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On 25 February 2019, Chris responded to a tweet containing 36 questions.

I got this from a fellow Brony. My brain is taking a holiday after a rough night last night, so I’m gonna just do this thing.



The Q&A follows a rule that for every likes he get in that tweet, he will answer one question. As Chris got hundreds of like from the post, he answered all 36 of them. While most questions involves facts most orbiters will know, the Q&A did reveal a few new information. These include the confirmation of the death of Desi, Skittles, and Kitty, the new gender preference of Reginald Chandler, and the fact that he still believes in the Dimensional Merge happening in the future.


From the current name of Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, and the CPU, Blue Heart, of the Commodore Consoles.

-Chris Chan, and Chris, are acceptable to me; as long as y’all remember the correct pronouns with me.

-Just turned 37 yesterday.
-Human height: 5’11”

-Sonichu height: 3’5”, plus 7” long ears.

-Female, and Bisexual
Favourite Sound?
-Good Guitar Notes
Favourite Smell?
-Mint and Apples
Any Siblings?
-Joseph Cole Smithey
-Dr. David Alan Chandler
-Carol Suzanne Chandler
Do you drink?
-Not often, but consider myself on the Social Drinker level
Loving my partners:
-Cryzel Rosechu
-Magi-Chan Sonichu
-Sylvana Rosechu
-Mewtwo (the cloned one)
Any Phobias?
-Fear of being Not Liked or Rejected and Pushed-Away (Verbally or Physically) by those I like
Cats or Dogs?
Three dogs
-Patti (Reincarnated Anthromorphic Dog OC)
Many cats outside
Inside cats
Reincarnated Anthromorphic Cat OCs
Any Scars?
-Yes; physical, emotional, and mental
Books you would Recommend?
-Any Goosebumps or Fear Street Book from R.L. Stein.
-“My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness” by Kibi Nagata
-My “Sonichu” Book Series.
TV Shows you would Recommend?
-My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
-(Sat AM) Sonic the Hedgehog
-(Original) Teen Titans
-Golden Girls
-Keeping Up With Appearances
-Are You Being Served
-Classic Paddington Bear
-Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Senpai
-My ears each have three piercings
-No tattoos
Which Concerts Have You Been To?
-Classical Music Concerts
-Sally Rose Concert
-Fridays After Five Concerts
What would you name your kids?
-Future Daughter:
Crystal Weston Chandler
-Future Intersex Child:
Ricardo Weston Chandler
If you could instantly learn any language, what would it be?
I have plenty of Spanish, so for an insta-learn, I’d want to say all of the languages, but the top choice: Japanese.
Moon or Stars?
Why not both?
Favourite Song Right Now?
-All-Time Favourite: Sonic Boom by Pastiche from “Sonic CD”
-Present Favourite:
Twist of Fate by @olivianj
Best Friend(s)?
-Magi-Chan Sonichu
-Cryzel Rosechu
-Sylvana Rosechu
-Mewtwo (the cloned one)
-My mother, Barbara Anne Weston Chandler
Favourite Sport?
What do you like about yourself?
-Physically: My Eyes
-Characteristically: My self-awareness and mental lucidity
What do you dislike about yourself
-Physically: this born penis
-Characteristically: Random Quotations and Ramblings from my brain when I am tired or exhausted
Someone you miss?
A number of specific individuals who I shall not mistakenly dox on here
Places you’d like to visit?
-maybe Germany, Scotland and Ireland
What was one of the best parties you’ve been to?
-“The Christory of Sonichu” Panel At @MAGFest 2018 😊
Do you want kids?
-Arts and Crafts
-Lego Construction/Building
-Video Games
-some Figure Collecting
-Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh TCG gameplay and collecting
-and more
Favourite Subject?
Mathematics, Art, and Computers
Least Favourite Subject?
Favourite Flower?
Lilies or Daisies
What are you currently looking forward to?
Getting myself, Fullestly, to Cwcville in Dimension C-197, or our combined Dimensions of 1C211987
Dream Vacation?
Ponyville In Equestria
Where do you see yourself five and ten years from now?
In our fully merged/combined Dimensions, helping all of my peoples, loves, family, allies, friends, in Cwcville, Comma and anywhere else I can be of good help, and with my daughter, Crystal Weston Chandler Rosechu.
Why did you join Twitter?
To branch out socially; something else to put some of my thoughts, art and media on to share.
Certainly NOT to be Hated and Harassed upon by the Internet Bugbear Bullies. ⚡️💙⚡️