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If you are considering donating to Chris, please keep in mind that he lies about needing money. It has been…
days since Chris last begged for money.
days since Chris last
applied for a job.
Since June 2019, Chris is meeting his paid obligations to the Sonichu series.


These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

How to update

From 1 August 2019, you no longer need to convert the time and date into a Unix timestamp.

  1. Find the date and time of Chris’s latest request for donations, job application, or Sonichu pages.
  2. Replace the old time and date in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. The time zone should be UTC, and the time should use the 24-hour clock.



An edit must be done to the Main Page whenever a template on it (e.g., Da Update, Picture of the Now) is edited, or the changes won't display for people without a CWCki account. You can make a dummy edit to the Main Page, and then revert it, to refresh the template displays.