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Do Not Dis C Ville is a video that was uploaded on 23 July 2009. Here, Chris shows us his amazing logic, in that if you mock him, Sonichu and Rosechu, or CWCville, you are mocking Charlottesville, Virginia and all who dwell there. This notion is very similar to some of his statements from one of his comics. Chris also lets it slip that he believes his behavior is completely ordinary--he is being unfairly picked on while others can be "p'trayed, uh, about, just as bad".

This video is notable for containing the first appearance of Chris's NEW IMPROVED image within a Captain's Log video. He is sporting his new vest and necklace in addition to his medallion and his Amnyfest Ring. Additionally, Chris's ugly-ass goatee can be seen.


In a Nutshell; Dis Me, Sonichu and Rosechu; you Dis Charlotesville, Virginia.



Do Not Dis C Ville
Stardate 23 July 2009
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Chris
Shirt The Classic Short SleeveClassicshort.png The Classic Short Sleeve, Denim JacketTruckerSprite.png The Trucker
Captain's Log, Stardate
July 22nd, 2009
It's UGH!
I have had so much disrespect...and whatnot, from every, single Internet bully and troll on, yeah, the Internet.


I am here today to, uh, make-up important announcement that I feel is of most importance.

I have had so much disrespect...and whatnot, from every, single Internet bully and troll on, yeah, the Internet.

But, I tell you s-, I tell you something. Incl-, and this is including my original creation of Sonichu and Rosechu and no imposter can ever take their original creation, the very moment from within Manchester High School the--[jump cut]

When you diss me, when you diss Sonichu, when you diss Rosechu and when you diss every single...citizen of the City of, uh, every single individual even including CWCville, you are dissing CWCville. And when you diss CWCville you disfi-, you diss every "C-ville" within these United States.

I'm patriotic, why you think I started with a red, white and blue shirt? And to continue further, when you diss the C-villes, not only do you d-, not only do you diss every single one, but you diss the most important one that I have grown fond of, even though I live just a few miles away from it, Charlottesville, Virginia. And I will not stand idly by and let the strong, supportive, honest citizens within the city of Charlottesville be damn trolls in the relation when you diss Sonichu and Rosechu. Very, they were original pure ideas, but then you have to go suck the fun out of it, tell me it was all wrong. You do not diss anybody!

And when you diss Sonichu, Rosechu, me, you diss Charlottesville, Virginia! 'Cause CWCville, and Charlottesville, both in the state of Virginia, two C-villes within the state of Virginia.

[Ed: This leaves Criglersville in third place.]

I am an honest citizen. I am sick of being portrayed wrongly. And I will not stand idly by whi-, by lettin' ho-, by lettin' the me, the one citizen, be portrayed wrongly amongst all the other citizens who in relation can be p'trayed, [sigh] about just as bad.

I'll be damned if I let anybody else go down, out of the wrong reasons, by any Internet, any person on the Internet. I am a patriotic American, I am proud to be a near-citizen of Charlottesville, Virginia, and I am proud not, not only of all that, to be a "C-villian"...of both...Charlottesville...and CWCville.

I'm Christian Weston Chandler. Thank you.

[Ed.: Diss count - 15]

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