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Chris's 27 July 2021 "Plato's Symposium" art. Note the talk of "soul bonding" in the lower right-hand corner.

Soul Bonding is a CWC-ism and euphemism by Chris to describe his actions towards his mother, Barbara Chandler, during the time he was engaging in incest with her. What "soul-bonding" during the affair refers to is unclear, as Chris's usage of "soul bonding" has changed over time, notably during his stay at Central Virginia Regional Jail in his Jail Communications to various orbiters. The most consistent usage treats it as "cuddling" and/or an act of "healing". However, some drawings Chris made regarding the act had alluded to it being an act of holding hands and/or getting in imminent sex positions.

Mentions by Chris

On 27 July 2021, Chris drew an art piece depicting "a basic visual representation of #PlatosSymposium for being on the good eyes for Inner Beauty as opposed to physical beauty." He uploaded the drawing to Twitter on 28 July, writing that:

the ships, aside from me with Magi-Chan, are up for interpretations, but the outlines do shape each individual well. So, they are free for your interpretations of gender and situation. Have fun. 😊[1]

Notably the drawing had been produced and uploaded around the time the Incest Call is estimated to have occurred. One of the "ships" depicted is of two people in a sexual position. One asks, "My love, does our soul bond and play satisfy you?" and the other answers, "Yes, it does. Thank you."

In the Incest Texts, estimated to have occurred around 28 July 2021, Chris texted about his enjoyment of sexual relations with his mother. He described in detail sexual acts between the two and stated that "when we cuddle", "I literally feel our souls bonding and coming together":

And, obviously those out of the eight guys, counting Robertchu, before me were not hitting her G-Spot as much with their cocks. I had attempted the first night to rub her in there; I found her spot, but it hurt her. But, alternatively, I did find that at cunnilingus, I was good at it with my tongue.

And I did also stimulate her clit; that does not seem to hurt her as much, but she still has a limit with that spot as well.

Anyway, we're making progress.

And when we cuddle, and this actually impresses me More, I literally feel our souls bonding and coming together as one during that time. Damn, it feels soo good when that happens.

And we talk a good while as well before she heads back upstairs.[2]

On 4 October 2021, in a jail letter to Kenneth Engelhardt and while role-playing as Jesus Christ, Chris began claiming that soul bonding involved a divine mission from God to heal his mother. He wrote:

What had happened was Literally a Divine Mission, commissioned to Christine and I by Emanuel (GOD above Gods), herself, to Heal and Cleanse Barbara's health and soul and being and Clear her of remaining sins and regrets through Coddling, Talking, and Supportive Soul Bonding to mainly Extend her Life, personally by Divine Intervention.[3]

On 8 November 2021, in a jail letter to Eels and the Eggman, Chris began to distance between soul bonding and sex. He wrote:

Soul Bonding is as far as it went; no further comment[4]

On 16 November 2021, in a letter to Kenneth Engelhardt and while role-playing as Jesus Christ, Chris again claimed that soul bonding is a form of healing. He further commented that soul bonding "does not necessarily constitute sex" - implying that it can. He wrote:

And I’ve Soul Bonded, Cuddled, and Supportively Talked in Healing the Aura and Chakras, and Absolving the “Sins” and Regrets of Barbara. Soul Bonding does not necessarily constitute sex. Had I Not healed her, she would be dead Late August. There is Nothing Wrong in this Divine Mission from my mother, Emanuel, that I have fulfilled Think Deep, Meditate, Reevaluate Your Choices, and REPENT, Haters and Fakers![5]

On 27 November 2021, in a letter to Kenneth Englehardt, Chris relayed news of Barbara's traffic accident earlier in the month, claiming that the soul bonding he had done had helped to protect her though he also noted her injuries of broken ribs and "a bump on the head." He wrote:

Well, Wednesday, November 24, 2021, Barbara was in the van, and got hit by a tractor-trailer truck. The van is totaled. But Barbara Survived and continues to live with Positive Emotions, and greater Divine protection by the Power and Aura of our Lord, From that Soul Bonding. Barbara has two broken ribs and a bump on the head, and is receiving some help from Harriet and Tom Ashby, as well as Wayne Weston.[6]
An undated piece of Praetor Jail Art, featuring Chris and Magi-Chan soul bonding.[7] Note that they are simply holding hands in this version of the term.

On 4 January 2022, in a letter to Bizzare Bazaar, Chris again claimed to have healed Barbara with soul bonding.

