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Charlottesville, VA

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This Charlottesville "Community" is FULL of Ignorant, Uncaring, Snooty, Snobish, Corrupted People.


—Chris, 2012[1]

Charlottesville, VA is, for most Americans, the location of Thomas Jefferson's home Monticello and the University of Virginia. For Christian Weston Chandler, C-ville (as he calls it) is home to Charlottesville Fashion Square, The GAMe PLACe, and various other stores he is banned from.

The town is so quaint that they drew an interactive map of the place so that it looks like a low-budget 1980s theme park.[2] According to the map, the entrance of the town is guarded by the world's biggest knight.



Charlottesville and the outside world

Look up Charlottesville on a map of Virginia or the eastern seaboard at large and its isolation becomes clear. The next largest city nearby is Richmond, 71 miles (114 km) by road to the southeast. Washington, DC is an 117-mile (188 km) drive to the northeast. To the north, south, and west lie wide expanses of not very much at all, unless you count the strip of small towns along the I-81 corridor that runs up Virginia's western border.

Chris's accounts of his life to date show no evidence that he's ever seen much of the world outside the Charlottesville area. When he was a teenager, his family temporarily relocated to Chesterfield County, a semi-rural region south of Richmond, but that hardly counts as a change of scenery compared to his home suburb of Ruckersville, as the two areas are almost indistinguishable. His trip to Ohio in search of Julie and a brief visit with his brother Cole Smithey in California are the only recorded instances where he's journeyed very far from his birthplace.


And when you diss CWCville you disf—you diss every "C-ville" within these United States.


—Chris, Do Not Dis C Ville

C-ville is a common local abbreviation for Charlottesville, although it is used in print much more often than it is spoken aloud. Chris has used the word as a CWC-ism to refer to every town in the United States that begins with "C," but he specifically uses it to refer to both Charlottesville and his fictional town CWCville. In the Rollin' and Trollin' video, Chris walks around the Charlottesville Downtown Mall and the adjoining Pavilion, referring to everything he sees as a part of CWCville.

It is clear that he wished to use the term to link his defense of his fictional town to his supposed patriotism. Essentially, insulting Sonichu means you are insulting CWCville, which means you are insulting C-ville, which means you hate America.

Interestingly enough, the local Charlottesville newspaper is entitled C-Ville Weekly, first published in 2013 as a replacement for The Hook.

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