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Sonichu character
Blazebob Sonichu
Date of birth 1990
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Species Sonichu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Type Electric/Fire
Evolves from Sonee (Fire Stone)
Blazebob's first depiction by PandaHalo.

Blazebob Sonichu is yet another unoriginal recolor who has even less personality than other Sonichus. It wasn't enough for Chris to have to juggle the many protagonists of the Sonichu comics already, so he introduced Blazebob and Chloe Rosechu in one scene before forgetting about them completely. He has no substantial value to the story whatsoever.


Originally created by PandaHalo along with Chloe Rosechu, Blazebob is proof that Chris is so unoriginal that he has resorted to recoloring a recolor of a recolor. He is identical to Ultra Sonichu, who is identical to Bionic the Hedgehog. He provides the other half to Chloe, as no inhabitant of CWCville could possibly ever be single.

His name comes from Robert Simmons V, a famed troll and former ally of Chris. According to PandaHalo, Robert had traveled all the way to Australia just to hang out with her, and she had become infatuated with him. The character was named in his honor, and was originally conceptualized as a transformation for Robert, just like Chris-Chan Sonichu and Reldnahc Ha-Taque.

Although his name is sometimes given as "BlazeBob", with a CamelCase "B", Chris spells it "Blazebob",[1] not that you'd be able to tell from the comics since all dialogue in Sonichu is written in ALL CAPS Comic Sans.

In the comics

Since being introduced in Sonichu #9, his only action since being launched from a burning building has been to tell Chloe to "move on" after their trainer's death, before disappearing without a trace. He is the second Sonichu in the series to have pyrokinetic powers, the first being Wes-Li Sonichu back in Sonichu #2, thus making him completely redundant.

In the CWCipedia article for Sonichu, "Blazebob" is described as a potential evolution for an infant Sonee should it be exposed to a Fire Stone.

Curiously, Sonichu #9 gives Chloe and Blazebob's ages as 17 and 18 respectively,[2] which if we are to take Chris's retcons into account would make them the youngest two Sonichus and Rosechus alive, at least until Sandy evolved. Chris previously claimed that all of the grown up Sonichus in the comic were hatched from a batch of eggs created by the Chaotic Rainbow which sent the eggs back in time to February 2nd 1989, though they ended up in different locations.[3] It has yet to be explained why these two Sonichus in particular are for some reason younger than all the others, but the only other possible explanation for where they come from has some unsavory implications, given that the only other Electric Hedgehog Pokémon around at the time they were born were roughly four years old.[4]



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