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Sonichu and Rosechu figure collection toy battle! is a video Chris uploaded to YouTube on 11 November 2015. Intended as a sort of commercial for his homemade Amiibo, the video quickly devolves into a sort of therapy session, as he vents his frustration with his autism and directs a stream of hatred toward his estranged half-siblings. Chris experiments with Anaglyph 3D here. It should be noted that the left eye is seeing the left half of the screen, and the right eye is seeing the right side of the 2D screen. Thus making it impossible to watch in 3D VR, or in Anaglyph mode.


Not only can you play with them in video games, but through the power of your minds and imagination. Toy to Life Figures are still Toys after all, and Can be Collected in All, and Played With.

Available Mainly through me, Christine Weston Chandler, the original creator of Sonichu and Rosechu, on Cwcville Shopping at


Sonichu and Rosechu figure collection toy battle!
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Stardate 11 November 2015
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Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy
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Restoration video

(Restored) Sonichu and Rosechu figure collection toy battle!
Stardate 7 August 2020
Made By Online Videos
Subject Matter Cwcville ShoppingCwcville Shopping Cwcville Shopping
Video Type Restoration Video
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos
Dang...gone...mental... condition, that messed up my brain for a lifetime! Electric Hedgehog Power!
Chris, roleplaying the destruction of an autism effigy


[The video opens on a shot of a table full of Chris' homemade Amiibo, the hero figures on the left side, villains on the right. Music plays in the background.]

Hello and good day. This is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again, and I wanted to give y'all a little bit of a detail about something you can do, in addition to the Amiibo figures actually workin' on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U with their bonus functionality through the chips in the bottom. And not only do they have high collectability...between the good guys and the bad guys, more bad guys to come. I was hopin' that by the time I get to making that, I have a, a lot more...Jerkops and Janekops to fight! But that will be in a later ad that I will end up creating and, and animating and all that, like in the, like a traditional toy commercial. But anyway, uh, you forget one, don't forget one thing aside from be-, you don't have to have them for their Amiibo functionality...because they are very collectible; and as toys, you can still use your imagination and play with them. So it's like, you know, let's take an example of Sonichu and Rosechu, they're defending the city of Cwcville against the horde of Jerkops that came in. Jerkops and Janekops! And y'know, it's like they're practically outnumbered! Like- [Chris accidentally knocks over the Rosechu figure, then stands it up again]

Sonichu: "C'mon Rosie, let's go zap these guys back to Graduon!"

Rosechu: "Okay!"

[Chris makes a series of zapping noises while manipulating the Rosechu figure towards the Janekop. Then he attempts "impact" sounds while manipulating the Janekop. He picks up the Rosechu, knocking over the Janekop and the Sonichu Amiibo. He quickly picks up Sonichu.]

Sonichu: "You accidentally hit me!"

Rosechu: "I'm sorry."

Sonichu: "Alright, let's get another one!"

[He smashes Sonichu into a Jerkop figure, attempting more zapping noises. The zapping devolves into fart-noises as he knocks over the Jerkop, then drops Sonichu onto the table]

Sonichu: "Mega-kick!" [Uses Sonichu to knock over another Jerkop]

Rosechu: "Mach-punch!" [Uses Rosechu to hit a Jerkop Amiibo]

Sonichu: "And...Team Thunderbolt!"

[Waves both figures over the "bad" Amiibo while making a prolonged fart noise]

And this one is taken the city is safe from another...herd [he probably means "horde"] of Jerkops and Janekops for a day!

[Chris scoops up the fallen figures and moves them aside. He brings forward the Autism Amiibo]

Autism Amiibo.

And let's talk about a moment about autism, the one that's always beatin' me on the brain! [He moves a sword-wielding Amiibo representation of himself forward and picks up the Autism figure] Uh, hey y'all, [sighs] you're always beatin' me up on the brain, you frickin' autism, ya- [Picks up Autism figure, begins knocking it against the head of the Chris Amiibo] I'm stuck with you everyday of my life and it frickin' bothers me! [Knocks Chris figure over] You always, you slow me down in the head and lay me down, and I can't socialize as well! [Picks up Chris figure, begins smashing Autism with it] And not only that, but you bring me, you make my parents have to send me to all the...institutions, and all the things, and all the therapy and everything, makin' them waste a lot of money! That coulda been used for the betterment of the family and the household and actually payin' the bills and everything! Dang...gone...mental... condition, that messed up my brain for a lifetime! Electric Hedgehog Power!

[Chris makes a wooshing noise as he removes the Chris figure and replaces it with Chris-Chan Sonichu]

And now I'm gonna thunder-punch you away! [Repeatedly bashes Chris-Chain Sonichu into Autism while making fart noises] Frickin' Autism! Yeah! [Sets Chris-Chan Sonichu on the fallen Autism figure] And I win against autism! Kickin' it in da tush! [Use Chris-Chan Sonichu to knock Autism out of frame.]

And then of course, [Chris moves the Count Graduon and Mary Lee Walsh Amiibo into center frame] Graduon and Slaweel Ryam!

[Picks up Sonichu and Rosechu for a split second, then puts them down] I think we have the...[Camera moves around, passes over what appears to be a Nintendo DS covered in stickers] I think we have...another couple come in this time....

[Camera shakes as Chris moves Wild and Simonla Rosechu Amiibo in front of Graduon and Mary]

Wild and Simonla!

