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Here’s my initial selfie for #BronyBabes. From 209 to 200 > X pounds. Gonna “Breathe It In” and Zap It Up! ⚡️💙⚡️
Chris announcing his first weight loss milestone.
Chris at the start of #BronyBabes.

#BronyBabes is a Twitter hashtag campaign which began trending in early January 2019 with the objective of the participants, many of whom being members of the brony community, losing weight and adopting healthy lifestyle choices.

Chris' involvement in this campaign was likely inspired by the participation of TF2 Analysis cast members.[1] Later that same month, he would be blocked by several of these analysts. Chris seems to have given up as he has posted no updates since January 2019.


  • 8 January 2019 - Chris officially announced his participation in the event in a Twitter post where he stated he would exercise regularly on his treadmill in order to lose weight.[1]
  • 10 January 2019 - Chris makes a post on the status of his treadmill saying that he got a new belt and would have it installed the following day.[2]
  • 11 January 2019 - Chris began actively exercising using his newly equipped treadmill. He also released information from his Fitbit app showing that his starting weight to be 209.7 pounds (95.1 kg).[3]
  • 12 January 2019 - Chris posted two images related to the BronyBabes challenge. The first image is his initial selfie at the start of his exercising. The second image shows the readings from a blood sugar and pressure check he took at Wal-Mart, Chris' pressure is 121 over 84, blood glucose is 63 and total cholesterol is 140.[4]