Bob's Letters to Chris

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Bob's vision for the Sonichu comic.

Throughout the latter years of his life, Bob understood the importance of leaving a positive lasting impression on his son. In an effort to both bond with Chris, encourage him, and share stories of his past, Bob had left several letters to Chris, in hopes of reaching through to him. Chris revealed the contents of these letters during a live Captain's Log in September 2017.

In the longer, more personal letter, Bob puts an absurd amount of focus on his material possessions, collections, and achievements, only mentioning Chris in relation to him inheriting his material possessions. The other letter details Bob's ideal direction as to what Sonichu should be like. In the video in which Chris read it, Chris mockingly scoffed at his father's suggestion, looking visibly embarrassed.


Open Letter - December 26th, 1987

Bob wrote this five years after Chris's birth, with high hopes for his son. Needless to say, these hopes were not fulfilled.

Most notable is his imploring of Chris to fully understand and not waste the value of heirlooms such as his "very good stamp collection". In 2017, during the Financhu Crisis, Chris shamelessly auctioned off parts of the collection on eBay, spending the profits made on toys.

Sonichu Letter - August 18th, 2008

Three years before Bob's death, he wrote another, much shorter letter to Chris, in which he detailed how he hopes Chris and Sonichu could gain international fame as mascots for the mental illness of autism.


A lot can be gleaned about Bob's character from these open letters. We see what he claims to be the origin of his collecting hobby. An upbringing in poverty, combined with worries that other objects may have personal value to people, serves as the basis for acquiring sets of stamps, records, and the like.

It's also worth noting that Chris is not Bob's only child. He seems to place more emphasis on Chris carrying on his name (and whatever collections he amassed) simply because Chris is the child he had with Barbara. Chris, being the child he had with the woman he loved the most, was enough to make him the favorite (Barbara's other child, Cole Smithey, was not treated well by Bob, to say the least). Unfortunately, over later years, Bob would end up seeing Chris as a disappointment.

In the final letter we can see how Bob's disappointment with Chris was rationalized. His desire for Chris to combat autism implies that it's what he blames most for Chris's character and behavior (despite ample evidence that his and his wife's incompetent parenting may have done more damage). To Bob, Chris could have been "normal" if it weren't for his mental condition. But at the time of writing the letter, when Chris had become famous on the internet, he wanted Chris to fight autism in his comic as a way for his son to possibly "get better". Bob likely spent the rest of his days blaming autism for the problems he and Barb gave his son.