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You can blame freaking Idea Guy/Joshua Wise for [me yelling at a toilet]. Because he had told [me] that [...] we Sonichus and Rosechus did not like using the toilet, treat it like an enemy, which that is not true. We respect and use the toilet when we are civilized [...].
Chris describing the excretory behaviors of his fictitious species while LARPing as Sonichu.[1]

Piss is urine, a waste product produced by the kidneys, stored in the bladder, and eventually excreted via the urethra. For most, urination is not a taboo subject, and it's definitely more socially acceptable to talk about than other bodily functions Chris has brought up in the past. But Chris's relationship with urine goes beyond the typical – it is tied in with health issues, possible fetishism, and brainwashing by the Idea Guys.

Hygiene and health issues

I felt burning pains at my pee-hole
Chris on his urinary tract infection.[2]
The contraption Chris was using for tucking his penis under his taint, circa 2014, a possible contributor to his UTI issues.

Although men rarely get them, Chris has a history of UTIs (urinary tract infections), possibly due to his hygiene and fecal incontinence and further complicated by his wearing a contraption to tuck his penis under the more bacteria-prone area of his taint after he began exploring transgenderism. During February 2011, he complained about a UTI, also mentioning that his mother has experience with UTIs.[2] Another "spot of UTI" happened in February 2016,[3] and then again in December 2019.[4]

In July 2017, Chris claimed to have passed his first kidney stone[5] Obesity and a high intake of sodium are known risk factors,[6] and seeing as how both of these apply to Chris, he can expect to see more calculi in the future unless he changes his ways.

Piss fetish?

There was imagery of their privates, and some of their pee got onto me. Feeling neutral, yet partly disgusted, at that.
Chris describes a dream involving women peeing on him in the women's restroom.[7]

A couple of statements by Chris hint that he may be open to a piss fetish. In July 2015, he posted "Pink Lemonade", a drawing which features a symbolic representation of a woman peeing on him, symbolism which he confirmed in detail.[8] In April 2018, during the manipulation of the Idea Guys, a series of bizarre tweets were posted to Chris's Twitter, in which claims were made that that, among other things, Chris was into "scat and pee," though Chris rescinded the tweets an hour later while claiming that his account was hacked.[9] On July 2020, Chris commented about a dream he had involving women peeing on him, and that he was only "partly" disgusted at it.

Chris's restroom habits

I generally don’t text or pull out my phone while I’m on the john. Unless it’s my mother calling me while I am out; gotta reach to my bag and pull out the two-phone case and answer. ALOL.

When he identified as a male, Chris stood up to urinate.[11] However, when he began his transition, he started sitting, or squatting over the toilet in public restrooms to avoid soiling his skirt, and would hold his "arrow down over the john."[12]

Chris also began using the women's restroom. Despite a manager intervening and shouting at him to leave during an early outing, Chris stated on the Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia forum that he would continue to use the women's room as there was "no goin' back" for him.[12]

During the Jail Saga, Chris claimed in Jail Letter - 16 November 2021 that there was a "bidet" in his cell. It's unknown if there was indeed a bidet or if Chris was referring to the sink/toilet combo common in jails.


During their saga, the Idea Guys brainwashed Chris into relieving himself on a towel on the floor in a corner of his room by telling him the Sonichu species did not like to use toilets.[1] In the All Star masturbation tape, Chris walks off-screen and is heard urinating on the towel. After the Guard Dogs rescued Chris from the Idea Guys' clutches, he went back to using a toilet.[13]

Chandler pets

"One of my pups just peed, and look how it came out. Shaped like a girl."

Clover and Snoopy relieve themselves on newspapers in the house because Barbara chooses not to let them outside often claiming the dogs' difficulty in using stairs.[14]

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