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ChrisAfterChristmas2004 is a video leaked on the Kiwi Farms on 17 December 2014. The video itself is actually the end minute of a 13-minute video Chris filmed on Christmas in 2004. In this video, Chris talked about the events of the day and his gal-pal Sarah Hammer. Despite his jovial tone in the preceding footage, he is shown here in a gloomy state, lamenting how Sarah failed to show up to the gathering, and wishing he had a sweetheart.

The video is actually from the Director's Cut version of his DVD that Catherine got a copy of, proving its existence.


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Stardate 25 December 2004
Subject Matter OtherUnknownIcon.png C-Mas, GalpalsGalpals Gal Pals
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy
Saga GalpalsGalpals Love Quest
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked
Harvey Birdman commercial


Well, that wasinstar family Christmas of 2004. I did get some nice gifts, does not compare to having a boyfriend-free girl that I can make into a girlfriend. [stress sigh] So, at least from the family part, we did get to spend quality time together watching some British on the family part that's...that's been good. Uh, but unfortunately I was hoping for her to come but she didn't, my fr--my, uh, lifelong friend, Sarah Hammer. [sigh] Y'know, if she had not been paired up with that jerk Wes Iseli, could have her, but seriously though, I wish she was here so I could talk to her, and so she could help me in my quest to get a boyfriend-free, 18-22 year-old girl...18 to 23 years on February 24th, 2005. Well, anyway, uh, that pretty much sums up, uh, my, uh, Christmas season for this year, so, uh, as they say in showbiz: goodbye, folks!

Christian Weston Chandler...Yep, I'm on TV :)

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