Healing Barbara with literal Soul Bonding (which that is when at least who individuals share the moment when their Soul spiritually intermingle (imagine a purple mist and a blue and yellow mist coming together to make a Single mist of purple, blue and yellow), and depending on each individual being Good to Toxic levels, and Healing abilities Stronger in the Good, one Soul Healing the other Soul to where they Literally Mentally and Physically them), and supportive Emotional and Mental Talking, allowed me to extend her Life and Endurance and Strength. Emanuel, GOD above Gods, and my mother [???] told me directly to heal Barbara and cleanse her Aura and forgive her sins and regrets; Had I not done my job, Barbara would have been dead by vehicle accident in August, 2021, instead of surviving the accident in November, 2021.[8]

On 8 January 2022, in a letter to Spamton G. Spamton, Chris explained his revised Commandments, listing various practices including soul bonding. Tellingly, Chris also listed sex next to soul bonding.

As for my revisions to six of the ten commandments, the Majority of humans have come to better appreciate and comprehend the practices in Magic, Psychic Powers, Safer Sexual Intercourse, and Soul Bonding, and so forth over the centuries.[9]

On 11 January 2022, in a letter to Kenneth Englehardt, Chris again made the healing claim.

I have long genuinely Foreknow ALL of these events in these recent month, as well as ALL Alternate outcomes from where I had not Healed Barbara with the extensive Soul Bonding, and so forth. I foreknew I would have likely ended up in Jail or away from home extensively MONTHS to Years Before August, 2021.[10]

On 11 May 2022, in a letter to Kenneth Englehardt, Chris again distanced between soul bonding and sex, claiming that the Incest Call and Incest Texts had been faked.

there was absolutely nothing beyond Soul Bonding that had happened, the "Leak" from last July was false, and a good number of ye ALL should have Known Better with Good Faith in I, instead of succumbing to the Demons' and Devils' temptations of Rumors and Drama and thus Failing that Divine Test.

On 1 June 2022, in a letter to Helena Fiorenza, Chris mentioned the term, using it in conjunction with cuddling, hugs and kisses (but drawing a line between it and sex). He wrote:

No sex was had between Barbara and I. All that happened was Simple Soul-Bonding, cuddling, hugs, and cheek and forehead kisses; nothing more. In the Soul-Bonding and talking, I had made great effort to restrengthen her mentality and emotions through talking and getting her to recall her past in story telling. Also, I Divinely Did heal and cleanse her of her sins and regrets.[12]

On 4 June 2022, in response to Eels asking him what soul bonding is, Chris claimed that it involved New Age spirituality. He wrote in a jail letter that:

Soul Bonding is the Bonding and Union of Auras (Energy Fields) between at least two individuals. Crystals are not required. One can Soul Bond with themself in a (re)union of your own Soul and the separate energy manifested from your Body's Care point between the heart and Solar Plexus Chakra Points. If you have ever Astral Projected your soul out of your Body, and your Body managed to continue their functions at least on Basic Minium [sic] during your abscence [sic] with a manifistation [sic] of a Soul Copy manifested from your Body's Core, and find yourself communicating with that separate entity while in your Body, then you'd understand the situation and relationship of a Body and Soul Partner relationship. Other multi-dimensional Soul Bonding details will be talked about in the upcoming book.[13]

On 13 June 2022, Chris wrote to Helena Fiorenza. The letter has not been released and a summary provided by Helena's friend Eels and the Eggman instead. Eels claimed that Chris had drawn a doodle illustrating soul bonding and that it was just holding hands.[14]

On 4 July 2022, in a letter to Helena Fiorenza, Chris again claimed that him soul bonding with Barbara had saved her life in the traffic accident months prior and that he had looked into alternate timelines and felt that Barbara would have died, gone to jail in Chris's place, or hooked up with another man without his spiritual protection:

I have seen into ALL of the possibilities and timelines for the outcome of August, 2021. Betrayls, and the late Sockness' sorcery and demonics, and Everfree Northwest aside, Barbara and I have long been fated to be separated then, period. If Not for my Soul Bonding with her and mentally and emotionally healing her with talking of her past, she would have died in the vehicle accident with the van in August, and not in November and survived. There were also outcomes of Her landing in Jail instead, Dying by other fated happenings, or the Very Slight chance of moving in with another man out of attraction. The reason her Body, at the least (check her Aura, Helena) continues to have been alive and at the Sonichu Temple This Long of time was in my own emotional and spiritual processes and developments.[15]

On 5 August 2022, in a letter to Kenneth Englehardt, Chris again repeated his claim that soul bonding Barbara was healing her:

I had healed and cleansed Barbara of her sins and regrets and gifted her life extension by my Soul Bonding and Healing Powers[16]

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