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—Chris, on his Wikipedia page

Mathematics ("math" or "maths" for short) is the study of quantity, numbers, space, and change. Calling Chris's mathematical ability "bad" is putting it lightly, even though he claimed honor roll status. There are many examples of his mathematical errors, including errors of basic arithmetic, as well as quantity, measurement, weight, and time. His poor grasp on math and measurement is a sign of dyscalculia, a common symptom of autism.


  • Planet Dolan artist VimHomless made a post joking about how butts are greater than water (written as "Butts > Water"), to which Chris took to mean, taking the greater than symbol (>) to mean less than (<), "Water is more important than butts".[1] Considering the post was made by a porn artist, and one which Chris follows no less, it is more than shocking to see that he couldn't have made this connection. Two days after that post was made, Chris made another response to 2D animator Spinalpalm, in which he says that salted butter is better than unsalted butter (written as Salted butter > Unsalted butter). This time around, Chris actually understood the underlying message, and agreed with Spinalpalm about the topic,[2] meaning that he must have figured out the meaning of the greater than symbol after several other users corrected him.


  • CWCville's currency is made up of "C-quarters" and "W-quarters". According to the Sonichu canon, 10 C-quarters make up a single W-quarter, which makes no sense considering what the word "quarter" means.
  • When a clerk told Chris he was $2 short of affording his junk food, he became confused as to what he should do. Another customer in line gave Chris $2 to make up the deficit, and instead of handing it to the clerk, Chris simply took that money, the food, and left the store over everyone's protests.[3]
  • According to Chris, if he lived in Equestria, he'd be 1,050 years old, because one year on Equestria is equal to 30 Earth Years, while Night Star is 19 years old in human years, but 570 in pony years. [4] Because Chris has this fixation for his birthdate, he decided to give her the birth date, 24 February, 1982, which is apparently the year 967 in Pony Years. Only checking after he's made his statement, Chris did the math to confirm this. In a later Facebook post, Chris stated that 30 out of 365.25 Earth Days is equal to 11 Earth Days for each birthday, in reality, 30 divided by 365.25 is approximately eight-hundreths. Even more pathetic is how he wrote the quotient as divided 30 by 365 instead of the other way around, and still got it wrong, as 365.25 divided by 30 is equal to approximately 12, not 11. In his flawed math though, he had found that her actual birth date in Pony years should be 19 February, 939.


  • When exercising by lifting two boxes of 12-pack lemonade, he estimated that the 4.26 liters of lemonade he was lifting weighed about 50 pounds, when in fact this volume of water weighs less than ten.
  • In the chair lifting video, Chris claimed the chair he was lifting weighed "a grand number of pounds."
  • Chris repeatedly claims to have D-cup breasts. In his breast massage video, Chris measures his chest and underbust as 44 and 40 inches respectively, and says that makes him a D cup. In reality, it makes him a B cup. Also, the conventional method for breast measurement does not work for trans women, mainly because of chest girth, so Chris is actually closer to an A cup.
  • In the famous Father Call, Chris seemed to believe a dog house made of plastic and wood weighed 5 to 10 tons (10,000-20,000 pounds), and was heavier than any tombstone (which tend to weigh an average of about 80 pounds). Essentially, Chris believes that plastic and wood would weigh more than solid stone.
  • After walking 8 miles to and from the post office, Chris vastly underestimated the entire journey to have only been 2 miles.


  • In one of his tirades towards the Xbox, Chris said that the angle of half a circle is 120º, then revised his claim to 130º.[5]

Number Systems

  • Chris's reports of how much Cherokee blood he has have been inconsistent. When he emailed Jackie, he stated he was 1/16 Cherokee, but he later told Regina that he was 1/32 Cherokee. Finally, when talking to Emily, he claimed Bob was at least one-fourth Cherokee, which would make Chris at least one-eighth Cherokee, not 1/16 or 1/32.
  • To avoid assigning an "unlucky number" to his Night Star comic, Chris decided to number the comic as Sonichu #12-9, using an em-dash in place a decimal point. This could make sense if it referred to the ninth part of the issue, but Chris clearly intends it as a fractional amount of "almost 13".


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