the incident after Chris took him to the vet,[22] however in a video about the solar eclipse from August 2017, Sorbet was shown to seemingly have difficulties breathing.

On 17 May 2018, Chris posted to Facebook in order to announce that Sorbet had gone missing after he was let outside. Chris would put posters with information relating to Sorbet on several telephone poles near the area in hopes of finding him.[23]

However, Sorbet would not return, as in a text message from October 2018, Chris confirmed to a fan that Sorbet never came back and pronounced him dead. In order to cope with the loss of Sorbet, Chris claimed that Sorbet's soul had supposedly been reincarnated into dimension C-197 as an anthropomorphic cat, and that he had since then been able to meet with him.[24]

Other Cats

Main article: Chandler Cats#Deceased cats

Multiple other now-deceased cats once resided within 14 Branchland Court, the most notable of which being Scamper (2006-2014), a cat that unfortunately passed away as a result of the 2014 house fire,[25] and Patches (October 2018-November 2018), a kitten that sadly passed away due to complications relating to pneumonia only one week after Chris had adopted him.[26]

Snoopy (2012-2021)

Snoopy was a dog who was adopted by Barbara alongside Clover in May 2012, who passed away in July 2021.[27][28] Snoopy had apparently suffered a leg injury before he was adopted,[27] causing him to have trouble walking for the remainder of his life. Following a long period of seemingly improper feeding habits,[29] Snoopy died in his sleep during the early hours of 14 July 2021.

After Snoopy's passing, Chris posted a eulogy dedicated to him on Twitter. In it, he explained that his neighbor and their daughter helped him bury Snoopy by a tree, making a stone mound around the burial to indicate where the body was. Chris was understandably distraught and saddened over the death of Snoopy, however, he still remained confident in his coping mechanism, the Dimensional Merge. On Twitter, Chris said that Snoopy was aware of the merge, which meant that him and Snoopy would reunite after the merge was complete. Chris would also bizarrely claim that he had seen an anthropomorphic version of Snoopy from another Dimension during his burial, stating that he looked like "a tall dog guy."[28]

Imaginary friends

Chris is also concerned over the deaths of his imaginary friends such as Sonichu and his pals. Since Chris believes all cartoon characters exist in some universe, and he had created Sonichu's, he feels that if he were to reboot the comics, that would mean that Sonichu and his friends would all die, and that they would all reincarnate into their newer rebooted versions.[30] Being his love and joy, the last thing on Chris' mind would be to kill his creations, but yet is perfectly fine with freezing them in time with his hiatus on the series.

The Idea Guys allegedly extorted Chris out of thousands of dollars by telling him they would destroy CWCville, which would lead to the deaths of Chris's imaginary friends. Chris paid up, even putting his own house at risk of foreclosure by skipping a mortgage payment to do so.

Ironically, even when Chris inevitably does pass on and go forth to meet GodBear, he will still be remembered; not only for his life and the many humorous misadventures in it, but for his comics. Thus, it can be said that Sonichu will never truly die.

Simonla Rosechu

The bastard child in question.

During the Asperchu saga, a recurring theme was Evan's legal claims in regard to Simonla Rosechu as a derivative of his character, Simonchu. While early demands were for Chris to edit his old strips to remove Simonla entirely from continuity, later Evan consented to letting Chris keep Simonla's early appearances, on the grounds that he kill her at a later date. Chris, not surprisingly, totally lost his shit, showing a much stronger emotional attachment to an empty, one-dimensional fictional character than he has managed for any living creature other than his dog. Finally, after being faced with the threat of legal action, Chris finally killed Simonla in issue #10, though not before she laid an egg out of wedlock with her baby-daddy Wild (though, of course, the act of laying the egg was never shown, or even mentioned), which hatched into Sandy Rosechu.

Simonla's death apparently continued to haunt Chris long afterwards. This led to him reviving Simonla around May 2014, more than four years after her demise. It should be noted that, as revealed in the Alec Benson Leary Phone Calls, Chris considers cartoon characters to be real, living creatures that exist in some other world reminiscent of Toon Town from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Simonla's death was as real to him as that of any of his family members or sweethearts... perhaps even more so.

