Sonic Rebuilt

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Sonic Rebuilt
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Released 6 March 2020

Sonic Rebuilt is a crowdfunded shot-for-shot remake of the 1996 OVA series of Sonic the Hedgehog, released on 6 March 2020 after some delay. It is the second project of such project from 3GI Productions, who previously did the similar Shrek Retold.

Once again, Chris took part in the project. For his scene, Chris simply traced all of his art to the original scene. Like the last time, it appears a third party is doing the animations for him.

Chris's Entry

Sonic Rebuilt
Stardate 6 March 2020
Welcome to Xleepy - Feat. Chris Chan (Teaser)


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[Chris's segment starts at 00:06:48 and ends at 00:07:11]

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