Light His Mind's Darkest Hour

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In Light His Mind's Darkest Hour, Chris blesses Liquid to remove his alleged insanity, which Chris believes was induced by the Curse-ye-ha-me-ha he unleashed in his video of 14 August.

This video features a rare reference to Kim, the elusive "friend" of Liquid's girlfriend Kacey, and a hint at the beginning of Chris's campaign to steal Kacey away and make her his sweetheart.


Light His Mind's Darkest Hour
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 16 August 2009
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Chris
Shirt Red & WhiteRed & White The Power Ranger
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CWC Fighter
So yeah, quit encouraging him, think about it.


Stardate, August 16th, 2009. I have seen, his latest video. I youa- I would have- I know that it is a mockery, and a lame attempt to frame me, still. [Sighs] Anyway, let's examine it. The guy who has him, supposedly, sounds nothing like me. And, if I was to actually- if I had recorded that video myself, I'd upload it to my account, as well as his account simultaneously, or just upload it to my own. I do not have access to his own account, I swear... to God. And also, look at the ropes. They're loose. They're loose. He's just trying to pull your legs again with that stunt. So yeah, quit encouraging him, think about it. But still.

It has come to my attention from my, uh, my friend- um-uh, my friends of uh, Kim and Kacey, Kacey being Christian's sw-sweetheart - yes, it was wrong of me to unleash, uh, such a heavy curse upon him. And for that, I apologize. I'm here to make it right.

[Starts playing "The Touch"]

He has impostored [sic] me for the last couple of weeks... the past few weeks. I cannot- I can- I cannot easily forgive him, but I can at least undo the curse. This is for you, Christian W Chandler, somewhere around west portion of DC.

[Chris closes his eyes and faces down starting at 1:39]

May this blessing, light your darkest hour, within your twisted mind, and make you come sane and clean. Until all are one. Forgiveness, bless-aing.

[Chris holds out his hands, eyes still closed, at 2:11. His hands move in ways that suggest he is imagining groping a pair of breasts. He puts his hands down and opens his eyes at 2:34.]

Kacey again, I'm sorry for having cursed him in the first place. I lo- I pray he comes back to you safely, and sane. Peace.

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