Troll manipulation

A favorite tactic of trolls is to manipulate Chris into reacting to scenarios involving death, a concept in contrast to Chris's childish mentality and thus guaranteeing he would either react in odd ways or in ways that could be used as ammo against him for future trolling. The scenarios, though fictional, were presented to Chris under the pretense they were true. While Chris generally went along with the claims under pressure from troll manipulation, he did maintain some skepticism, such as when he expressed disbelief to Kacey months later on the Ryan Cash suicide scenario.[31]

The first death scenario trolls experimented with, in October 2008, was that of a fan whose father had passed away from alcoholism. When asking Chris for advice on coping, Chris briefly replied that the fan will recover from the father's "accident" and then advised the fan not to become an alcoholic.[32]

Chris's memorial to Ryan in Sonichu 8.

A few months later, another death scenario was invented by trolls, involving the Ryan Cash character, designed to provoke Chris over his lack of work ethic on the Sonichu comic; the fabrication was that Ryan had been a Sonichu fan and committed suicide when Chris stopped updating it. Trolls badgered Chris over multiple chats to keep acknowledging the death, not satisfied with his brief replies on the death being sad. Trolls then elevated matters by having the Clyde Cash character threaten Chris with revenge over the death of his brother. A frustrated Chris recorded a video in which he tried to reason with Clyde, and put his foot in his mouth by suggesting that if Clyde got a girlfriend it would help him get over the death.[33]


Sometimes I remember her, but I have moved on.
Chris on the late PandaHalo.[34]

Trolls also carried out the death scenario fabrications using a few of their sweetheart characters. Chris had blunt responses to the supposed deaths and seemingly adjusted quickly when another sweetheart character professed to be in love with him.

The fiery death of PandaHalo.

When PandaHalo's character arc ended, Chris believed that her silence meant she might have been a victim of the Australian Black Saturday bushfires (despite her location being hundreds of kilometers away). Shortly after her apparent death, the Julie sweetheart character was introduced to Chris. In a Mumble chat where trolls directed the conversation to PandaHalo's fate, Chris said, "It's OK though, at least I have a good woman who's willing to be by my side at this point."[35] Nine months later, Sonichu #9 featured a special "memorial" to PandaHalo and a sequence in which she dies (off-screen) in a building fire after saving her "Pokemon", Chloe Rosechu and BlazeBob Sonichu, so they wouldn't "burn with" her. Chris also "dedicated" all of Sonichu #10 to PandaHalo's memory. This would be almost touching, if the alleged dedication didn't wholly consist of how awesome Chris was for using Panda's cover artwork.

The Sarah May character claimed to attempt suicide after Chris accidentally called her "Julie" multiple times in a call.[36] After Chris attempted to talk her down, Sarah May went offline still claiming she would kill herself. Julie, also in the chat, was playing along, and did not react to Sarah's suicide attempt in any human-like fashion; yet, it did not occur to Chris that Julie's behavior was unnatural. Chris told Julie, "Well at least I still have you." Chris then made recorded CWC Shout Out to Sarah May, in which the only reason he offered as to why she shouldn't commit suicide was that he would be sad without her.

When the Ivy character arc was forced to end due to Rocky Shoemaker's intervention, trolls came up with the scenario that she committed suicide by hanging after being upset she couldn't be in contact with Chris. Chris uploaded CWC "Boyfriend" as a memorial, a poorly-sung remake of Avril Lavigne's happy, bouncy pop-punk song, with lyrics changed to be about how much Chris would like women to date him. Chris included pictures of several past sweethearts in the video, making it less of a tribute to Ivy and more of a monument to Chris's failures. Ivy's demise was incorporated into Sonichu #9, in the form of a gruesome accidental death, which involved having gotten her neck broken with elevator wires after falling through the elevator floor.

