CCWC's Final Warning to the Second CWC

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"CCWC's Final Warning to the Second CWC", uploaded 9 August 2009, is a final warning to Liquid Chris, threatening legal persecution and the like. Later in the video, he threatens to sexually assault any woman who calls him a homosexual.


CCWC's Final Warning to the Second CWC
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 09 August 2009
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Chris
Shirt Red & WhiteRed & White The Power Ranger
LOOK at the truth!
I have experienced some of the good things in life. I have played the lottery a few times, I have traveled to Ohio. And I've had a few drinks. The only checkmark that's not been checked yet for a good life is the virgin-breaker.


Alright, firstly, let me dispel the rumor, and I'm only gonna explain this once, just as I have said it on the CWCipedia page, the official new Sonichu and Rosechu site, ever since I removed it two months ago, because the trolls got into my webhosting account. "I" meaning myself, "B" specifying for who I am, "A" as in singular, and "Chandler" being my last name. There is no such thing as "Ian Brandon Anderson." You all have ruined those three names, those three names, in my lifetime, you have ruined them for me forever. They all just sound [takes glasses off and drops them on the floor] about as bad as the word "naïve" to me now. Every time I hear any of those three names now, I'm just gonna, it's gonna remind me of this whole mess. So to the, everyone who's been calling me that, NO. NO. I'm Christopher Christian Weston Chandler. Born on February 24, 1982, blood type A negative, born in Ruckersville, Virginia, no, born in Charlottesville, Virginia, grew up in Ruckersville, Virginia, went to Chesterfield county for s-, for high schooling, Manchester High School. DEGREE. Diploma. Diploma! And went to Piedmont Virginia Community College for the degree and the certificate. Do not believe his counterfeits.

Now, my final warning, my last words, my last wise words, for Mr. Christian Weston Chandler. He was born with that name, he lives somewhere around DC, I know a lot about him. Look. Mister Christian. Mister Chandler. I have already informed my father to go ahead with the uh, police trials, and to get the police that we have involved with the case, getting them further involved. You pretty much just cashed in your chips when you made the phone call last night, and harshly talked to me, you would not even listen. You would call me the liar, you would continue to call me by that stupid Ian name, when everybody on the world wide web and around the whole world, knows that I'm the real deal. They're just playing along with you, just to try to get on my nerves. No more. No more. Never. Okay? So, quit this stupid game. You are ruining your relationship with Kacey! She's all heartbroken about over this whole feuding between us. She's very sad, she's very depressed. You have not called her for days! What are you doing, man? She cares about you very much, and honestly, from her heart! She asked you, she asked me, she asked you to stop playing this game. Why did you start? Bored? Were you just an outcast? What? But listen, you are not the Chris, you were never born Christopher Weston Chandler, I was born Christopher Weston Chandler, then the bear at Regency Square changed my name to Christian, had it legally changed a few years later, after the Englishman behind that misunderstood Christopher and called me Christian. We already have so many people involved, and at this point, we're just gonna do it. Bring you in. You're gonna get arrested. We're gonna see you in court. But hopefully, I will only, hopefully you will only have to serve community service, because I really would hate to see you and Kacey's relationship a lost cause.

Dude. DUDE! This is your last warning. You've already broken my balls so many times in response to my previous warnings, bringing the police in further. You will be...I've already said that, I'm not gonna repeat myself. But, we will se-, I will se-, my f-, my f-, I, my mother, Barbara, and my father, Robert, we will all see you in court. And to everybody else, that is not a troll, and all the true fans, come back and stay with me. Because, you may have b-, you may, 'cause I know that some of you have left, and you were replaced by trolls, and otherwise you turned troll, please. Come back. We're good people. I'm good people. I'm honest. And, if you, and just like in Jesus, if you continue to have faith in me, all rewards will be shown. And the rewards are shown on, on a daily basis, or the small date, even if I miss one day, something will happen the next day, on the CWCipedia.

Okay. No more of that stupid Ian name. Anyone else who mislabels me as that name again, or anybody else who calls me, mislabels a homosexual, in person, if it's a guy, you will get [punches at the air] PSSH! Or, he can accept the answer straightforward [begins to fumble with something on his neck] on my honest heart, and just leave it at that and spread the word around. Further. Or, if it's a lady, I will give her the option of either accepting the truth, [stops messing with the thing on his neck] or allow me to kiss her strong and long on the cheek. The FACE cheek. And video record it...[long pause] So there. So everybody get it through your skulls, I'm the real deal. He's the impostor, [begins to mess with the thing on his neck again] stop this stupid game. Stop encouraging Christian Weston Chandler number two over there. Stupid dog tag. Get this stupid, oh, forget about this stupid dog tag! [puts controller down and takes off dog tag] The only reason I'm wearing it is because it represents like, you know, I have experienced some of the good things in life, I have played the lottery a few times, I have traveled to Ohio, no thanks- thanks to that stupid Max. And I've had a few drinks, the only checkmark that's not left, as the, only thing, mark that's not been checked yet for a good life is the virgin-breaker. I'm straight. We got that cleared up. Don't ever call me Ian, don't ever call me GAAAAAY. Have a safe day, stay safe. Peace.

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