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For Chris II (officially 10272009 For Chris No 2) is a 27 October 2009 video in which Ian makes vague, ineffectual threats against Liquid Chris, suggesting that Liquid should leave Kacey alone, even though Kacey is Liquid's girlfriend. Rather than getting full-blown blangry as usual, IBA threatens to get full-blown blangry, which may include shouting, punching himself, and doing a substandard job of breaking flimsy objects in his room. Ian also plays some heavy metal in the background, which he believes is very terrifying, but the juxtaposition of heavy metal and the sight of an obese, balding manchild wearing an oddly-colored shirt and a medallion depicting an imaginary character has the opposite effect.

Ian has been wearing the same blue-green striped polo shirt with the red long-sleeve shirt underneath since his second video declaring his love for Kacey on October 25. Chances are he's showing off this new outfit for her, which has not been seen in any videos until recently. Given his propensity to sweat profusely and avoid showering, he most likely smells like a rotting animal by now. In this video he appears particularly haggard and disheveled, his hair sticks up at odd angles, and his receding hairline is becoming increasingly visible and obvious.


For Chris II
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 27 October 2009
Subject Matter TrollsTrolls Trolls, ViolenceViolence Violence
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Chris
Shirt Green White StripeGreen White Stripe The Shamrock Stripes
Clyde‘s Buddy Matt Getting SUPER-LAID!!!
You don't want to make me very angry and, believe me, I'm on the VERGE of such.


["Mr. Scary" by Dokken plays in the background. Chris most likely only knows this song because it is featured in the video game Brutal Legend. Either that, or he just googled "scary metal songs"]

[glaring at camera] Well. Mr. Chris. We talk again. I tell you what, I've heard you've been bothering Kacey. I tell ya, [Crosses arms] not cool, dude. Not cool. It's one thing to break your promise to her, but when you go pestering her like you've been doing lately, [points] yeah, you cross the line. [points again] So, you best STOP what you're doing! Because, believe me, you don't want to make me very angry and, believe me, I'm on the VERGE of such. [Holds up Claw of Fail.]

So, there. You just back off. Just back off, man. [Claw motion. Sighs]

[Stands awkwardly for quite a while]

Back off. Back away from Kacey. Leave her alone. Besides, she's told you about how she feels about me. Let her go, dude. Leave her alone.

[switches sides]

I'll leave you with that, for now.

[Peace sign]

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