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The letter.

On 7 March 2019, Chris made a 7-minute unboxing video of the Nintendo Switch he received as a gift from Sarah and Steve. Notably, at one point, Chris pulls a letter from Sarah and Steve out of the box and holds it up to the camera before setting it aside - the letter explicitly saying not to discuss the matter online, raising the suspicion of observers that this may be a sign of a trolling scheme. Chris deleted the video a few hours later, and then reuploaded it with the title A Very Cool Birthday Present!. It's unknown why he decided to reupload it, since he didn't even edit out the letter.


Very Cool Birthday Present! :)
Stardate 7 March 2019
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Shirt Light gray bathrobeLight gray bathrobe Light gray bathrobe
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Hey errybody, Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again. In my... housecoat. Wuh anyway, nuh bout that, cuz, we got a special... delivery today! [adjusts camera] This lovely bots! Wit, address on it... and... there's that side... and, big lugly bots, uhh, suspected from the certain fan. [rotates box] Side. [rotates box] Huh. Side, side. As if we didn't know what was coming. Cuz, it came! The box came a bit damaged, so, [moves camera to box] you pretty much SEEEE what we're esspeh-what we're... getting, this little bit. So let's open this thing the rest of the way. [starts to set camera on bed, then notices Sylvia looking at the box] Oh look! [picks camera back up] [in baby talk voice] There's Sylvia! Hi sweetie! [Sylvia walks to the edge of the bed.] Oop! Ha ha, wuh ya doing? Youse camera shy? What are you camera shy? You're so silly. [higher pitched voice] Why are you so silly? Silly Sylvia, I love youuu! I do! [sets camera down on bed] Let me get my pocket knife, [Chris opens the velcro case of his pocket knife off camera] do something here. [Chris picks up the camera, and shows Sylvia pawing at the case.] There you go, she's playing with my pocket knives... thing. Kitty kitty! This became a cat video! [nervous sounding chuckle] Livia you're so silly. [moves camera back to box] Alright so, I'unno I guess I'll just, pick it at and... open it on that side. Gonna go with this side. [moves pocket knife to box] [Sylvia moves to the box, and stares at the damaged part] [in baby talk voice] Onoppa[??] kitty! This kitty. [Chris starts cutting open one side of the box] Da-dang she got spooked by... [Chris finishes cutting one side of tape] the knife noise. It's noisy! [Chris grabs the box] Up! Aight! [Chris turns the box upside down] Ehnna[?] this way! [Chris fiddles some more, then begins cutting the other side.] Okay. [Chris realizes he's turned the box to where it's supposed to be opened] Oop! Duh. [Chris continues cutting]

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