Mary Jo is gone (I feel for you), but you should move on and try to find another woman who will treat you about as good, or possibly better than, her. Suck it up, and move on like a Man would. I tell you as a Man who had to do the same thing a few times in the past too.
Chris's advice to a fan.[37]

In a Mailbag answer to the troll scenario of a fan grieving over the loss of his girlfriend, Chris clearly states how he believes a death should be approached by a man (which includes finding another woman right away and a specific lack of grieving), and tells the traumatized fan that he should simply move onto a better woman since his girlfriend's death, not only being completely asinine, but also outlining that he believes women to be replaceable and possibly interchangeable.

Terrorism and assassination

A Memory Card noting the 9/11 tragedy, next to the Dark Arbok Pokémon card Chris had purchased on that day.

Chris has a very juvenile understanding of terrorism and its effect on the world.

On the 9/11 terrorist attack, Chris wrote that it was the worst day in 2001, summarizing it as "an airplane was stolen and crashed in New York." Eight years later, trolls exploited Chris's childish mentality in order to manipulate him into making the Twin Falling Towers video, suggesting that he should mock Clyde Cash by saying he's as weak as the Twin Towers. Chris failed to discern that he was being set up, producing a video in which he used his mouse cursor to "crash" into a picture of the buildings, while making explosion sound effects, and taunting Clyde. After it backfired on him, Chris recorded Apology for 9/11 Joke.

On the November 2015 Paris terrorist attack, Chris expressed a modicum of grief in his own simple way, but equated the real-life atrocity which killed over 120 people with the actions of a "cartoon villain", suggesting he still has a poor grasp of the difference between reality and fantasy.[38]

At some point in fall 2020, Chris tried asking Null to kill someone.[39][40]


[Suicide]'s taboo in Sonichu culture. The moment you threaten it, you're not considered a Sonichu.
An Idea Guy posing as Cryzel Rosechu talking Chris out of contemplating suicide.[41]

Chris considered suicide in October 2013 after discovering that past events and friends were nothing more than trolls or arranged acquaintances. However, he ruled out suicide, not only because of Barb and his pets but also because of his belief (at the time) that suicide would leave him in Limbo.[42]

In April 2018, during a chat with the Idea Guys in which they psychologically abused Chris, he commented that he would commit suicide. The Idea Guys then talked him out of considering it by drilling into his mind that suicide is taboo in Sonichu culture and that Chris could not be a Sonichu if he committed suicide.[41]

In June 2018, when talking about the infamous line "Zap to the extreme", Chris said he literally feels electricity in his body, then states that he isn't killing himself.[43]

In November 2020, Chris had a vision about the Chris Chan doppelgangers which had been spawned by a spell Jacob Sockness had cast. In his vision, he believed that one such doppelganger to be working at Manchester High and would die by either suicide or a heart attack so that the doppelganger's power could be absorbed by the main Chris Chan for breaking the Iron Curtain.[44]

On 19 July 2021, Allen and his friend Bella joked to each other about there being a plan to get Chris to kill himself. In their Chess club Discord server, Allen said, "I thought the plan was to get him to kill himself" to which Bella responded, "yeah but by getting others to tell him theyre jesus and they hate them and then saying "oh no those ppl are os mean :(" and then he pays me".[45] The Chess club server was leaked in August, after which Allen claimed he and Bella had been making edgy jokes and that there was no plan to kill Chris, also pointing out a lack of proof the two had been serious.[46] During the Jail Saga, rumors about Bella's comment were sent to Chris, who then falsely claimed in a jail letter in response to a fan's questions that he "ForeKnew ALL about Bella and the Setup and Her want to "Tempt" me into Suicide."[47] Chris repeated more misinformation in an October 2023 video in which he suggested that the Incest Call had been fabricated as a plot to get him to kill himself.[48]

Dimension C-197 as Chris's version of Heaven

Following the Idea Guys saga, which affirmed to Chris his dimension beliefs, Chris began to think of alternate dimension C-197 as Heaven. He stated that he believes his deceased pets have reincarnated as characters[49] and that his father is "alive again".[50] He also stated that Marvel writer Stan Lee's soul had merged with his C-197 counterpart.[51]

So sure was Chris in this that he even tried to console a woman whose father passed away by telling her that her father's soul had likely gone to C-197.[52]

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