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Cwcville Shopping is on Vacation is a video Chris made on the 11th of June, 2016. The video is of Chris, lying to his viewers that his Etsy shop is on vacation (when he had actually been barred from selling due to being backed up in orders) and claiming that a Zazzle shop is opening soon (which never happened). Through most of the video, Chris is staring right at the camera, reflecting older styles of video. Chris, about one third into the video, tries to pity the viewer into donating by saying that there are "troubles here at home", and that they need cash, even though Chris gets a tugboat, meaning Chris spent all of his money on useless shit already, and he needs more. Ironically, Chris is sitting right in front of all of his toys, and even his new body pillow.

This video announces the temporary end of the Business Saga; although there will be rare instances of Chris pushing his merchandise in future videos. From this point, the Financhu Crisis commences in full swing--with Chris essentially doing nothing but e-begging for months afterwards, until he felt like resuming his business two years later, in mid-2017.


Cwcville Shopping is on Vacation
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Stardate 11 June 2016
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Saga BusinessBusiness Business, Financhu CrisisFinanchu Crisis Financhu Crisis
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Happy Birthday, Jonathan
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So aside from that, um...I dunno, OH, right, donations.


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Hello everybody, this is Christine Chandler coming to you live once again from home; there's actual, actually a couple of updates, uhh, in reference to the shop. Uhh, yes, the shop is consid.. the Cwcville shopping Esty store is currently on vacation until i catch up with my orders. So, again that's on vacation , and hopefully I will have all non-book orders by the end of this month, and then the books ready to go out as...if not t-sooner then...mid July. Goin out. And also do-d-the books will be relocating to a different location and soon enough after I get-uh things more things going I have the uh, second cwi-second brance of cwcville shopping over on zazzle opening soon with official pieces that I will be contributing to and actually getting the of the money to.

Ah. But-anyway aside from*faces curls in stress*yeah. Troubles *stress sigh* happening here at home again-ah. So I'm really depressed, trapped, my mom's bothering me, phew. [what] on my mind, more than the weight of a hippopotamus on my head I have practically planet Pluto. And I don't care rather its been deci-declassified or not I still consider A PLANET!

[stress sigh]

Anywhoso, yeah with that, and, I'm unable to connect to The YouTubes through my PlayStation so I gotta use the darn selfie stick and that's why it's a little bit shakey right now.

Anyways... So aside from that, um...I dunno, OH, right, donations. You can help donate to me by clicking the support button here on the YouTube channel..or s-or you can directly send me money through paypal to my phone number............which that's my best guess or I dunno if uh you can send it directly to my name...uh. Well I don't know everything, but anyway click the uh support button so bri-s-s-subscribe watch the advertisements along side my video, um, send it to me via PayPal through my phone number, um

But anyway... Aside from that, um, I dunno, fun times! Yipeedeedo! We're gonna have fun! I'm gonna [unintelligible] der de der der doo do doo do do al lab abla alba we're gonna have some fun! I'm rumpin around town! I'm having a being myself! I don't necessarily need a sword but my figures holding onto one yipeedeedoo! woopeedoo! Actually this work better. [grabs his minifigure effigy* da da da da da da na da da da na da da!

[stress sigh]

[his mood snaps from excited to depressed, eyes growing teary] Yup ,I got too much on my head. [unintelligible] my worries, so [glares] yeah. Could use some help, so I can... [looks down in shame] I mean, I'm trying! I'm trying to get money in this house-my mom ee-YEAAAAAAAAAAR. TOO MUCH! TOO MUCH! REEEEEEE- have a good day.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan Chris's videos Donations Required, Serious. Please help