[Chris manipulates Graduon]

Graduon: [deep, gravelly voice] "Aha! So, you grass and wild types, you think you can tak-, stand our mag-, might and magic?"

[Chris manipulates Mary Lee Walsh]

Mary Lee Walsh: [falsetto] "Yeah, our might and magic? 'Cause Graduon's still in the wand here!"

Graduon: "No I'm not! You broke the wand!"

Mary Lee Walsh: "Yeah, you're right, Christine broke the wand."

Graduon: "Er, I tell you're a very...daggone...nasty woman, and I never cared for your magic. You're just a hack!"

Mary Lee Walsh: "Yeah, well, you know what? You're old!"

[Chris takes Graduon and Mary in one hand and shuffles them against each other, all while making a series of odd, high-pitched "fight" noises. He shifts the camera toward Wild and Simonla]

Wild: "We're confused...but let's take 'em out!"

[Chris picks up Wild, moves it toward the villains while continuing his usual impact noises]

Wild: "Vine-whip!"

[Chris waves Wild around the two in a circular motion, while making an incomprehensible noise meant to indicate vines whipping around]

Simonla: "Burrow in the ground!"

[Chris holds Simonla's drill against the table while making motorboat sounds. The camera shakes around as he smashes Simonla into the fallen villains. Chris babbles fight "sound-effects." He sets Wild and Simonla upright.]

[Camera pans over table] And think of all the extra fun you can have with the other heroes...and villains...available now and yet to come! So you can take down more of these bad guys. [Camera lands on Jerkop Amiibo for a moment, then tilts up to Sonichu and Rosechu] In the name of saving the day and the city of Cwcville!

And also help [clattering as Chris tosses the Autism figure back into frame] takin' down autism, so we don't ha-, so that's one less worry to worry about in life. And dollars will be donated for each sa-, uh, for sale for each of these Autism figures. They come in, they come in four colors. Each of which represents that little puzzle piece, and the primaries, plus green. [waves around Chris Amiibo, knocks over Rosechu] Oops. [sets Rosechu upright, picks up Chris figure again]

So, that's a little bit of the thing, that's definitely a fun thing you can do with the Amiibo fi-, with the collectible Sonichu and Rosechu figures...and me!

Bob Amiibo.
Barb Amiibo.

[Camera whip-pans over to two little Amiibo representing Barb and Bob]

And my family! My family's the good people. [Camera wobbles around a bit] Except for...

[Camera lands on the Jerkops, which are meant to represent Chris' half-siblings]

Some. Except for some. Who could actually be more appreciative of the family they have actually...been lost within the past few years, and yet, the one that's still...

[Camera whip-pans back over to his parents] Alive.

The bad family members.

[Camera whip-pans onto a Jerkop Amiibo, which honestly resembles a hipster more than anything.]

You hear that, Cole? Come make amends with my mother, daggone it! [Chris stress-sighs as he moves the Chris figure toward "Cole"] Movie reviewer.

[Chris reaches out and manipulates "Cole"]

Cole: "I am not who you think I am. I have been possessed by Count Graduon, and I fight for him now! [He makes "Cole" punch Chris with a "pff!" He picks his Amiibo self back up.]

Yeah, well you look like my brother, so... [knocks "Cole" over with another "pff!"] take that!"

[Chris makes his Amiibo self stab "Cole" repeatedly while making zapping noises. "Cole" is set upright once more.]

Cole: "We rise...because we have the spirit of Graduon!"

[Moves Graduon next to "Cole."]

Graduon: "That's right! This body is under my control! Urr, hurr, hurr, hurr, hurr, hurrrrrr!"

[Moving "Cole" and Graduon out of frame, the camera lands on a three-shot of the Chris, Sonichu and Rosechu figures.]

Graduon: "And we'll fight anoth-, we'll fight, day, another day, to defend the city...and help restore true love within the world and everything."

[awkward pause]

A much better commercial advertisement will be made in the future with more figures. [camera passes over all of the Amiibo] A whole lot...and collect! Including the customizable Jerkops and Janekops. [coughs] And that's quite a few to collect, y'know, with one of, with one of each of the...uniform colors... skin-tone colors...Sword-fighter...Gunner...and Brawler. And they come customizable with the, with your choice of either the...custom-made Mii, in the base...or a human-version figure like Mario, Luigi, villager, whatever. So, practically dime-a-dozen the, uh, Jerkops and Janekops, 'cause they're the pawns. [moves Graduon into frame] Of Graduon!

[Moves Mary next to Graduon]

Graduon: "I can't believe I was trapped in this wand!"

Mary Lee Walsh: "Aw, shut up!"

[Chris uses Mary to knock Graduon over, but picks up right back up]

Graduon: "I don't think so! BRAAAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

[Makes Graduon hump the back of Mary Lee Walsh's head until she falls over. Chris picks up her up again.]

Mary Lee Walsh: "That's it, I'm probably gonna go work with the good guys." [Moves Mary out of frame.]

Graduon: "Urr, hurr, hurr, hurrr, hurrr, hurrrrr!!! We'll fight another day! And we'll get this city! And all true love will be destroyed and made illegal! Urr, hurr, hurr, hurrrrr!!!"

[awkward pause]

Graduon: "(sigh) Well, that's life." [Moves Graduon out of frame.]

[Camera returns to three-shot of Chris, Sonichu and Rosechu.] "We're the good guys, and we'll help restore goodness and everything! Collect us all!"

Thank you. Take a few weeks to make. Visit the Cwcville shopping shop on Etsy.

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