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485-CWCsF.JPG Chris's recent failings have helped CWCki gather more information for this article.
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This new information can be found from the following sources:
The Place chats - Lore Mashup

A Golden Disc Chris drew featuring Zodiac signs.

Zodiac is a form of astrology. It is known for astrological signs. It is a part of New Age spirituality. Chris is a fan of zodiac mythology.

Chris's Zodiac

Chris being born on 24 February is a Pisces. Pisces is Latin for 'fishes' and therefore the zodiac is associated with water as the ruler of this zodiac sign is Neptune the Roman God of the Sea.

According to Chris, he was born at approximately 5:30 AM at Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville, VA. [1] Using this information, we can determine Chris's birth chart.

Chris's birth chart
Planet Astrology Sign
Sun ☉ Pisces ♓︎︎
Moon ☽ Pisces ♓︎︎
Mercury ☿ Aquarius ♒︎︎
Venus ♀ Capricorn ♑︎︎
Mars ♂ Libra ♎︎︎
Jupiter ♃ Scorpio ♏︎︎
Saturn ♄ Libra ♎︎︎
Uranus ♅ Sagittarius ♐︎︎
Neptune ♆ Sagittarius ♐︎︎
Pluto ♇ Libra ♎︎︎
Lilith ⚸ Sagittarius ♐︎︎
N Node ☊ Cancer ♋︎︎

Mentions by Chris

In October 2020, Chris had a dream about a Golden Disc which featured aspects from zodiac mythology.[2]