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LOOK at the truth! was released 10 August 2009. Chris (Solid) attempts to clarify the differences between himself and Liquid Chris.


LOOK at the truth!
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 10 August 2009
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Chris
Shirt Red & WhiteRed & White The Power Ranger
CCWC's Final Warning
to the Second CWC
CWC Update 12 August 2009
Who has the body type that has been mocked for the long time? I do.


[Removes glasses, leaves them on a table his right] Alright, let's get some similarities and differences compared. Personality traits: in the longer run who has been the cooler man, who has origin on everything in the Sonichu and Rosechu comics, as you noticed in all the videos I have been the cooler man, I have been more calm and even my voice sounds more similar to everything in the past recordings, including my 25th birthday and [drops PS3 controller and points with both hands at his head] look at my face. The very same face from February 24th [makes 2's with both hands] two years ago.

And another thing: yes. [Lowers down to grab his plastic guitar] I have never learned to play a real guitar, but that doesn't mean I could not rock, so that's a good reason why [strikes the guitar, as finishing a riff] I play on the Guitar Hero. [Leaves guitar at his right side] Started out on PlayStation 2, where it originally started, you know. And another thing...

[Video jumps]

I have still been having a ch- harder time of trying find a boyfriend-free girl int- to make to a sweetheart from the ground-up. Yet he was able to get a girlfriend... [snaps his fingers] like that. Big difference! In the longer run, the real Christopher Christian Weston Chandler had a harder time... and still is having a bit of a hard time. [Deep breath]

And also if you look at the eight-year old photo, and I have recently looked back upon it, an eight-year old video. Eight-year old video. And in previous videos and photographs including on the Encyclopaedia Dramatica page, yes it is true. I'm no longer ashamed of it. [Moves body 90 degrees to his left] I was born with the body type that has MANBOOBS! [Grabs both breasts with both hands and plays with them] My type. [Lowers shirt] You might say a little type in the "A" and a little bit of size A. But I'm a man, so there. I'm still a man.

My DICK was on that Encyclopaedia Dramatica page. They, it was falsely brought on, because the trolls posed as women who falsely gained my trust. I know, it's my fault, my fault that those trolls got the information, but still they documented it for the longest time since about... some about 2006 or 2007, when I first found the ED page in 2007 in [mumbles]. It was just getting started on that... about late October then.

Plus also, green and purple striped shirt. I think the picture was blurry, but that's still my face, so there you go. That's a few big differences between me and him. Is he the man with the body-type of manboobs, A negative blood. Born on 24 February 1982, born with the name of Christopher Weston Chandler, went to Regency Square found- had the inspiration for the name change in 1989 by the English speaking conductor Leonard Bearstein. Does he? [Shakes head horizontally] No. And you know his diploma and his degree that he had displayed, counterfeited from the pictures that were taken from the slideshow on a DVD which was only distributed family and close friend-wise. It would not have leaked if the troll had not posed as my very first female crush on all the way back to Greene County Primary days. [Long pause, staring at the camera] So there.

Remember, who has a longer history? I do. Who has the body type that has been mocked for the long time? I do. He does not have any of these things. He has nothing, all that he has [lowers his body to grab a white sheet of paper] is a piece of paper that I can get 500 sheets of at Walmart [tears sheet of paper] for five bucks.

So I'll leave you with that. Quit with this game, man and quit with the- with the supporting the impostor, trolls. I have thanked you for the documentations. You can go troll Joshua Martinez for all I care because he is a liar. He is a liar. At this point I don't care much about him, so go ahead, troll him.

Peace out, have a good day, stay safe.

CCWC's Final Warning to the Second CWC Chris's videos CWC Update 12 August 2009